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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  September 11, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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it's the 15th anniversary of september 11 and all eyes on new york this morning. we'll take you live to the memorial sites to see how the city is remembering all the lives lost on the day that forever changed our lives. >> this falling on a sunday. official start of the pro football season. some tributes you'll likely see at today's games. >> a live look outside, this is outside firstenergy stadium. we have a preview of the season opener in philadelphia straight ahead. welcome to this weekend edition of "good morning cleveland," i'm nick foley. >> i'm sarah phinney. strong storms rolled through last night so let's get to the
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>> did they. i'm waking us a lot of us from the afternoon naps. i'm meteorologist somara theodore. time 8:00. let's check current temperatures. 63 downtown cleveland. a lot of clouds covering the skies out there. but you look at the radar, so franc quill compared to the storms you see in the image. tranquil. even along the lakeshore winds picking up so small craft advisory issued along with the beach hazard, keep that in mind. and still cloud coverage along 77 to downtown. currently cooler than what we saw in cleveland in the neighborhoods, 62 chagrin falls. 58 streetsboro. 55 ashland. 56 in mohican state park. a brisk start and it's only going to get cooler as we head through much of the week, but today the temperatures really on the struggle-bus, ok? highs going to make it to the low 70s at best. as we head into the overnight hours, with those clear skies and no clouds to keep any of
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temperatures starting off in the upper 40s tomorrow morning. oh my goodness, i don't like the sound of that. some people are waking up without power. at one point yesterday storms for more than 7,000 customers in the dark. firstenergy's outage map here. right now there are 500 customers still affected. we'll keep you updated. new this morning -- akron fire working to find out what caused a second alarm fire at a school. >> picture a few hours ago of multiple trucks ellet high school. a ventilation truck was called in to help clear the smoke. we're working to find out more about the damage at the school. two ohio high school football teams are scheduled to face off this afternoon after a seercuous threat cancelled -- serious threat cancelled the game friday night an hour
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gate areas and the responding officers would be shot. the stadium was evacuated and bomb squad called in. >> nothing humorous about this. nothing funny. this shut down a very large- scale event. there is potential for injury. and at this point we don't even know that it's not real. >> mason will play mueller 2:30 this afternoon. both schools in the cincinnati ar during another high school football game nearby friday night but that game continued, it's not yet clear if the threats are connected. we know we heard somara theodore talk about the cooler temperatures. you walk outside and you feel a little bit of a chill. like that football weather back in charge. after a rough preseason run the browns get a clean slate as regular season gets underway today. they kick off against the eagles in philly this
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with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. this is the day fans, you have been waiting for, it's finally here. the browns are back in action but this may not be such a good season for the team because yet again it's another rebuilding year. in recent weeks the head coach has continued to clean house training justin gilbert and barkevius mingo. right now there's a total of 17 roster. that is more than 30% of the team. basically unherd of in the league. with that many rookies there are bound to be mistakes on the field but i think today all eyes on rg-3. i think it's safe to say fans are cautiously optimistic about the quarterback. and the browns executive vice president says so farther pleased with his progress and say they are ready to develop him over time. i know today is their first
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downer but i was looking at analytics this morning and according to espn the browns have a zero percent chance of winning the super bowl this year and only a 1.9% of making the playoffs. but i think as a browns fan you know what we're up against. not only today, this season, but this entire season really. we are really rooting for a win today in philly. catch the game, starts 1:00, also don't miss the browns countdown th starts 11:00 right here on newschannel 5. live in firstenergy stadium, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> nowhere to go but up. that is the positive outlook. at last check i think in vacation they were 200 to 1 to win the super bowl. so we'll have to see. elsewhere in the nfl -- cincinnati bengals making a stop at new york's 9/11 memorial ahead of their game today. players toured the sight, leaving orange flowers.
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died before the bengals face off against the new york jets. kickoff is 1:00 this afternoon. right now that memorial is the focal point of the nation's attention. today's the 15th anniversary of the worst terror attack in america's history. an attack that forever changed not only our country but the world. thousands are expected to gather at the site where the twin towers once stood to remember the 3,000 people killed the nation is remembering and healing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. from the moments of silence to the reading of the names this has become an annual tradition, so many families gathering here this morning say it's not getting easier. today from the raw emotional images seared into the collective memory.
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2,996 lives lost. this morning a somber reflection on all of the heartbreak and horror of 15 years ago today. the impact of the september 11th terror attacks still piercing through the haunting recollections. >> as we crawled in deeper squeezing through tiny openings and into a smoke-filled environment we came to the understanding that we are going to die in the effects. 127 new york city firefighters who stayed at ground zero in the days and weeks that followed the attacks searching historically through the debris, died from the ailments. >> chronic became acute, and the number of those lost to the terrorist attack of september 11th began to grow. >> reporter: 17 new names added
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etched into history are read allowed. from here below the resilient reflection of the new one world trade center to the pentagon and the field in shanksville, pennsylvania. mourning families and the country, honoring the vow made 15 years ago to never forget. as families gather here this morning to pay their respects police as always are on patrol but stress there are no specific or credible threats. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> back to you. >> 15 years have passed and many of the victims still have not been identified. what is being done to change that? >> reporter: that's right. about 40% of the victims who lost their lives we world trade
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been identified. that is more than 1,100 people, the medical examiner's office here now employs 10 full time scientists using ever evolving dna technology to try to identify the remains. back to you. >> thank you. we're going to check in with you a little later this morning. >> a somber day in our history. and more on how people in northeast ohio are making the anniversary as well, marking it
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there are flags in memory of september 11th and the winds really blowing them outside firstenergy stadium. let's look now at those highs for today. not only is it windy, it's going to be cool. so it will el giving us sunshine. temperature expected to reach 75 degrees in sandusky. 74 mansfield. how about that norwalk at 72? ashland 74 for you as well. head a little further to the lake and you can see lower 70s a little more towards the west. we started to head east in neighborhoods like beachwood, solon and euclid. mid to upper 60s there. a cool day ahead for a lot of us and of course we can't
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south. akron and canton, 75 degrees for you. alliance 73. we will start to see things rebound during the middle of the week. for now, nick, sarah, over to you. thank you for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm nick foley. >> i'm sarah phinney. coming up -- dozens of college kids injured in an overnight deck collapse in connecticut. >> ohio state puts in another strong performance on the gridiron.
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at least 45 people have been killed in syria just hours after a new u.s. russian agreement tries to end the violence. the deal establishes a ceasefire but that doesn't start until monday. it also calls for a military partnership targeting the islamic state and al-qaeda. previous ceasefires like this have caused spikes in violence as the government and rebel forces make final pushes to gain territory. its sixth year. at least a quarter million people have been killed. about 30 people are recovering this morning after a deck collapse in connecticut, that happened saturday night in an off-campus heart near trinity college. according to police a third- floor deck collapsed under the second and that fell on top of the first. each level was crowded with partiers. most of the injured are students but thankfully no one was killed. the police chief says the third
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the house is owned but not managed by the college. in boston, a bad crash put a stop to a weekend of speed boat races. emergency responders had to rush in to help three drivers after their boats collided. one of the drivers eventually died. three were all driving hydroplanes, the first spun out at 65 miles per hour causing a pile-up. one of the drivers as we said died, another taken to the hospital in critical condition. the other just had minor injuries. >> it had been accidents over my 23 years and i knew it didn't look good. last thing we expect is an accident. we're here to have fun and enjoy the sport and just don't like to see this happen. >> the district attorney's office says foul play is not suspected but the investigation is ongoing. all the races set for today have been cancelled. moving to our nation's capital where six flags america is reopening this morning after a threat closed it saturday.
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abundance of caution. a private event was going on at the time. police say nothing suspicious was found in the sweep. the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan has been released from a psychiatric hospital. 35 years after john hinckley shot reagan he left st. elizabeth's in washington. he shot and wounded reagan and three others outside the washington hilton hotel in 1981 but later found not guilty by reason of committed to st. elizabeth's, doctors say he's now recovered from his mental illness and a judge decided in july to allow hinckley to live full time with his mother in williamsburg, virginia. who can forget this iconic photo? a sailor planting a kiss on a woman in times square celebrating the end of world war ii? that woman, greta friedman passed away at a virginia hospital. the picture became one of the most iconic of the 20th century. friedman was not identified as
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get this, she and the sailor had never met before he spun around and kissed her. friedman was 92. it's been a month since the devastating flooding in louisiana. yet nearly 1,000 people still staying in a number of shelters. that is because they are still having trouble finding a place to stay and way to get home after floodwaters forced them out. that number still a fraction of the 11,000 in shelters at the height of the flooding. people are leaving the shelters trying to help people get available help. amazing how they are still being impacted there nearly -- a few weeks after this all went through there and that portion of the country. certainly nothing like we've had experienced here. we're very fortunate we have not seen severe weather like that this season for sure. for a lot of people this storm really begins after the storm. let's look at our conditions here in northeast ohio.
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can i promise you that behind those clouds we have a lot of sunshine breaking through. it's going to be a quiet day ahead. not expecting any active weather of yesterday evening. let's get to our satellite and radar now. cool conditions join us this morning. we're going to continue to see those cooler conditions as we head throughout much of the day. you can see also not only are the temperatures -- though we have so much wind speeds picking up it's going to feel even cool. for the lakeshore you see lined in purple there. let's look and delve into the mechanisms behind all the sunshine and dry weather we'll be seeing. high pressure is our friend. it's going to be bringing us those quiet conditions making sure everything is stable and everything stays put in the atmosphere. we'll be seeing not only tranquil conditions but also sunny conditions. 63 degrees now in cleveland.
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cool start. 57 coshocton. 58 millersburg. 60s along the lakeshore out towards the east side. 63 mentor and 61 ashtabula. as we head throughout this sunday not much is going to change in the way of these numbers. the highs reaching about 71 degrees at best. so, again, yes, it will feel a lot like fall as you head out today. a lot of people consider this refreshing. i love the heat. let's look at the futurecast now. reason i'm showing you this, not because we have impacting us, but more interestingly enough the temperatures will drop even more overnight. we're pushing ahead, bringing us to 6:45 a.m. monday. notice the temperature in the 40s. 46 degrees in akron. 44 wooster. 47 elyria. tomorrow morning is going to be brisk for all the kids at the bus stop. definitely going to want to make sure you pack that sweater. as we head into your afternoon,
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as we hit tuesday. summer not over yet. 82 for tuesday. the temperatures though will continue to fall though as we head through the remainder of the week, back into the 70s with slight chance of showers and scattered showers and thunderstorms on wednesday. other holding on to the warmer temperatures just a little longer. thank you. indians on the wrong end of a walkoff in minnesota but the loss comes with lining. after a sluggish start the buckeyes hit their stride. andy baskin has our morning sports report. >> 3-2 breaking ball. ballgame. he hung it. wins it for minnesota. >> reporter: indians and twins went extra innings last night, 12 before minnesota's joe hower got the game winner. central baltimore beat detroit so the tribe's magic number now
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clemminger on the hill, gave up one run. look for him to start again with danny sansar looking to miss his next start. salazar. >> catching the same goal, same, not much is changing. >> reporter: ohio state has a date with oklahoma saturday night. the only thing between them and sooners as of last night. tulsa and 1 hour and 10-minute lightning delay at halftime. close start for both ohio quarter. ohio state's defense would take over, malik hook we are his third interception in two games, this one a pick 6, speaking of pick 6, ohio state coming back before the half. marshawn lattimore with a pick 6 of his own. 20-3 at the break. then the lightning and showers came. more than an hour of weather delay. >> in the locker room an hour and-a-half. it's a good sign of maturity.
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locker room. i saw disappointment with the way we played in the first half. good teams pick up each other. we have good secondary. >> reporter: quarterback jt barrett had two touchdowns today and bucs up 27-3. ohio state up 34-3, with gary conley from massillon with the pick. it would add to ohio state's two more touchdowns after that. wilson caps off the scoring and ohio state >> the challenges come next week against a very good team. we're going to jump on that one early and get ready to go. >> reporter: crazy finish of the day, central michigan at oklahoma state. game should have ended on this intentional grounding play. throwing the ball out of bounds in the pocket. but, the refs called it and allowed an untimed down to central michigan. have to give cmu credit, they
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lateral. 30-27. akron trying to pull off another mac upset against wisconsin but bar houston, clement and peevey help the whiskey beat the zip 34-10. into weather causing problems at kent state. they played north carolina. denzel with the touchdown pass. kent beat by the lower division team by a final of later today at 1:00. the storyline all week has been rookie carson wents against rg3. the brown may try to attack the rookie. said his relief is a little slow. the browns though kind of in the same boat. in fact they have 13 eligible to play today. but there's even one bigger storyline. hue jackson's first real game as head coach of the browns. >> it's always exciting when you're ready to kick off the
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quality opponent. philadelphia eagles, good football team coached by a great guy. it will be a tremendous challenge but we're looking forward to it and excited about the season starting. >> don't forgot browns countdown at 11:00. high school football last night, st. edward rolled to its third straight win against glenville. senior linebacker mitchell o'hara with the big play the end zone. glen wins 31-0. more later this morning on browns countdown. can't believe the nfl regular season already here. another belt for stipe. >> at the 15th anniversary of 9/11 tributes planned across the world. how northeast ohio is remembering those who lost
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time now 8:29. giving you a live look from the earth cam across the source of
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cleveland. sun is out. however much cooler today than yesterday. welcome back to this morning edition of "good morning cleveland," i'm nick foley. >> i'm sarah phinney. looks like fall and browns looking to start their season in philly today. meg shaw is live at their home in cleveland. and has a preview of the all the important first game. first the weather as we check the forecast with somara theodore. >> hello, everyone. temperatures are starting off pretty cool. or low should i say. 59 degrees in canton. have not only that cool air but a lot of cloud coverage in canton. trying to get the sun beams to help warm them up. akron and cleveland low 60s. you can see winds are pretty breezy, parts of stark county seeing it at 10 miles per hour making it feel even cooler. what do you have to look forward to? temperature only reaching low 70s today with winds picking up even more. it's going to feel cool but quite refreshing after all the heat we've had the past couple
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the upper 50s and 60s to low 70s and we should see a great deal of sunshine break through this afternoon. that's a look at the "power of 5" forecast. back to you. americans waking up across the country remembering where they were 15 years ago. visions of horrific images from new york and right here as you see, live video from the pentagon. it fills our heads. a decade and-a-half since that a lot of emotions for us. there's sadness, anger, perhaps a loss of innocence as well. >> it's also a day that brings people together and serves as a reminder of what it truly means to be an american. the nation has persevered since the day nearly 3,000 people lost their lives. new monuments built that honor them while also celebrating new life. most importantly americans don't forget. >> a decade and-a-half has
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has. >> on each 9/11 of each year we look back and reflect. >> today's reflections will center on the 9/11 memorial in new york city. two moments of silence will be observed marking the time each plane hit the twin towers. one the at 8:46. the another at 9:03. the service will include the reading of all the times of those killed that day. in washington president obama will address family d pentagon attack. that is 9:30. in pennsylvania a service at 9:45 at flight 93 national memorial in shanksville. a lot going on today. at home -- in northeast ohio, a short ceremony will be held in a few minutes from now at cleveland hopkins. >> the tsa, cleveland police and airport fire are coming together to remember the fallen there. will be a moment of silence at 8:46 followed by the national anthem and amazing grace. >> you can see a part of the nation's history at the shops at parma as well beginning
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trade center will be unveiled this afternoon. as part of a special memorial service. the design of the permanent display was made to represent the trade center as it was before the attack. the ceremony begins 1:30 with a blood drive also scheduled from 11:00 to 3:00. in painesville the 9/11 never forget project is placing one flag for every person killed in the attacks. the memorial began earlier this morning with an honor guard, 21- gun salute and tribute from the mentor high school choir. the day continues 9:30 with the 5k race. proceeds to an organization that helps kids interested in becoming police officers or firefighters. that is great. the 9/11 tributes continue in medina today as well with the fourth annual tunnel to towers 5k run. the tunnel to towers foundation started by the family of new york city firefighter steven siller who on september 11th ran through the battery tunnel from brooklyn to the world trade center where he lost his life helping to rescue others.
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some firefighters and police officers expected to run in their turnout response gear as a sign of respect. moving to brookpark, more than 1,000 motorcyclist are gathering at the ohio veterans memorial after a short flag ceremony they will ride to avon. this year's memorial ride especially focusing on the 40 people who died on flight 93. the story is the weather. yesterday's storms as somara told us several sporting events. >> the ohio state/tulsa game delayed because of the thunderstorm and in kent the season home opener had to be delayed because of lightning. fans ran for safety, cheerleaders wearing ponchos there to brave the elements. after a two and-a-half hour delay that game finally got underway. >> we knew it was going to rain. we hoped for the best. we thought it was hold out. there lots of fans left during
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empty seats no shortage of school spirit. kent fell a bit short in the end losing 39-26 to north carolina and -- what is that? >> aggies. >> the aggies. [ laughter ] more good news, or northeast ohio champion still on top of the mountains. stipe defended his ufc heavyweight title last night at the q. in the first round he knocked champion after getting knocked down earlier in the round and afterwards the tweet -- the big sporting event -- other big sporting event, browns regular season kickoff. >> browns won just one season
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are hoping that turns around this year. meg shaw has a preview live from firstenergy stadium. good morning, meg. >> good morning. the cleveland browns are back, they are opening their season against the philadelphia eagles in philadelphia today. and some say today is the team's best chance of winning a game all season long. going up against rookie quarterback carson wentz. but some others disagree with that. former baltimore ravens head this week that the browns wouldn't win a game all season. after some backlash then said today is a winnable game but it's on a confident pick. and analytics and stats are not on our side either according to espn the browns offense is projected to be last in the league with the defense somehow ranked 26th. if the browns don't win a game all season they will only be the second team in the league
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i really think today's game is all about rg3, fans want to see what he can do on that field. also just this week browns executive vice president brown says they plan to stick by griffin. they want to help him learn and play the quarterback position well. he's calling -- says it was not a shortterm plan. so the game kicks off today at 1:00 in philly. how are we feeling, sarah and nick >> >> i like it. if you look at this is probably their best chance to get a win in the next couple of weeks. so why not? the other team, philly starting a rookie quarterback. i like the browns, why not? i'm going with what nick said. >> reporter: i think if we can win today it sets a good tone a little bit. >> i say let's do it. >> thank you.
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heroin in a car with a child in the back. one of them has already been sentenced. >> the presidential hopefuls planning more visits to our area. where you can see them this week. >> take a look right now, you can see beautiful conditions, a great day to get outside and
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i'm "power of 5" somara theodore in for janessa webb. we're in for a cool day. so you notice that we've been staying in the 90s pretty late into the year. not really the norm for northeast ohio. however, as we head into sunday afternoon today you'll notice it feels a lot more like fall. temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s at best. we will be seeing a good. a cloud coverage to start our day but then as we the afternoon we can expect those sun beams to shine down upon us, around 5:00, 6:00. we'll start to see nothing but sunshine in time for a beautiful sunset. as far as the overnight hours go we're talking about clearer conditions. your "power of 5" 7-day forecast does keep us cool to the top of the week but by tuesday we'll rebound a little getting some moisture and warm air from the gulf. taking us back to the 1980s. we have that early fall feel outside. new information about the
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according to our partners at the "akron beacon journal" officials now investigating a string of deaths related to those overdoses. >> the summit county medical examiner is looking into a total of eight deaths. two from friday and six from yesterday. akron police responded to at least 24 overdose calls since friday including one that ended with a truck catching on fire after the driver hit a pole at a guardrail. there it is. officers say he was passed out when they rescued found out passed out on sidewalks, in a parking lot. in one case a 3-year-old wandered from a home after three people inside overdosed. authorities say it is another bad batch of heroin on the streets. we have a first look at the mug shots, of two people passed out from an overdose of heroin
8:43 am
seat. the east liverpool police say the couple passed out in a traffic stop. this picture of the two passed out with the boy in the back seat has caught the attention of people across the country which is exactly what police wanted to happen. they say the photos show how heroin effects users and of course innocent children. if you see news happening let us know. text or e-mail us or tweet us
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11, america remembers. now reporting, george stp. stephanopoulos anniversary of 9/11, we're coming on air to remember the victims of the attacks and the thousands who have sacrificed their lives in the wars that followed. there's the scene at ground zero now. family members from the 2001 and 1993 attacks have gathered. you see the freedom tower in ths just fin i should the narnl
8:45 am
city police department will be playing the ballad, gary owen. you see the flag right there. [ cheers and applause ] ? home of the brave ? >> a moment of silencerved at 8. that is the time american airlines flight 11 struck the north tower of the world center. one of six throughout the day. a ceremony at the pentagon will be attended by president obama. and that field in shanksville, pennsylvania, where united flight 93 on course to hit the capit capitol, was brought down by heroic passengers. in just a moment, we'll go back to ground zero for that moment of silence.
8:46 am
bells will toll throughout the city of new york, all across the country. to remember the victims of that fateful day. ? >> one bell will toll to mark the moment. [ bell tolls ]
8:47 am
[ moment of silence ] >> good morning. my name is jerry. my dad -- >> and now, family members of the fallen will read the names of the victims as w tower again. david wright is in the shadow of that tower right now. we also saw in that moment of silence, david, hillary clinton, donald trump, many other dignitaries gathered this morning. but this is mostly about the families. >> reporter: george, this is a scene of remembrance and also of resolve. you have families of the
8:48 am
political leaders, as you mentioned, hillary clinton and donald trump here for this moment of remembrance. this is the first of six moments of silence that we'll have today. two for each of the planes that hit the towers. two for when the towers came down. one for the pentagon and one for flight 93 that crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. we'll hear the bell of hope. the chapel of st. paul's. people in the immediate aftermath hard to believe it's 15 years since these events took place. >> i'm join bid commissioner ray kelly, former commissioner of the new york city police department. thank you for joining us. you were commissioner in 1993 when the world trade center was first hit and again in 2002 as new york recovered from those
8:49 am
>> absolutely. it still has jolting effects in the department. 343 firefighters, 37 port authority police officers. 23 new york city police officers lost their lives. and the department respond in a very robust way to address the challenges in 2002 that faced the bloomberg administration. we devoted over 1,000 police officers to counterterrorism. we deployed individuals overseas. for new york city. and, thank god, no major attack has happened. not only in new york city but in the country with the exception of the lone wolf attacks in orlando and in san bernardino. >> that is a different kind of threat right now, 15 years later. so much harder to defend against. >> you're right. much more difficult. they've developed a trade craft to keep their actions secret. and, we're going to face this
8:50 am
to come. unfortunately. i think the big complex plan such as 9/11 is something that we're much safer against, guarding against. the intelligence community is very much focused on the issue. local police are engaged in the fight. we're reducing their footprint in the middle east. all of these things makes it much more difficult to put a complex plan in place. >> such a difficult problem. commissioner for joining us. we see the freedom tower right there. we saw the white house, president obama observing the moment of silence there. he'll be at the pentagon later this morning to observe the moment of silence when that institution was hit. we'll have moments of silence at shanksville, pennsylvania. 15 years ago this morning, the
8:51 am
>> it's sunnyp sunday. high pressure keeps us dry and quiet. here's a look at what we're seeing. here's your radar, satellite. i know this is hard to see but we've got this light shading over stark county extending up 77 so we have a good amount of clouds as you saw on the live shot there. along the beach outlined in purple, notice that we are under a small craft advisory so for all the boaters just be careful. keep it in mind the winds
8:52 am
cool. 66 degrees in mentor. looking at 64 in euclid. 61 orange and 61 solon. we shift farther towards the west and a little south. 58 degrees in ashland. mohican state park similar there, 59 new london and 61 degrees in vermilion. so again a very brisk start but if you think this is cool wait until tomorrow morning. i am going to give you a peak into your future. right now we're going to push through to monday morning. one thing rain. no green on the screen so that is good, we're staying dry but temperature starting in the 40s. i'm going to need all my friends in areas like wayne county, summit, stark tomorrow morning, send the kids out with a jacket. it will be chilly out there. that is hard to really think about since we were in the 90s not long ago. we'll quickly rebound in the afternoon though heading back to the upper 70s. if you look at the temperature trend the next few days we go a little warmer back to 84
8:53 am
summer months yet. we still have more time. remember the official start of fall is september 22nd. then our next best shot of rain is going to be in the middle of the week around wednesday. let's look at the "power of 5" forecast. going to break it down. we are going to start with temperatures in the 70s today. tuesday we'll get back to the 80s and that is a result of the gulf bringing in some of that warmer air from the gulf should i say. wednesday that chance for scat thunderstorms does persist. now the temperatures are starting to fair a lot more in the 70s. so like i said even though summer is not over fall is around the corner. then winter -- that's a look at the forecast.
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i watched those storms roll across lake erie it was pretty incredible. >> look at your eyes -- you have that meteorology bug in your eye. >> what a difference a day makes in the temperatures alone. >> it feels so much like fall and it's going to feel that way the next couple days. i would like to show the forecast today for some of the major cities, cleveland, akron and canton, notice what happens. we get to the 60s. the sun comes out and says i guess i'll come to work today but not really. temperatures only reaching low 70s this afternoon. it's going to be a cool day
8:57 am
outdoors it's looking good but just know it will be windy. maybe you can fly a kite. haven't done that in a while. >> and talking about temperature that seem like they are so much cooler from what we had but what we had was really above normal with the temperatures. >> we were in the 90s. 28 plus days, i think we hit 29 this past week. summer going out with a fight. >> i like it. i want it to go out with a fight. i don't want to >> we'll be back at 10:00.
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> we're fighting for every last city and every last person. >> ready for battle. with less than 60 days to go, hillary clinton under fire for her candid comments. >> you could spoerters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic. you name it. >> they're not a basket of anything. they're americans. and they deserve your respect. and donald trump taking heat for praising putin. >> if he says great things about me, i'm going the say great things about him. >> he prefers the russian president to our american


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