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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  September 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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. the deaths of more women linked to a man who is already a suspect in three other murders. and in new york city right now, the investigation into an splos explosion continues this morning. we have a live look at the aftermath of the similarity -- has similarities to the boston marathon bombing. >> the brown's home opener is underway. i have a family here for more than just football. >> hello and welcome to the special edition of good morning cleveland. we're live from first energy stadium for the brown's home opener against the baltimore ravens. we'll check in with terrence
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first, what every fan wants to know is the weather right for tailgating? power-of-5 meteorologist janessa webb has the answer. good morning, everybody. we're off to a great start. forecast models have slightly changed here. we were forecasting yesterday a few isolated raindrops for cuyahoga county and the friends at muni lot this morning. things are drying out and you can see the clouds. they're in place and hopefully going to see high pressure today bit of sunshine for your mid- afternoon. the temperatures across the board now, 69 for greater cleveland; 64, medina. , lower 70s for sum met county and -- summit county. dew points are still up. the moisture in the atmosphere is very high. lower 60s and that is the well- defined cold front. the high pressure is behind it, and that is what is allowing for partial drying and a little bit of sunshine throughout the day. by 3:00, we're in the lower 80s
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one:00, 78. -- 1:00, 78. and new york city police are searching for answering this morning after an explosion rocks the chelsea neighborhood hurting at least 29 people. i want to show you some live pictures of the scene and you can see the street is blocked off. debris and evident markers all over the ground. investigators are combing the area for clues. you have to see this. we have surveillance video from a business in the area and there are two angles of the explosion. you saw one it happened around 8:30 saturday night. the city's mayor ruled out terror connections, but he's calling it an intentional act. a second device in a pressure cooker was later found a few blocks away. we'll have more in this story later in the hour. and moving back here to northeast ohio, we're following disturbing developments out of ashland. suspected serial killer sean grate may have more victims. police believe he's connected to two other murders. one woman's body was found in
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a source tells newschannel 5 that he could be connected to a marion woman killed in 2007. he's charged with killing two women in ashland and a suspect in a richmond county homicide. we're working to learn more information about a crash that put two cleveland officers in a hospital. it happened downtown saturday at west third and franco fort avenue. a -- frankfort avenue. the woman drove new and hit the left side of the cruiser. the driver and both officers were taken to the hospital minor injuries. no word on possible charges. >>. and we're just five hours away from the browns taking on the ravens at first energy stadium, where we find terrence lee and corrina pysa and good morning to both of you. >> and good morning to you. >> reporter: this is the big deal. we decided to wake up on a sunday. you see us down the street now, but the home opener is a big deal. the fans wait the entire year
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the game itself. >> and it's like christmas for the fans this morning. and this is exciting. we're going to be here all morning long. if you plan to head out for the game, we'll have everything you need to know. if you want to watch from home, that's okay, too. we'll give you a glimpse of the action here. >> and that is always an option here. >> i drove in at 6. >> uh-huh. >> and there were fans lining up at the muni lot. we know the browns have some of the best loyal fans out there. >> right. >> and in the there is one family that is using the home opener as a family reunion. >> and meg shaw caught up with the family and joins us lie now. this is the seventh year for this tradition? >> it is. i think it's an awesome tradition and i found that family here in the muni lot. and they have been up since 5:00 this morning. and they are ready for the home opener and they're drinking, of
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and they said that this is serious business and it goes deeper than a football game. they're in the seventh year celebrating the brown's home opener as a family. look at the photos, they're from year's past and that they were raised as a brown's family and consider the team to be family. and no matter the outcome of the game. that is rough. the tradition started back in 2009 after family members moved to different places. and they have folks here from michigan, north carolina, indiana, illinois, and they consider it a holiday. many times they can't get together for the holidays. >> and it depends on many different schedules and this is what we have kept in tact, you know what? this is our thing every year moving forward. we'll meet up for this and, you know v a good weekend together and spend time together and what we don't get to see.
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attending today's home opener and this is my favorite part about it. y that call it the home opener and we know that that is not likely, the outcome and i love that they call it the home opener and they're ready for the game. >> and i think trying to let them have them let me into their family and adopt and meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and all right, preliminary hearing, if someone has bacon out there, we only a few blocks away. come here and bring me a slice or two or three. >> and the hope opener? and that is hard to sorry. it's not a home game without the gailgating and that is going to be hopping there today. >> and for some of you, it might be your first time and we want to go over the rules. the last thing you want to do is be escorted on the of the
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and the first thing here, no alcohol is allowed on the lot and no open fire pits. you can only use a gas grill and you are not allowed to bring your own private toilets. and spots cost $25 and you will be charged for each spot you use. >> and that is right. if you usually ride the rapid to get downtown, the trains are back up and running this morning. they were yesterday because of a mechanical issue. if you want to ride the rapid, that is an option for you today. >> and thank you for starting your sunday with us here. and we have to say a special happy birthday to one of the biggest browns fans i know. enjoy your day, my friend and i am terrence lee. >> i'm corrina pysa and thank you for waking up with us. still ahead here on good morning cleveland, a game day
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front of the dog pound. >> and it's emmies night as well. we'll check in with a few nominees and how they're getting ready this morning. and first, janessa webb. how's the forecast? >> and we're drying out for home opening day. i will show you my seven-day forecast and some -- to hold on
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. good morning, everybody.
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but we're going to finish well here. the high pressure is building in from the west. the clouds are going to be in tact throughout your afternoon. now, the big question, will we be dry for game time as we grab that win? look at temperatures. they'll be in the 70s. the rain is moving out now. southern locations, you are not in the clear just yet and a potential for stark and summit county by the noon hours. isolated rain making its way through. the daytime highs are nice and toasty, sarah. we're looking upper 70s near 80. >> very nice. thank you, janessa. and back to a story we told but at the beginning of the show. the explosion in the heart of new york city. this is a live look at the scene this morning. a lot of evidence markers there. the police are scrambling to find out who is behind the blast that left dozens injuries and one person seriously hurt. abcs ray raymundi on the scene with the latest developments. >> reporter: watch this surveillance video capturing
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occurred. take a look from a different angle, debris flying, pedestrians frantically running for cover. >> and we heard an explosion and it went boom! >> it was so loud it started shaking my body and so turned around and i looked in the middle of the street, there was a big cloud of smoke. >> reporter: police say chaos erupted around 8:30 saturday night. this footage showing the aftermath of the debris scattered everywhere. the explosion reportedly coming from a dumpster on the street. >> and this is like a big flash of light and everything was -- . >> nothing is going to happen, okay? nothing is going to happen to you. >> reporter: this cell phone video capturing the moment a good samaritan helping a pleaded victim, one of 29 injured. >> and -- bloodied victim, one of 29 injured. >> there is no evidence of a terror connection at this point. >> reporter: the mayor of new
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intensional act, the counterterrorism officers and k- 9 essearching the area. >> -- k-9s searching the area. >> the exact cause is not determined. >> reporter: new york city is on high alert. the president 6 pictured to arrive here later today and ahead of hundreds of world leaders and dignitaries coming to new york to the u.n. general secretary starting on monday. and there is more to this story. as we head to br look at last night's winning
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. the united states and russia brokered cease fire in syria that started less than a week ago and could be in jeopardy already. a u.s. air strike meant for the islamic state militants reportedly hit and killed syrian troops instead. russia demanding an emergency meeting of the united nation's security council this all a stunt. and it's tv's big night. the emmy awards. you can expect a lot of new faces nominated with big dramas like breaking bad and mad men over a lot of categories. they're open to lesser known shows. among them, key and peel and actor keegan michael key is nominated the first time. this is how he plans to prepare for the big show. >> by sunday morning, i'm going try and eat. that might be the only time i
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i like to eat something bad like i-hop. >> and jimmy kim mel hosts the awards from the microsoft feeder in los angeles. you can catch them here on newschannel 5 starting at 8:00. and we have seen the live shots from first energy stadium and the muni lot. a little overcast and that is all right. >> it was a rough start yesterday. we were tracking the storms and rainy conditions and jumped in time for browns -- just in time for brown's sunday. >> exactly. >> and positive. >> yeah. >> and getting a within here. >> and you know, with our players in their uniforms, the dew points are very sticky this morning. so, add another 20 degrees to them and we are looking at 80 degrees for a daytime high near 90s for our players. make sure if you're in the muni lot, you're staying hydrated. clearing going to start to happen overnight. today, we're going to sit under mostly cloudy conditions.
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the lower 70s this morning. and things are starting to spice up here for summit county, upper 60s for mansfield and no walk and temperatures seeing the bubble of warm air in place as the day tomb highs return to the upper 70s. the dew points this morning, 66 and the moisture in the air dominating four inland and this is that cold front that produced us with the wet weather yesterday and that is not dropping our humidity levels due to high pressure that is going to allow for abundance of sunshine to work its way in and starting for your monday afternoon. today is hit-and-miss, sunny skies by game time and we should be seeing temperatures, upper 70s by 80s and evening plans by 8:00 in the lower 70s. the cloud coverage in place
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county doesn't mean we're in the clear just yet. you can see isolated raindrops for sheltered and inland areas from dover-new philly and stark and summit county and that is beechwood, pepper pike and some isolated raindrops and making its way to lake county and go through southern locations throughout the afternoon and that is the high pressure i am talking partial clearing from sandusky and elyria and i will talk about a ton of sunshine. not a bad day and we're starting to dry out. and lower 80s tonight. the temperatures -- lower 80s tonight. and temperatures slightly cooler. summer holding on strong here the next three to five days and look at that. upper -- excuse me, upper 70s
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terrence, jackie. and thank you. i like the sound of that and -- . >> yeah. >> that's okay. >> and i forgive you, janessa. and the browns have a very young team. we wanted to know how the underdog status affects their mind set. >> you can why under stand how that is intimidating and so jackie fernandez went to find out from the players. >> reporter: good morning, cleveland. it's a the brown's home opener. you're ready and i know you are. are the players? i went to the brown's practice field to ask's few guys the very question. >> and i wanted the fans to know we're giving all of our teammates have been working hard and we're trying to give the fans what they want and know that that is a winning season. >> and we're doing better ourselves, and you know, we
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definitely. >> reporter: and a strong promise from corey coleman, the brown's first-round pick and where's fitting in nicely with rg3, a fellow baylor alum. >> and not to many people get drafted to a guy who they look up to and when i was a sophomore in high school, you know, it's great to be with them and to unite with them. >> reporter: you can see them from the entire -- the love from >> and he's a good friend and we go bowling and playing pool and where's a good dude and loves football. he wants to be successful. i love his work ethics and he came here and he was a positive. >> reporter: and he is showing rg3 the ropes and including the corner alley and the next time you want to get your bowl on,
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and back to you. >> and can you imagine? >> crazy. >> and everybody is talking about the tribe this morning but injuries are not holding the team back. >> and they set a record yesterday and some amazing stuff. he's more. >> reporter: the indians can't catch a break. carlos year and comes days after the catcher suffered a non- displaced fracture in his right risk and now, carlos carrasco goes down. it's okay to feel like it's gloom-and-doom for the tribe right now. the injuries are piling on when the post season is around the corner. keep in mind this is a team that minds a way and get this, after getting injured, the manager called the bullpen and
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their seatbelts on. they're all going to pitch and we're going to win. the top two reliever, kyle crocket. getting help from the defense and check out jason. laying out to take away a big hit. and a beautiful grab. the indians were no hit in this game until he broke it up in the 6th. extras, top 10 and no score. andrew miller pitched two innings, struck out three. sharp, bottom 10 and the bases loaded. the runners in scoring position through and all game. the indians 10th walkoff game this season, tied for the astros for the most in the majors and the indians set the major league record for most pitchers used in a shutout with 9, cleveland's magic number is down to 7. and college football in cleveland. wallace and carol clashing in the battle for the cuyahoga gold bowl trophy. john carrowin wins the fourth year in a row. wallace was a standout at rocky
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lauren brill shows his story. >> and i kind of had this goal to be a start in -- starter college quarterback. >> reporter: he doesn't take the straight and narrow pass. after a high school career at rocky river. >> and for a touchdown, the number two. >> reporter: he went on to miami of ohio as a preferred walk-on, where he was a third- string quarterback. >> and that summer, the week or two before camp, they called me going to need on you the roster and after that, i took a year off from football and re- evaluated what i wanted to do and seems to be a great fit. >> and he wanted to be a part of the division one program but he said that he's very happy where he's at. >> and out of high school, i was immature and all that mattered was the vision and the older you get, it's about what happens here on the field. >> reporter: after serving as a
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spot. >> and new quarterback, front toss. >> robbie's grown so much over the court of his college career. >> and that is going to be a 33- yard touchdown. >> and it's fun to see him reap those rewarders and play. he's got a gift. >> and that is everything i worked for the past six, seven years and that is coming together this year. i couldn't be more exited about it. >> lauren brill, newschannel 5. >> and thank you. we have you long. and the browns with the home opener against the ravens today. this morning, 11:00 a.m. and getting you ready for the home opener. the chance to react and at 1135time, sports sunday. a complete breakdown of what happened against the ravens and join us here on new sayschapel 5. have a great day. and thank you, so glad the dogs on the run is back or the
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>> yes. >> and we're happy to -- . >> yeah. >> thank you. >> and you do. good job. and we have to talk about that ohio state game, though and it was insane. >> and craze. >> and the buckeyes dominating the sooners. >> it had a late start and pushed back two hours because of thunderstorms in oklahoma and ended after mid-night. extended time for partying and despite rain, ohio state dominated. the most coming from noaa brown who tied a school record -- noah brown who tied a school record. very impressive. >> coming up, someone has a one in 4 chance of becoming a millionaire today and what you need to know about the big raffle and it's not just the browns throwing a batter, but a bee lover's dream as well and you're watching good morning
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. good morning, cleveland and this is a live look on this sunday morning now at 8:29. and i believe we're looking at the browns fans playing corphole. >> and why aren't we out there? >> i have never been good at that game. >> ah. >> and welcome back. to the sunday edition of good morning cleveland and i am terrence lee.
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we're excited to be here. live outside of the first energy stadium for the browns home opener and taking on the ravens at 1:00. >> uh-huh. >> and sarah phinney is in the studio with the headlines of the day. first, we want to check in and get the all-important game day forecast from janessa webb. >> and aren't you two happy it's not raining out there? it was a rough start to the weekend and we're going to finish strong here, grab a win this afternoon and it's going to be under unfortunately and dew points are up and i want to show you the shot of wayne county and you can see the dark clouds. there is no rain but the humidity levels there in the upper 60s to lower 70s and that is kind of a hazy look here and due to the high humidity lovelies -- levels. the cold front has crossed over in northeast ohio and that high pressure is building to the west and that is going to allow for a look of sunshine
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and lower 70s is any that warm air through millersburg and throughout the afternoon, the high pressure is billing from chicago and scooting in here from west to east. and that is the rain maker we told with yesterday afternoon. starting to cross over the ohio valley and that is going to allow us to be dry for the next three to five days, folks. whatever you want to do outside and there and enjoy it by 3:00. lower 80s. and the man accused of hitting and killing a ohio state trooper remains behind bars this morning. joshua casper didn't enter a plea in court yesterday with you denied using drugs while driving. we have video of him taking a field sobriety test yesterday afternoon. and he was under the influence when he hit the troop or i-90
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friends and family can't believe he's gone. >> and yet hurts. i was not paying attention and i lost a brother is come whoever his family is, going to lose him, you know and through the courts. >> and memorial services are planned this week and visiting hours are wednesday afternoon at lorain commune it college. his funeral is thursday morning. today marks the beginning of national heroin d awareness week, a week of action to talk about the dangers of drugs and find solutions to the heroin crisis. the u.s. attorney general 6 pictured to announce a new strategy that focuses on prevention and prevention. and treatment. the number of overdoses continues to sky rocket in ohio. in warren, it took 16 doses of narcan to revive a woman while her children were in the back seat of the car and social i --
8:33 am
it's because the drugs are getting stronger and sometimes they're mixed with tranquilizers used on large animals and paramedics give narcan until someone starts responding. >> are they breathing on their own? are they awake now and talking to us? if nothing changes or improves, we have to say do we think it's a drug overdose and is that smuggles? a stroke or diabetes. >> and the woman found passed charges, including two counts of child endangerment. >> and how would you like to win $2 million today? a garrettsville bowling alley is ready to give it away. it's happening later at sky lane bowling and there are only four cards left to turnover. and if the queen of hearts is turned, we'll have a winner and at twist 12,000 people showed up and to know more, we have it
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first win of season here at home and that take on the ravens. the team had success gabs them last year and torinna pysa and terrence -- and corrina pysa and terrence lee are live with more. >> reporter: we can feel the excitement and smell garlic in the air. >> it's making us hungry. >> and the smell of food is coming by us. >> and someone bring us food, please. [ laughter ] >> and we it's packed already today. >> yeah. >> and browns fans hoping for a win today and let's do this. >> and among them, a family who made this a tradition for reasons that go deeper than just football. >> and meg shaw is live with the story. >> reporter: good morning, terrence and corrina. with this family, it's about brown and orange. we know how hard it can be. it could be -- to be a brown
8:35 am
worth it. and the tradition started in '99 when the team made a return to cleveland and it was not considered a family reunion but as more kids grew up and moved away, they realized it was more than a game and it's hide their family together n.2009, they made it official and considered today a holiday. >> and that is one thing that we talk about all of the time an browns gear or indians gear and this is a family affair when it comes to the teams in this city and it's fun. >> reporter: we have a wide range of folks here today and they from illinois, indiana, north carolina, new york, and i think by the sound says of it, they're ready for the game and have been tailgating since 5 this morning, not to mention
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they stayed up late last night to watch the buckeyes and they were up until 1:00 and woke up at 3 and they ready for today's game. love it. >> and live in the muni lot. >> meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and are you having a good time? and i like the shirt behind, too. you have to believe. >> and i love that. >> and you have to believe. >> you need something to do before the game possibly and maybe after e may want to check this out. >> oktoberfest is going on downtown in believe square and there is going to be beer there and it features german food and from local restaurants and beer from three of cleveland's biggest breweries and they will be showing it on jumbotron at the festival.
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today. >> and the go of nor is heading back to washington, d.c. >> and the browns are getting ready for the big game. what kind of mole they like to have before kickoff. >> and first, janessa has the forecast. >> and we're waking up to cloudy skies. the power of 5 is tracking rain. i will show you the exact locations and timing after the
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morning cleveland on this sunday. we're getting you pumped for the browns home opener. >> and that is kneeing. >> you might be eating breakfast or getting the tailgate food ready and this is a question we found an answer to. what do the players eat? what is their choice of meal, meal choice and what am i say something. >> and to fowl them for the game. jackie fernandez has more. look at this. >> reporter: and good morning, a special day and you can smell a win in the air. at least that is what we hope for. and there is smuggles that you can smell in the air, too and that is your favorite tailgate foods. it's time to indulge. if you're wondering what do the browns do once the game is over, how do they splurge? and i went to the practice field to find out. >> steak, fried chicken and anything i want.
8:41 am
the cheese all over the place. that is my favorite. >> reporter: you're making it or getting it from someone? >> i am not cook anything. me and my wife. my wife cooks sometimes and we have a chef. >> oh, the lifestyles of the rich and famous. >> right. >> there we go. >> and definitely -- must, once a week. >> once a week? >> yes. >> and what are you getting from popeye's? >> i get the chicken tenders or the three-piece combo. >> nice about cut, right? >> right, with the honey? >> uh-huh. >> you're making me hungry. >> yes, popeye's. and that is always a good choice. what are the other favorite places to go in cleveland? >> my favorite place to eat is really xos. >> i have been downtown and blue point at -- [ indiscernible ] we like to go to xo steakhouse. >> uh-huh. >> downtown and barley house. up to hall and rumor.
8:42 am
too. >> and noticing a trend here. these guys love them some stake from xos. i am thinking the next field trip needs to be there. back to you. >> and i am with corey coleman there. >> uh-huh. >> and the biscuits and hopi, as if we're not already hungry. and the most important thing today is the forecast. >> and now you want me to focus when we were talking about >> and nobody. >> no, right? and that forecast is looking good and we're waking up to the cloudy skies. and since everybody's talking about food, how about grilling today. lower 70s and definitely up and we're tracking the rain and that is for cuyahoga county and dry from the start of the game and temperatures in the lower
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several polls show donald trump leading in the battle for ohio as he continues his push for urban voters in the state. john kosich has that and the return of governor john kasick to washington this week in this morning's democracy 2016. >> reporter: a very good sunday morning, northeast ohio. we celebrate the birthday of the constitution this weekend. it was 229 years ago yesterday that our founding fathers in philadelphia penned a paper and with their signatures, created
8:46 am
presidency we find ourselves in the middle of a battle for. article 2 deals with the requirement that the president must be born in the united states, something that came up at the end of the week as donald trump finally uttered the words. >> president barrack obama was born in the united states period. >> reporter: so why new? why at this stage of the campaign? in part because it removes obstacles as he looks to go in this election where few republicans have gone in past and that is after the inner city vote. we have seen him on full display in ohio. >> oh, you people in ohio. >> reporter: the donald trump chose to come to ohio for the this third time in two weeks is not surprising. after all, it's ohio. >> i'll tell you what, honestly, you don't realize how important you are on november 8th. you better get out and vote. >> reporter: at two of the three stops were in cleveland is -- . >> we love cleveland. we love cleveland. >> reporter: republicans in the past campaigned in the suburbs in the general election like
8:47 am
trump taking a different approach, going after the inner city vote and had stops in philadelphia recently and one in detroit. >> everyone's going to be voting for trump. by the way, african-americans, hispanic manner, just everybody. -- hispanic american, just everybody. >> reporter: he's in ohio, pennsylvania, and michigan, going into areas where democrats run strong and try to cut into the base. consider this, barrack obama won ohio in 2012 by 166,000 votes but won cuyahoga county if you're able to cut into the second number, all of a sudden, the top number and the state are in play. the inner city pitch would have democratic leaders and policies, what have they done for you? >> government is failing our citizens at every level. we have inner cities that are more dangerous than war. >> reporter: they would follow the nation's poorest children to a safe school and hope. >> this is the new civil rights
8:48 am
community. a quality education and a wonderful job. >> reporter: trump will continue the theme on wednesday with a stop in toledo. why is he doing this at a time when most republicans would make sure that suburban and rural support is shored up? in part because the recent polls show he's doing well there. the rest of the country may lump all of ohio into one basket when they look at a poll that has trump leading hillary clinton here by five points and that is misleading. this is not one homogenize state. >> we call it the five ohio's. >> reporter: newschannel 5 political analyst said that the state is made up of differing regions who vote differently. the 20 dwell map shows the counties in blue that went for barrack obama, the ones in red for mitt romney, a blueprint that usually holds true. this year? >> the map is almost throne up in the air -- thrown up in the air and falling all over the place. >> reporter: trump has strong support outside of the urban
8:49 am
heartland of the state. trump leads clinton better than 2-1, 59-28% and trump leading in the cincinnati-dayton region with a 51-31% edge. >> the numbers show wider margins in each of the regions than in 2012. the idea that 15 of the urban counties could carry the state for a democrat this year may not be the case. >> reporter: clinton leads in the north and most troubling for her in the polls, sutton said, is the 52-36% lead for >> and i am surprised to see the widest split in favor of trump. he's catching on and in that suburban vote, that tells us a lot about if this doesn't change, where the state may go in november. >> reporter: many, many wildcards in the race include making sure they get their vote into the polls and that has a lot to do with early voting, starting three weeks from wednesday. one month from today, this empty room in the board of e licks is going to be filled
8:50 am
many will be voting by mail. >> make this your voting beating. >> reporter: over the -- booth. >> reporter: over the last few days, voters received applications for absentee ballots and one is mail ed to ever active voter in the state. >> cuyahoga county has been a vote-by-mail county and we lead the state in vote by mail. having the secretary of state send out the application this year is a big help for us. >> reporter: turnout 6 pictured to be in the area of 2012 when 70% 41% of them or 3 over 300,000 -- or over 300,000 voted early. they can let them have alerts to track their ballot. >> they're receiving the ballot and counting the ballots. see they have a thorough understanding to sleep at night that ballot is counted. >> reporter: the campaigns will track ballots to know who has requested one and what is returned and they believe that
8:51 am
organization and this is something we feel good about. and they're doing that work every day to contact the voters and once early voting starts, we can work to make sure we maximize our performance. >> reporter: the governor hasn't changed his mind and he will not be voting for hillary clinton. at this point, he won't vote for trump either. kasich was at the white house on friday and we talked to president obama about support for the trade deal tpp, which both clinton >> and you are a governor of a major state sitting down with the democratic president two months before an election. now they're worried about the political backlash from that? >> and i frankly welcome it. >> you welcome the backlash? >> i welcome the fact that people will criticize me for putting my country ahead of my party. it's time we start doing this in this country. we're not a parliamentary system, and we were never taught to hate people because
8:52 am
different political party, you know, when it comes to the president, he and i have a lot of disagreements, but there are areas where we can agree. if i can become somebody in the front that lead says an effort for people to hear this and say, you know what? maybe he's right, what would i do, shrink? go hide somewhere? >> reporter: a busy week ahead as both candidates continue the full-court press here in ohio while continuing to get ready for the all-important first debate set for one week kosich. enjoy your sunday. and elizabeth warren is campaigning for clinton in cleveland this morning and he's at -- she's at cleveland state just to talk about the college plan and she's expected to start speaking at 10:30. and if you're heading out and about to that or outside, bring water. >> and humidity is still up and things are not going to cool down here. the summer is holding on strong and i will show you how long the 80s want to stick around
8:53 am
clouds and overcast skies. drying out for the lakeshore communities this afternoon. seventy degrees for greater cleveland and hey, good morning. dover-new philly, 70 with dew points still in the upper 60s to lower 70s. and so that moisture in the air, large and in charge here and really stays around throughout your sunday and there is that well-defined front sagging to southern locations by high pressure. that is allowing for more sunshine as we kick off your monday afternoon and you can see hour-by-hour whatever you want to have planned for outdoor activities and we're dry here and this is for closer to the lake and western communities and i want to show you from future cast, the rain is in,a fect here from inland locations from mansfield to summit county and that will be
8:54 am
sags to southern locations and portage county, ravena area. you can see the heavy downpour to stark county, in and out and that is fairly quickly by 7:00 and we should see, start to see park clearing here. the daytime high, upper 70s through 80 degrees throughout the afternoon. and slightly cooler tonight and some clouds still in place and we'll see the partial clearing throughout the overnight. the seven-day forecast, and this is not looking bad at all. look at on, near 90 degrees for your thursday afternoon and we're busy again, saturday, tracking
8:55 am
8:57 am
. a lot of people are wearing orange and brown downtown today. >> isn't that weird? >> and is there a game over something? >> maybe, are the browns playing? are those the browns colors? >> and i think so. >> okay. >> and we'll be here all morning long and coop >> and we'll be back here at 10 and let's go back to jan assess in the studio. >> and we'll see you at 10:00.
8:58 am
. hi, i'm sarah carns. scott defalco is here to show us an easy way to take years off of your appearance if your teeth are yellowing from coffee, tea, red wine or smoking. scoots that he can help you look up to 13 years younger and it only takes five minutes and welcome, scott. >> thanks. you can look up to 13 years younger with a whiter, brighter smile. i have a birthday i don't know about you, i wouldn't mind subtracting the years instead of adding. >> i think we all want to know the secret. what do you have? >> power swabs, a revolutionary product that is proven to -- and the stainout swabs. you remember the teeth like this. you do it for two minutes and over the two minutes, we do two things. >> yeah. >> we lift the stapes off of the treating. the -- teeth. the other press secretary products cover themmen.
8:59 am
minimal to no sensitivity. the reason you experience that, they dehydrate the enamel and during the two minutes, we hydrate and moisturize the enamel. and we'll whiten, the same process like this and going to the gum line. no since tist. and on average, two shades whiter, over seven days, six shades. >> yeah. >> and that is amazing. >> seven days and how long does that last? >> results last up to six months. another thing is that iting work on caps, crowns, and veneers. anyone -- that it will work on and there is nothing they can do about their smile until now. >> and the coffee i'm drinking. >> uh-huh. >> and drink all the coffee and wine you want, responsibly, of course, and not at work. power swabs will take away the stains. >> and i love that it takes away the sensitivity issue as well. >> that is the biggest advantage. >> reporter: and spot fight 5 special, call 1-800-6663-1547 or go to powerswabs wantcom.
9:00 am
my name and we'll throw in quick sticks for the daily maintenance. >> announcer: startiing right nw on "this week" with george stephanopoulos -- >> there was an intentional act. >> breaking overnight, an explosion in new york city. dozens injured. >> we saw this smoke. >> a suspicious second device found just blocks away. was this an act of terror? and -- >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> after years of pushing the birther falsehood, donald trump now claiming credit for ending it. >> i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. >> his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. >> we put the birther question


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