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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  October 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon everyone. this is leon bibb indeed with breaking newsality the no robbery at a cvs store at west lake. the robber tried to get away but crashed at crocker and detroit. we giving you a live look at airtracker5 hovers overhead. there are major problems for drivers now because the intersection is closed. police are investigating the crash scene right now where the man was shot. tera blake has the latest in a live report.
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we know right now? >> reporter: well, leon, these roads are so closed off right now, we are going on hours. the police cruisers, as you can see behind me, mark the scene of this crash. the white mazda, the car that man took off in. according to west lake police he robbed the cvs on detroit at 9:30 this morning. if you are familiar with the area, the cvs on detroit, he then sped off in the white mazda, intersection shortly after. shots were fired and he was taken to st. john medical center but west lake police will not say if this man was shot by an officers. we know no officers were injured in this incident. now, when we were headed to this area, it is worth mentioning, we ran into a bunch of closures. not just this one at crocker and detroit. if you are on the west side and you are watching this, avoid the crocker park area, at
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again, crocker park is not on lockdown. the stores are opened today, but if you are planning on heading to the area and doing shopping, hold off for a few hours. the traffic is surrounding the mall area being diverted to one lane down here. we will bring you the latest as soon as we have it. stick with newschannel5 for the latest updates. live in west lake, tara mol ignition na, newschannel5. police in garfield heights accident where a mother and young daughter were killed. sad evening, the mother, 33, and her two daughters were crossing the street os of the garfield heights intersection of 131st street and rex wood. in the middle of -- rexwood, in the middle of the intersection they were hit. the daughter and her daughter had the right-of-way. the 5-year-old and mother did
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kimman dudley said the -- congressman dudley said the driver did -- councilman dudley said the driver did not run a red light arappear to be speeding. it may have been a case of sun glare. >> she was a good mother. an excellent mother. she did everything she was supposed to do with her kids. i said hey, you are fine. you will make >> police are still reviewing video of the footage. in the meantime, no charges have been filed against the driver in the incident. the man is in jail and under charges of killing a man with a knife. a police officer said he saw stefon robinson attack 22-year- old chandler appling with a knife. the scene was on the dark hours of sunday morning. the off-duty officer that said he saw him do the whole thing chased him and arrested stefon
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the knifing victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. there are new details about the body of a person found by a 5-year-old child. the youngster discovered the body in the driver on drexel avenue in the glenwood area of cleveland. the victim's head was had head trauma and was covered in plastic and the arms were bound in plastic. there is has been no positive identification of the victim yet. tickets championship american league series go on sale today. today the indians try to close out the division series against the red sox. rain washed out the game yesterday, rain spawned by hurricane matthew, what is left of it. the indians face the red sox tonight, by the way at 6:00. checking in on the weather situation, here is my friend. here she has a look at what is going on. how are we looking, janessa webb. >> leon, on this monday we are
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area but the fall-like weather pattern is really touching off across northern ohio. downtown cleveland right now is 58 degrees. here is a wider view of our temperatures. richland and mansfield 55 with the cooler air in place. only seeing day time highs warm up to upper 50s to lower 60s. pretty quiet as high pressure continues to build to the north. we have the bigger weather story. after wet conditions all weekend now due to cyclone, matthew already making its way out to see, there are frost concerns across boston and new york this afternoon, even pittsburgh. we are getting lucky as we are starting to deal with the southerly flow. looking forward to day time highs that will return to the 70s as we step into tomorrow. this is the big east weather story, central plains dealing with wet weather. this is our next cold front across northeast ohio, looking to drop in as we step into thursday afternoon.
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lots of sunshine. i will show you hour-by-hour, day-by-day, when highs return to above normal temperatures. leon. >> thank you, ya necessary is a. we will touch -- gentleman necessary so. we will touch base shortly. hillary clinton and donald trump are back on the trail after the heated debate last night. they had sharp recreation of trump making lewd comment about women. here is more on the political story. >> debate. >> i was surprised by the avalanche. >> reporter: today hillary clinton and donald trump's camps are in spin mode after what is being called one of the most nasty presidential debates in u.s. history. >> i am reminded of what my friend, michelle obama, advised us all, when they go low, you go high. >> trump invited bill clinton accusers to the had debate as
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his 2005 comments about women obtained by the washington post. >> you can do anything, knick you want. grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> this was locker room talk. i am not proud of it. i apologize to my family. i apologize to the american people. >> i think it is clear to anyone that heard it that it represents exact lip who he is. >> on the issues they -- exactly who he is. >> on the issues of clinton's email, when he disagreed with his running mate over military action in syria. >> he and i haven't spoken and i disagree. >> mike pence announced rumors he is leaving the ticket after the gop's lewd comments. >> i believe he expressed himself straight from his heart to the american people. >> donald trump did well enough to keep other republicans from leaving, but the republicans that didn't want to be stuck with him are stuck with hip. >> reporter: this morning house
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to discuss umph -- conference call to discuss trump. now just four weeks from election day, other republicans have pulled their support from the gop nominee. stories we continue to follow here at the noon hour on monday, the after affects of hurricane matthew continue to linger. how now many are bracing themselves for a new growing danger. >> and perhaps you better listen up. we have a couple of important food recalls to tell you about here at the lunch hour. why a are being recalled. >> and samsung's nightmare just got worse. the latest on why the company is stopping production of the galaxy note 7. i will be back
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. we have an important food recall to tell you about. hundreds of thousands of due to al gins. the products with wheat and soy were found. they can be known al gins. they were not declared on the product label, however. the lunchables were produced on september 21, 2016. they are marked with a use by
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you can return items to the store for a complete refund or contact necessarily, as well, for drumstick ice cream bars for a free replacement. samsung is temporarily suspending production of its galaxy note 7. two major carrier, at&t and t-mobile suggested they will stop offering replacement no catching fire. samsung officially recalled the phones last month blaming faulty batteries. replacement phones were supposed to have son-in-lawed the problem but customers have been reporting the same dangerous problems. now here is janessa webb with a look at the weather situation. leon, right now we are sitting in app abundance of sunshine. i will show you hour-by-hour, day-by-day, when widespread rain moves in. also the seven-day forecast will see 70s. they will make a comeback.
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we are learning more about the two police officers shot and killed in palm spring, california. minutes before the shooting the suspect's father told a
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wanted to shoot police. three officers responded to the home in palm spring, california, as the officers were trying to resolve a dispute there. that is when police say 26-year- old john felix opened fire. felix is a known gang member that had already served time for a failed murder plot in 2009. two officers were killed. lesley zerebny was just back from maternity officer was wounded. lesley zerebny and jose gilbert lesley zerebny and jose gilbert il jose vega two months away from requirement. john felix, the killer, could face the death penalty if defendanted. hurricane matthew is gone but flooding is a growing danger. the storm dumped more than three months of rain in a matter of hours.
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abc's marci gonzalez was in florida. she has more on the story. good afternoon, marci. >> reporter: hi, leon. it is another day of mainly clean up for a lot of people. while the storm is gone, it is still having a dangerous impact. rivers overflowing their banks, bursting at least two dams and adding to already overwhelming damage. >> this is the worst we have seen. >> reporter: more than 1,400 people have been rescued from the flood waters in north carolina, and even more are being saved today. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: five people are still missing and the death toll from matthew is rising with more than 20 people killed
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more than 900. back in florida today the severity of the storm's impact is bringing fresh perspective. >> we feel really lucky and blessed. >> reporter: and a license in love. >> all the stuff can -- lesson in love. >> all the stuff can good replaced. we can't be replaced. >> reporter: as you can see he has a lot of work cut out for him but incredibly the inside of the house had no damage. inside last night. unfortunately not so many others were lucky. marci gonzalez, newschannel5. janessa, to you. >> thank you, marci. we are definitely picking up the pieces once again for florida even though the track of the storm went out to sea here. we are still dealing with coastal flood warnings until tuesday evening for the st. johns river. we are seeing many of the rivers up to two feet, even
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the flood warning until 10:30 this evening. boston and new york are seeing copious amounts of moisture and now they have frost advisories up and down the eastern seaboard. we have everybody seeing a chance to pick up the pieces but we are not in the clear as flood concerns continue to hit that area. closer to home we are sitting pattern across greater cleveland. here you are noticing the cooler air really taking ahold of us. this morning many of you waking up to temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. right now we are starting to warm up. greater cleveland 58 degrees. good afternoon, lake county is 62. millersburg is off to a comfortable lunch start, currently at 56. day time highs will not be warming up too much.
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is on top of us, allowing us to be very quiet. yesterday we had the tribe game canceled due to the moisture in place. it will be a chilly night across that area as frost advisories are currently in place. high pressure is on top of northeast ohio, but this is our next weather maker out to the central plains. it is our next very potent cold front that will provide us with widespread rain by thursday afternoon. i southerly flow of our winds. that will allow us to warm up to the 70s by tomorrow afternoon. so, future-cast shows you we are pretty quiet. please take note of lows tonight. this is 8:15. wayne county to millersburg, you are currently at 37 degrees. 36 out toward portage county, so that cool air is in place.
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will notice a little bit more cloud cover, and to get you prepared for thursday, this is 2 widespread rain that will -- this is the widespread rain that will enter for the early morning commute. high pressure will dominate here. that is cold front that will allow the rain to return. enjoy, folks, the next 48 hours. lots of sunshine in our temperatures going above normal. 61 today. 44 with clear skies. please remember you found the futurecast. most of you wi 30s tonight so some of the coolest air we have seen since april. the seven-day forecast, two days in the 70s. that front will then fall about 25 degrees thursday.
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it is cooler today, only in the 60s. but 70s by tomorrow. you have to love that. >> that will be nice. that will do it for us. for janessa webb, i am leon bibb.
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it's october 10th, time for new viral videos "right this minute". a crowd gathers around a raging inferno. >> there's a reason they are so concerned beyond the fire. >> why there are two good reasons and a neighbor fighting to get them out. an off roader loses a wheel 100 miles an hour, but -- >> he just powers through. >> how he's living the motto, when in doubt, throttle out. >> you see hundreds of people outside. >> kids and adults alike count on a mission of mercy. >> to bring people services they usually couldn't get. >> the amazing story behind bright island outreach. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick,


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