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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  October 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. fans and the tribes kell brats the team's trip to the world seers in two decades. cleveland fans throughout we would never experience it again but the indians just four wins away from winning the world
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for the sixth time the indians are going to the world series. we are going to the world series and for the first time ever playing a game one in downtown cleveland. the story started today and we are in the locker room to give you a peace of the celebration. >> series. american league champs it is about to get wild. >> here we go, that is fine. there we go. going to the world series. going right now. >> going to the world series. what if i supposed to be doing. it is great.
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cleveland is doing it right now. these guys coming back and that crowd is fired up. >> your find a way e time. >> i don't know, these guys are amazing. no one thinks we can do it because we don't have the big names and players but we have guys that love competing. >> reporter: there was a sign that said crash the party. not crashing tonight. >> no we're tonight. it never gets old. such a great feeling to have your family, we're a family in here, to be able to accomplish things during the year and come together during the year tchlt to be able to get to the point is special and we're going to enjoy it. >> reporter: it is amazing to think they are here, cleveland against the world is the theme. the mvp was a relief pitcher.
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them today. >> congratulations you are lights outgoing to the world series. feeling what? >> excited this is special to be a part of. we get a chance to enjoy it. word series. doesn't get better than that. and tuesday has the makings to be one of the best days in sports history. the cleveland host the games and right next door will have the first game of the season against the nicks. they'll raise the banner and there's a huge t bs show so this place is going to be crazy on tuesday. coming up later in sports more on the game. so october 25th here we go. the american league champions are heading home right now. and they are expected to
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>> yes a heard they just took off. they should be here soon. a great time to be here in cleveland. three campion ship appearances in the past few years and delivering in june how muching to follow suit. we're keeping close watch on the area, police there and fans in the area but the team, is tribe wrapping up the alcs against the games and making up their way back. the fans can't wait. they don't know who they're facing in the world series. win fan said they'll do it in five games no matter who they play. sending it back to you guys.
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cheering or the neighbors as they won the alcs. they broke own in celebration in the tribe won. with the terminal tower lighting the way and tribe colors cleveland erupted in cheers and honks as around to the world series. so if you want to be in the field for the world series tickets go on sale tomorrow but the seats are limited and the prices are going up since the win tonight. take a look at the listings for game one on tuesday. the lowest price for standing
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$700. and the highest, more than $6,000. we will have more of the world series on tuesday and bringing your more of the celebrations in toronto in minutes. voters have the polls and pick the next president. after no hand shake a >> you can taker the baby and rip it out of the room. >> not what happens in that. >> that's because we'll earth have a puppet as president. >>. >> reporter: she shaz been proven to be a liar. >> he would rather believe
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sworn to be protect us. >> reporter: trump refuse to accepting the results in clinton wins the election. john this was the last chance to move the needle. >> yes and it comes at a time with a good part of the country already debating. they tackled large issues like gun control, policy. they had their moments, clinton bringing up his reaction to the women coming forward to the last debate saying he made unwanted advances or worst. >> he said he could not have done those things because they are not attractive enough for thechl to be assaulted, he went on to say. >> i did not say that. >> her two minutes.
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her, i don't think so. >> the stories are false i had to say that, i didn't apologize to my wife because i didn't do anything. i think they want fame. >> i don't know putin. he has no respect for this person. >> well have a puppet and it is pretty clear that you won't admit that the russians have engaged in cyber attacks against the united states of america. >> and think about it the next time these two will talk is when one calms to give the race to the other on election night but maybe not. >> yes how about it trump is
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and clinton is in cleveland on friday. we have about 180 thousands ballots out there. how accurate are the claims made by trump and clinton. well we have been fact checking the debate. what have we kmd up with? >> well we put them test. we begin with trump who made this comment about clinton and immigration. >> we have no country if we have no board. she wants amnesty. >> clinton has not called for open borders but called for making it easier to gain consist ship and open shade.
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trump and nato. >> that you are willing to spout the putin line and do what he wants to do. >> this is also mostly false because while trump opened the door to that he has called for reforms and cost sharing. we'll continue covering both candidates until election day. video tonight at six, cars disappearing by a hole in the road but we uncovered something else happening that's more shocking snchlt and weather wise tracking the rain on thursday coming up. and cleveland still celebrates tonight. take a look at the people
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the indians gear. we'll take a scloezer look at the championships. -- closer look at the championships.
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nchlt concerning this video car after car getting stuck in a
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cleveland. the cars caught off gourd by a cliff. tonight a business owner pointed something else out to us. >> one of the project workers was caught buying beer on the job. the new video you will see only on five. >> i video showing two cars driving off the cliff. tao trucks and the fire department was called in. >> what needs to happening here. >> business owner moe tells me that's not the only problem. look at this video. that's one of the workers buying a bud light and putting it in his vest. we saw him walk out and get in his car but not open it.
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going for what? this is behavior? >> despite getting paid with your money they refuse to answer questions about what their employee was doing buying beer in uniform. >> we don't make comments to the media. >> can i get your name. >> no. >> it is unclear who is liable tomorrow ditch. welcome back continuing the coverage of the third and final debate, tom your take away from the evening. >> both were strong and no points on either side but we saw playing to the base and strong statements about abortion, immigration and foreign policy.
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was the discussion about election results and accepting them. trump said i will wait and see and not saying he will accept the process under way and that was the troubling part of tonight. >> and his running meat and daughter said they would accept the results. >> right is sets up the steshment dynamic we have accept the results and it reenforces the base of the trump support that says i don't trust anything that has to do with the establish establishment even the elections. >> and ohio is back within a couple of points. this could be a take for trump.
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but ohio is still? play and clinton is going to republican states trying to make headway there. ohio is still in place. >> and he appealed to a lot of those ohio voters with discussions of trade and economy and things along those lines. >> right he's talking about the trade policy immigration rings well in this state as well and his cuts growing the economy and road jobs. >> thank you tom, a heck of an end to the debate process for sure. sending it back to you. thanks very much. what do you have there? >> shirt, there you go. >> get it line going to sell like hot cakes.
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>> no. >> let's take a look at whereas going on outside right now where you are. hey the city is shining brightly, look at that, even though cloudy, still dry in cleveland. the tower cam shot. let me show you the rain showers coming in. we have moderate to heavy rain and lightning there. nothing severe but area moving to can't ton and akron. there's more to come behind it. we'll show you clark and where this rain persists overnight it could of heavy. going to the hour by hour. look at the rain fall and temperatures, we could get a break for the morning rush.
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develop maenlt of showers in the afternoon, here they come. so it looks like the afternoon commute is the wetest for many of -- wetest for many of you and cleveland struggling to 70. 64 in cleveland and low fremont. not cold and humidity aft 60%. rain showering comings in look at showers lining up here. right behind it comes the very chilly front. this is a cold front bringing in a chilly friday and saturday, look at rainfall totals.
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possible but some of the rain is heavy tonight and tomorrow especially in the even. 58 tonight and tomorrow we'll get a break in the morning, more rain for the afternoon and 60 for cleveland, seven day, a few showers, friday at 54 and sunday warmer with late showers and 50s and 60s next week. all right mark and another lo american league champion indians are expected to land any time and you can see a lot of folks waiting to greet them when they arrive. we'll have that for you. so of course across the city everyone in the news room was jumping down when they earned the right to play in the world series. it was something. the indians continue the entire city's winning streak.
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last cleveland campion ship. but still, four months to the day since the cavaliers lifted their trophy, is indians raise their own and punch their ticket to the world series and try to win since the first time since 1968. they lost in 95 and 54 but this time it is different. the city is different and the city however h public the play offs by everyone accept themselves and their fans. forget all the nonsense and get that picture in your mind what downtown cleveland will look like on tuesday. they led the capital leers to winning and the indians host game one of the world series. before this year the cavaliers
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two titles in four month aepz and that is no mistake. definitely a day of celebration in cleveland and we are at field tonight. how do you feel? >> well i feel great, when we come back in sports we're going to let you relive the best part of the sports today and go on one with the surprise hero in
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games so i knew what to expect but when you get on the mound it is a different feeling you know? >> right field, way back and gone. in the air, right field well hit, back and that balance is gone. >> it is fun to be part of the team, i enjoy my time and it is a was coming to a team that had one a lot and was expecting to win more. i couldn't have dreamed it better. >> and the indians are out in the way. strikes, here it comes. in the air.
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to the world series venlt. >> there's no way you're not getting goot bumps thinking about that balance and him making the catch. what a great experience for fans all season long and the world series straight ahead but what he went out there and proved he wasn't shaking in his boots. we're one on one with him. >> you had 11 innings coming in to your career. this is your second start and you're going to the world series. >> it's crazing, but like i've said, i'm just happy to be a part of it and to contribute to
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that they trust me to go out there and try to win game five for them. >> so are you shaking in your boots? >> you had, i don't know, i don't know what to say but i guess he's gatt a right too, that's a good line up for a new guy to come in and pitch in the play offs like that he has a but i didn't think about it i just stayed within myself. not going to let nose words affect me on the mound. >> but people from texas don't shake in their boots. >> they say they don't. >> you weren't shaking? >> no i trusted myself and i wasn't going to let that comment bother me. >> congratulations thank you.
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wondering who they are going to play, right now chicago has a lead on the dodgers that will be tied up if they win. sending it back to you guys.
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division chapps and league champs and next of the tribe world series.
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we are back with our ninth straight hour of post-debate analysis. let's turn to our focus group of undecided voters. who here is still undecided? still? how is that even possible? >> jimmy: we don't know, on the record, we might not. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> jimmy: i totally agree. to disagree. i go back and forth, right, everybody? we go back and forth. >> how do you all get dressed in the morning? >> jimmy: we don't know. my question fors melania trump. melania, is it really possible for a shampoo to double as a conditioner? to me it doesn't make any sense.


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