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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  October 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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[ video playback ] >> issue one into the right- center field. it is 3 - one. years as smash into center -- here is a smash into center here --. >> high drive into the right back. it is gone. 3 games - one. you heard it there, 3 down just one win to go.
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bringing another championship to our city. good evening, the cleveland indians beat the chicago cubs 7 - 2 last night. new spiders live in chicago was more. -- news 5 is live in chicago with more . let's party like it is 1928 , that would be one heck of a party. the indians are preparing for game 5 of the one in this world series. i talked to a couple of players early on and a lot of them are saying this is just another day , we are not putting too much pressure on ourselves because the pressure is on the indians right now up 3 - one. the manager says we are going to relax and play this game. >> that is our biggest challenge i think as you get into postseason, fighting to have a sense of normalcy
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everyday. it is not like you have hit longer because you're going to be better. we are 200 games into the season. i think the fact that today is sunday and football is on, i think that is good. it gives us a sense of normalcy. >> nothing changes for the club. they will go out and play this ballgame. trevor bauer tonight. what a game that would be. coming up, i go one-on-one with the davis. hear what he has to say about facing john leicester and what he will try to do on the base paths. he will try to recoup some have it. you will hear that coming up later in sports. >> we can see he is wearing the coat there. it is a little chilly at wrigleyville tonight. bars and restaurants are packed
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progressive field or watch party . that is where terra is joining us live. she has been talking to fans all day. terra, what does it look like down there right now. >> reporter: it is awesome down here, totally electric. what a night to be in cleveland . a little bit of different weather from the watch party last night. i know i was here in a t-shirt. the vibes are still the same. fans are excited, again, totally electric. game for sunshine. i want you to hear from some of them and what they are thinking about the game tonight. >> i am hearing that we don't have any sound at the station so we will have to share stuff from those fans an hour later newscast. i am loving the confidence that we have heard of here. everybody is really feeling it going into game 5 tonight. i have to show you right now, there is a crazy line already
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gates don't open for the watch party for another hour, and people have been out here since before 4:00. if you have a ticket to the watch party and you plan on coming out here tonight, i would get the key in the ignition right now and head out here if you want to get. again, it is not the best weather. fans are braving it, they don't care. everyone in cleveland is excited. it is an awesome night to be here. eye on the weather. it looks great, windy and kind of rainy. >> not exactly the best viewing party weather, but it doesn't matter. we are going to be out there smiling ear to ear as we head into game 5. for your watch party, dressing for it, if you are one that is going to put the key in the ignition, dress for some 40s and 50s. cloudy skies and drizzle. the drizzle is the nuisance, real
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potential of seeing on and off through the night. some added clouds certainly noticeable over our exciting championship city, but we expect that weather will get better as we push toward hollowing. here and now we are 53 in cleveland, 52 in chicago, very similar. i do think we are going to have a little break in the cloud cover west while here at home we're not seeing those clouds break until those afternoon hours tomorrow. . here is a little bit of light rain. we will see how long it holds on . we will time now coming up in just minutes. hundreds of people lined up right in early to cast their vote today. early voting hours were expanded to weekend. more than 13 million people have voted so far. according to information released by the associated press, that is a lot more than the number of people who had
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all-new, with nearly a week to go until election day, we're starting to see the side effects of a politically charged climate. people are now facing criminal charges after stealing yard signs of a certain party. here's meg shaw with the details. >> reporter: yard after yard, donald trump, mike pence signs littering the front yards of several homes. lately, those signs are going missing. on sund a throwing something into the stumps just off of e3 hundred and 5th street in a busy plaza. inside the dumpster, 4 donald trump signs. the driver charged with trespassing and littering. the 2 passengers also hit with the trespassing charge. event, just a day before that, police say they helped arrest 21-year- old mark ortiz. they say he was riding in a penske truck, hopped out and stole a donald trump sign out of this front
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then took off. a woman saw the entire thing, follow the truck and called least. he was arrested and charged with the -- theft. hillary clinton and donald trump trying to cover as much ground as possible as the campaign starts to wind down now. clinton also forced to keep talking about emails. mary bruce's in florida where the democratic nominee is stumping today. >> reporter: with just 9 days left in the race for the white house, a full prep. hillary clinton in florida rushing from brunch to church to a rally and concert. >> there have been -- has been a lot of noise and distraction but it comes down to what kind of future we want and who is our president can help us get there. she is eager to change the narrative about the renewed fbi invest nation into her private email server. donald trump
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herself to blame. she lied to congress under oath. she lied to the fbi many times. >> while the candidates take their message on the road, their surrogates on tv. clinton campaign going after james comey demanding the release more information about the new emails calling his letter to congress, vague and short on tax. >> it is just extremely puzzling, why would you release information that is so even seen the material yourself . i think he owes the american public more information. torment donald trump campaign chief saying it helps. >> she has put the national security arrest just for her peevish reasons. it is very troubling for her. >> reporter: both candidates are trying to rally as much support as possible. with early voting underway, nearly 20,000,000 americans
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coming up: central italy is rocked by north -- earthquake . one of the strongest in decades. the new numbers are coming in as to how many people have been impacted. a comment -- college student coming under fire from his hollowing custom. the protest against the pipeline in dakota is coming right here -- north dakota is coming right here you're watching news channel 5 at
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another powerful earthquake hitting central and southern italy. you see the damage, a magnitude of 6.6. it is believed to be the strongest quake to strike the country since 1980. 20 people are injured, but thankfully never works of any deaths. buildings are damaged and electricity is out. it hit in an area not far from the august quick that a woman who was missing for 5 days was found alive in this wreckage. rescuers were called to the scene in san bernardino county after someone saw a humvee that had rolled down the hill. fire officials say it 6 first responders about an hour to get -- first responders about an hour to get her out. shaka marilyn uber driver charged with kidnapping and
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police say the 29-year-old driver picked up the victim in washington dc. police say he drove her to a hotel in college park and carry her to her room. he has been banned from the app and is now charged with using the victim's credit card without her knowledge. were going to tell you about a scary new statistic released one day before halloween that may have parents looking on the bright side. >> and we are going to talk about the hollowing forecast coming up.
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a warning tonight for parents on this hollows eve. is scary and alarming neustadt just released say kids are 4 times more likely to be hit by a car on hollowing than any other day of the year. a few friendly my minders to help -- reminders to help keep kids safe. make sure you put
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for drivers behind the wheel, slow it down, but especially in areas that are not well lit. right now i know the minority and black community is really offended by this. outrages growing over a photo showing a white university central of arkansas student in whiteface. he is now suspended from his fraternity as the photo started taking it's rounds on social media. the president of the university says the student affairs division is investigating the incident. >> it goes against everything that we teach, that we believe, and what we stand for. it does not represent the views or the values of this institution. as i said, we are a very diverse body. >> the student who -- whose name we are not releasing because of death threats issued
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home, what a difference a day makes. >> it was a nice morning to try and relax with the family, hopefully try to catch up on a few things before halloween is here. the rainfall now gone even though drizzle causing problems for those trying to make there way into downtown for the watch party. you can see some low hanging clouds, not a lot to show you on the power5. it is a pretty exciting night tonight as we await game 5 of the world more sunshine than what we have . impacting the game, the only issue will maybe be the winds . hopefully you have had a great weekend here tonight as you sit inside. you will see a little bit of pitter patter on the windows, currently very light but southwest cuyahoga near strongsville, parma and even a little bit when driving on 490
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here. as we move toward the east side, little cooler. akron canton both the lower 50s and dry with a lot of cloud cover still stuck over our great cities. ashland. you will see a little more clearing earlier, but still expect to see temperatures on the chilly side until a warm front arrives on tuesday. right no let's jump back to chicago and show you what is happening for the game. currently at around 52 degrees. i do expect as far as the game goes that we will find quite conditions. 52 by the time we get started. 11:00 we're at about 47. winds gusting as high as 50 miles-per- hour . here's your a warm front, it was a change in factor for all of us once again. it was in the middle and
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back into the forecast for this guy for tuesday and wednesday. before we get there we are in the low period or the week warm front and then we really start to feel those impacts. for tonight we're talking a bit of drizzle. this is a little overdone on this model, but i do think cuyahoga and maybe even lorraine could see a little bit of light rain before it starts to fade out. we find better weather as we push toward your actual hollowing holiday. for those headed out to find some apples for the family high, 57 degrees. for all of those trick-or-treating, known jackets needed. it is not going to be warm, but it is not going to be that. mommy likes my temperature. 57 at 5:00 down to around 53. your sunset in the 6:00 our, 6:24. your 7-day forecast, 75 to look forward to tuesday and wednesday. we're all getting wet
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just one win from the indians -- for the indians been world champions of the world series . it has been a day were indians fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for 8:00. intermission is one lucky man here key is standing were so many from northeast ohio would love to be standing right now at wrigley field. >> reporter: on the eve a halloween will it be spooky or spectacular? we are going to try to be spectacular for the indians and spooky for john. he was rusty in game one a lot of the rustiness was in the base paths. they sever going to try to get to lester early and often. we want to get to him early and we
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can perhaps they with his mind, play with his emotions, play with everything that he's got, and maybe get him to do something that he doesn't really want to do, get him uncomfortable. that is what we really want to do. saying it is easier than doing it but we want to go out there and do that. >> reporter: what you look for specifically on the basis when you see a guy like john leicester?>> today i am looking to really be overly aggressive more so than any other day see what he does. i'm going to take my lane and see what he does. we will see what happens. he will dictate what i do. >> what you thoughts on trevor bauer potentially winning the world series for you with the busted up geeky from a drone injury. >> i think he is going to respond really well. i really do.
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really good game today pitching wise. i think he is going to help us win this game today here key is going to play a major part obviously in his role. i'm expecting him to go out there and command his pitching command . he has a great fastball and if he were to commandant he will be a real threat. >> did you see davis's eyes, overly aggressive on the base path league --. he led the american league in steals this year. >> they say facial expression say more than the awards do at times. he did there. how long do you think trevor will stick with bauer tonight?>> the rope is going to be really really short. and sewage trevor bauer gets into any
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expect several of them. andrew middaugh -- miller and cody alan get in the game, it is quite a combo for the indians and they will try to win the world series tonight. again we will talk to you soon. hopefully we look forward to seeing you. the browns are looking for the first win of this than. first drive of the game, the browns look great. they march right down the field . josh, hawkins put the browns up 7 - zero. the jets would go on to score 24 unanswered points. 31?28. they are off to a zero - 8 start. >> we play 2 different half. one half we played the way we always talk about playing and the other way the coach talked about playing in the other way we player -- prepared this
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half . the 2nd half we didn't. i say we but i didn't. is not with me.
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it is all about the earth
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getting polluted throughout the world. i have 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. i hope that they can see the day where they have clean water . >> a gathering at the native american cultural gardens in cleveland today to pray for so- called protectors of standing rock reservation. we have been showing you the protests that have been going on for months at a pipeline construction site in north dakota. some led to cl arrested. pipeline protectors say they want the buckeye state to wake up to what is really going on in north dakota. >> this is a beautiful state, nothing compared to what is going on in north dakota. the tribes were put on the wastelands that north dakota didn't want. you have access to the most beautiful places here. >> the group says they meet every sunday at 11 at the
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polls across the country tightening. as donald trump is already convicting her. >> this is bigger than watergate. >> we have the latest from the fbi. italy, rocked again. ancient towns collapsing. rescues under way. tonight, we take you inside the country's worst earthquake in decades. fire on the runway. passengers escaping from the burning jet. plumes of black smoke overhead. new details on why parts of the engine ended up half a mile away. machete attack. an airport rampage.


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