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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  October 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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caught in the cross fire of a shooting. >> that poor baby and a teen were rushed to the hospital in a car riddled with gunshots. >> officials have not said anything about the condition of the victims. what we know is this all happened in metro. they were all caught cross fires. multiple gunshots fired at the vehicle they were sitting in. a 19-year-old man and a 19 -month-old baby. he was grazed in the shoulder, he was shot in the chest. he tried to drive to west point hospital they were flown here. we know those shots were fired from another vehicle. we do not know the condition at this hour of those victims. for now we're live in
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15. frank, thank you. also breaking tonight. a security guard robbed and shot on his way to work you can see police in an ambulance in front of a family dollar miles and east104th just a few miles ago. this security guard was wearing his bullet-proof vest and not hurt. political yard signs becoming the target of thieves with several incidents over the weekend. was it a childish prank or an act megan hickey spoke to police. these thieves are not messing around. >> many people were charged with trespassing and theft for their pranks after stealing these donald trump signs. involved in dozens of campaigns since the 1960s, they tell me this election is different. >> a lot of competition. but this time. >> this is vicious. >> this is vicious, yes it is. >> this is their third trump
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last time replaced with signs for hillary clinton. >> they were deliberately put on our front lawn to make fun of us. you know. >> now they're bringing their sign in every night and putting it out every morning and their neighbors are doing the same. after police sighted three women on sunday morning for dumping stolen trump signs in this near by parking lot. linda hekovich had hers stolen too. >> they don't have to agree >> reporter: her husband even left a warning for the next attempted thief. it's crossing party lines. many victims tell me it's voter intimidation. of the likes they've never seen before. >> we're losing respect for each other. and this is an evidence of it. >> an just yesterday the ohio democratic party filed suit against state republicans for
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polls. live in cleveland, megan hickey. the white house tonight saying it will neither defend nor criticize fbi director james comey's decision to go public with the review of hillary clinton's server. tonight, we've learned the nbi is using special technology to sort through this new batch of e-mails of clinton's top aide. >> according to cnn, a software at the fbi facilities in virginia to sift through the thousands of newly discovered e- mails to isolate those relevant in the clinton investigation. those e-mails will be searched for classified information a process that will likely not be resolved until after the election. there are reports that some of the e-mails found on a computer belonging to anthony weiner estranged husband of long time
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a source says abedine has no idea how her e-mails ended up on her husband's computer. law enforcement sources say agents stumbled upon the new e- mails several weeks ago while investigating weiner's alleged sexting with a 15-year-old girl. james comey found out in september but was not briefed until last thursday. he went against department of justice policy sending a objection of doj officials. now comey is under pressure to release more information before election day. >> we're in a very unusual situation. it may be that he may need to say something else about in relation to this investigation. >> now the fbi probably won't
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the election. comey is unlikely to speak about the review until it's clear what's in the e-mails. the fbi may also conduct another interview with abedine and others. while we're all excited and rallying together to cheer on the tribe to win in game six of the world series tomorrow night at progressive field including our cavs. they moved the game so fans can watch the indians game right after. if you want to go to tomorrow's game and you don't have tickets guess what it's going to tickets on stub hub are starting at $600 right now and are as high as 1,000. if the world series goes to game seven those tickets will cost you even more. they're starting at $1,200 and going as high as 9,000. i saw you make the ugly face. you're going to smile when you hear what mark johnson has to say and it's going to feel more like a summer baseball game than an early november game.
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these are our current trends. 46 in akron. now add 20 degrees to that and you've got temperatures 24 hours from now. we have a big warm upcoming let's zoom on out a little bit here. we will show you there we go. look at the warm air it's already 52 in cincinnati. mid-50s in indy. you're going to be in the lower 50s. 7:00p.m. we're 69 at 8:00. 68 at 9:00. should be dry with a lot of star shine out there. let's go tribe. >> we're so pumped we're already asking the city about plans for a victory parade. while they say they don't want to jinx it by talking about it just yet. they say they learned lessons during the ca vs parade about
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more straight parade rout. >> some of the lives of our vulnerable loved ones it's called operation lifesaver with a doctors referral they will give transmitters to families with someone who has severe autism, alzheimer's or dementia. if that loved one wanders away, police can use receivers that beep louder as they get closer to that missing person. those devices are paid for by local lions club. month to cover batteries. she was shot in the back of the head. >> a 44-year-old woman murdered on the job when a robbery turned deadly. she was a popular server at the cooley lounge for nearly a decade. >> police had surveillance video of the crime but still haven't released it. news5 investigator joe baganatas talked to family and
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>> they're searching for four suspects in the case. an entire neighborhood left devastated. >> i loved her for eight years. she was my heart. my soul. my everything. >> matthew seus can't believe brinker is gone. gunned down during a robbery while on a job in cleveland. >> two people pulled out guns. threw everybody to the floor. took their wallets. >> witnesses tell me missy ran into this back storage room and tried to lk the gunman broke down the door and tried -- >> did you look in her eyes when you murdered her. did you look into that innocent girl's eyes when you took her life. >> cleveland police have surveillance video and they're upset the video still hasn't been released to the public. >> that's why we want the picture out there. these people are neighborhood people. somebody has to know them.
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where else just to rob a little tiny bar. >> and cleveland police are still searching for four systems in the october 25th robbery and murder. a problem that has people taking additional precautions. >> she was just stolen for no other reason and somebody continue afford to go get a job because they're lazy. nothing. worthless people in this world. >> the community will hold a benefit more missy brinker from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. you're being asked to call the cleveland police first district detective bureau. i'm news 5 investigator joe pagonakis. all of our operators are busy. >> please try your call again later. >> imagine knowing winter is just around the corner.
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the other end of the line again and again. on your side investigator jonathan walsh puts the heat on local assistance programs before the cold weather really rolls in. >> and there's new information tonight on the potential impact of the zika virus. the new way this could be
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imagine not having enough money to pay your utility bills. you qualify but you just can't get the help. the program known as heap sends money to states which is filtered down to counties to benefit those in need. >> but walsh is putting the heat on heap after testing numbers at the local level that will leave you outraged. >> reporter: mark anderson is disa he qualifies for help. >> the program helps me immensely. if i lose this program i'm going to be in a world of hurt. >> reporter: mark is on energy assistance through akron summit community action, inc. he was recently looking to renovate the application. >> if you're already in the system, it shouldn't be there difficult. >> it should be simple. >> when he kept calling for weeks to renew.
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busy. please try back later. >> mark called me for help after i tried getting through to reps i went to its corporate office. >> they're referring people to the recorded line. >> and remember, for the million time winter is just around the corner for northeast ohio. imagine, people wanting heat. i want to the summit appointment line. >> call busy. >> yeah, i know. >> did you hear that. she knows. the woman herself even tries calling the line. >> i'm sorry, all of our -- >> is this a common kind of problem? >> well, everybody is getting, they're having problems. >> reporter: the program is designed to do good things but good luck trying to get someone
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for an entire week. i called during suggested times, monday. >> [busy tone ] >> tuesday. >> [busy tone] >> the system is down for scheduled ma >> reporter: she's been with the agency 30 plus years. >> our suggestion is to keep calling. >> reporter: i asked about that scheduled maintenance during suggested call times. >> could you do that at a different time after 6:00 when people are trying to get through? >> we don't do that. >> why is that? >> that's a service that is -- >> you can see where that would be frustrate for someone who's calling at the time you're telling them to call and there's a scheduled maintenance. >> that's understandable.
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in the county and there are only so many appointments within the time frame for the program. she told me there are too many people calling who don't qualify and the public needs to be educated. but isn't that part of the point. finding out who qualifies and who doesn't. she said those who go through the program, know the problems of getting through. >> it's just the way it is? >> kind of sort >> they make it impossible. and this is just terrible. >> elizabeth perizeti is proof that the city is not the only one having problems. she lives in cayahoga. >> i everyone punched in different zip codes. it's the same thing. >> reporter: she tells me
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money to get a home, and has grandchildren living with her. >> i felt like crying, it's that bad. >> elizabeth and her family now have the assistance they need. meanwhile back in akron after calling me and getting some help from his congressperson. mark has been renewed for but feels for those who are trying to get service. >> are there areas you see there could be improvement? >> our agency does a great job i think. improvement, i can't really say at this time. >> thank you for calling the intercity assistance hot line. goodbye. >> i'm on your side investigator, jonathan walsh. >> as you see our investigation is sparking action. the state agency that handles
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questions about the program in summit and cayahoga counties it's working with the agencies to better inform and serve the customers. we have more on those improvements and we'll have more for you on news 5 tomorrow. >> we already know the impact of the zika virus can have on unborn babies. now we learned it may affect a man's fertility. scientists have found this true with male mice. those infected with the zika virus had more trouble impregnating female mice. those who have been out of the country are being asked to use protection for at least six months. take a look this is the moon passing right in front of the sun look at that. it's a partial solar eclipse yesterday. and it took the moon an hour to make its journey at the peak it
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and that is pretty cool. >> looks like a little sausage roll. >> yeah. >> it just slides through it. >> a little salami. charcuterrie there. >> are you hungry? some cheese, wine. a nice snack. >> stress eaters. i put on 2 pounds in the last five day. let's go ib program. we need to wrap this up tomorrow so i can get back on my leaves and twigs and soft rock. that's my diet. cleveland looking good. shining brightly here. here's progressive field. the lights are on. we are dry. we have a few clouds coming in and out. we have low pressure bringing a lot of rain and nasty weather
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rain. flow around it is southward like the downward roller coaster hill. what goes down must come up on that roller coaster ride, right? we are getting that warm surge out of the south and west it's coming north. so that's the roller coaster hill and it's pushing the warm air our way. notice your hour by hour, by tomorrow morning, 50. cleveland 47. akron so we're going to add a few clicks on from here on out. we will see those temps rise. how no jackets required. 75 cleveland. 76oleria. 74 mansfield. 74 to 75 in akron. we should see abundant amounts of sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. there's that warm surge. i call it windyansummer. we get two days of it then the chill returns.
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rise. 46degrees pretty much where they are right now. partly cloudy, rising temps. tomorrow i'm thinking upper 40s and lower 50s. coming home we get 70s. akron, canton. tomorrow let's do cleveland. sun a few clouds, warm and breezy. akron-canton 45, 75, wow. lots of sun and warmer. again the tribe gang will be the 60s. through the game, nice wind out of the southwest and winds at 15 miles per hour. tuesday 75. there's wednesday 74. then the front comes in thursday a lot of rain. cooler temps, 58 friday 53. not a bad saturday at 61. sunday you're in the 50s again. no rain this time andy baskin. we won't get soaked. no rain.
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in your bag tonight? >> rocks. we get the vi be of the team before one more shot of
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it's been a better experience than i've had. it's been cool being here. seeing the fans, seeing how how you stay behind teams. >> i mean it's unbelievable to watch the tribe shortstop having fun. he's been doing it since the first day he came up from the minors and his smile is
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and the one reason the indians have been successful this season. if you have a ticket for tomorrow's game, you're one of the lucky ones. with reports of the ticket prices at $600. you can see why this team loves their manager francona. >> we don't always win. we make some mistakes but i ?epb -- but i enjoy doing it with these guys. it's a fun and if tom doesn't win he won't beat himself. >> the browns found themselves in a good spot today. the browns pick up probowl linebacker jamie collins. it's sure going to be a boost for the defense and maybe he can help out the boys that are really looking for a pick me up giving up four 500 yards. trying to end this losing streak and get win number one
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falling off. or discouraged. we're disappointed. you know to a man, to a coach. because we haven't been able to get it done. but we're not discouraged. we're determined to stay after it and keep working at it. >> it has really been an interesting two weeks for the buckeyes. they lost to penn state and they had a really close game with north western on saturday. much closer than anybody thought it was going to be. the reality for ohio state is fans expect them to play for a national championship every year and learning some big and valuable lessons. >> a lot of positives for this team. the young guys are getting better because i see it from a different angle, a different view from from a lot of people. i do see some big positives. i like the fact that you get in a street fight and you win it. >> that's what they did. >> avon still undefeated in this season.
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it's sam jared he's a big reason why they're undefeated. >> i made ohio's first team all county and all conference. on honor roll every year. i'm in nhs and i've taken eight ap classes, it's a lot of late nights but it's all worth it. end goals motivate me. my end goal my name is sam and i'm this week's mcdonald's student of the week. >> north western university where he'll be a premed student. he'll receive a scholarship to
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here we go. if game look at this. warm the windian summer.
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for baseball. let's go tribe. come on. >> see, keep sending mother nature those flowers. >> i love it. # >> good night. >> see you tomorrow on game
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kathy griffin. jacob tremblay. our 11th annual half and half halloween pageant. and music from alice cooper. and now, welcome to his nightmare -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the


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