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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> we will make america great again. >> two candidates. >> i want to give you something to vote for, not just against. >> one decision facing our nation. who should lead for the next four years our special coverage, democracy 2016, count down to election day, begins right now. >> here we go, one week from today, voters hit the polls for what can only be described an unprecedented election. >> it seems like new revelations are coming out daily. we are spending the next half hour getting you ready. to say the candidates and supporters are busy, that would be an under statement both camps are targeting swing states, hillary clinton three stops in florida, trying to turn attention away from her e- mailthe new fbi investigation and back on to donald trump's past. >> look at what he does he
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nasty, all the time. he calls women pigs. [ booing from crowd ] >> rates bodies on a scale from 1 to 10 but you've got to ask why does he do these things in who acts like this. i tell you who, a bully. that's who. >> clinton bring together heavy hitters to help her -- bringing out the heavy hitters to help get her point across. joe biden and hours ago. >> as for trump focussing all his attention squarely on clinton that fbi probe into e- mails, found, telling voters in wisconsin even if they have cast their ballots it is not too late to change their minds. >> as you know, the fbi has reopened its investigation into hillary clinton. [ cheering from crowd ]
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democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and having a bad case of buyers remorse. in other words you want to change your vote. >> trump also relied on other politicians to help him campaign. wisconsin governor scott walker introduced him and house speaker paul ryan said he has already voted for trump. >> today for the first months, trump took the lead in a national poll he is beating hillary clinton in the poll from the abc news in washington post, for the first time since may he is ahead by 1%. 46-45 that is well within the margin of error so the election could go either way based on these numbers. but, will those numbers stick until tuesday? >> we can't tell the future but can look to the past.
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john kerry, bush ended up winning by 2 points in 2008, obama was leading mccain by 2.67 points a half point less than his margin of victory and four years ago obama lead mitt romney by 8/10ths of one point by one week left before being re-elected by 4 points. >> now is a time i like to call a little schoolhouse rock moment. even though the polls reflect the popular vo matters is the electro call college. here is why our country isn't a true democracy each person gets a vote it is a democratic republic we are voting for people who represent us. on election day we are not voting for president or vice president we are voting for electors. most states are winner take all. the constitution grants each
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equal to total number oaf people in house and senate in ohio that is 18. >> a lot of information. early voting has been in full swing here in ohio according to the secretary of state more than one million votes have been cast as of friday. boards of election will be open, through monday. if you want an absentee ballot you need to request that by saturday at noon. some ohio voter who is requested absentee ballots after they were mailed those ballots were mailed from defiance, fulton, lucas, ottawa, county thigh's ended up in upon the -- county, they ended up in pontiac michigan. secretary of state is calling for improved service in the meantime hundreds of people have already called the board of election and are getting new ballots but those requests still have to be in by
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5 is the only local station to have a politi fact editor in our newsroom. tens of thousands of fraudulent clinton votes found in ohio warehouse it ran with this picture article for christian times news letter alleged the plan was to slip the fake ones with real ones on the 8th. reports are that the picture was altered after being take non-england last year. last year. all ohio ballot boxes are double locked. this is pants on fire rated. thousands who cast their ballots are sharing votes on social media. >> but posting a selfie -- >> if you want to post a
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completed ballot thing again >> is it illegal? yes. >> plenty of people across the country are already doing it and the laws vary from state to state but in ohio. >> as far as taking a picture of your voted ballot in any manner it is illegal. >> reporter: because of an ohio law from before the social media age meant to stop people from taking pictures of their ballots and collecting bribes in return. >> because that was your proof to show some body how you voted to get a compensation. >> reporter: now the director tells me that in cuyahoga county blank ballots are fair game. voters can bring phones to the polls election judges will not pull out the handcuffs when they notice a suspicious selfie but will monitor social media. i will track down that individual, tell them to remove it. >> reporter: voters who fail to comply will be reported to the prosecutors office.
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places it is also illegal to post a photo of your completed absentee ballot at home. >> it is real easy to forget there are other races on the ballot. >> republican center, rob port man is running against strikeland. all the seats in house of representatives up for grabs. with all the controversy over the presidential candidates there is intense scrutiny on thes whether control will shift. when cleveland voters head to the polls they are deciding so much more they are deciding how much everybody who works in the city, pay it is city in income tax. john kosich breaks it down >> one sign stands alone literally issue 32 with its
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keep services it doesn't promise not to raise taxes because it will. it is an income tax increase for those who work in the city of cleveland sending the wage tax from 2 to 2.5% on an income of $50,000 it would cost an extra $250,000 a year generating $83 million without it,. >> we are looking at service cutlayoffs no more rabbits to pull out of the hat. we have been trying to patch together balanced budgets for years and found creative of doing it but we are out of options. >> reporter: cleveland like other ohio cities was hit hard in 2011 when the state cut money it sent back to cities for cleveland that was a $35 million hit the state passed collective bargaining reform, senate bill 5, mayor jackson said it didn't work that way :
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citys to scramble to make up the difference. >> but for state cuts we would not be here. it is only because of the state cuts. city of cleveland managed finances responsibly but this is all that is left. >> new 50s. now keep in mind -- news 5. >> now keep in mind this is something only residents of cleveland will vote on. those who live outside it and work in the city won't have say. in lakewood there is a heated and messy debate over health care. cleveland clinic is looking to replace lakewood hospital with an emergency clinic. >> why voters will still have their say months after the deal was finalized. >> i am calling you to urge you to please vote against issue 64. >> reporter: they are making calls and knocking on doors.
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lakewood hospital committee are trying to capitalize on a second chance to reverse city council's unanimous vote to close lakewood hospital. they want people to vote against issue 64. >> if people vote against it, we go back to the original agreement. >> reporter: officials cited declining patients and revenue for the closure and subsequent replacement with a smaller out patient health clinic set to open in 2018 but opponents are frustrated by the lack of in patient access. >> to be corrupt. the clinic has been taking out services at the hospital by taking out services they made it less and less profitable. >> reporter: but there is an entire other group that wants to vote for 64 they say it was probably going to close any ways, and they say that going back on that contract would put the city in unchartered territory a legal limbo that
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health care here. >> the health center will move forward because of that binding contract but it may open up the door for the other side to go once again to court to a judge to drag the city back into court to try to stop this. >> news 5. lorain county voters are being asked to pay for new programs for addicts. it would cost $42 a year to homeowners and used to hire workers to get addicts into treatment. >> still ahead, count down to election day, safety and security, amid-concerns about vote rigging and election hacking. we are digging into the state's planlearned it is almost impossible to hack our state. >> unpopularity contest, clinton and trump they could make history and it is not the type they want. >> and why the election could
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>> so far tonight we brought
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doing today. >> and dispelled a viral image of ballots being hidden, told you absentee ballots are delayed in several counties. that comes as the concern that every state has asked for help, making sure systems are safe. 42 states have asked homeland security for help ohio is one of them. more than 20 states have had someone try to hack into the even the national guard is stepping in to make sure ohio elections are safe. the secretary to have state says the cyber protection unit is testing for vulnerabilities before election day. the fbi, homeland security and others, also watching ohio's election security. national guard formally enacted, would have to come from the governor. >> ron reagan is digging into
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our votes he learned that while our state is convinced resent cyber attacks in other states will not pose a threat here the nations top security agencies are urging all states to remain alert. in recent month it is fbi discovered even more attempts to breach voter registration sites beyond previously known hacks in arizona, and illinois. >> there have been a variety of scan preamble for phone shall intrusion activities as well as attempted intrusions, at voter registration data bases beyond those we knew about in july and august. >> plus secretary of homeland security is reaching out the state election officials. >> we have been working with state election officials, local election officials, to help them with their cyber security when they ask. >> reporter: here in ohio where the presidential race is a toss
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closely monitored. >> can this election, in ohio, be hacked? well, the election system in ohio and across the country is as secure as it has ever been. >> reporter: ohio's secretary of state invited both homeland security and military cyber security experts to review potential threats. >> active voting and the voting machine themselves are not subject to cyber security threats because they are not connected to the any way. >> reporter: fear hackers could delete thousands of registered voters from data bases, creating chaos at the polls, is also being addressed. >> we back that up nightly to make sure, even if there was a successful hack on our system all that information would be retained and could be recreated so there would be no threat or disruption to the actual vote proceeding seases or any voter.
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process or any voter. >> reporter: here in cuyahoga county everyone is staying aware. >> we are working hand in hand with the county it security department. >> reporter: ron regan news 5. the possibility of voter fraud is described as rare, very difficult, and fully prosecuted. detailed study below owe la law school found only 31 credible claims of fraud since ballots were cast since 2000. rob, you can be sure, a large part of the country won't be happy no matter who wins. >> both clinton and trump's unpopularity is unprecedented, just one week before election day. 60% of likely voters now see clinton unfavourably according
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trump. this makes clinton and trump the two most unpopular presidential candidates in the poll since 1984. >> clinton's latest e-mail investigation doesn't seem to be impacting her too much in the polls they are separated just 1% in the poll taken after the news broke friday but that is unchanged since the last abc news poll, and 6 in 10 voters say it won't impact their week away we fact checked presidential candidates daily with our partners. >> first up clinton on donald trump's election strategy. >> they have even said it in his campaign, to get women to stay home, get young people to stay home, get people of color to stay home. and get a lot of smart, intelligent men to stay home
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scorched earth tactics during a rally in florida saturday. this claim stems from anonymous sources but trump has never explicitly said women, young people, people of color or smart men should stay home. however, he has tried to ameal to some of these -- appeal to some of these voters during his campaign. politi fact rated it half true. >> trump did not back down his claim clinton wants open boarders. >> she wants people to poor in. you could have 650 million people pour in and we do nothing about it. that is what could happen trip it will size of our country in one week. >> trump touted safety concerns. clinton has never said that but is in favor of bringing in around 65,000 syrian refugees. that is nowhere near hundreds
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week so politi fact rated trump's claim pants on fire. they have been following these candidates more than a year fact checking them 487 times. >> we are wondering how they are measuring up let's take a closer look. politi fact checked donald trump 297 times, 51 statements or 17% have been rated pants on fire, 101 rated false, 45 true or mostly fact checked with 25 false, 13%, 96 statements rated true or mostly true. and with halloween over the holiday shopping season is upon us, and the national retail federation said it expects we will each spend $936 during the holiday shopping season, that includes buying presents, food, flowers, decorations and
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may wonder what this has to do with the election. glad you asked. 43% of us will be more cautious, about how much we spend during the holidays, because we are uncertain about the presidential election and the impact it could have on the economy. one of the key issues in this campaign has been future of our supreme court. right now there are 8 justices, there should be 9. justice scelia's seat has been vacant stalled, so what happens after the election? both of our senators say the country needs to heal, adding they expect the senate the move forward with a confirmation no matter who is in office. >> still ahead, virtual vote the new a.m. that new app that lets you swap your
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>> tonight we are bringing you in depth democracy 2016 coverage. officials are doing everything in their power to make sure it isn't sabotaged. >> there is concern over something voters are doing that could put the whole process in jeopardy. what is called vote swapping and learned there is an app for shake between voters in different states putting someohioans on edge. >> that is evil. i don't agree with it. i think it is wrong. >> reporter: participants can sign up online or on smart phones pledging to vote for each other's candidates in their respeck sieve states so their -- respective states so their vote cans make an impact. >> anything that sounds like vote trading sounds like manipulating the system. >> reporter: political analyst
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>> if it is a one on one transaction involving just two people with each other, that in and of itself is an expression of speech not an illegal act. >> reporter: one site, trump traders tells me they are targeting third party supporters who don't want to jeopardize main party elections in their swing states. >> if you are in ohio and don't like trump and also don't like clinton we have people that want to talk to you that feel the same way. >> reporter: their site launched just last week already has 3,000 users they expect to hit 10,000 before election day. secretary of state's office tells me it is legal and as long as money is not involved,. >> then it is avoiding the problem of buying a vote. >> reporter: megan hickey news 5. >> if you would like to try a different way to influence our political landscape, a local teen may have the answer for you. interesting. a new start up called politifund you can think of it
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finding a bill, already on the table, and donating money, or by proposing one of your own and soliciting funds the money is used to hire a lobbiest to push your issue forward the whole idea is let your voice be heard the website should be in full swing by the end of the year. stay with us our special coverage of democracy 2016, will continue just a few
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>> just a week out until election day, news 5 is your source. you can find election stories, take a quiz to find out where to move if your candidate loses. >> on election night you will be able to click on interactive
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northeast ohio starting 5:30 our john kosich will host a live web cast. election night 2016 will start 7:00 p.m., we will bring you local results throughout the evening and news 5 at 11. we want to thank all of you for watching our news 5 special >> have a great evening see you
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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