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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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. hello, cleveland. we have been in this situation already this year when the title of champion all comes down to a game seven. >> two teams here. both rich in baseball history about to fight until the last strike is thrown. but will the indians be able to pull out a victory tonight over the chicago cubs to win the world series? >> we are hoping. so we have got team spirit all across downtown cleveland
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we've got jonathan walsh, jon rudder in the sky, so let's kick it off with john companies zinc gateway plaza. fans are itching to get inside of progressive field. >> reporter: my father always said, what's the house like without a john? nothing compares to this. the entirety of baseball, nothing more exciting than game seven. the fans here francisco lindor, he set himself. when you're in little league, you didn't imagine yourself in game three. it was always game seven. the excitement and the interest this year unpress debted. we may be less than a week away from electing a president but this is the story that is the best in the country. that's why the expected crowd will be huge, jammed because we know for sure history will be made. a lot of cubs fans making the
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the party, to be around the park. a lot of indians fans here, too. we've been playing with house money the past two games but now it's all on the line. but lebron set best. in northeast ohio nothing is given, everything is earned. i love a tweet i saw. the indians may have one game in front of them but they have got an entire city behind them. i think a lot of people in the city want to come down here tonight. we want to check with jonathan walsh to see how things >> reporter: here we are in title tracker. all afternoon long here on news 5 we've set the table with our lucky table cloth for victory. we've cooked up some nice victory stew with our lucky rabbit's cleat, and we have taken a cue from the cavs, john, ready to throw the hammer down. now, offs said, it is up to our tribe and our fans to get behind them right now.
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down here. they've been coming down all afternoon, filling up the bars and the restaurants. but also on the converse side, many cubs fans, more than i've seen for all four home games. so we as tribe barry, will have to be louder and better than ever. like you said, john, nothing is easy, everything is earned, and now it is up to our tribe and to us root them on. that is the seen down ground. let's go high in the sky with another john, our very own jon rudder in the chopper. >> reporter: hey, jonathan walsh. things are looking pretty good downtown. be aware of some pedestrians. a lot of people crossing the street in various areas. just a couple of minutes, a you are looking at the center field gate, there were lines stretching out into east ninth. be aware, there are a lot of people on the roadways. speebing of the roadways they are looking pretty good.
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14th street getting off of 77. the highways looking pretty good. let's head to our traffic maps and see how things look. the only red spot we're seeing is on 480. there was an act reported on ridge road. i don't see any slow traffic in that area. i will zoom into downtown to get another look. the only slow spot may be in the prospect area. if you are heading downtown there is a designated drop-off area and everybody is going to want to get to give the tribe everything they've got. we'll send things back down to rob and danita. >> our thanks to the law firm of john, jonathan, and jon. [ laughter ] >> focus. >> sports director andy baskin live on progressive field. andy, tonight it is going to boil down to who has the most
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>> it's all about hunger. it's like a big snickers bar commercial. it's all game seven, all like nerves and people can't sleep, all their motion ready to roll. but when it all comes down to the, the only guy that needs to be calm and cool and collected is corey kluber. >> he's been that all season long. if you tell him he's pitching in a game seven, i'm co the one thing that stands out, there was a statistic that i think goes off the charts. when he faces a team for the third time in 2016, 4-0. that's insane. he dominates. everybody is talking about all the adjustments the cubs are going to have to make. they're going to have to continue to have to adjust to him because they can't figure him ?iew. one of the things that was skied when terry francona talk earlier, he said, hey,
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word. >> resilient. that's probably -- there's a lot of words. this is a good group. this is one of the funnest -- i mean, win, lose, or draw, our season is going to be over unless some other country wants to take us on. but -- lined be as tired as you can get after this. i will miss coming every day with this group, because it's -- you get pretty close. >> reporter: so the indians have been challenged by green land and icel >> russia is next. bring them on. >> cleveland against the world. much more coming up. we're going to talk to jim thome coming up. we're ready to roll. i think we're the calmest people in northeast ohio. >> we're ready to roll, too. in case missed it, the first pitch got moved up by eight minutes. >> cubs pitcher kyle hendrix is going to take the hill at 8:00 instead of 8:08. that's all because of the threat of late rain.
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happen, chief meteorologist mark johnson to tell us about the weather. hi mark. >> there could be an isolated sneaky rain shower in the later innings, but the bigger rain shower activity should come in well after midnight. i'm thinking we're g. we get this through dry and mild. headlines right now. thank you very much. where's the graph nick there we go. comfortable temperatures, clouds here and there. some late rain com and then celebration weather. in the 60s through early tomorrow morning. excellent. let me show you the hour by hour. we're going to hold back the rain, 70 degrees, warm for the first pitch, 69 by 9:30, still in the upper 60s, at 10:30. still an isolated sprinkle threat but i'm optimistic we keep everybody dry. so there you have it. beautiful night for baseball.
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down again. so let's get this done tonight, tribe. >> all right, we all know who is going to be on the mound to start the game tonight. but wavy special person that's going to throw out the first pitch, and he's a huge name here in cleveland. >> it is going to be neat to see the indians announcing late this afternoon that former indian great jim thome will throw out the ceremonial first pitch. he has the honors. he was in chicago to cheer on the indians sunday. he will have a seat to inside progressive field tonight. while some people may have been hoping someone else would be throwing out the first pitch tonight we can tell you the rick vaughn himself, charlie sheen, is in town. >> he played ricky vaughn in the 1989 classic film as a pitcher for the indians. this afternoon he flew into burke lakefront airport. our lauren brill was there for the details. >> yes, danita. he arrived an hour and a half ago. he will be at progressive field tonight to watch the
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cleveland entrepreneurs. they said they've been cleveland fans for a long time and they wanted him to be here tonight for this moment. now, this all started with twitter. originally, charlie sheen had tweeted out that he wanted to throw the first pitch, but that didn't happen. last night he reached out on twitter again and said that the indians were essential cursed because he didn't throw out the first pitch, then the tone changed this morning when he said his bags were land." he greeted the media. he signed autographs, and he even brought some lucky friends to help cleveland get this win tonight. >> all these years after "major league" what's your connection been to cleveland? have you followed the tribe? knife indeed. >> reporter: a couple of fans wanted me to ask how is your fastball today. >> oh, gosh, you haven't seen me throw lately. it's a good thing those that
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>> reporter: he is disappointed that he isn't throwing out the first pitch but he said he is all tribe, he is rooting for the indians. he said if he had to give them some advice he would say, remember, play like it's game seven because, hey, it is game seven. reporting live from progressive field, lauren brill inside. back to you guys. >> lauren, thank you. can't wait to see charlie tonight. having an opportunity to go to the world series, it can be a memorable moment for anybody. >> but when first time and you goat meet a family member, that makes it even more memorable. a bird's-eye view from air tracker 5. news channel five is coming right back.
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>> welcome back. we are now just under two hours away. either way this goes, to the end of the indians' baseball season. >> rob, it's been a great year for our indians but also a great year for the fans. lots of sports fans here in cleveland. they're coming out tonight in large numbers for one last
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it all. leon, no matter what happens tonight, the crowd is just pumped about the ride. >> reporter: oh, i want to tell you this crowd is pumped. everybody has got a comment. let me tell what you lebron james tweeted out about cleveland baseball. lebron james said the two greatest words in sports, game seven, good luck to the boys tonight, thriven moment, and the game will play itself out. lebron has been in association,'s got words of witnesses document debbie and chris, words of wisdom? >> it's going to happen tomorrow. we've got nothing to worry about. >> take that to the bank. what about you, chris? >> go tribe. we're the number one spores town tin country. >> reporter: thank you so much debbie and chris. great baseball friends. i got a new friend. this is cea. kathie has brought me something special. >> yes, i'm good all the way from san diego. let's go tribe!
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best friends. i've got the signs to prove it. >> you got to believe. >> you know what i got in the mail? my leon bibb t shirt. don't mess with my town. >> leon is the man. you won a that's what one cubs fan got. but here's the twist. they got from the a cubs fan. >>'s about the significance of one fan has with another fan. kristin volk is going to tell us about it. live on the scroarn eagle and ontario. talk about a memorable night here, kristin. >> reporter: such a memorable night. let's say these two add lot to catch up on because last night
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they bonded over their love of baseball. they bonded as sisters. >> i said, you want to go to game six? before i could almost finish sending it, it was like, yes. >> reporter: lori green was about to meet the sister she never knew she had. yes, they were going to game six together. and yes, this 54-year-old was nervous. >> the manipulate she got out of the car -- >> reporter: was the minute lori said she stopped worrying and started wondering. >> they kind of looked at other like, does she look like me? does she look like her? >> reporter: right in front of her stood her half sister, 40- year-old selena from chicago. both passionate baseball fans. both work in education. and both love to talk. >> i think it is more than coincidence. we talked even last night at the game. there were so many things, oh, you, too? >> lori was adopted by parents from cleveland and found her
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ago. that's when this shaker heights resident said she started e-mailing with selena and sending photos. >> that was the first time anyone had ever told me i looked like someone. >> reporter: their first meeting a long time coming but their time together unfor get afternoon. their conversation continues. >> so are you ready for tonight? >> reporter: selena is back in chicago. will you find lori here. she just texted me to say she is in tears, just in awe and both selena and lori say they will be seeing is each other very, very soon. live at progressive field, kristin volk, news 5. >> nice story. very touching. >> oh my goodness. well, the weather is amazing. >> amazing. three words. a-maz-ing. mark johnson srkts going to
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i think we're going to stay dry. there is a small threat for a brief sprinkle. i keep saying that. but the deluge is going to come well after midnight. this wonderful string of warm days, 20 degrees warmer than normal, to me it's an oman. the weather is cooperating. we can do this. game seven. let's bring home i just to have think this tribe summer weather means an indians victory. 74 cleveland. 77 dover-new philly, we're in the upper 60s now mentor to ashtabula but it's still warm there. clouds will be coming in and thickening up through the evening hours but notice the rain is off to our north. should stay there for several more hours if we look farther west we do see showers and thunderstorms lining up, and they will be sliding in.
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that's where the cold front is. so we are going to be 20 degrees colder tomorrow, maybe even 25 degrees colder by this time tomorrow. so do not put away those coats. 72 at 7:00. you are still in the lower 70s at game time. 69 at 9:00. by 11:00 p.m. there is a very small chance for a brief shower. kind of sliding along the lakeshore, but then after midnight then we get the rain. th well. then we are still at 60 degrees at 7:00 a.m. with rain likely but we don't get any warmer tomorrow. i'm think temperatures fall through the 50s. game seven, here we go, fans, let's get up for our tribe. 72 to start, mid-60s to end, kind of like last night. clouds moving in. but we should be able to hold the rain away. we will call it dry. southwesterly winds blowing
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game seven, our forecast for tomorrow 58 degrees, falling temperatures, scattered showers, breezy and cooler. so rain gear and back to fall early november type weather. now i want to show you the seven-day forecast, if we could. seven-day coming up. yes, indeed. here we go. we've got 58 tomorrow, 49 on friday. yikes! there you go. back to early november. but we will see some sunshine. saturday milder at 57. brns could get i warmer for the dallas game but we're talking low 50s. you are going to have to dress for football. we may top out at 60 by next tuesday but it looks like our 80s and upper 70s are done for the season. probably not coming back until next may. right when the tribe season starts again. right back with more news 5 at 6:00. it's a tribe game seven world series kind of an atmosphere
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to watch them do what they're doing and to get to share from the a guy that's not playing and watching it as a fan, man you get nervous. watching the games, it's like, is this what people felt like when we were playing? we've enjoyed every moment. >> jim thome will throw out
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winner takes all tonight. welcome back to progressive field. i figured i would interview all the guys that didn't own a glove at the end of their career. first jim thome, then travis hafner. what's it like from a fan's perspective? what's it like for you to watch this sitting in the stands? >> this is great. i followed the indians all season in the playoffs, been to a bunch of the home games. really exciting. you can just electricity. i'm really fired up fort. >> your son tripp who is four years old, also here. how do you explain this to him? i talked to brian anderson. he brought his son. he thought it was a great special moment. you have three boys. you only brought one. he talked about how it's a great father-son thing, butt can be mothers and sons, too. mothers and daughters. >> hopefully it's like one of those lifetime memories that you never forget.
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to these guys about playing in a game seven? >> really just try and make it like any other game. don't try to do more than what you are capable of. >> how hard is that? >> it's tough. you can sense the energy. you can tell the crowd is ready to explode. just staying with your game plan, line drives, using the whole field, not trying to get big and do too much. >> so thome is going to throw out the first pitch, and you are going to walk the ball out? >> yes. >> you understand how to >> i eve been preparing for this moment for quite awhile. >> any predictions? >> i got the tribe winning. >> reporter: travis, thank you so much. thanks for all the great memories. former indians designated hitter and all-around good guy, travis hafner. back out to you guys. >> all right, he said indians tonight. we agree. >> what do you think?
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>> 5-2. >> it's going to be a little tighter than that. 3-1 in deans. we shall see. two magical words. >> game seven. >> here are two more. whatever happens tonight, be smart, be safe. we'll see you back on news 5
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tonight, breaking news. the new tracking poll. hillary clinton, donald trump, where this race stands next six days out. and are there new pathways for donald trump? he and his family make the case tonight. president obama, vice president biden, bernie sanders, arguing, there's just one choice. and the alarming image. the church set on fire. also tonight, the deadly ambush. two police officers targeted and killed in separate patrol cars, shot through the window. breaking late today, the new flash point over the pipeline in the west. demonstrators clashing with police. and the other pipeline, the explosion, the state of emergency. and now, worries over gas prices. new reporting tonight on the mystery illness in 33 states. the 6-year-old boy who has died. and we are on the verge of


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