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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 12, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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ten country. >> kirk: you have to believe jim harbaugh may freeze him here with that last time-out. >> chris: keith duncan for a walkoff winner. from 33 yards. >> kirk: he's moving down. time-out. >> chris: and he will, as you suggested. give the young fella a little more time to think about it. >> kirk: don't forget what's at stake here. not only for iowa, trying to have a big moment, but michigan, penn state, ohio state. >> chris: happy in happy valley. >> kirk: if you are a penn state, you are cheering like crazy for this field goal to be good and for iowa to upset michigan. and if you're an ohio state fan, you're cheering like crazy for him to miss this field goal and for michigan to win the game. >> chris: michigan has been so good at getting their hands on kicks. ucf, a p.a.t., a field goal. we know what they've done
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harbaugh can't ice him again. keith duncan, true freshman from north carolina from 33 yards and a walkoff winner. right through! and the hawkeyes have stunned the wolverines! michigan, unbeaten no more!
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the road for the first time, don't pass the test. and the hawkeyes, who have been questioned and criticized, very few of these folks mobbing the team believed this would happen tonight, kirk. what a scene. >> kirk: not after last saturday. this is a heck of a moment for kirk ferentz and for this iowa football team. >> chris: he's in that mob somewhere with samantha ponder. sam? are you there? >> samantha: well, win the game of this magnitude. how would you describe your confidence in him? >> i'm really proud of him. just really proud of our whole team. you know, a week ago, we weren't feeling so good about this time of night, so, the guys really did a great job. just played hard tonight. >> samantha: coach, you've been doing this for a long time. and you described what it was like last week in wanting to see how your team would respond, so, what can you say about the way they responded out here?
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i'm so happy for them. really, last week, we just kicked right in the teeth. and that's not much fun. been through it. done it, all that stuff, but you know, the guys got off the mat. they did a heck of a job all week. obviously competed tonight. >> samantha: coach what was the locker room like at halftime when obviously you guys had already proven you could hang with these guys? >> well, we knew we were in the game. i think they knew they were in the game. we knew there was a lot of football left to be played. a heck of a second half. >> samantha: coach, congratulations. >> chris: yeah, there was no real defiance. who knows what he said to his team, but after that embarrassment in happy valley, iowa comes home, regroups. the final drive was a short one. aided by a controversial face mask call. but then keith duncan, the true freshman, just drives it through and the wolverines beaten 14-13. in a game that is shades very much of that 1985 one versus two
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only 230 total yards by iowa. wadley accounted for 167 of them. and their defense played their tails off. it was a short-handed group. we talked about, you know, the freshman who made the interception in the second half. and they were not going to be able to pick on him tonight. >> kirk: this is why college football, for me, is the best. everything on paper, everything sh this game decisively. coming on the road, taking on a team they got embarrassed, one of their worst losses in 12 years. and they come back in front of these home fans in kinnick stadium, who are as loyal a fan base as anywhere in the country, and they did exactly what they needed to do. made it an ugly game. got it to 14-13 with the last second field goal and kirk ferentz, man, his emotion, so genuine after the game, he is so
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one extreme of emotions last week at state college, to the other extreme of emotions tonight, just -- this is why it's the best. this is why college football is the best. >> chris: sure is. amen. and speaking of state college, this scene beneath us right on this field reminiscent of what we saw when penn state blocked the field goal, beat ohio state. the folks there were all white. these folks are dressed in all black. but it's an upset they'll never forget, an iowa team kicked around and tonight on offense. wilton speight had a terrific season coming in here. did not have a very good night. they didn't really get the running game going until late. i don't think this loss, because of what happened at clemson, what happened in seattle, i don't think it knocks michigan out of playoff contention by any stretch, but it does raise some issues. >> kirk: it does. they've got the big game at the end of the year, still with ohio state. in columbus. still, there will be so much at stake for both teams.
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gets into the driver's seat, if they were to win out, remember now, penn state would beat ohio state head to head. they would win the head to head tiebreaker, if ohio state beat michigan. penn state would then advance to indianapolis, so, that also could impact potentially the playoff at the end of the year. >> chris: we knew the big ten east was going to be a lot of fun. weren't sure it was going to be a three-team race. but penn state at rutgers, big homeymy state. and the lions, if they get those two wins and ohio state wins against michigan. you're right, they would go. and perhaps they would still be in playoff contention, even if they don't win the division. >> kirk: could be. a wild day. >> chris: it was a wild day, as three undefeated teams in the top four all go down. from death valley in clemson to out in seattle, here in the heartland at iowa, where a walkoff field goal by a true freshman, keith duncan, wins it
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together to knock off the wolverines by a point. the ford wrapup show is up right now. thanks, chris. captain obvious, but we should be seeing some changes to the top four in the college football playoff rankings after a wild day. welcome into the ford wrapup, i'm cassidy hubbarth. we all know crazy things happen in november, but clemson has been dealing with crazy all season. as they've had six games decided by you could say they've been playing with fire all year. but today, they finally got burned. to death valley, with the tigers riding a 21-game home winning streak into their matchup with pitt. clemson up, deshaun watson. clemson turns it over on towns. just 32 yards of offense in the second half. chris blewitt hits the clutch 48-yard game winner.
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for an acc record 583 yards and three tds. is up supsets didn't stop t. usc and washington. 287 yards for the freshman qb. washington's 12-game winning streak snapped. 26-13, the final. number eight, texas a&m taking on ole miss. rebels down 28-26. 41 seconds left. gary on gary oner aggies, 3-8 in conference games. auburn and georgia. maurice smith picked off. georgia would add two field goals to win 13-7, and with the tigers loss, bama clinches the s.e.c. west. georgia tech and virginia tech. marcus marshall up the middle. breaks through. 56 yards for the score. the yellow jackets with their third straight 300-yard rushing
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30-20. of all the upsets this may be the biggest. in division three, mount union's 112-game regular season win streak coming to an end under john car rroll. too the ranked teams that actually won today. jalen hurts, 347 passing yards, four passing tds, a td on the ground. five total tds types a single game school number five ohio state taking on maryland. j.t. barrett to curtis samuel. ohio state rolls. number six, louisville, trailed 12-10 to wake forest heading into the fourth. but then exploded for 34 points. lamar jackson, 145 passing yards, fewest this season. just one td. yes, i said just, for the heisman candidate, 44-12, the final. now, with i wi, they found their offense, it's in its stride.
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in two years. penn state won a back and forth affair over indiana, moved to 8-2 on the year. their best start since 2011. oklahoma cruised by baylor for its 14th straight win in conference play. oklahoma state squeezed by texas tech. how about number 19, nebraska, taking on minnesota? game typed at 17 in the fourth quarter. tommy armstrong. would dive into the end zone. armstrong, two passing tds, as well, after zero in the last two games. some pac-12 after dark action. colorado right now leads arizona, 28-10 in the first half. and over on espn, right now, washington state is up 21-7 with nine to play in the second. that's the ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth.
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(door slam) ooo! (laughter) ? oh my god get out! smile for the camera! ? woo! we all live for football. and we're headed to the playoff. life is a sport. the ford escape.
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we begin tonight with new video. fierce flames racing through an apartment building on cleveland's west side leaving more than a dozen people homeless. thank you for joining us and staying up late i'm mike brookbank. >> i'm tracy carloss. firefighters were able to contain that blaze, but tonight
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clean up efforts. >> reporter: so the response team is out here trying to board up this building. this fire displaced 15 people and the cause is still under investigation. cell phone video shows the fire crews knocking down the flames just after noon. glass shattered as water and smoke came pouring out of what were apartment windows. tonight there's caution tape surrounding the chelsea neighbors collected their belongings. some are now staying in hotels. >> are you able to stay here tonight? >> no. >> reporter: mary and her great granddaughter came home with pizza to turn right back around as they are now spending the weekend with relatives. >> my apartment is shut down with no lights, no water, it's next door to me. >> reporter: they even took to social media. they tweeted that my building is on fire. flames would pour out of the
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and now the clean up is underway. this is disaster recovery team. taking a close look at the damage. the crew started to scorch their debris from their defective units and they are boarding up the shattered windows, but hopefully not for long, considered structurally sound. >> any idea when you might get back inside? >> no, hopefully they will need g complex that you can see some people would have electricity and they are able to stay here tonight and over on this side it is unclear when they will be able to get back into their homes. in cleveland derick waller news 5. new information on the identity of two people killed in a possible murder suicide in akron. the summit county medical examiner says that the 22-year- old miles simmons and drew foster were a man and woman
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manor apartments. police tell us they have discovered the bodies in a bedroom after miles did not show up for work. >> and i thought it was, you know, a box or something at first. >> drivers on rock side road are dodging objects in the middle of traffic. some of them are putting themselves at risk to investigate. turns out that the box thrown from a moving car was in fact a helpless animal. and today we caught up with the man who witnessed that pet being tossed out the window like a piece of trash. they formed before this story took yet another tragic turn. >> it's mind boggling. it's confusing. it's sad. >> those are just some of the words they're using to describe what he saw on friday night on the garfield heights maple heights border. >> it's pretty devastating. driving on the car near eastwood when he saw what he thought was a box thrown out their window, but mccay stopped when he saw what happened next.
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injured pooch shot out of the road, but not before they were hit again thinking that it will be two more times taking him to the job at this christmas tree lot to wait for someone to bring him to the vet for treatment. >> and he then took a sign and said good-bye. >> reporter: believing the dog they said was friendly with a troubled life. >> there were scars all over their face, not new wounds. it is pretty obvious that this dog was no friend to anybody and just used >> reporter: they are cremating the animals. >> but i will be receiving his ashes. >> reporter: as for why he wants them. >> you never really know how much an animal will impact your life. even if such a short amount of time like that would happen. >> in addition to receiving the dogs remains, he named him after a popular christmas tree now living in the legacy of the trees as the douglas fir. douglas is his name. >> reporter: witnesses were not
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the garfield heights animal warden is currently investigating. hundreds taken to the streets of cincinnati protesting after the case against ray kensing ended up in a mistrial. the former cincinnati officer was accused of killing an unarmed black driver during a traffic stop last year. the shooting was recorded on body cam. jurors delivered for more than 25 hours, but prosecutors said they could not agree to convict kensing on mu involuntary manslaughter. a hamilton county judge declared a mistrial. since then they hope the prosecutor will retry that case. >> this case is not over. i think we've learned throughout this process how deeply prosecutors feel about the case and about what is right and wrong. i expect that he will look to continue to find a way to bring justice to this case. >> the lead prosecutors say he
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month whether to retry the case. all right, those protests we've been telling you about. well some of them formed with a separate rally you see here against donald trump as massive new protest would continue to take place across the country this weekend. meanwhile donald trump is faced with putting together his new white house team. abc chuck sebertson has more. >> reporter: as protesters strain at the barricades surrounding his tower, donald trump's penthouse may feel like a cage. >> no more president. >> reporter: for fourth straight days crowds would plow the streets, squeezing their signs and voices against the president elect. >> i don't want him appointing supreme court justices. >> it's a lot more than just voting, but going out protesting making sure your voice is heard. >> from coast to coast signs of
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list president in -- populist president in waiting. his house is surrounded with concrete barriers, secured by heavily armed police. they put together their new administration. >> the mood is excellence. we're working very hard to help form a government. >> reporter: big names for big jobs. campaign ceo, newt gingrich, rnc chairman previs and former new york giuliani. when will we hear from president elect trump? >> we are talking about that. he's enjoying time with his family, receiving many visitors, phone calls, the senior team will be with him non-stop. these are pretty exciting times. >> trump telling 60 minutes that when he's president he'll be careful about all those tweets. >> i'm going to be very restrained if i use it at all. >> abc news new york.
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to fill and about 1,100 required senate approval. those include the big cab gnat spots like secretary of defense. back here at home today what is a perfect perfect day? >> it is just was. we have even better temperatures for tomorrow and for now darkness is upon us and the stars are out. looking good here in cleveland and i do expect temperatures will be chilly for you though area wide some 30s and 40s for the inland. 33 right now in akron and worcester you're close to some 20s. 30 degrees with a calm wind. mansfield coming in at 32. we're a little better in cleveland closer to 38. noticeably less wind as they were whipping at the end of your workweek. you may never notice them here or there, but that will not deter you from stepping outside and enjoying the fall day
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chill in millersburg popping up at new philadelphia at 29. so yes it is a very chilly night. we certainly will want the heaters. as it flies to the south temperature wills be hovering right back up. even tomorrow more enjoyable. my high is 57. 58 with glorious sunshine. but will we keep that warmth into next week? we will take a look at your seven-day forecast in just minutes. finding a parking spot at west side market just got a bit easier. >> it under construction since april. the west side market's park reopened to the. >> yeah, but that is the least of the worries for those vendors who lost money during construction. right now petitions are circulating with more than 100 vendor signatures on it asking the city for a rent reduction because under their current agreement they're going to raise rate rates scheduled the next two years. we're going to keep you updated
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coming, but demolition finally started today in shaker heights a huge turnout today. for the project that will include 100,000 square feet of retail shops. 60,000 square feet of office space. and more than 100 luxury apartments. >> there is not a lot of commercial land in the city of shaker heights. 92% of the land is residential homes. what we're doing here is creating the commercial gathering place for the city. making that happen. >> and the new district is expected to open in june 2008. >> let's head out to the fabulous food show. this show is one of the premier culinary events in the country for more than two dozen receives away with the best areaings from the area winery and brewery. michael sigh mans is also one
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part. if you missed out today don't worry. doors open tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and close at 6:00. coming up a popular contest promising to make peoples dreams come true. it has one winner upset and why the man claims that they are throwing out concerts to be receiving people. the chill is on tonight as many of us is a good 5 to 10 degrees colder. does that mean make a run in our forecast? but first you're watching news
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happening right now police need your help in identifying the two people on your screen right now. someone broke through the ceiling of the old brooklyn food market on prl bunch of lottery tickets. take a closer look. police tell us that the stolen lottery tickets were cashed at several gas stations. if you recognize this man or woman call old brooklyn police. speaking of lottery tickets if you find three winning numbers on the scratch off lotto ticket you win that amount of money, right? usually the answer is yes. >> but consumer reporter john matarese shows us that a scratch off is leaving a lot of people unhappy so you don't
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off a lotto and discovering that you just won $1 million? that's what happened to one ohio man until he realized that matching all the numbers doesn't necessarily mean that you're a winner. baring unexpected riches. steve gibson thought he hit the jackpot too. >> it says to scratch all of it off. if you have three that match winning. >> he recently received a scratch off ticket in the the mail. he couldn't believe it when he scratched three $1 million amounts showing up. three that matched weren't like $10,000 or $100,000. it said $1 million, $1 million, >> $1 million. >> i have a picture of it on my phone. he felt so confident about his entry being a winner that he made a special trip to this post office to have it examined
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that it got to publish's clearinghouse. >> i think i have a winner here and she said good luck. >> he received no confirmation just another chance to enter. and we found several similar complaints online. so we contacted pch. they say that the prizes listed on the scratch card are the prize you would win should your entry be chosen as the winner matching three symbols for a prize amount does not guarantee your winning. bottom line he won a chance to win a million stating in something he said was not clear to him. >> i would say fishy going on. you may wonder how many people look at these cards and think that the scratch off lotto tickets with three scratching numbers means you're a winner. i'm john matarese news 5. we have certainly hit the lottery when it comes to november weather. it has just been beautiful. >> not bad, right? >> nope, not bad at all. >> we've had a mild winter so everyone thought we were going
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keeping the snow out of the forecast. that's closer to thanksgiving. for right now i want to show you some of the most gorgeous sunshine. look at that massive brief view. comfortable conditions if you want to be under that dice warm thick comforter. 35 your temperature down to 39 and it is very dry reaching the points that yes you may even want to put that in the room. >> i know, i can't believe it either. winds are lighter out and about 10 miles per hour tomorrow. but they're delivering on some warm temperatures. 42 for us right now in madison ashtabula. 30 in sugar and falls, 42 in euclid. 42 right now in downtown, but
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degrees. 28 in worcester. that's the coldest. 33 in elyria. but as we wake up for your sunday morning heading into church, you'll probably go and grab your winter jackets as we are significantly cooler than yesterday at this time, which means that we're going to be significantly colder than what we started out for sunday. but it doesn't last for long as your high flight will be south and east that we'll need to bring in their nice there is a cold front in the wings. this looks like a very small rain chance. tuesday it will be coming in late. it is not so impressive initiative where we are looking at 48 degrees by noon and on tuesday and east ciders with the best opportunity it's about 8:00 to 9:00 in the evening hours. then it will stay in the overnight hours and be gone for your wednesday forecast. good timing and it doesn't impact temperatures too much. but we are still just days away
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sunshine with chilly overnight readings. 36 not bad in mansfield. 56 for you in vermilion and medina and those overnight lows are right in the freezing mark or below. but little warmer to the north. west lake 56 will be your high tomorrow with beautiful sun sheen -- we're going to flirt 54 in chardon, 56 for your high in ashtabula. your power 5 seven-day forecast. showing that 58 high. we are moving a little late. we just moved in, so this should be your sunday time frame. what happens with my seven day if we hit midnight it will jump to the next day. it's not nice. i'll redo this for you at the end of the show with a light rain chance on tuesday. then we're looking at nicer temperatures. this should be on thursday,
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pretty good with a super moon on sunday night into monday with aclear -- with clear skies. we'll be able to show you them on facebook guys? >> all right, get that computer in check. and it was it was carrying on the tradition in northeast
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