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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  November 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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side. this one is a half per cent bigger if you can tell the difference. that's the whole thing about it being that large. plenty of star shine to see that big lunar object in the sky. 26 this morning. it is a little bit cold in some areas. the leftovers of the weekend. which is a good thing in this case. the clouds may try to thicken up otherwise temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for today. i've got some good news an this forecast. i'll tell you about that in just a bit. >> only need good news. >> well. >> depends on what the bad news is. those lane restrictions are at 21 and rock side. they opened back up over the weekend on saturday in case you missed it. let's jump it over to the 480 transportation boulevard. all done too as we zoom on out. no issue on the highway. 71-77, 480.
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271 right now. no issues on the highwaysful i'll leet you know as soon as i see a problem. >> a homicide investigation responding to a -- just south of cedar. and we found at least two other people have been killed near east 30th so far this year. i'm making calls to police to find out more about this investigation. terrence? >> this is shocking. a third ohio high school junior might not graduatement we are facing because of some new requirements. meg shaw is live. good morning to you. >> good morning. a normal monday morning at -- their superintendent is now in our state's capitol fighting new graduation requirements.
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for tomorrow morning at the state house in columbus. now he's upset about the new requirements that could drop graduation. students not only have to meet the requirement on credits with decent grades. they have to score 18 point on seven end of course tests name must earn a minimum of four .s in math, four poin s in glik and six point across social security social areas. educators are saying that's too much and they worry juniors won't graduate on time. they are planning to attend that rally. they have five speak tharys are planned to address the concerns that they have. many if not all of those people who are attending
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conference that starts today. of course, we'll keep you updated on what happens tomorrow. meg shaw, news 5. >> thank you. a suspected -- he was arrested back august. he's akeulzed of shooting a man while serving a warrant for that crime, police say they found evidence to link him to a door jacking. he's also considered a person of interest in another also in court today a cleefnlt man charged with killing a gas station owner. he pleaded guilty to killing him while attempting to rob his station last year. sinclair will be sentenced this morning. a woman is in jail right charged with killing her boyfriend. she called to -- sharpening a
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they found him dead and he had been stabbed several times. they need help finding this man. he's 16 and last seen heading to washington park school thursday. he's 6 feet tall and 175 pounds. take a good look at this photo. if you have seen alexander please give police a call. clean up continuing. a van crashed into the front window yesterday morning. luckily the shop was closed the time no. one was hurt. we are looking to find out what caused crash. >> a boy in cannon jumped from a second floor window to escape a house fire. the boy was taken to the hospital. we do not know the condition right now. >> mansfield police are getting so many calls about stray animals. maps field new general report says 2013 they have
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related calls frsm barking dogs to animal bites. they will revie police data and decide if it should hire a humane officer. >> saying yes to millions of dollars to athletic bonds. the primary elementary will be consolidated into two new schools. a new stadium and baseball and softball complex was given the go this meens about 14 extra dollars a month for the owner of a $100,000 home. going up this morning. it's a blue spruce. it is 75 feet tall. the free lightning will happen november 26th. that's a saturday during wintfest. it will overlook the downtown skating rick. workers are getting that ready. operation christmas child kicks off today. the charity collects shoe boxes
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school supplies for kids in need. donations can be made today through next monday at the first church of god. >> 4:37 is your time right now. still ahead for you, if you own a toyota you could get a big check in the mail. a major class action settle many. >> while donald trump works to fill his cabinet
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praying for them. giving them artwork. wonderful. >> now that the world series is behind us it's time it honor the best players in the mlb. today the winners of the jackie robinson rookie of the year award will be announced. michael fuller. now tomorrow the manager of the year will be tito is considered the favorite and cy young winners. wednesday, mvp. >> the cavaliers back they are 8-1 right now which is how they record looked last year. they beat the hornets 100-93. he's out right now with an ankle injury. >> 4:41 is the time right now. a history of health problems. well, there might be an easy
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bad genes. >> a recent uptick in hate
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this at an apartment complex in cleveland heights. police and fire are still blocking off mayfield road. luckily we are told no one was injured. and a house fire in block of -- in cleveland. people were living in the home l our overnight news tracker there as they looked around. windows busted. smoke still billowing. we are working to find out if anyone was hurt. >> thank you. well democrats are looking ahead and looking for new leadership glen a it could be the first muslim-american elected to congress.
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considering running for the dnc chair. he will announce his decision today or tomorrow and already getting support from harry reid and bernie sanders was. >> the republicans will also be needing a new chair because the current leader reince prebuis is heading to the white house. mr. trump laid out more of his plan for his presidency too. he's backtracking on will not be deporting all undocumented immigrants and instead just focusing on those who committed crimes. after the border is secured and after getting normalized we're going to make a determination on the people that you're talking about who are terrific people. terrific people. >> trump also revealed he does not plan on taking a slear. he will become just the third
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hoover donated theirs to charity. during that interview trump competent commented on the recent uptick in hate crimes. he asked supporters to stop. the sovereign poverty law center says it has tracked more than 300 hate incidents. that's three too manies higher than the average week. most of the crimes reported have been against immigrants, black and victims. developing overnight in philadelphia at least four people hurt by a group of teenagers. police are calling this a flash mob attack. they say the teen started attacking people for no apparent reason among the victims an off-duty police detective. his eye socket was fractured. they are trying to track down all the suspects. so far they've got two of them in custody. >> a toyota owner -- you may get a settlement check
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settle a lawsuit. it was brought by truck and suv owners who claimed their frames did not have proper rust protection. the settlement covers 2005 tai comas and 2007 and '02 2008 tund ras. that was loovment all right. let's get a check on the forecast. 4:47. >> good morning. it's a monday. the best thing about a monday is you get a whole week shows it's. get you out the door this morning. colder side. sunshine after 7:00. tell you what, you're going to need the sunglasses today for the morning drive and the-esque commute as well. that's sun glare is something else. make sure you're ready to go. show you the satellite and radar picture. there's not a lot to show you. no rain at all and the cloud cover, it's pretty far away from our area. drop most of the day today. pretty sunny sky for us.
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with it being pitch black outside. 32 and 34. it is a little cold but here it is. nice recovery. sunshine, mid-40s by 10 a.m. middle 50s by noon. well above the norm for this time of year. this workweek. this is going to be wednesday morning. this system slides by just off to the best chance and then it's not a good chance for rain. something could show up on radar early wednesday morning. our temperature this week, look at. this almost off the charts by the time we get to friday. i'm going to forecast a high of 70 by friday. so there's something to look forward to. then this happens. what is this? this is a big storm system through the upper great lakes and this thing means business. some big-time changes coming by
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day forecast. 59 for the high today. 50 this evening. overnight low down to 38 degrees. >> all right. thanks so much. an accident just coming in. 110 and detroit. see what they say about that accident. elsewhere looks fine. some construction that starts tomorrow. right around 480. that left lane is going to be closed. 9:30 to 2:00 is the me and then again tomorrow that right lane closed on eastbound. that's under 271. that's going to be closed until next month. live looks of 477. we're trouble-free. i'll let you know what i find out about that accident. a little bit of health news for you this morning. new research shows there are ways to beat bad genes when it comes to heart disease. the heart disease followed
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able to fend off heart attacks and other heart problems. those who didn't smoke, ate well and exercised regularly cut their chances in half. >> can't get enough of this next story. a great day when stopping to help a stranger turns into a run-in with one of your heroes. bruce springsteen had even more reason to thank a group of veterans in new jersey. they helped him out when he was stranded on the side of his motorcycle broke down so the group of bikers, you see them there, gave him a ride to the rest rawpt and the boss bought them a beer and promised concert tickets too. >> i love. that sweet deal. hundreds of trees planted to
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growing up a bit it's been a few years now. their leaves have changed for fall. that smiley face is finally visible. >> hard to make it out but you can see it. >> work on that, john. >> time now 4:51. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thanks so much for starting your week off with us. still ahead, the family of a man killed by former officer not for justice. people are having a hard time breathing. what's being done to help. >> as we head to break here's how wall street opens
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temperatures still above average. 60 for today. it's more of the saism tomorrow with a small change. we'll add in few clouds. a few showers by early now here's that weekend that i was talking about. it's going get cold no matter what and a chance for rain. the issue is does the cold air and the rain timing meet up to give us a chance for snow flurries early sunday. still almost a week away. just know it's possible. chris snn >> i guess its has to happen at some point . >> yep. >> all right. that accident at 110th and detroit is a car that ran into a tree there.
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we're accident free elsewhere. the drive times right where we should be on 90, 71 and -- and we are very quiet. not even a car to talk about. very early. nice and quiet on your monday. >> oh. there's one. >> there's one. hundred of people in north carolina are being evacuated because of this. wildfire continue to spread and burn. the largest ongoing fire has burned more than 13,000 acres. at least 20 of the fires are expected as well. high winds are only fueling the fires. tennessee is also dealing with fires. >> it got so bad they declared a state of emergency. all of that smoke is affecting people with asthma and other breathing problems. they've seen a spike in patients with shortness of breath. >> we tell them to limit outdoor activities.
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-- if they have any respiratory medications to make sure they're taking it as prescribed. >> even those who don't have asthma agree. they're telling people who work outside to wear a mask. we are learning more about one of the people accused of setting the fire. this is 21-year-old johnny mulins. he lit the fire it draw attention to the >> a huge historic discovery. they found a grenade from the crusades. it's not like modern but more like a molotov cocktail. it's filled with greek fire. historickians think it dates back to the 11th century. >> wow. making the round online this morning, a little
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pup a great final walk. his owner asked them to join them. they walked one last time before he had to be put down. he was suffering to health problems from old age. we want to say rest in peace. >> 4:57 right now. local educators say if nothing changes we are a major graduation crisis in ohio. and at the same time new zealand was experiencing an earthquake another part of the world also shaking. we're finding out if they're related.
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a live look where's the moon? i don't see it right now. >> it's up there. >> if you take a look. look out your window. it's a little chilly. that super moon about to make its biggest and brightest appearance. >> if you want to go out and spot that big old lunar object make sure you're bundled up. some areas are in the 20s this morning. the temperature board here. millersburg to 25.


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