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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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break my neck. >> road rage on the rise. from threats to extreme violence. >> i was hurt and bleeding everywhere. >> it's getting heated. >> our on your side investigation reveals startling information about road rage and why some people get so mad it gets dangerous. >> this is a larger number than people who have bipolar disorder and schizophrenia combined. >> i want to know why they didn't take my son to the hospital. those 15 minutes could have meant saving his life. a grieving mother asking why. why her son kevin mcqueen was left the a van shot and dying as police searched and questioned the people rushing him to the hospital. >> the officers eventually performed first aid and waited for a commanding officer to get on scene before taking him to
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>> her questions come as people raise their own skwes about police -- questions about police response times. >> people on the west side called cleveland police after shots rang out. joe pagonakis talked to some people who say it took police more than a half hour to respond. >> that's right. they say that police here on the streets of cleveland more of them are definitely needed because it shouldn't take so long to get officers to the scene. >> it's weekend. >> the block club president rebeck kwa barker says -- rebeca barker says they called police at about 9:15 and then called about shots fired on west 59th a few hours later. >> you hear pow pow and then pow pow pow. >> and then more on 158th at 1:15 a.m. on sunday. residents reported slow
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we seen one drive by. >> residents reported more shots fired at the 3400 block of west 46th sundays at 8:00 p.m. >> calling the cops, wait for them to show up and no show. then we go back by the house and a couple more shots. >> of course when i call the police i want them to come quickly. >> block club members say cleveland police attended their meeting two weeks ago and they made it clear more police are needed. >> in the suburbs when the police are called you have two or three cars in a matter of minutes. outside of the suburbs when you call the police you could be 20, 30, 40, to an hour. >> one thing will be sent around due o the tax increase. >> we really do need police officers. we need the protection. >> and we contacted cleveland
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west 46st, 58th, and others and we're waiting for a response. they held a meeting and march tonight in the buckeye forest neighborhood habit that situation concerning -- neighborhood about that situation concerning crime. i'm joe pagonakis. >> all right joe, thank you. as for the case of kevin mcqueen we told you about the news 5 investigators talked to a national policing expert who's also an emt. away by how -- blown away by how this was handled. it's generally safer to wait fn an ambulance. they also looked at the medical trauma response policy. it says officers can wait for an blansz ambulance or -- ambulance or take an officer to the hospital. they did call ems but they could not explain why they decided to hop in his friend's van to get him to the hospital.
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act that's not only costing customers and first energy thousands, but it's putting our lives in danger. thieves posing as power workers to get their hands on something valuable. let's go to frank. he's live tonight to explain why these crimes are so risky for everyone. >> we're talking about lyes and live wire -- lives and live wires that could be dead re if >> since summer police phone lines have been filled with complaints. people are powerless. >> it's dangerous. it's really dangerous. >> thieves are introducing themselves to victims. meeting them at their front door and warning that many could be without electricity. the person doing the talking is always some guy in a hard hat and utility vest. >> one person can't handle it.
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hundreds of feet of copper wire. this sergeant stays it's adding up. >> especially when they're doing it week after week. >> they're handling live wires with up to 4,000 volts of electricity. it's a lucrative hustle that leans towards death. first energy told us daylight doesn't discourage. >> there was one on east 2 #1s and another one near it seems to be in that side of cleveland on the east side there. >> police haven't been an i believe to catch up. some worry death could introduce them to the people responsible. there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. we're live in cleveland wile frankwiley news 5.
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as many as 100 cars caught fire. the cause isn't known right now but the owner of the business and junkyard says they've been targeted beforech. more than 22 ,000 chickens killed in a massive barn fire today. flames broke out before noon at an egg laying facility. the owner said thousands of eggs which he planned to sell were also destroyed. took six fire departments get this blaze under control. new tonight. isis calling on followers to use trucks to attack people at the parade in new york city. with the world we live in now the police say they've been preparing for the possible threat of attacks for months. they're urging people to come out. shaker high school will open at regular time tomorrow morning after three anonymous bomb threats sent students home early.
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they're trying to figure out if the threats were connected to a racially insensitive post posted by a sfupt. only on -- student. only on 5 tonight. taxpayers footing the bill for charges against a councilman. >> an marge measure was passed to pay for matt's legal bills. megan hickey was at the meeting where she spoke with the councilman himself. >> he by political opponents but residents say they don't think they should be paying the bill. >> why does the general fund have to pay for your guilty verdict? >> it's a sore subject. several residents contacted news 5 asking why they're on the hook for a $5,000 legal bill. after matt was charged and pleaded guilty to revealing
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information. >> it's not right. it's not something afforded other people. if you plead guilty you are have to pay. >> he entered into a program where he was required to apologize to the company and complete 50 hours of community service. as part of the program the charges were dismissed which is why he says the city should pay his bills. >> you're not innocent. you pleaded guilty. why are taxpayers this? >> this is tip kl seven hills. -- typical seven hills. >> he and his supporters argue that he was targeted by political enemies but would not say who. >> it's still being investigated. but at this point we're not going to discuss that further. >> i spoke with a special prosecutor in the case. he told me that if the case had gone to trial he's confident that he would have been found guilty.
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news 5. a man spends 15 years behind bars for hypnotizing women for sex. we learn what fine was doing two years ago when a client who thought she may have been hypnotized recorded phone calls with him. he will be listed as a registered sex offender. wester wise we've got a mainly clear sky across much of the area dry weather watch these clouds pulling north right now. a chilly night as the clouds fade away and allow some heat to escape. 32 wooster. freezing in millersburg. a little warmer lakeside in the low to mid-40s. your weather overnight in cleveland in the upper 30s by sunrise. inland, look at this. lower and middle 30s for many of you. it's going to be a warmer weather week.
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i'll show that to you coming up. next, road rage gone wild. >> i have someone gunning at me on the freeway. >> what kind of a moron are you? >> people pulling out guns, tletsenning -- threatening overs on the road and putting threatening others on the road, and putting everyone at risk. >> how it could be considered
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come on, admit it we've all gotten angry behind the wheel but road range is getting worst across north -- rage is getting worse across northeast ohio. jonathan walsh found that many counties are less safe almost as if road rage is contagious. >> we know that if we do this. >> i just got shot. >> you got shot? >> there's going to be consequences. >> 911 what's your address? >> i had someone point a gun at me in a car on the freeway. >> road rage. >> what kind of a moron are you. >> a former kent state professor. >> my head is swollen everywhere. >> this road rage victim beaten. stitches and staples lined his head. >> it was hurt and bleeding everywhere.
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and more people like william. >> why were you so upset? >> i wasn't. why are you so interested in this case? >> well, it's not every day you have a road rage incident like this. . >> get back. >> in this video. he's in the blue shirt to the right. he was accused of intentionally ramming an elderly couple's car back in may. . >> on purp >> then grabbing his gun and threatening to shoot. >> it's definitely getting heated and the one that's caused all the problems is not backing down. >> he had no comment about the couple. >> you have nothing to say to the victims? >> there are no victims in this case. >> what would the courts decide? we'll get to that in a moment. we looked at road rage for 16 different counties between 2012 and 2015. four were flat or down.
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including ashtabula county. and lorain up 88%. and when you connect all the dots it's all spelled out for drivers on the road. >> it's pretty scary. i've never had a car ever go into my lane like that on purpose. >> johns posted this on youtube in 2015. a pickup truck kept hounding him. yelling. cars beeping. as the pickup driver drifted into other people's lanes. he managed to escape but. >> he told me he was going to break my neck. it was very hateful. >> are you surprised by the increase in the amounts of incidents? >> i'm not. >> shirley is a clinical psychologist at metro health she says road rage is part of
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intermittent explosive disorder. >> this is a larger number than people who have bipolar disorder and schizophrenia combined. >> and be careful. she says road rage like some illnesses can be contagious for all of us. >> if we are becoming more and more exposed to road rage it is likely that we are then becoming more frustrated and over time we develop and be behaviors. >> the highway association reports as of this month only 11 states have passed laws specifically defining aggressive grooifing actions. ohio is not -- driving actions. ohio is not one of them. neither is colorado. but state troopers send out letters after three complaints. after five they pay people a visit. >> it's an interesting angle.
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charge of this he wasn't aware of the higher rates. >> does this spark interest to you to look into this a little bit more? >> it sparks interest in me to discuss it for the with the department of public safety. >> good drivers hope ohio talks about it soon because remember william? more drivers like him are being convicted of things like aggravated men asking and -- me nasing. >> you have better things to do. >> before the trial i asked william have you learned anything from this? >> there's nothing that i needed to learn. >> after his court appearance? >> do you realize now what you've done is wrong? >> i have no comments. >> drivers everywhere certainly hope lessons are learned. >> you got shot? >> come on i can't feel my leg it's bleeding everywhere. >> i'm on your side
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>> now to see more on the problems of road rage in the area you can go to our news 5 app and check out our research. we'll follow up with state leaders and the department of public safety to see what happens from here. today's super moon doing more than putting on a show. it's also partly to blame for flooding in downtown charleston. what a mess. the gravitational pull from the moon which was closer to the earth this morning than it had been in the seasonal tide even worse. mark johnson. >> remember, charleston is only 18 feet above sea level. doesn't take much. >> we got a shot of the full moon. a bonus, day two of the full moon. the actual moon's fullness occurred this morning. >> that explains a lot that's happening today. >> yes it does. >> it's crazy out there, right?
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people in, you know, we're all kind of in a weird mood. here we go. nice shot there. let's show you the cooldown commencing over the great lakes and northern ohio. lots of lows in the 30s overnight. more mild and dry weather through much of this week. in fact, i think we're flirting with the 70s coming friday. but then forget about it. because we've been waiting for winter and winter is likely going the arrive this weekend. did you not yet? you have a couple more days to do it. there is winter there. 20s and 30s. not going to drop down yet because the flow is zonal coming in from west to east. the air that's coming our way originates from the pacific ocean not from the arctic. here's your flow, your jet stream. a little front wednesday morning that will stir up an isolated shower but the air
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only cool you down a couple of degrees from wednesday to thursday. staying on the mild side. then the arctic front arrives saturday. 36 overnight tonight. partly cloudy. and yeah a xhil in the air for the -- chill in the air for the kids getting on the bus. they will need their warm coats to start the day with temps in the 30s. but coming home, 50s to near 60. not bad. you can carry that coat with you. 7:00 a.m. 30s. definitely a chill in the air. noontime nice rapid warm up. then it's a sun, cloud mix. we hit 60 today. i think we do it again tomorrow. 60 for greater cleveland. 57 for akron, canton after a low down to 33. some inland areas below the freezing mark tonight. 60 tuesday. a morning shower on wednesday. there's that weak front coming through. 55. and then we're right back up on thursday. 62.
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70. good golf day andy baskin. high school football playoffs going to be warm. saturday though cold front comes in scattered rain showers. look at that 46. then sunday those are snowflakes. snowflakes. 39. monday some lake-effect snow possible here and there. 39 degrees. get your yard work done danita anyone with older family members. >> sweebstake scams -- sweepsteak scams -- sweepstake scams. >> this man's mother spent a lot of money on a scam. >> i feel horrible that there's people out there that just take so much time and effort to
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that don't have it, people on fixed income it sickens me. >> the better business bureau remind us you don't have to pay a fee in advance to get a prize. if you get a call call a loved one or the bbb. and never give out perm information. mlb award season starts tonight. how tyler faired as rookie of the year. and browns try to answer questions about fans and the
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now news 5 sports brought
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we talked about what we wanted to accomplish in january. we have a head coach that can be successful here. >> so hugh jackson gets the vote of confidence from the men running the show but it's hard for the fan base.
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the current front office but they know they owe it to the fans to try to turn it around. >> we want to win for our fans more than anything. we believe we have the best fan base in the nfl. this is a hard challenge that we're faced with to rebuild this roster. find a quarterback that we can rely on as we move forward. we don't shy away from the challenge at all. and don't forget for more infos steelers this saturday tune into the hue jackson show. desean tate. slammed 21 points. osu 20. they win 6-63. the weekly college football poll tonight for the playoffs. if it's like the ap from yesterday ohio state should be
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became much tougher. and if possible -- impossible i should say if penn state wins the next two games. they're not talking about the playoffs just worried about saturday. >> what to do, i did not cover that yesterday. i have not covered it all throughout the year. i normally in the past have. i don't know yet. but the focus is michigan state. i know you're excited. the university of akron men's soccer game learned its draw. they will host villanova on thursday at 5:00 at home.
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i had the benefit here we go. danita doesn't want me to say that word does she?
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-- >> god bless you. >> snacks. snacks on saturday, sunday, monday. >> yes, snacks. >> get your yard work done because i think once winter arrives it's going to be around for a while. >> thank you mark. have a good night. snacks. >> fa la la la la. >> we'll see you back here
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, dwayne johnson from ?billy on the street," billy eichner, cousin sal does funny things, and music from dawes. and now, prepare yourselves -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very kind. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. happy monday, i guess. hopefully by now you've come to terms with the fact that no


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