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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hospital after he had been shot. >> they say officers pulled their van over and refused to help. news 5 james girardi is live from police headquarters with a brand new perspective. this is from the driver that was pulled over that night. >> yeah. that's right and police are not giving us details but the driver of that van that was transporting mcqueen to the hospital said everyone inside that car was forced to wait 20 minutes, face first on the ground all the while she says mcqueen was in the backseat of that car dying. >> kevin was your lifelong friend. >> lifelong friend. >> choking back tears. >> do you think he will be alive today if you went straight to metro. >> yes. i do. >> monique golson was behind the wheel. kevin mcqueen was in her back seat.
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life. >> maybe if he would not have bled out so long. he might have made it. you know. and i shouldn't have stopped. now i got to live with the fact that i stopped. >> a drive that she replays in her head. with mcqueen in the backseat she and her friends left her apartment and took off for metro health. into i am running every light. every stop sign because i'm trying hospital fast. >> golson was pulled over less than one mile from metro health on storer avenue. all the while she pled with police to let them proceed to the er. >> they don't care. they pull their guns out and pull us out of the car and put us on the ground, handcuffs us and run our names and run the van name.
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for medical trauma response. if it is known that someone is experiencing trauma police must do one of three things. either wait for ems to arrive and immediately transport the person to the hospital or provide trauma aid. according to police records, officers did provide first aid to mcqueen and they did call for ems. but it was not until a sergeant arrived on the scene that police decided to bring mcqueen to the er. >> straight to metro. i might have been signs from metro. >> police have body camera footage of this incident that would reveal how long the van was pulled over for exactly. they won't give us that body cam footage because they say mcqueen's death is still active and open homicide investigation. reporting live downtown, i'm james giradi. news five. >> developing now at five, an officer responds to an emergency call only to find his ex-girlfriend the mother of his
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she had been stabbed in front of their son and he says her new boyfriend did it. but the story doesn't end there. news 5 tarra molina has the reason why the officer is suspended. reporter: you will see that video in a couple of seconds. before you do i want to give you more information. the man you are about to see in that video is the man suing the lorainne police department and this officer. but he never actua official complaint against the officer. he does claim that officer threatened him and harassed him and came after him. take a look. this is video from a lorainne pd cruiser. it captures the man suing them, jarrett brillin. we can share most of the audio captured with you tonight. because it is pretty much all profane. but we can show you what is in question.
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ferrens from the force. a brief exchange between ferrens and him. arrested for stabbing a man in the stomach six times trying to help his girlfriend claims that officer ferrens was threatening him while he was handcuffed in the cruiser. >> check it out. there is choice words and officer ferrens is pointing his flashlight at brillin over and over and over yelling back at him. police say at one time he did hit his cheek here with the flashlight but brillin was not injured. as for brillin's excessive force lawsuit, it alleges ferrens has a history of use of force. however, the police department claims that he has had an
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now, as for the reasoning behind officer ferrens' ten day suspension, i am going to read to you exactly what the lorainne police department has to say. here we go. while it may be understandable that officer ferrens was upset regarding the presence of his son during an extremely violent confrontation it does not excuse his actions during the incident. they represent a clear departure from established policy and cannot be tolerated. for more firefighting you can news 5 app dot com. we have breaking news after someone was shot to death outside the oklahoma city airport. it happened near an airport parking garage forcing authorities to shut the airport down and order people inside to seek cover. police have not announced whether anyone is arrested. we do know this has impacted flights to and from oklahoma.
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situation and keep you posted. frank. turning to the presidential transition where the shape of our future republican led government taking form while president-elect donald trump is following through on his promises to shake things up in the white house. our next congress is looking pretty familiar. news 5 anchor rob powers joins us with the vote. >> not only did paul ryan hold on to his speakership but backing out on any campaign events on donald trump he wants unanimous support. mr. trump is continuing work on beefing out his white house staff as we count down to inauguration day. as being floated as possible attorney general new rumors that former new york mayor giuliani could be secretary of state. there is open positions, president-elect donald trump continues to face criticism for one job he has already filled
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chief strategist. nancy pelosi called him a white nationalist but speaker ryan remained restrained on that. >> the president is going to be judged on his results. this is a person that helped him win an incredible victory in an incredible campaign. >> bannon recently led bright bart to a platform for all right. a moment that many see as racist or anti semantic. are incomplete and encourage americans to look at his full resume. the future of the democratic party has left certain today where the democrats are delaying leadership elections until after thanksgiving. that could mean a challenge for leader nancy pelosi. she has held her position for 14 years. the party's leadership election set for november 30th and today president obama kicked off his final overseas trip as our
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speaking about his replacement in greece. mr. obama said that president- elect donald trump was able to tap into some "troubling rhetoric as he took questions about the election outcome during a news conference" the president urged americans to come together. >> i will never apologize for saying that the future of humanity and the world will be defined by what we have common as opposed to those things that separate us and ultimately lead us into conflict. >> president obama went on to advise all world leaders to pay attention to people's fears of their jobs leaving their country in the midst of globalization. >> in the midst of legal battery vice president mike pence fighting to keep his email private after hammering at hillary clinton's scandal.
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his administration is trying to protect an email sent to penc from apelike al lie and aurora police are arguing a court decision that this should apply to his office. the protests over the dakota access pipeline stretched all the way to ohio. protestors shut down an intersection in columbus as part of a nationwide day of action against that pipeline. the company bend already confident it will continue under a trump presidency. is asking a federal court to speed up approval. the company wants to pay -- lay pipe un reservoir but saying it will endanger a major water source and be on sacred ground. an. >> we want you to come and we need your help.
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drilling and so we ask everybody if you can hear me, please come. >> today more than 200 protests were scheduled nationwide against the pipeline. it was halted over the protestors concern in september and it doesn't seem like they are ready to give up the fight anytime soon. at one camp protestors had large tents with stoves to brace for winter. a little gray on the map. >> yes. we right now. they are high and mid-level clouds and should stay dry through the evening hours. we are not expecting any rainfall. 59 mild degrees in cleveland. we got 50s everywhere you go and the sun is going down. the temperatures will fall quickly into the 40s. so here we go. 59 and then we're down to 54 at 7 and we're at 49 by 11. this is for cleveland. now akron and canton, you will be cooler sooner. 47 at nine p.m.
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a.m. so it is sweater weather. but it is mid november. seeing sweater weather is not too shabby. we got three more warm days and then winter arrives. wait until you see coming up. and it is the end of an era. >> and news 5 got the last look. out with the old and in with the new. the last camera allowed inside before the largest east side building is demolished and inside look >> and it is happening in lake erie. plans of a new energy farm that city council is voting on tonight and how much money it is expected to save. a close eye on another round of devastating wildfires burning across the country tonight. damage done to our nation's southeast straight ahead. we have all done it. clicked on that public password free wi-fi connection to check our email or facebook but that
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five. cleveland's largest structure on the east side is
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replaced by something
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cleanup on the property. >> i had to get out of here. >> i have lived here all of my lives. 65 a years and hopefully it will rain. >> the fires consuming more than land but forcing states to give valuable resources with more than 3,000 firefighters spread out along the fire lines. ve >> in the u.s. there is not enough water to fight the fires. in new zealand there is too much water. torrential rain fell leaving waist deep water in areas cleaning up from the earthquake. new zealand's military air lifted hundreds of people from coastal towns to higher grounds and crews are providing food and medical help for people left behind.
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naval ships expected to arrive tomorrow. two cows were left stranded on a small piece of ground after the land crumbled among them. they have been rescued. by a farmer and volunteers that dug a track to them. the farmer says the cows are fine and they were however pretty thirsty. unbelievable. >> mother nature at work. >> 60s, thursday, 70s on friday and then ... >> the bottom falls out. >> winter coming. an let's take a look. downtown wooster. looking west. we got sunshine trying to breakthrough the clouds. twilight in northern ohio.
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mid november. 59 degrees downtown. stay mild. sweater weather. that is it. inland. still 59 north royalton and mid- 50s chagrin falls to kirkland and there's jackson township at 56. we got mid-50s for akron, canton and massillon and barberton. a wider shot. do you see winter. i don't. 50s everywhere you go. your hour by hour. et0j? what do you want to do outside? whatever. then in the 40s by ten p.m. and we will drop you down into the lower and middle 40s by the time the sun comes up. staying mild. frontal boundary is here. a weak one. may stir up an isolated shower for your day ahead. the zone is holding back the artic area for now.
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of vancouver and it will ride up and drop down and by saturday, that's going to mean a big, big weather 3k.lchange f all of us. here is friday. the low sitting here. it is all snow. there is going to be a major winter storm in minnesota. this is rain. and friday saturday falling temperatures and scattered rain showers and mixing with a wet snowflake. and it could continue on and off through the day on sunday. into monday morning and squalls persist. you have not heard that. first time. first time. we are keeping score. >> it will be a drinking game, isn't it? >> drink our lemonade. so get ready for it, folks.
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yard work to do. get it done by friday. 45 tonight. and tomorrow an isolated sprinkle. cloudy skies and there you go. 56 degrees. i got your seven-day forecast coming up next. next at five. an inside look at a break through medical treatment. what clevelanders are saying about a patch that could treat allergies. >> it looks like someone is shooting up cars and businesses. this is far more old school. w?v
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tonight at six. peanut allergies are a problem that is becoming more problem. >> good morning. cleveland's corrina pysa sat down with a peanut allergist to
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help reduce the risk. >> the whole idea is to dee sensitive kids that are most at risk. we talked about doctors recommending early exposure to peanuts in those with the low to moderate risk. researchers used a peanut allergy patch on three different groups of children. ages 4 to 12 and one group had a fake patch and another a low dose of peanut protein and the a third a lot of peanut protein and wore it for a year. the study with the peanut patches were able to tolerate ten times the amount of peanuts. even though it was still a small amount ?9athis doctor say the results are promising. >> i think the study in the real world is for the parents and families that are frightened to send their children and daycare and to not control what they 1sconsume and this is a way to create
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wearing a patch or being desensitized in another way if they had an exposure they would not react. >> more testing it needed. in the studio, corrina pysa news 5. addicts are often brushed off at people too weak to help themselves. will a new warning from the surgeon general make a difference in our hearts and minds and get they need. >> the new efforts to broaden
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a lawsuit file and lorraine officer fired for possibly using excessive force. responding to a call and when he arrived it turned out be the
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she was stabbed by her by her new boyfriend. a major project coming to lake erie. the cuyahoga council is expected to approve an agreement building a wind farm in lake erie and another in a brownville. even if it passes the turbines need approval from regulators. >> today donald trump continued to put together his administration as he faces criticism over choosing former bright bart ceo steve republicans continue their preparations to take over in washington. now all new at five, instead of looking out for drunk drivers. ohioans are warned about drug people. o dot says a third of crashes in our state this year involve drugs and that's up 25% since 2012. deaths are up to 163 this year.
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we want to take a look at the brain disease of addiction. >> many may write them off as weak willed. the u.s. surgeon is saying it is a brain disease. paul kiska has been digging into what this new message will mean for the treatment of addiction and paul zpzpzp)@w.?j0 from east lake. >> well, lee and frank this report calls opioid addiction a major health crisis in our country. seek medical treatment. seek medakes a life nt. every 19 minutes. >> for the first time the u.s. surgeon general is 0mcalling dr and alcohol addiction a major public health crisis. ?ex?udvhv=h)6zt?er$g?re@p?.pm&?w online shows us what to expect. >> a chronic disease of the brain. >> going to the extent of calling heroin and other drug
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can work. >> i believe qo?ethat it is get worse. >> the lake county shipped says people should not be taking drugs in the first place would you agrees that when addiction starts it needs to be treated. >> it is part of a disease that in terms that it takes over systems in your zkm?body. >> there has been 102 heroin overdoses in lake erie this year leading to 25 arrests. that's because a 3w? went into effect in september allows a person to have two overdoses before getting charged as %./?long as they get treatment. >> on the :md3rd overdose, they be some criminalization. >> well, 57 people have died zin lake county so far this year. lze?.? live in lake county, paul kiska, news 5. we have been telling you about the protests over the election of donald ??trump. jf and today we have continued to
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crimes targeting minorities groups. leon bibbs explains the recent reports. >> students have $x?staged walkouts with the ongoing protests against president- elect donald trump. these daily marches and rallies these daily marches and rallwit more than 300 v'r.obhate crimes reported since election day. a majority against minority and religious groups. they include one against an indiana church tha with graffiti and a swastika and threatening letters sent to africa and a lot of people ?f?a speaking out. >> this is (#vabsurd and horrib and that is why we are here to show we are against ?8a?it. >> in addition to the protests over the president elect there have been growing numbers of sup they want to show solidarity and unity in this troubled time.
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'ssment of minorities saying he doesn't condone i+? wants them to stop. @?b news five. >> facebook employees are pgh taking matters in their own hand with fighting fake news reports. the employees formed report saying that it was facebook news and some say it helped donald trump win the election. claim "crazy idea" but his employees say the social site play;; the group plans to i?make and facebook and 1& stopping from people making money off of ads. google is oxlooking to change i policies. s websites that misrepresent content jocan't use goggle ad
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on deceptive and misleading content applies to fake news. bringing hate to a hall following the election. twitter is making hf7changes to get a u.?grip on online harassment. a new option allows people to alert people for the words and phrases that others don't want avoiding a mention of -- well, i just can't say it. >> i know. >> snow. >> don't do that. >> we will change the word. rg6 you can go e/9to twitter mark johnson on facebook and suggest a new way to say the word snow. give me a kunew name for it, al right? it could be interesting. i will repeat the clean ones. 59 in cleveland. 55 in akron.
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what a tremendous day it has been. we got a p cleared it out and the next front is here and that comes in tomorrow. may stir up an isolated sprinkle in one -9?or two spots but not a lot of rain wit. ?sw evening is dry and partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and temperatures in the 50s all the? way through 8:00 p.m. and most spots and then into the 40s by ten. all in all, it should be another quiet night tonight. warm weather is going to get warmer before the cool-down comes. i will show u yes, ko?the "s" word coming in next. a horrifying day at an american high school. where@.s$x?a teenager is accuse going on a stabbing spree. leaving five bloody victims in his way. r what is next for the students and the attacker. ?b?? when ayplilot -- had to think fast and swerving through the five and what?he saw to take
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>> love these pictures from pages from youngstown. look at that great shot. notice the trees are devoid of leaves. great shot of the full moon rise last night. this is from rita. a local resident who is visiting tennessee and that's ? where 2os9she took the shot. that's incredible shot and finally what happened? there's my puppy t%dog. my huskie c?and i'm showing you this picture because huskies love cold weather and snow and that's coming our way and my seven-day forecast shows it to ?
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first time accumulations of the season. like, follow 2oaand post on our facebook page.
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out of utah where students went a s school. >> it g/yd?e?happened before c ever started today and as lauren lister explains, the school is facing serious questions.
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suburban high school tuesday. the community responding to a terrifying stabbing spree breaking ?m=?out before j+?j >> dealing with a patient that is stable on the south sid'0@6c% the school. making g0-maccess to the inside the school for more critical patients. >> according to authorities jgc 16 year-old male student, a sophomore /o!stabbed, e.c?five students in the boys locker room before ?omusing %./?a knif cut himself. >> transporting a patient inside the locker room and two stab wounds to v >> all five transported to the hospital wit#t0njuries from fair to critical. a school resource officer taking the suspect into custody and the parking lot here live streaming. >> the school would normally be n mornin?v,md now lined with vehicles. >> there is now a stabbing at her own. >> i find this ??scary because now, i don't think schools are
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>> the school facing questions about how it will prevent this from happening again. >> we hate the idea fs6of havin metal detectors in v:our school and vsh?yet our kids' safety f) most important priority. >> police saying they have no idea what the motive > something h%?jg,?approached plane and they h?felt the pilot take action. he flight attend dents were walking in the cabin. once they landed the pilot says he saw a drone. he saw a drone. >> hsooii1?they see a ( something at an altitude e, they would not expect another airplane and they instinctively made
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the flight attend dents are fine. the drone sightings up by 40% percent. >> winter is coming. and if you plan to fly during the next few months. you might wonder what is @
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feet high and a lot of volume. >> the faa says e mass has been used 11 times to stop airplanes. it is install at 63 airplanes in the united states and there are plans to use it at five more airports. so if you are making your christmas list, this next x??st may knock your socks off. yxhv futuristic self lacing ?vk sneakers. the 1.0 sgoing fo the hm?first sneaker to use the self lacing ?b?technology will it looks like they light up. ?[? >> karla are iu$you making note i won't have to tie my shoes. >> didn't we see them in back to the fo1future? >> we did. i just missed the pump where you could pump up the shoes. >> i have some of o??g?those. >>lij]-?that was in the 90s.
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>> and run faster. >> (i?maybe. all right. are you going to tell people what they want to hear. >> it will be warm for the m' three u/xdays and stop right p? there. actually i am not. everybody is flooding my social media with snow, snow, snow. what is going on. so let's check out what is going on. ki?! first of all. wooster is dark and "n2astubula we will do a time lapse, blue skies to start and clouds coming in and clouds coming in. yes. there they are and $x?the ok?su down. go. nice twilight. rain here. don't worry. here is ??the next front. ]q this will come ym?through with maybe one or two little sprinkles for tomorrow. and slightly cooler air behind ? it. this is not an artic front. let me show you there, front here, it is still a zonal flow. west to east from the pacific ocean. a pattern change is about dxo8 occur and it all starts with
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and it is this low developing in san francisco and heading towards denver and sliding northeast toward8h?onrlake supe and we will have our first major winter storm kvg?]i?of th season for this area on friday. north of us but it will drive 9c through lake erie and bring w3u the cold air on saturday and eventually some lake-effect snow sunday night and monday. it is cway too early to give yo exact amounts g/and where. and where squalls persist number two, take a drink of your lemonade. 59 degrees cleveland and 55 currently in akron. p ? g# 54 in canton. these temperatures are mild. and will stay mild with a
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we got 45 degrees. akron and canton, 42 and tomorrow let's do 58 mainly ry. be canton. now your seven day. i will stop it. three days worth as?warm. 56 wednesday. /+? look at that. sunshine, thursday and friday. 65 thursday and 72 on friday. if we hit 71 it ties a record high. kvc? and saturday lp?front comes in scattered rain showers with a wet snowflake or ice pellets and sunday it is about the snow. 38 degrees, monday some lake effects continuing 38 frank and lee. >> thank you, mark. every interact with police caught on camera. >> the cutting-edge technology that officers are using to protect you. all new at six.
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used. an anti trump protester attacks a chaotic scene caught on camera. what we have ???u
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a consumer ovmwarning for anyone g=with a habit of loggi into the internet on to keep your data secure. >> in today's mobile universe means using public wi-fi but how safe v:is it. >> public wi-fi carries risks. >> make sure your firewall is turned on. it is the first line of defense.
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the o[ibiggest worry is d8hacke security expert dean dalwean created a tm allowing him to observe and activity. >> i don't think people gobare aware xof how easy it is. >> but vseveral tweaks can leav you protected including turning off network discovery x"iand fi sharing that will make it more difficult p ?for people near and 0"?wi-fi hot spots you particularly vulnerable because -9?rsnany hacker can jo without a pass work. you can use vpn. >> a d with vpns because a lot of the companies require the employers to have that. people don't know that you can get a v p nyourself for a few bucks and it adds security +to your own computers.
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>> another step is set up automatic update ours devices and always in+j??1?them when they are offered, that will keep you updated with the latest security detections. great stuff. "n? that's it for news five at m five. rob and danita $x?what is going at six. a witness speaks out iwlaft capturing video of a police altercation. >> it shows how close e9an officer came to losing his life. how the scary altercation d2h?w down and why that officer is being praised tonight. >> ?uildinwz@out to be no u!
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building one last time. zo75a?a
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cleveland police getting help to 3omkeep(fz?the community and themselves in check when you have these kinds of videos. the number of cases against officers go down. >> the new technology is way. the police records i happens during >lc?officer interactions. elp the officers. >> the largest police de1q5ent in northeast ohio about to get help on the streets. >> thanks to a project two years in th0di?making. dashcams will be cleveland cruisers. >> dhomonique ricks is here to tell us more. how many cars are getting the 6p new technology. >> cleveland police tell me 350 front line cruisers like this one to be exact. now the dashcam mounted here inside and behind the windshield and show a wider pick not only of the front but the back. >> the more eyes that you have


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