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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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cleveland police getting help to 3omkeep(fz?the community and themselves in check when you have these kinds of videos. the number of cases against officers go down. >> the new technology is way. the police records i happens during >lc?officer interactions. elp the officers. >> the largest police de1q5ent in northeast ohio about to get help on the streets. >> thanks to a project two years in th0di?making. dashcams will be cleveland cruisers. >> dhomonique ricks is here to tell us more. how many cars are getting the 6p new technology. >> cleveland police tell me 350 front line cruisers like this one to be exact. now the dashcam mounted here inside and behind the windshield and show a wider pick not only of the front but the back. >> the more eyes that you have
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brinkatellli. that's the simple reason for these. >> we are ?r?on our way of gett n. se q?4 >> dashcam being install into hundreds of cruisers. >> it will be positive to see what the officers go through. >> the dashcams ?are synced wit body cams providing a wide view. what is going on i >> ?t?the body w3cams. reporting. they $p9?are in a buffering mode. >> certain triggers like opening a door and turning the sirens on. officers will be able to zoom in and out of the footage. >> no ?-6?matter the f?case the cameras ?you have and something that is sophisticated as the systems that we are getting would help make those cases more understandable for the i@@? public. >> in cases like the shooting of tamir rice or the subsequent to shooting of
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perspective could have made the the frame shots that can't put together the entire picture and this will put together an entire picture for those to get an idea of what the officers go through every day. >> the half million 1w?dollar grand paying for these comes from forfeiture from convicted criminals. >> we are the ?!?largest city i the u.s. to says the ?fw?camera will be the least expensive moving forward to say that ongoing training as well as storage will cost the u? city about $150,000 a year. live in. dhomonique ricks, news 5. bran8r&s on a story we broke here on sm five. a man is dead ubut his wckyfrie say that he should be alive. and they blame actions by the cleveland police after kevin in his friends raised to metro health and pulled over.
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took them to the hospital. news 5 james girardi has been following the story. james, you spoke with the driver of that van. reporter: we did and she was transporting mcqueen to the pulled over lh-h(sqkeland polic veh was ordere
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she says police searched her and her friends even '7?in cf9 incapacitated mckeen. police administered first aid but according ?fz?to police rec it was not until a sergeant arrived that golson was @
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capturing a scary altercation between go?a canton police offi and suspected shoplifters, the man that recorded it is telling us what happened. lee yvj?zlw?p-jordan joins us n more. >> danita. officer darryl pearson was working an extra job at walmart? when he confronted the suspect in the parking lot. don't fs?you do it. >> pearson scuffled cbriefly. the driver backed up and pearson used his baton to (g> i'm ohat is he guys %e5 like sharing the videos of like the negative stuff and i am glad that it happened to me because it is one thing that the cops did well and i got
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>> three people inside the car were arrested a short f?time later by canton officers after a slow pursuit. >> another nice day but t$emc? are dwindling. ?mk one weather pattern. 58 currently in cellular phone. akron 52 and wooster 51. we will clear it out. ?? a weak front sliding in tonight and tomorrow. to barely njt?ezin this it exce the clouds and jnv?maybe isolat sprinkle. your evening looks dry and mild. you are bglin the upper 40s by midnight and cleveland and in mid-40s utcqin the akron and ca ? are you ready for winter.
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forecast. >> danita. >> ?qsr charge. we told you been incident that happened on october 12th. r?zo% akron police say that 58 year- old danita hurd died at the g hospital this morning from her injuries ?g8((zrding ."?s]mto investigators her husband, phillip battle shot her in s. head and led police on a chase before arrested. he was charged with felony assault and police say more h#?p charges are expected to be filed. track down who is targeting local businesses and drivers with a slingshot. this is interesting. in the 26,000 block of center ridge road have reported damage to their glass doors and ?windows. investigators say marbles were found nearby. police received reports pof shots in the area of sperry road and detroit road. one driver was hit in the ear
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no reports of injuries. >> a parent gobdiscovered a stranger inside his ?mkhome wit child in the bedroom. this comes after a number of attzdited abductions. f.b.i. agents are trying to get a handle on what is going on. tracy carloss s lhas more. reporter: rob, at this point, ? police do not believe this was attempted abduction but this inside an apartment at this olmsted falls apartment building early one morning an unwelcome surprise. seth williams explained it was 7:00 in the morning when he walked into his living room and thought he -9?saw his daughter going through her book bag. realized it was not 5/=)?e+9?hi- old. >> what are you doing? he jumped up and he went up to i
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from my. the man got through the patio door rg6and went to where anoth child lives. he had every opportunity to robw us of stuff. i, we had a couple of ard?ipads an purse and wallet and my daughter's cell phone was sitting there. he left everything and the only? thing he took &o/m%?was my keys% going through my daughter's school folder. >> police the man vanished. this 2?could be connected to an attempted 6-year-old in cleveland a year ago. >> the f.b.i. is monitoring these things especially v"n?what happened in elyria and the other community. >> the chief believes it 3ois n connected and g#?either does th f.b.i. special agent vicki anderson indicate this is connected but
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does not believe it is connected td?to any other cases but they had to check it pt=out because the man that tried to kidnap one child and tried to take another p tracy carloss newschannel 5. >> air tracker five hovering over a protest in akron for the dakota pipeline project. afternoon. uk? a dozen people at the intersection of market street. pipeline underneath a missouri reservoir. y? more than 200 protests were scheduled nationwide today. an0 right now a group of nfl players in our nation's capital to talk ]/>race relations. >> they are addressing the issue that they are seeing in their communities with members of the congressional black caucus in washington. news 5 lauren brill joins us
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cleveland. >> the cavs are not the only athletes. josh brown and andrew hawkins join three others to meet with ? members qwaof congress created wide receiver antawn bolden. it is to discuss police brutality. 8? there was 'jf?a pick posted and says i ?omwas encouraged to lea of their answers in their community to bring law enforcement and local leaders he added he thinks the efforts of these p,?players will open t dialogue and lead to progress. lots of sports in cleveland. lebron james had a lot to say on the matter. andy baxton will explain more. lauren brill, news 5. still ahead at six. a long standing building across side will soon be no more. coming up. we will have one last look at
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prevalent ?across northeast ohio.
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two 7m1of every ten adults know family or friend who have use the fs6heroin. the state department of t?healt and nearly 3 in ten know also in in 2015, the centers for disease control rate. >> one of the highest buildings will disappear. the lake shore power plant. it is ready for demolition. john kosic got a last look inside anwywhat it looked like. >> by this time the site is going to be an open green space but for a few months more it 2os the city's past. mountains of steel with coal to power the ?city.
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months .jb?which took a q?%cent build. the coal burning plant begin operating in 1911. kkdvym pgd shot it was dated. it was shot down in 2015. the plant is now covered in dust as demolition start to remove asbestos !.e?q? fly ash. >> we spent 10 billion-dollars. >> that is 2/3 of the 15 ?project. the main building was talked about being save but it was built with one use but without heat and when it shut down it began to break down. >> when it broke down we saw the walls coming apart p
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and the d8big goodbye. ebruary bly in the time frame they will be demoing the buildings and the v &l they will place the explosives within minus three degrees of their target. >> the xgcav6topsoil will be re and the property restored to green space next summer until a future use is determined. john kosic news five. >> seeing something l3vw to leave the landscape tough to see. >> what are they going to do with the painting of the whales. >> that's across the street. >> 9?88?my bad. >> it will still be there. >> the whales will still be there. >> just in. >> just tfound out. >> i have been concentrating on the krtf?snow. >> we are 0changing the names o the words to snacks because danita refuses to hear it.
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>> lp?i am going with him as so us a @
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40s by sunrise and a quick rise? tomorrow by two p.m. up to 55 degrees. ?f a cold front coming through. but it is not going to cool us down. maybe 3 to 5 degrees from today's highs. we will %./?stay mild through t rest of this work week. yep. and we are tracking pe%?a recor high temperature for friday. i'm thinking lower 70s, if you need a $a5sick day, danita or r that's the winter arrives. week end %./?cold and snacks. here is the dry pattern. yes, andy baskin. >> terry francona. manager of the year. >> yes. >> way to go. breaking news. during the weather cast. %+g? nnounced than terry francona is "kf?voted man o.y?wthe year. our own cleveland indians skipper. way to go. nice job. here is the storm system coming
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change the weather pattern that v in cold :???f$air and eventuall snow. in the meantime we are zonal. weak front -?doesn't cool us do much and the big 6p1j coming in saturday and sunday. and lake-effect ?2snow sunday a monday. ko tomorrow let's do it. 56, a few isolated sprinkles. let me show you akron and 42 and 58. not too shabby. -? first three days are mile. 65 thursday and 72 on friday and that would break a record. lake-effect snow. 5? p?icj% 38 band monday 38 degrees. q+?it, andy. >> how about that? >> awesome. >> we will talk more about it. but the cavaliers ?(? g=play to at home and lebron james and phil jackson -- we will talk
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well congratulations. the indian manager terry francona. the announcement just came in and we will talk about this at ? 11 and we will hear from tido about the big win from here.
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excited for him. ?agent and him. business partner. ? pfl? man ci> pat riley did not want awxhi team vodto stay here.
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??&and his n-friends ht??$; >> watching the lakers growing up. interesting to see how the story plays out. 3z?do f the or the athlete week. here is lauren &'?brill. >> student athlete of the e"uvw we roddenburg. gqhuh a i had a lot of jgcconfidence th year and never had that much before. and i bring that confidence and that's the reason i played on so well. >> my academic goal is to keep my qlgrades up. >> i usually go home and i kind of put myself in a zone where ( tudy.
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and play tennis. >> vd4&i am anna ronenburg and mcdonald's athlete of the week. >> she would like to continue to play tennis sklwhen the time comes. lauren brill. p?&j?p?news 5. lauren travels to meet the state volleyball team. stories cool stories. we will jg,?tell
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tonight, breaking news. the shakeup inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump's team, one of his top advisers on national security abruptly resigns. reports now that that staffer is also now out. also breaking, the airport halted at this stuck on planes after a deadly shooting. at one point, passengers told to shelter in place. the new isis threat tonight involving the thanksgiving parade here in new york city. brian ross standing by. the high school stabbing spree. multiple victims. authorities say the suspect was a straight-a student. and the stunning letter tonight from the mother of the boy who died in that hot car, her ex-husband guilty on all


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