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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, new moves by president-elect donald trump and his transition team. trump skirting the press overnight in new york city. his team showing signs of discord before the new administration takes shape. plus, his new tweet saying only he knows who is going to fill important jobs. the search is on for a shut down a major airport for hours. we have details now on the victim whose son plays in the nfl and the alleged gunman found after an exhaustive search. caught on camera. fiery roadside rescue. heroes ignoring intense flames and risking their own lives to save someone inside that vehicle. an actor on "star wars" revealing a little behind-the-scenes secret many
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good wednesday morning, everyone. the first signs of discord shaking up donald trump's transition team as top advisers and lobbyists get the boot. >> he broke protocol by ditching his press corps going out to dinner unannounced. >> after getting his first br briefing mike pence is meeting with vice president joe biden. abc's janay norman has the latest from d.c. the public eye but back on twitter writing the process for picking cabinet members is very organized so it appears to be anything but. cracks beginning to show as key members of the transition team purged. former congressman mike rogers one of trump's top national security advisers abruptly resigning reportedly pushed out. this is governor chris christie ousted. ben carson distanced himself from the transition and a low
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inquiry into security clearances for trump's children yore adviser kellyanne conway forced to respond. >> i only know what i read in the paper. i just know that that was never a formal request. >> reporter: at the same time criticism continues over trump's pick for chief strategist, steve bannon, former chairman of breitbart news. >> people didn't vote for donald trump so that he could bring a white supremacist into the white house. >> reporter: late tuesday the president-elect leaving reporters scrambling heading out to dne telling the press he was in for the night. the move breaking tradition of always having journalists on hand to report the president's whereabouts. and the protests haven't let up. in the nation's capital, hundreds of students taking over pennsylvania avenue shutting down the lincoln memorial. too young to vote but making sure their voices are heard. >> we want to let donald trump know that he cannot divide us with his racism, sexism, all
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president-elect tweeting if the election were based on total popular votes he would have campaigned more in new york, california and florida and said he would have won bigger and more easily. as of now hillary clinton is up in the popular vote. diane and kendis. >> yeah, that's right, janai up more than 800,000 votes janai from washington. donald trump has requested top security clearance for his son-in-law. jared kushner is one closest advisers. if proved he'll be able to sit in on daily presidential briefings, the latest in a series of untraditional moves by rump? as trump prepares to fill more top jobs ben carson as janai norman mentioned has taken himself out of the running. his top adviser says he would not accept a cabinet position because carson felt he didn't have the experience to run an entire federal agency. the vice president-elect is removing all lobbyists from the
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the structure that chris christie set up. the move comes after donald trump was questioned about welcoming lobbyists that he railed against during his campaign. this was kind of interesting. former rival ted cruz met with trump yesterday. senator cruz didn't reveal any details of his meeting but some reports say he is being considered for attorney general. cruz would only say that he's looking forward to working closely with trump and pence to repeal harry reid is calling on trump to rescind his appointment of steve bannon as chief strateg strategist. reid slammed him over his leadership at breitbart news. >> as long as a champion of racial division is a step away from the oval office, it will be impossible to take trump's efforts to heal the nation seriously so i say to donald trump, take responsibility.
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united states, instead of hiding behind your twitter account. >> he also blamed trump's election for sparking a wave of hate crimes but says democrats would work with trump whenever they can. hillary clinton is expected to make her first public appearance since the election. she's being honored in washington, d.c. tonight by the children's defense fund. the organization she worked for in the '70s after graduating from law school. president obama spending a second day in greece after trying to explain donald trump's unexpected rise. the president is touring the famous ancient monument and acknowledged trump's victory took him by surprise saying it stemmed from deep-seated anxieties among the working class and made it clear he doesn't feel responsible for what the president-elect says or does. meanwhile, violence broke out in athens as thousands of protesters rallied against the president's visit and riot police had to use tear gas and stun grenades after they tried to enter a restricted area. it comes days before greek
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>> far across the mediterranean sea in syria bashar al assad's government begins a new offensive and air strikes killed at least ten people in rebel held areas. it's the first bombing in more than two weeks. the strikes came as russia started a major operation against rebels that could put tens of thousands more civilians in danger. the bombs fell just hours after vladimir putin spoke with donald trump about joining forces to stop international terrorism. investigators are searching for the motive in the shooting at an oklahoma city main airport. police say 52-year-old southwest airlines worker michael wynne w winchester was killed. the airport was shut down for hours amid worries about multiple shooters. >> they did not know whether the person was hiding, sleeping, deceased or otherwise. once that was confirmed we made a clean sweep of the airport to
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possible dangers and at that point that's when we went ahead and opened up the airport. >> the victim is the father of kansas city chiefs special teams player james winchester. the elder winchester played football for the university of oklahoma's 1985 national championship team. to the southeast now where some traditional outdoor activities are off limits because of that fire threat. starting campfires, lighting fireworks, smoking cigarettes even parking a car off road prohibited for fear a hot tailpipe could ignite dry leaves below. three have been arrested for arson in connection with the fires. smoke from the fires has sent hundreds of people to the hospital. fire crews won't be getting any help battling the flames any time soon. look at this map. it'll be warm and dry across the entire southeastern fire zone with temperatures in the 70s. coming up, new york to london in half the time. the new supersonic jet unveiled.
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goes on attack. we're going to hear from a student who was there to help a victim. attention, united passengers. planning to bring a carry-on on your next flight you might have a fee to go along with it. see how it's going to work
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there were protests in 80 cities across the country by those opposed to the oil pipeline in north dakota. in columbus, ohio, an activist blocked traffic by handcuffing himself under a vehicle at a downtown intersection and you see there, bernie sanders joining protesters in washington, d.c. reports of major problems with new homes. the country has seen a building boom in the last few years but that apparently is sparking some
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>> abc news chief investigative correspondent brian ross look into some homeowners' claims of poor workmanship. >> reporter: new home heartbreak. when a dream house turns into a nightmare. up and down you hear the same kind of things. the people in this new subdivision in virginia say their great-looking houses are chock-full of problems and defects on the inside. >> very upsetting because it's the most expensive purchase any of us are going to make. >> reporter: in one subdivision found homeowners claiming shoddy construction. >> settlement crack, nail pops. >> reporter: with big well-known builders often slow or refusing to fix the problems. big and small. >> no one will fix it. it is our house. >> reporter: the industry trade group says unhappy homeowners are in the minority and that americans have expectations that are just too high. >> the american consumer expects a perfect home. there's no such thing as a perfect home. >> reporter: brian ross, abc news, new york.
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"gma." in the meantime, we're getting a look at a plane being touted as a new step toward routine supersonic flight. it's called the xb1 supersonic demonstrator created by anary row pace firm called boom. the company says the prototype will eventually be scaled up into a plane seating 45 passengers and it will reach nearly 1500 miles an hour making the trip between new york and london in 3 1/2 hours. test flights start in about a year. it's kind of like the concorde. >> yes, except so about time we get to the bottom of something ex, fans of the peach emoji can rejoice. the original design has returned. oh. iphone users were outraged when they made it more round and less like a booty. >> the newest software has returned to the emoji to all its former and a half booty beauty. >> yes. when we come back denver's
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lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. get him out. get him out. get him out. >> watch and listen to this. it's a fiery rescue in california caught on camera. a driver trapped in his vw after a crash. flames all around as you can see. the could get out was blocked by flames so one quick thinking officer used his squad car to push the vw away and firefighters jumped in to rescue that man. checking your morning road condition, it will be clear across southern california and the entire south. slippery roads in the northwest and a little bit wet in new england. flying today, airport delays are possible in salt lake city and los angeles. well, counselors will be on hand at a utah high school after a teen student stabbed five
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are trying to figure out what triggered it allegedly carried out by a straight "a" student never in trouble before. eyewitnesses rerounding the event. >> he's bleeding and he looks at me and goes, there's a psycho in there. he just stabbed moo he. >> had boxed the suspect into a little bathroom area. staff members did place themselves in harm's way. >> the victims are in critical to fair condition but all expected to be okay. some have stab wounds, ho the 16-year-old suspect also stabbed himself. he's been taken into custody. an accused murderer is back behind bars after a brief escape. investigators in missouri say daniel campbell was captured about 15 my as way from the county jail. campbell escaped when a door was left open while some construction work was being done. security at the jail is now being re-evaluated. pot can be on ott menu when you're out having a meal in denver. they're the first u.s. city to let restaurants and bars to
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the law allows customers to use the drug inside the establishment as long as it isn't smoke. patrons must bring their own marijuana. baggage charges now extending to overhead bins on united. the first major u.s. airline to limit customers to one carry-on bag that fits under their seat. if you need to use the overhead bin, you're going to have to upgrade your seat class or pay to check the bag. the new rules kick in for travel starting in april. all right, and after that story we everyone's mood so check out this adorable video. forget about the chicken crossing the road. how about 20,000 ducks. >> why did they cross the road? well, here they are. they're all in formation and all staying in the crosswalk. >> law abiding. >> in china. this video going viral as can you understand. witnesses say it took the ducks about two minutes to get through the crossing which is pretty efficient if you think. 20,000. >> they're moving pretty
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rankings. >>le toed by ohio state and michigan is still there number three and clemson and now some college hoops highlights from our friends at espn. good morning -- >> america. >> she'sny coil, i'm neil. ladies first. >> a little basketball, number one, duke, number seven, kansas. less than two minutes to go in the game. duke down by five. grayson allen drive, hits the bucket, duke within three. 21 to go. duke still down luke kennard and game tied. frank mason driving. hits it. last chance for duke. matt jones, no time-outs here. throws it up but no, kansas, they beat duke by two, 77-75. your turn. >> this was first. we're doing this second because it wasn't as good as the second game that we showed first.
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when it comes to threes, monk. connections loyalty. and when it comes to threes, this kid was 3 for 12 from threes before this game. it's connections loyalty. among 7 for 11, 23 points and kentucky over michigan state, big. that's all we got. we have more but that's all you're getting. >> ah, all right. that's all we're getting? but the chicago cubs now have a little extra spiritual support. >> pope francis received a cubs hat and encased baseball from chicago's archbishop and tweeted this out, even the pope can now celebrate with us. >> which is pretty cool. up next in "the pulse," a close encounter with a hungry whale. the diver who lived to tell the tale. carrie fisher and harrison ford. at least carrie fisher is talking about a little secret
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you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. ? time to check "the pulse" starting with actress carrie fisher spilling a nearly 40-year-old "star wars" secret. >> as princess leia she made the tension wouldn't you say and now fisher is breaking her silence about the heat between the two of them off camera. >> fisher opens up in her new memoir "the princess die irs" about her real-life three-month affair with the then married father of two harrison ford and her own lack of confidence and writes how could you ask such a shining specimen of a man to be satisfied with the likes of me. >> the actress tells "people" magazine it was so intense it
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week and carrie and harrison during the weekend. >> han is not commenting. a 35,000-pound humpback whale nearly swallowed this man. >> he was filming them and despite the shock he says he didn't feel he was in too much danger. he says the humpback knew exactly what he was doing and moved to avoid him. he called it perhaps the most thrilling millisecond of his life. >> and on his facebook page he says he's done dives and he has photographed all over the world but this is the closest he's ever come to a humpback in real life and doesn't want to have to do it again. almost fish food. look up in the sky. well, it's not a bird. or plane. >> ooh. >> it's your pizza. >> all right. >> domino's has made first commercial food delivery by drone. a customer in auckland, new
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chicken and cranberry pizza. unusual flavors. but, okay, we'll go with it. domino's says advantages of drones include avoiding traffic and safely reducing delivery types. you know, they used to say 30 minutes or less but drivers apparently were getting into crashes trying to make the deadline. now maybe they'll bring it back. >> one way to cut through it. i love the video. you just see those people casually getting their pizzas like it's a normal thing. >> it's raining pizza. >> every kid's name. >> more news after this. ? ? ? ? ? (whispers rocket)
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checking our top stories, more changes from donald trump's transition team. amid reports of in-fighting after the resignation of a top adviser mike pence is removing all the lobbyists from the team in place to help fill major jobs. the president-elect tweeted overnight that only he knows who the top picks will be. pence is heading to washington today to meet with vice president joe biden after receiving his first daily presidential briefing. biden's official residence. hundreds of people have been hospitalized in the wildfires scorching several states in the southeast. at least seven people have been arrested for arson and some outdoor activities have been banned. looking at today's weather there will be strong winds and mountain snow across the northwest. warm, sunny and dry, most other places including where those fires are burning. all right, so mannequin mania appears to be the thing right now. some stiff challenges are being
4:28 am
scenes are happening in high places. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: it's the latest sensation stopping the internet. the mannequin challenge which has celebrities like beyonce and britney spears striking a pose. ? we're going to sleep tonight ? >> reporter: hillary clinton and michelle obama hitting the pause button. even our l.a. bureau stopped in its tracks. sremmund after bringing them to a standstill of their hit "black beatles" prompting paul mccarthy to accept the challenge himself. the mannequin challenge is all but frozen in time. could the next viral trend take a page from pixar's "toy story." >> andy is coming everybody. >> reporter: it's called andy's coming and much like andy's toys
4:29 am
however, fleeting these challenges may be, the internet seems to be falling in love. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> all falling in line for these challenges and by the way, "sesame treat" is getting in on the craze as well. big bird, elmo. oscar the grouch appear in the new challenge video. >> so everyone holds their positions for as long as they can but check out who blows the whole thing. >> oh, thanks, ernie. >> all: ernie! >> ernie. >> it wasn't me. >> it was him. >> ernie like a good friend just sits there and lets bert take all the blame. just looks around like i don't know what happened. he just moved. some great creativity being shown on "sesame treat" as usual.
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one week after taking to the streets in akron, protesting the results. >> reporter: the ban on busses in public square is now permanent. how this will affect your trip downtown. >> reporter: firefighters do more than just fight fires, oftentimes they deal with serious medical emergencies. coming up, i'll show you how local firefighters are taking their training to a whole new level. good morning.


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