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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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coast and the area of coastline highlighted is under the tsunami warning. it could see a surge up to 10 feet. we will to keep an eye on the area as this story develops. now at five, a nation divided. >> some taking drastic action. >> one of my customers approached me and he was worried on what he was going to do. >> leading to a ca of opposition at home. >> he lit himself on fire. >> after the talk of healing and bringing americans together. >> i promise you that i will not let you down. >> many feel lost and alone. >> this is a different time. >> and even seeking professional help. >> crisis services, may i help you. >> for the post election depression. new information about a horrifying warning in akron.
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dressed in a full marine uniform when he doust himself on gas and set himself on fire outside a coffee shop. bob jones is where it happened temperature the veteran is still in the hospital getting treatment for serious burns. >> 69 years old and he remains in the burns institute at akron hospital. he set himself on fire on west market saturday morning. before that, he caused some concern and worrisome customers inside this coffee shop. >> it was just shock. >> surveillance video from angel falls coffee shows the vietnam veteran dressed in a marines corp union trying to get into a political conversation with customers. >> the owner of the coffee shop toll me the vet wanted to know who organized recent protests against donald trump.
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against trump. and he talked to my customers about how people needed to protest more against trump. >> when no one engaged in a conversation, the veteran left a shop and handed his cell phone to a stranger and toll him to record a video and what happened next was horrifying. >> he walks over to his car and grabs a gas can and proceeds to doust himself with gasoline and then light himself on fire. >> the stunned witness did not get a video. others threw coats on the te with an extinguisher. >> he was curled in a fetal position, perfectly still except for some head moment and he was completely coated in ash. >> the veteran does not have a criminal record and he will not face charges for setting himself on fire. he has severe burns and a long road to recovery. investigators are treating it as a suicide attempt and say his family is stunned. >> i don't think there is any
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just asking for their privacy. >> i spoke with veterans affairs this afternoon and they could not confirm whether the man was treated at the medical center but the v adid want to stress that if any veteran is feeling a crisis moment or feel they are in crisis that they should call a hot line number and a crisis number to get help and there are resources available to help them out and we have that number on our news 5 app. live in akron. only on news 5. a crisis hotline in cleveland seeing an uptake in calls from people in peril. many started to reach out for help after the presidential election. mike brookbanks jones us. this has been a wake-up call some. >> yes, a vietnam veteran set himself on fire after he delivered a rant about protests surrounding the election. there is worry that climate
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holidays could cause some people to crack. >> crisis services, may i help new. >> the crisis counselor answering the phones at front line service in cleveland is extra busy. >> we have an increased number of calls. >> out of more than two dozen calls to come in from people feeling despair that night. >> they can talk to their families so they reach out to the hot kline half of what is so remarkable is who was on the other line. >> they were new callers that were expressing stress. >> with the nation and families divided, those that run front line are preparing to see similar demand in the days ahead. >> we will plan for it to be busier. >> as families sit down for thanksgiving dinner. >> we have had an increase and people have been noting the anticipated angst and stress. >> helping people facing crisis
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but the topics causing turmoil, don't usually include politics. >> politics in general, elections, usually nothing. so this was definitely a different experience for us. >> right now mental health experts are honing into help those most at risk. >> there are special populations that we need to look at. veterans and lgtb, and immigrants and people that love immigrants and refugees. >> if you know needs help the crisis hotline is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day. now to the count down to inauguration day as donald trump kicks off the holiday week with another round of meetings working fast to fill his cabinet. rob powers, the transition man
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the revolving doors were nonstop. some people considered for cabinet positions and others for consultation. here is a rundown. former massachusetts senator, scott brown was there and spoke to mr. trump about his passion for veterans and issues meaning he may be a contender for the head of the v.a. the republican governor of oklahoma, mary fallon also in trump tower and a congresswoman chelsea gabbot from hawaii. she believes it is possible to disagree but come together on the issues that matter. >> mr. trump's senior advisor talked about the list of people that the president has been seeing. >> he has seen a lot of his former presidential rivals and i think they all love america and looking forward to having a say in what happens next. >> today kelly ann con way defended a meeting that mr.
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partners from india saying she is confident he is not breaking laws. public service will be a tricky task. he has more than one hundred trump companies in 18 countries. we will look at the conflicts he is facing and criticism and how he might move forward and that's coming up at 5:15. developing details that we are following as police shot a teenager and left his body in an abandoned building. and this news brought to the end of a frantic search for 16 year-old alex mullins. kristin volk found his body. reporter: family and friends have desperately tried to find his body. police found his body last
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>> i could just remember playing with him when i was a little girl and it is tough. reporter: good memories overshadowed by such such a tragic ending. >> with a gunshot wound. >> he is a good kid. >> this woman, a friend of the family too distraught and too scared to show her face. as a killer is on the loose. >> living in this nehb the best thing that i can do is protect my kid. >> a 911 call prompted police to check out the call. we obtained official documents that provide more details. a woman told a dispatcher that she told her child's friend talk about a rumor that alex's body was here in this home. ja nitta nelson lives across the street go i see boys going around the back. >> she is scared for her
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and from school every day. >> i am going to make sure they are safe. >> she and others want to make sure that something is done about the vacant homes. >> fix them. >> if they could find a child here gone, they are using these houses as drug depos. they are selling drugs out of these houses and nobody knows what really goes on in them. >> alex attended washington park environmental high school which is less than a mile the vacant home where he was found. school was the last place his dad saw him on november 10th when he dropped him off. live in cleveland. i'm kristen volk news 5. let's check in with mark johnson. you have been watching what is happening in japan. >> this is f uqihoma harbor.
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to the left side of the screen is out to sea. the water was rushing out to sea and all of a sudden in the last five minutes the water rushed back into the right. moving back towards the right into the harbor indicating that the tsunami has reached shore fuashimma. 9 feet tall and nothing like the devastating one a few years continue to watch as the tsunami reaches shore along the coast of japan after the big earthquake. clear skies. no lake-effect snow. dry. but cold weather. 33 in akron and 31 in canton. it is 32 in wooster and temperatures will continue to slowly fall. watch. here we go. temperatures falling down to
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sunrise. we will see partly to mostly cloudy skies all night and finally the winds are going to begin to calm down. it has been so windy, we could use a break. all right, frank and lee. >> the great wall is already crumbling. >> we are not talking about donald trump building a border wall but the wall he promised there would be between his business and presidential duties, we take an in-depth look at the conflict interest the president has already looked at. an extension from the pope. you used to have to find a bishop that now can be absolved by any priest. parents are terrified. we are getting strong reaction from the announcement from cleveland public schools that dozens of water sources were tainted with lead. at 5:45. two days after thanksgiving, a lot of families will be back
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michigan game. how ohio's condemning the "m."
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we learned about major developments in the murder of a
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charges have been dropped on 2 of the 3 man. aavielle wakefield was shot and killed while riding in her car in 2015. javon jones was arrested but we learned today that all charges including aggravated murder against him was dismissed at the prosecution's request but the prosecutor's office did not go into anymore detail. while digging into that story we found court records that show charges were dropped he was also charged with aggravated murder. one other man has been charged for tampering with evidence. police told us the investigation is still very active. imagine foreign diplomats sipping trump champagne in his hotel talking about his properties and staying about staying at a trump hotel could have favor with the next
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one of his hotel's a few convenient spots from the white house. dozens interviewed by the post. they admitted they would stay there again to compliment the building and meetings with the president-elect donald trump. some even worried staying at a competitor would be seen as rude. there was also concern that all of this could easily look like diplomats are trying to buy access >> and president-elect donald trump is turning over his business to his children. >> but several experts say that would not go far enough and a couple of watchdogs have recommended liquidating his assets. despite having his kids run the business mr. trump is keeping his kids in a loop as he
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first meeting with a foreign leader when japan's leader visited last week. a meeting closed to journalist. >> catholic women that have had an abortion can go to their priest if they want to seek absolution. pope francis says that all priests, not just bishops could forgive women for abortions during the holy year of mercy and he extended the power indefinitely. he says the stance on abortion has not changed it is a grave for the women to rejoin the church. the protests have calmed for now. near the dakota pipe line. a bridge has been closed for weeks. authorities say it is not safe after protestors set fires on it. protestors and police clashed there and protestors say police used tear gas and water bullets
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and the protestors assaulted officers with rocks and burning log. it feels different than last week. >> downtown cleveland earlier today and the winds coming out northwest took my breath away. >> i was at the browns game and wind chills in the lower 20s and so many fans brought these wonderful i said if your nose is running grab one of those terrible towels and blow. that didn't go over well. >> i'm sure it didn't. >> let's talk about what is going outside. lake-effect snow but not here. let me show you where the heavy snow is falling. upstate new york from watertown to syracuse and bingington and look at the streets. these are all lake-effect snow
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ontario to syracuse and south of albany into connecticut. how often do you see lake- effect snow in connecticut. not very often. here is the low, sitting and spinning. it will eventually pull off towards the northeast and it is again with the northerly flows around the worm great lakes, it is just pummeling the areas. thankfully for us it is far enough away. if this were 200 miles further west we would band but thankfully no, not this time. mid-30s at 6:00 p.m. mid-30s at 7. mid-30s at 8 and mid-30s at 9 with wind chills in the 20s bundle up. 30 degrees at 6 for the akron, canton area. 7:00 p.m. at 30. we stay 30, 30, 30, all the way through nine p.m. and wind chills around 18 to 20 degrees. clouds are out there. clouds are beginning to shift
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the nearest lake-effect snow is coming in up towards buffalo, new york and the dryer air is shifting in so it is beginning to clear our skies out. so i'm thinking partly cloudy skies and clouds east of cleveland and cold and breezy with lows 27 to 30 and some inland areas could bottom out in the lower and middle 20s away from the lake where the winds calm down. 40 tomorrow. sunny skies and warmer. warm compared to where we are today. 40 is warmer compared to last friday, no. not so much. breezy akron and canton. 25 and tomorrow 39 and we will stay partly cloudy and sunshine and we will come back with the seven-day forecast for your thanksgiving holiday. how about rain and maybe a few snowflakes. we will talk about it coming
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samsung recalls the galaxy 7s that were exploding. now another model is going up in flames as well. the company's message for its customers at 5:30. we take you a long for the
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boline. she is smiling big. >> frank's this week's teacher of the week was pure pandemonium. >> our story begins with us making some new friends at st. gabriel's school in menner. >> what is the weather like today? >> sunny. >> this school is preparing for a holiday week but first the group of colleagues and students want to take time out
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educator that has touched their hearts. >> introducing our teacher of the week, 6th grade teacher mrs. cheryl collier. >> you have been nominated as our teacher of the week. congratulations. [ applause ] >> awarded a small token of appreciation with a gift certificate to omaha steak but the true gift comes from the kind words given students. >> we nominated you because you care for everybody so much. >> we feel your love is in the classroom and beyond because you care about our academic lives and personal ones. >> and a proud husband as one. normally it ends there for us
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of the, mrs. collier for all you do and congratulations from all of us here at news 5. >> if you would like to nominate a deserving educator, log onto news 5 cleveland/teacher. >> shocked by ptsd. being tested for lead until the tests came back positive for lead. how parents are reacting. >> the new restrictions on wells fargo after it was busted
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back to that breaking news out of japan that is dealing with
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magnitude earthquake. the measurement from the japan meteorological agency. the u.s. agency measured it at 6. 9. the earthquake could be felt in tokyo. >> it was going out to sea. you could see the water rushing out of the bay here and then there is a live look at the right now. off of fukushima and the water changed course and rushed back into the bay. that is evidence that a tsunami was occurring at that time. it was about 15 minutes ago. now the latest reports coming in from all around the fukushima area around the coast. a 60-centimeter tsunami. that is two feet, a two foot tsunami. that is much better than in
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earthquake to a 15-foot tsunami. there's a harbor and you can see the water pushing back in towards the right. so that is indicative of the water coming back in and a tsunami occurring. nothing about two feet. good news let's go to the power of five live doppler network. right now where you are, let me show you a live look at wooster. there you have it. look at that sunset. clear skies in wooster. in fact skies will clear out just a during the evening. dry weather in the power of five. no more lake-effect snow. temperatures are not as warm as we have been seeing them. 36 in cleveland and 33 akron and down to 31 in canton. 33 in astubula.
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snow still blustery. where the winter coats and wind chills around the 23 to 33 mark. that's cold. lee and frank. hundreds of parents worrying and wonder figure their sons and daughters were exposed to high levels of lead. several schools have high levels of lead and dozens of water sources and james girardi is live from wilber wright elementa side. you spoke to concerned parents about this today. >> lee, frank, some parents we spoke with outside of wilber wright elementary school had no idea that they were being tested for lead. they found out on friday when the results came in. >> you had not when heard anything? >> no. they never send me a note or gave me a call. >> actually until friday i had
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wilbert wright elementary had no idea that cleveland schools were testing for lead. gabriel crawford learned the school where her 9-year-old son attends had unsafe levels of lead when we told her. >> i will have to take him to the doctor. i had no idea. >> we deposit extensive outreach to parents and they were contacted by phone and they were contacted by letter. >> school officials say since june, when testing began parent were keptwa the way and communication continues. officials are asking that every parent of students at school that showed high levels of lead be tested for exposure. >> the resources that are available to have your child tested that you should take advantage of that. >> parents we spoke with terrified at the idea that their son or daughter may have been exposed to lead at school. with lifelong implications,
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disabilities and developmental delays. >> she is in 2nd grade and has been here four years. >> multiple years she has been drinking the water in the building. >> right. >> i will have her tested. >> lead exposure testing is available for free at your local board of health. reporting like in cleveland. i'm james girardi, news 5. just in time for the busy holiday shopping season. samsung is doing damage control. first they halted production of the galaxy the battery exploding. now there are new complaints that other galaxy s7 devices have burst into flames and samsung released a statement saying there are no confirmed cases of problems with other devices here in the u.s. authorities crack down on wells fargo. regulators placed new restrictions on the bank allowing the government to restrict hiring senior executives. band large payouts to leaving
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review branch openings and closures. this reverses the waivers granted to the bank in september. wells fargo will comply with the new rules. the hunt is on for a bunch of wayward cows. 8 of the animals running rampant. we learned that they have caught three but as we learn people are still needing to watch out because loose could mean deadly roadways. >> jason and marsha are not strangers to cattle. but they have never had to round up 8 of them in a residential area. the 8 cattle got out of the pens two days ago and running loose ever since. very dangerous because on roads like this one, stray cattle that are spooked can mean
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it is like hitting a huge couple of them. >> they are doing everything to catch them before anyone gets hurt. >> we are trying to catch the cows. >> we are trying to tranquilize them and not harm them. >> we take you to the white nationalist celebration honoring president-elect donald trump's victory and the vision they have in mind for when he takes offi that's the message from many american children to our
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share their encouragements.
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pictures. this video showing the 10 to 12- foot waves. that is a rough lake erie. nice job mary. heather sent this in, 73 on friday and today two inches of snow today and that was on sunday and the boys are all in having a great time. here is medina. the kids enjoying it and hopefully you made a snowman. we will bring in rain
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white nationals gathered for a conference in d c celebrating donald trump's election. they want to create a white only state several hundreds protestors gathered outside the conference and a white nationalist think tank. the group's president richard spencer is known for a group that embodies white supremacist is and sexist ideas. there were nearly as many protestors as the folks at the conference and spencer dismissed them. >> the protestors are gross and
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to anyone. >> he doesn't consider donald trump a member of the movement spencer says he is excited about the president elect's campaign talk about immigration and political correctness. he laid out a number of goals including a 50 year band on all immigration, the southern poverty law center by the way has classified the mbi as hate group. >> we are beth people have a few things they would like to say to president-elect trump there is a place where some can share their feelings. a seattle mom created dear president trump. a place where children can write open letters to the president elect sharing their feelings about their campaign rhetoric. this is the role in democracy and to express yourself articulately and try to create connections and bring people together. the more we know about each other and understand each
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that's a very powerful thing. >> within hours, molly says her facebook page went from one to 1,000 followers. right now the payment has more than 12,000 members. >> it later this week families will get together and enjoy conversation and maybe shouting. and there is thanksgiving. it is not what we are talking about, lee. john kosic is in the newsroom and this year turkey day runs state michigan game. >> it is a huge match and it shifts up a few gears, if you have doubts check it out with this championship bout. >> the alphabet is missing a letter on the campus of ohio state from 26 to 25, the letter "m" has been wiped clean from the slate and won't find it on mailboxes and clocks and places of learnings and speed limit signs and twitter which gives you a taste of this.
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game that carries the ultimate mystique of the marquis match- up of college week. always been a back and forth for playing a team up north and for the first time ohio state and michigan are in the top three and urban meyer knows everybody is waiting to see and so did he in astubula up watching woody and bow. >> both teams appreciated so much and i enjoyed it. >> the governor will place his persecution of the scarlet letter "m" and take it a step further by calling on people to refrain from seating in khakis that are pleated. is this a new ten year war. remember the 26th day of november, there's only one place to tune at high noon, see
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place is the home of the buckeyes. the 2006 year, ohio state and michigan were ranked one and two and ohio state won and would go onto the national championship game which they would lose to urban meyer. live in the newsroom. john kosic, news 5. mc john kosic. >> that's right. just like that. >> that's right. he is a poet. now lee jordan special coach's name. >> bad matta. >> that sounds like a brand of sports car or maybe a physical ailment. >> i think it sounds like your brain. want to get an image of your matta. >> apologies to fans by the way. >> over to the green screen.
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love seeing that kind-view. here is where the flakes are flying and upstate new york and syracuse and these streamers go all the way into rhode island. and connecticut. lake-effect snow. from way up here all the way here. yep. a vigorous system and far enough away that snow is done and seeing the back end of the cloud beginning to clean out. dryer air from the north and west should ea part through the overnight. currently cleveland 36 and a west wind at 14 and akron with a north wind at 12 and mansfield 33 and a west wind at 7 and there is wooster 32 degrees. freezing. still blustery and when you factor the winds temperatures feel like temperatures wind chill temperatures, 27 in cleveland and 22 akron and 23
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and 23 also in elyria. your weather wind does include temperatures in the teens and actual air temperatures will slowly fall by one a.m. mid-30s and for akron and canton 11:00 p.m. and one a.m. in the upper 20s with wind chills hovering the upper teens and lower 20s through the evening. here is the low. sitting and spinning up here. should gradually pull northeast. the high pulling in and a brought us the 70-degree temperatures. that will bring us sunshine tomorrow and this system arrives for your wednesday travel day and thursday, thanksgiving day but it should be warm enough that it brings widely scattered rain showers. late wednesday night into thursday morning. could there be a wet snowflake? sure but nothing major. dry for now but rain for thanksgiving.
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back here towards st. louis in the upper 40s and we will get to that and close to that for thanksgiving day. hour by hour, 1:30 p.m. if you travel wednesday the rain showers arrival 8:00 p.m. and the rain should be light lingering through noontime on thanksgiving day. and we are talking about a quarter inch of rain and maybe more in lesser amounts. weather and roads. 27 tonight and partly cloudy cold and breezy and tomorrow let's do 40 degrees. sunny skies. garage and lee. lead discovered in school. hearing from parents. >> what we have learned about the issue and how it is being addressed. an explosive on your side investigation.
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being prosecuted. four police officers attacked in a matter of hours.
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the crime discovered.
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police make an arrest in the killing of a san antonio detective shot to death outside the police station. that's according to the ab c station in san antonio. that officer was one of four attacked in a elizabeth hurr has new developments. >> disgusting. >> disheartened. >> just sort of punched me in the stomach. >> community members in san antonio are dropping off flowers and leaving thank you notes for detective marcone shot and killed outside of police headquarters for just doing his job. >> absolutely felt targeted. i think that the uniform was
5:56 pm
suspect. caught on surveillance video at the police station sunday morning. >> he asked a question. the clerk said that they would help him with that and he said never mind and walked out. >> only to return hours later and allegedly open fire hitting marcone sitting in his patrol car twice in the head before driving away. morecone is one of four officers ambushed this week in sitting in his squad car was shot twice and in missouri two others shot and wounded during a traffic stop and all three are now home recovering. back in cincinnati cincinnati. a community continues to mourn to let detective marcone's family know they are not alive. >> everybody's family matters. >> in a statement the marcone said they are mourning the life
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and to thank the community and country. elizabeth hurr. abc news new york. we learned that an arrest has been made in that san antonio officer's murder. police say that he is still being questioned at this hour. that's it for news five at 5. rob and danita have a look at what is ahead. a devastating discovery. >> the search for a 16-year-old comes to a tragic end. you will hear from one of the teen's friend about a life cut too short and what police are killer. >> one of the biggest dangers police face day in and day out and how officers tackle one of
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state. news five at six brought to you by mr. hero.
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now. >> take a good look at these pictures. if you are asked to pick out which of the pounds of heroin cut with much more powerful narcotics like the elephant trang aliaser, could you. >> when added to heroin this makes it more potent. a memo shows lake county are warning first responders that they could overdose by touching it. tracy carloss live for us outside the menmer police with more about the warning. tracy. >> well, that warning came in the form of this memo from the lake county crime lab to first responders. two new opioid on the streets. >> dangerous. >> doug roadie with the crime


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