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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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again. chaos inside a barbershop after a man opened fire killing someone waiting to get a haircut and injuring another. news 5's riley in combarfield heights tonight. >> we can see police and detectives still on the scene, as well. >> i just talked to police. they started out our conversation with a plea for help. they need some answers. they've been here, as you can see, since around 5:30, 6:00. that skills barbershop right there, the light stilln inside trying to figure out what happened. here is what we do know at this hour. multiple people were inside the shop when all of this went down this evening. maybe even a small child. that's according to police. one man shot in the leg, a 29-year-old man shot and killed. we do know that that man, according to police, who was shot in the leg, has said to be released from the hospital. we don't know his condition at this time, but police say he has been released from the hospital. to give you an idea of the vantage point, just a couple of
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department, they did say you can remain anonymous, but they do need some answers. they need to know who is responsible for this shooting, especially since there was so many witnesses inside this building when it all happened. for now, we are live in garfield heights, news 5. >> stay on it, frank. thank you. now at 11:00, the grinches are out early this holiday season, and you need to protect yourself. crooks targeting shoppers, stealing deliverying right off front porches. >> cases already popping up in several c ohio, and it's not even thanksgiving yet. news 5 investigator joe is live at the main post office in downtown cleveland. >> joe, delivery companies offering new ways to fight this crime, right? >> well, the postal service says there are steps you can take, but it's up to shoppers to keep up with detailed tracking of their treasures. >> i checked the security cameras on the house and there i saw it, someone combrabed the packages right off the porch. >> holiday season packages he and his wife will never see.
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crook making the grab and run in front of their university heights home. he's now added this sign to instruct all delivery personnel and even added more security, a lesson that has him offering advice. >> have the packages delivered to back porch, back door, garage, somewhere out of the way, in the at the front of the house. >> the u.s. postal service is also offering wisdom and a wide variety of services when it comes to holiday deliveries like sitting confirmation and a mobile app that allows you to track your package to your door. and if you suddenly find out you won't be home, the post office has a new service. >> usps package intercept. it's the service we provide where you can actually change in transit where your package is going when you know it's coming. >> the u.s. postal service is also urging customers in the to post pictures or comments about big ticket deliveries on facebook or twitter. >> anything on social media is open to the entire world so you don't know who exactly might be reading that.
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things. >> and one final step taking by he and his wife. >> my wife was very disappointed, said she's not going to buy anything online anymore. we'll see how long that lasts. >> the u.s. postal service says stealing packages off of porches could earn a thief a felony charge and even some jail time, depending upon the value of those items that were taken. reporting live here in downtown cleveland, i'm news 5 investigator joe. and a warning to black friday shoppers who plan to shop at actual stores. if someone from your car, most insurance companies won't cover the claim. you can always try your homeowners or renters insurance, but still, no guarantees there. bottom line, try to drop your packages off at home before you go out and shop again. but if you are planning to get most of your gifts delivered, you may see some delays. pilots with the cargo airline abx air are on strike. the airline moves packages for amazon and dhl.
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abx air plans to get a court order to end the strike, saying it's illegal. pilots say they're forced to work overtime because of short staffing. new at 11:00, it started as a child porn complaint in amherst and ended with hopefully a lesson learned, a tough lesson in social media 101. >> we can't tell them enough, you know, to be guarded at what you're sharing because you never know who's watching. >> in this case, a were watching. two incidents this month, underage high school students posting photographs on social media, a selfie of nude females. the school resource officer acted quickly. it's believed only a small group saw the photos, but it was enough, enough to get the police involved. >> it's instant gratification. >> professional counselors see this all the time. teenagers reaching for the camera instead of a helping hand. so how does one help? >> boosting their self-esteem and confidence by giving them
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are valuable and worthy, not because of how they dress or how they look but what's from the inside out. >> no charges this time. a real life lesson to the perils of social media and a growing social problem. >> once it's there, it's not going away. you'd hate for that to follow you on later on in life. there's more sites and apps popping up daily. you have to be on top of it. >> don't post anything that you wouldn't send to your grandmother. >> students, parents, were all similar action will bring criminal charges. only on news 5 tonight, a student at another local high school is in trouble for what he tried to do to a teacher. investigators say the 14-year-old freshman brought a powerful fire cracker to north high school, hidden in a glu stick. he tossed it towards the teacher's desk, but thankfully, it didn't explode. police say the boy was angry because the teacher gave him an in-school suspension.
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that's why we encourage kids to talk to us. >> akron police found a note with the teacher's name on the glue stick, and there was also a threat to kill the teacher on the boy's facebook page. he was charged with inducing panic, suspended for ten days, and no longer attends north high school. okay. let's take a live look at the highways right now. this is 71 at 480. pretty quiet at this hour. that's going to change tomorrow, though, on one of the okay. mark johnson, what's the weather looking like as we all get ready to hit the road? >> there were some cars out there. normally, that's a little less travel on the roadways. it is a big, big travel time coming up. right now, the temps are chilly. we're going to start out that way on wednesday morning. currently 25. akron 27. canton to young stead, ashtabula, cleveland at 30. you definitely know you have to bundle up as you load the kids into the car tomorrow morning. currently, we are dry, but look at this.
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some scattered rain showers, even a little bit of snow here. i don't think we'll see any of that, but rain showers are moving our way. let me show you getting you up toward the noon hour tomorrow. so here we are wednesday. right before sunrise, here's 8 a.m. clouds streaming in. notice you're dry for the morning commute, and close to lunchtime, you're still dry, but the rain is approaching. i will give you the rest of the day in travel through thanksgiving day as well when we come back in just a couple of mptsz. if you are getting in the coming up. late-breaking news tonight, a federal judge blocked a new rule that would make 4 million more americans eligible for mandatory overtime pay, and it would have doubled the maximum salary someone can make and still be eligible for ot to up to $47,500 a year. that's more than 20 states and business groups fighting the new rule, which was said to go into effect next month. on wall street, an historic
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closed above 19,000 for the first time ever. it's the sixth straight record high close for the dow since the presidential election. the market will likely fluctuate now while president-elect trump lays out his agenda for 2017. we've all heard about the exploding samsung phones, but iphone users might also be seeing sparks. >> well, an ohio woman says her iphone cord caught fire while charging. news 5's megan hickey is digging into all this. >> it was a non-apple charging cable, the kind the company has been warning customers against bieg. they are so easy to find in clooe land -- cleveland and online. the classic white apple iphone charger has comboten many makeovers, but with varying results. >> i just heard an explosion. i stopped a second, like, what was that, and then i looked down, and i see the sparks. >> the metallic covering on this
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electric socket. katie said she know knows she's lucky the carpet didn't catch fire. >> the last thought in my head is that a brand new device is going to burn down my car or my house. >> but apple has warned against using cords that aren't apple certified. they should come with an mfi logo like these. we found plenty of uncertified cords at a local convenience store and dozens more online. >> bend and show wires over time, so i was thinking that this would hold up. >> but it turns out the flashy colors and textures aren't all they're cracked up to be. >> this is a fire hazard. i mean, who knows. >> and last month, apple even filed a trademark infringement case against one manufacturer allegedly making counterfeit chargers like these. >> there's no perfect way to figure out how beneficial this
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for movie makers to shoot their films here, and we're supposed to reap the benefits in the form of jobs and money, but is that really the case? i'm investigator sarah, and tonight, i'll reveal what happens when tinseltown comes to town. plus, what's supposed to make us healthy is, instead, sending us right back to the doctor or worse. >> how many of us will wind up having bad reactions to the
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big movies, big stars, big promises, but as is hollywood hi jacking your money? it is a multimillion dollar mystery. >> on your side investigator sar ah uncovered serious questions about a program meant to boost our economy. sarah. >> we wanted to find out if the ohio fm jobs. not only did public officials refuse to talk to us, they censored the information. >> meet rick. he's a stunt man. >> there's nothing to it but to do it. >> who's appeared in more than 50 films. >> if you look at me long enough and you talk to me long enough, you'll start staring at me and realize that nose has been
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>> think he's in hollywood? >> anybody up for coffee? >> think again. >> i'm just a guy from a small town, you know, madison, ohio. >> how is that possible? he points to ohio's film tax credit. >> it just has skyrocketed. >> to lure hollywood here, ohio has given away more than $150 million of your money since 2009. produces yet a huge tax refund to film here and hopes it brings a huge economic boost. so just how many jobs has the credit created? good question. from "the avengers" goes amish, we got the records listing how many people were hired, but not any answers. look at this. details about ohio jobs blacked out.
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would be redacted. >> even public records expert and attorney couldn't understand why. >> that should definitely be available. >> so the state won't show us, but they must keep track, right? >> trust me, the folks that are issuing tax credits, they want to know, you know, and so we've been able to pinpoint. >> that's not true. they have told me over and over again that they don't track jobs. >> even state senate majority floor leader know the ohio development services agency, which manages the credit, says it's not their job to track jobs. >> so are you disappointed then? >> i am. >> not evaluating the program? that's a huge problem. >> in fact, chris thinks ohio should yell cut. >> i think the easiest way to understand these film tax credit programs is as a hollywood heist. >> the ohio native is a tax expert at the mercatus center.
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production for a few weeks. >> there's no perfect way to figure out how beneficial this is to the state of ohio. >> she thinks she's come as close as you can. remember that stuff the state censored? she got some of it. the greater cleveland film commission paid her to do a study. so what did the csu economist find? for every dollar spent, ohio got two bucks back. >> it shows that the credit is working. >> but measured another way, the picture isn't so rosy. over four years, the created just 854 jobs, which means ohio spent about $38,000 per job. frz and while some producers fulfilled their promises, others didn't deliver. >> this is the draft day browns fans were waiting for. >> take draft day. the kevin costner football flick said it would hire about 1,800 ohio workers, but the box office fell more than 500 short.
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winter soldier. it got $8 million of your money. the problem? that's 3 million more than legally allowed at the time. >> so far, it appears we're putting people to work, and the state is getting good return on their investment. >> that's why senator patton and other ohio lawmakers doubled the tax credit to $40 million this year. >> but we don't know that we're putting people to work because they won't tell us. >> well, the state might not know, but we can find that information out by going through the folks that actually take the credits and will allow these >> business has boomed. but for the rest of these stunt performers, it's still just part-time work. dmr don'tfrz -- don't quit your day job. >> we wanted to ask the state why these records are censored, but staff for david goodman, the
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up an interview. on your side, i'm investigator sarah buduson, news 5. a lot of interesting and important health news tonight for you and your family. >> let's start with infectious diseases. they are the reason behind 5% of the deaths in the u.s. over the last 25 years. the most deadly? not zika. it's not west nile. it's flu and pneumonia. researchers say the number of infectious disease deaths has gone down because of new treatments, but they warn we are still at especially those spread by insects. >> the drugs we take to stay healthy are sending us to the er more often. the cdc says one out of every 250 persons went to the emergency room because of a bad reaction to prescription drugs in 2013 and 2014. older adults went at the highest rates and were also more likely to be hospitalized. my name is first. there will be no singing. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in cleveland. >> everywhere you go?
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fest. >> some took advantage of the atmosphere by taking a couple turns around the ice skating rink. rob, i'm glad you resisted the urge because i know it was everything you could do not to sing it. the producers do it on purpose. >> he's a crooner. >> he is a crooner. he sings all day. >> no will power whatsoever. >> psi row. >> it's not show coming our way. we've got a little rain coming our way. may slow you down if you are traveling west tomorrow. >> we got to get some football in. >> you got a turkey trot, you got turkey bowls, maybe a little wetness out there. >> and a little chip -- chitlin dip. >> a little what? >> chitlin dip. >> she brought that in one year. my goodness. >> you have to keep matches away because that would start a fire. >> you're talking running and football. you're talking chitlins. >> i'm talking turkey. cleveland live downtown. it is dry.
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a lot of travelers are getting an early start on travel. look at this. drywet every. we've got some clear to partly cloudy skies, but the rain showers are fast approaching, and they will be with us, but they are going to take their time getting here. so your wednesday is not a total washout by any stretch. and here is a better news, too. the arctic air is retreating back toward the north. so the past several days of that extreme cold and wind, pretty much gone, and we'll see temperatures actually moderating next couple of days. so here's the system. these rain showers here pointed right at northern ohio, but they're going to take their time. i think you've got a dry morning tomorrow if you want to get up and get out early, dry morning. if you are traveling west, though, the rain will be in indiana and western ohio, then the rain showers move in. i think in earnest, wednesday night into thursday morning, and then it's just some isolated showers lingering for thanksgiving making that backyard football game a little
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temps will be close to 50 degrees for your thanksgiving day. let me show you the hour by hour. we are going to start off noontime on wednesday. notice showers just creeping in to sandusky and mansfield. watch. there we go. a couple of showers. a band of them by 3 p.m., and by 7:15, a few more isolated showers. now, the rain arrives. look, by 11:15 wednesday, and then by thursday morning, you're looking like this. it's a widely-scattered rain pattern as you're getting up and stuffing that bird, and then try to work off some of that turkey, there you go, some isolated rain showers with temps in the 40s. travel plans, snow in minneapolis, but it's moving that way. here's the main trouble spot. there will be some rain and snow here in the pacific northwest, but the main travel trouble spot will be the rain showers moving through ohio and then they'll scatter oud a little bit as they head toward the east coast during your thanksgiving day.
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may get a little wet, but nothing major. there are no major winter storms for the next few days. here you go. 27 tonight, mainly cloudy, and chilly. let me show you this thanksgiving day forecast. thursday, a few showers. 45 on friday. one or two showers, same for saturday, and 53 sunday. looks like a good day. well, tonight is the end of an era here in cleveland television. >> local legend dick gave his final forecast tonight. the meteorologist and household name in northeast ohio is retiring after 55 years on tv right here in cleveland. the vast majority of that time at fox 8. goddard grew up in green, went to kent state. a huge animal advocate. he will plan now to continue working with and for the animals. sir, from the four of us and everybody at news 5, congratulations, and thank you. >> he made weather number one. >> what you don't know is the things he did for sports.
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about him all the time. he was statistician for the browns. brilliant man. tip of the cap for the guy that used to intern over there long time ago. >> i forecast sunshine and no clouds at all for mr. goddard going forward. >> we all agree.
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brought to you by brunswick auto mart. >> just to see guys, be together during this holiday season, it's definitely heartwarming. so whenever i can get a chance to be at events like this, i'm always here. >> everything. it's what it's all about. we got each other's back. it was always about helping each other out no mat whaer the situation is. plenty of northeast ohio's biggest names in sports in
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help those looking for a warm meal this holiday week. how big were some of the names? two guys sitting together we'll talk about in two seconds. jim brown was there and so was ty lou. when it comes to the cavaliers, we are going to tell you in a second how they will spend their thanksgiving, but i do want to let you listen in on jim brown, who talked about the browns turning the corner. >> i cheered them during practice. i come in and do everything i can do with individual players, and i'm a hun them. they have not won a game, but they try very hard. we have some great draft choices, and i'm looking forward to the rest of the games and, of course, to next year. and don't forget, we have the hue jackson show on thursday nights. going back to what i saw today on feed the need, one of the cool moments was ty lou sitting down with jim brown. ty lou said on thanksgiving,
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you're eating turkey. >> the cavs are going to be in cleveland on thanksgiving. are they allowed to have some type with their families? >> we are going to have practice. >> that's tough. where's the thanksgiving spirit? >> i know. we had the day scheduled to be off, but i think we're going to practice now, just from a feeling that i have, so we are going to practice. >> all right. when you're champions, you have to practice. the playoff poll tonight, well, ohio state was 2 and no. 3 again. so the playoff poll remains the same. michigan coach jim harbaugh didn't have a ton of things to say at his press conference, but when he did talk, it's nice things to say about ohio state quarterback. >> runner like a running back, but he's got the vision of a quarterback. he's got the throwing ability of a quarterback. i mean, there's times that he will put the ball into the
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head di plays he makes. >> and don't forget, ohio state and michigan this saturday at 11:30. we will start things off.
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thank you for watching news 5 at 11:00. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> closed captioning of news 5 at 11:00 is
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live? red special. tonight, bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, kristen bell, dj khaled, neil patrick harris, halsey, herbie hancock, and the killers. and now, ready or not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are here on a special night, you are here and you are watching our second annual red


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