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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  November 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. happening to day, continuing the tradition of feeding the needy on thanks giving. >> sarah live at the st. joseph center. they have been doing this more than 40 years. >> reporter: 44 years to be exact. breakfast will be served in just a few hours. it is kind of nasty outside.
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earlier this week. more than 21,000 people will be served on the grounds and at 14 shelters across northeast ohio. that is happening between 11:00 and 1:00. if you are watching and would like the help out, the diocese tell me that it is difficult to do the day of but christmas, thousands are served then too and the thanksgiving meal is for anyone that lives alone. breakfast around 8:00, volunteers around 6:00 and we were here last year and there
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see. thousands of runners hitting the pavement. >> gearing up for the turkey trot this morning. the tradition begins at 9:30 downtown. here's the course map ending at the free stamp at willard park. they benefit ten local serve free turkey dinners from noon until 4:00 today. this is mott the way you want to go into the holiday. loran count city, poisoned by
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>> we will make sure we get the contractor in here and get everything fixed. >> they call it the silent killer. if everyone would have pass i am glad we are okay. >> the fire department says they are working on an official cause for this incident. also developing exclusive pictures of a watt team looking for the suspect in an aggravated robbery. officers followed an suv to the 300 block of woodland avenue. one suspect is? custody. we are making calls to learn
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one mom struggling to pick up the pieces after a fire destroys her home almost killing her three year old son. they are counting on conditionedness this holiday season. >> reporter: she was planning on hosting thanksgiving at her home. >> we were going to have thanksgiving here. >> reporter: tonight she is sorting through the ashes of her life. >> a toddler bed. space heater. >> it was against this wall. >> reporter: williams of working the third shift while her sister watched the kids. >> it was so scary. >> reporter: but by some miracle, the clear yore old was not in his bed. thoughts of what if still fill her head.
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i wouldn't have been there -- >> reporter: space heaters have been found to cause one-third of all winter fires in homes. >> a space heater, it was to keep my son's room warm and it -- it is crazy. >> reporter: they will be moving in with family. in spite of everything, day. >> thanks giving to me means so much more to me now. >> that puts things in perspective. humefy members are helping to get the basics they need. for more information head over to our app exam click the story
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shooting. the family facing the holidays without hair son, nephew and father. they say what the shooter - the shop with a five year old getting a haircut when davis came in. the gunman and davis knew each other somehow. >> we are asking that that person th give us a call, just give us a name. that's all we need. >> the description of the shooter is still too vague. if you have any information that can help, call police this morning. more information about mortgage rates that can help you make a decision. you may not believe what
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happy thanksgiving to you and yours. a little bit of a this morning as the rain showers pass through. a lot pulling to the east. a few lingering pockets of showers in the area around the ashtabula area. still going to be a gray and cloudy sky today and pockets of mist and drizzle. highs in the upper 40's today with a little wind and feeling like the mid 40's. how about those shop not guilty less than 24 hours from now. i got your forecast coming up
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along when it comes to your kids health. they may be eating better than you think. researchers looked at data and the overall diet is slowly getting better. but kids could still stand to eat more health foods like green eventual i didn'ts -- thinking about buying a home? this may change your mind. mortgage rates are above 4% for the first time. they have been climbing since donald trump was elected president and expected to keep on rising. parades and police, what new york city is doing right
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parade. as we take you to break, superscreen five up and running so you can keep an eye on traffic and weather during the
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-- >> reporter: the recent arrest of oo brooklyn man prosecutors say talk of time's square talk of being hyper vigilant. >> position yourself in such a way at a parade route where if you had to move and get away from it, you could.
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need to be aware. >> so far the extra security seems to be a comforting sight abc news, new york. >> the heightened security not just on those attending the parade but nypd is working with parade organizers. >> yes. even balloon handlers have been properly vetted. well, will it be raining out there for the parade, jd? >> i few lingering showers may not be out of the question. the bigger storm system will be well off to the north and northeast. if are those of you waking up with us bright and early on this thanksgiving day, 4:47, there is a potent system over the canadian to us-line. good amounts of snow there. but for us there is just enough warm air to make this all wayne
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the heaviest pocket it's across pennsylvania moving through that way as the day rolls on. here is what is happening right now with power of 5 radar. there are a few spotty pockets of rain showers activity. a lot of this will wind down. ashtabula, you are seeing a few rain bands move through. more is coming from the west- southwest. here in cleveland, more inland, there is more around the bainid areas. along the main line, i think we are in for a cloudy day, not nirvana 90s band grunge, but a misty feel outside. by lunch hour we are in the mid to upper 40s, if not tagging 50s in some areas. all things considered, it is not a bad thanksgiving. nothing like last year but nothing like two years ago with
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more into tonight, early morning tomorrow, those that are going out and doing shopping, i have news for you. by this afternoon a turkey coma watch will be issued. it should be a pretty good day for anything you have going on. if you are dog holiday shopping in 24 hours or so from now, if you are out there from 3:00 to 6:00, it will be a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. i think it is dry. temperatures should be in the upper 30s to around 40. ye coat if you are heading out. as far as today, it will with a mostly cloudy sky. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. upper 40 tos to 50. we will be back -- upper 40s to 50. we will come back and look at more in the future. really sad news to pass along. >> we are learning the police
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on life support since then, has died. this is something to see overnight. officers from all across michigan lining up right outside the hospital honoring their fallen brother. he worked at a k-9 officer. he had been with the department for five years and the fifth police officer shot in the u.s. in less than a week. police say a suspect is in custody but has not been charged. and in the aftermath of horrific school bus crash in tennessee gets worse, as well, as a six person has died. the driver has been arrested and charged. the bus was not on its designated route when it crashed, going off the left and then right side of the road after hitting a tree, splitting it in two. well, a park in kansas city says quote the safety of its staff and guests are top priority.
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is the only proper course of action following the tragedy. investigators are still working on what caused the boy's fatal injury as he rode the water slide. come to the television. a tera fining -- terrifying seen. a wine store employee is recovering e-cigarette explodes in his pocket. his attorney says he will have surgery for the burns. a truck driver in california getting $54 million in damages. a jury ruling wal-mart was not paying drivers for working like the time they waited in line to load and unload trail, finding that a violation overcalls laws. well, our littlest
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gratitude to those that protect and server. the special message ahead. >> and who is hooking up the buckeyes with pretty cool
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if you missed the cav's game last night, you missed nba history. remember when all the haters said kevin love did not belong
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three. well, three is an important number, because love hit eight of them last night in the 1st quarter alone, a league record of 34 points in the 1st quarter. he ended with 40 points overall and lebron james added 31, winning 137-125. they scored 81 at the half. >> wow! you may not have had a chance to get a good oo look at it, but the cav's unveiling the brand new this is a brand new picture of the court. this is the larry o'brien trophy wrapped all around it to symbolize champions. the cavs hoping to spread some of that championship karma
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lebron is hooking up the entire ohio state football team with thighs cleats. the wolverines will have gear from the jordan brand. >> well, ready or not, here it come, the new tools cleveland has in the fight against old man winter. >> and turkey for protestors. celebrities that plan on serving dinner at the dakota
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now on "good morning cleveland", helping those in need on this thanksgiving day. live in fremont, volunteers will soon be getting ready to serve thousands of meals. >> that little boy was in that room all day. >> homeless for the holiday, one cleveland mom struggling to pick up the pieces after a fire
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how you can help. >> then a number of people sick after inhaling toxic fumes in one community. what investigators think happened. all right, good morning, cleveland. happy thanksgiving to you. i am nick foley in for terrence lee. >> and i am corrina pysa. maybe you are out and about, getting the coffee, getting the turkey started. what are we looking at out here. rain? i saw sarah with the umbrella. >> yes. this is morning. >> let's head to jd with the forecast. a little rainy this morning but the rain will work its way out by afternoon. it is perfect eating and napping weather. here are the rain showers over the last three hours working their way off to the north- northeast. a few lingering pockets of steady to light rainfall. most of it, too, will continue to move off to the north-northeast. we will still see pockets of


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