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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ohio state comes together. >> you're left to sort of pick up the pieces. >> praying for peace after 06 seconds of terror shat -- 60 sikdz of terror shatter -- seconds of terror shattered the calm. leaving the campus grasping for answers after a man drove into a crowd then stabbed the people nearby. the attack happened this morning and took just one minute. but it will state. a campus left asking why a fellow student attacked. there are plenty of unanswered questions tonight. here is what we do know. investigators have not ruled out terror as a motive. but they say the suspect, abdul razak ali artan acted alone tonight. as police search his home for clues social media may offer one. an anti-u.s. rant was posted and believed to be tied to him
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crowd. classes at ohio state resume tomorrow. tonight students gathered for a vigil. mol mol has -- tara molina has been on the campus all day. what are they saying and how are they feeling? >> i sure did danita. people are talking about coming together, praying for peace, and they are hoping for speedy recoveries for the nine people injured here today. the church you're about to see is a stone's throw from where this happened. people from all different walks of faith are joining there right now to offer peace and counsel for ohio state students who just really need it. >> emergency vehicles, police, caution tape, and news crews covering ohio state university's campus. after this man drove through a crowd of students, then got out
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>> horrible, horrible. >> it was a scene. an attack. no college student prepares for. >> everyone here is really really frightened right now. >> but tonight with screams and gunshots in many ears. >> you couldn't really not hear it. >> these students have to keep moving forward. and there are lots of people who want to help. >> kneel and say a prayer, cry. it's important for us to come together. >> that's the message we're trying to get out tonight. >> groups from across campus representing different religions coming together for a vigil on campus tonight. >> overall there's a sense of good will. >> their message? >> we're not going to give into the fear, we're not going to give into hate or violence. >> every person confident. ohio state university will heal and move forward toths.
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>> several churches and organizations open right now for any student who wants to talk. who maybe needs some counseling after this. and tomorrow many of them will offer extended hours for the exact same reason, because again ohio state classes start up again tomorrow. from the students who i've talked to all day today they are resilient and this really was horrifying but they're ready to move forward. and and they will move forward together. >> we know that the attack today could have been much worse if not for the actions of a hero officer. ohio state officer dan horrigan is just 28 years old. a two-year veteran of the force. and an ohio state alum. he responded to reports of a gas leak. he stau car hit the -- saw the car hit the crowd and watched the suspect get out and start stabbing people.
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killed him. the entire confrontation unfolded in just two minutes. and it ended with 11 people taken to three columbus-area hospitals. one person critically injured. injuries ranged from a fractured skull to lacerations from the knife. we do know that the victims were taken -- were ohio state faculty and students. the accused shooter was a somali immigrant. he transferred to after spending two years at columbus state. in august ohio state's newspaper featured him on his first day at the school. he told the paper that as a muslim he wanted to pray but was scared to do so in the open because of negative stereotypes. he did so anyway. in response to the attacks the council on american-islamic relations condemned the attack. they called on all of us to
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judgment about all somali- americans. >> i think it's really important to not paint an entire community with a broad brush and scapegoat an entire community. just as when we saw the terrible attack in charleston south carolina by dylann roof we did not scapegoat the entire white male population. in this incident as well it's very important to separate the va somali community who want to live peacefully here and who are americans just like everybody else. >> in columbus the group said ?? it's worried it could prompt violence against muslims and their mosque. let's go in depth. governor kasich, ohio state's president, and the mayor praised tabletop exercises saying that the preparation is
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so quickly. we checked with ready gov. tabletop exercises allow team members to meet in a classroom. they discuss the roles and responses assigned. a facilitator takes them through different exercises because the exercises don't take much time they're considered a cost-effective way to train. and of course we will keep you informed of all the late breaking details in this case. if you want coverage check it out on our news 5 app. a timeline for you of today's development and full versions of the news conferences held today. and social media posts about the attack. to another developing story. mark johnson, some wicked weather causing problems. >> danita, this just in, the entire city of gatlinburg tennessee is being evacuated. why? because of intense wildfires in the smoky mountains. look at this video.
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look at the ash fall. the flames in the smoky mountains right outside of town. incredible stuff. clatszs canceled at -- classes canceled at all of the schools tomorrow. a local affiliate says the national guard was deployed to get folks out of town. resorts are threatened during one of the busiest times of year for this area. wind is being blamed for helping a large grass fire in colora mountain. this is a denver suburbs. firefighters from the city are being called in to help. and it's snow causing problems in the dakotas right now. this is what it's like in bismarck second degree today. in north dakota the -- south dakota today. in north dakota an emergency evacuation of the protesters at standing rock. he says the forecasted winter storm just too dangerous for
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here we go. this is our weather #3ikture right now. -- weather right now. this is a wall of steady rainfall. there is a back edge into mansfield. this will work its way north and east and out of here. this is round one. should be done by the morning commute. so there will be puddles on the road tomorrow but the rain will not be falling for the morning akron let me show you winds 24 miles per hour for mansfield. 16 for cleveland. 17 for akron. your temps are going to hover around 50 degrees. could rise a few clicks toward sunrise. rain likely, cloudy skies, rain ending by the morning commute. tracking more for the weekend. >> thank you mark. new at 11:00. a murder in canton. it happened on hursh place
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and officers were still there when our crew arrived just hours later. investigators won't release the victim's name but we do know he was shot and police have made an arrest. you are running out of time. tick tick tick tick. >> no. >> yes, you are. that's if you want to take advantage soph cyber monday. -- of cyber monday. buy we have. between midnight and 10:00 a.m. shoppers in all sales today alone could reach more than $3.36 billion. that's right with a b. it appears we are in a giving mood this year because shoppers spent nearly as much on black friday. and you have to wonder if things like this play a role. what a mess. you probably saw this image on social media this weekend. it is a mess left behind by
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unbelievable. there are cases like that all over the country. in fact closer to home a woman was arrested in south euclid accused of causing a disturbance. the question becomes when does a shopper cross the line. new at 11:00. on your side investigator joe pagonakis looking for answers tonight. and joe, police draw the line when other shoppers are disrupted. >> or shoppers repeatedly refuse to follow police orders right here in south euclid. >> this right now is completely unnecessary and unreal. >> i know. >> why won't you leave the store. >> i did leave. >> i begged you to leave. >> 28-year-old britney campbell taken away in handcuffs. campbell refused to leave the store because she claimed she wasn't given the phone she was promised. >> it was disruptive to the
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business. >> store disturbances caught on camera during this past black friday weekend across the country. these guys embroiled in a one- minute in-store wrestling match over this huge discount item. they're dealing with shopper frustration firsthand. when it comes to shopper confrontation a mob mentality can quickly take over. >> something in the crowd and they follow the behavior believing they won't be caught because it's all of these people, it's not me. those types of situations can turn into rye yotds. >> i told you -- riots. >> i told you to leave the store. >> but. >> i told you to leave the store. >> the chief says one way to be arrested and charged is to not follow police orders.
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serious charges. >> whether it's two customers or a customer fighting with a clerk that's at the store. >> and campbell is facing charges of disorderly conduct and another charge. they could earn her # 0 days in -- 6 days in -- 06 days in jail. i'm joe pagonakis. drama over democracy amid calls for the recount. donald trump everything that's -- cabinet. everything that's unfolding. the prize in schools, not pens and paper, but tampons. the push to make tampons free and how that could actually
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continues. because the wisconsin board of elections will start recounting votes this week in the election. they say they will not count votes by hand. green party candidate jill stein filed a lawsuit to force the issue. a similar lawsuit in michigan and pennsylvania. tomorrow she files in michigan. the recount is being done in part over hacking fears. hillary clinton would have to flip the vote in all three states to win.
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experts call all but impossible. president-elect donald trump will meet with mitt romney tomorrow as he looks to fill out his cabinet. it takes place amidst speculation that he could tap the nominee who trashed him during the presidential race. kellyanne conway has criticized the move on twitter and in television appearances. a screams about donald trump has now been banned from delta for life. >> this man knows what's up. we got some bleeps on here? >> delta was criticized in the immediate aftermath of the incident for failing to remove the disruptive passenger. late this evening they took action, banning the passenger. they offered full refunds to passengers on that flight. new tonight at 11:00.
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women and girls the public restrooms for free. it's taking hold on college campuses across the country and also in a growing number of cities. new york city just this year became the first to pass legislation to provide tampons and pads as no cost in its public schools. women shelters and also in jails. it's an idea that got rolling in columbus and could make a difference for women and girls in cleveland. >> the first time i walked into the rooms at apple's offices in 1982 was the first time i saw tampons and pads freely accessible in a public restroom and i thought why isn't it like that every place. >> for nancy it was a light bulb moment. one that ultimately inspired her initiative called free the tampons. >> to me, tampons and pads are just like toy let paper. it's the exact same thing. it's there to tend to our
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an unexpected start to their period. >> and nearly all women have been there. a study found 86% of women ages 18 to 54 years started unexpectedly in public. and 79% had to improvise by making a tampon or pad. >> we've created this social norm that makes women have to be prepared any time, any day, any plac norm that requires us to carry toilet paper. >> one concern is that girls will help themselves to a dozen instead of the one or two they need. something that has not been a problem in new york city. a cleveland company has been working on a solution. >> it's a women's health issue. it's a bathroom ecallty issue. -- equality issue. >> he says this hasn't changed
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quarter. now they've designed equipment to dispense for free. but make it difficult for one person to empty the machine. >> we put a delay in the dispenser. so when you push the button it dispenses the product. but if you keep pushing it's not going to dispense anything. you have to wait until the button resets. then when it resets you can vend another. >> it could make a real difference here for girls in po about 50% in cleveland. the dollars for these supplies can be hard to come by resulting in absenteeism. this isn't speculative. the study of the impact of the free supplies in new york city's schools found it increased attendance. >> not surprised to this specialist. >> that makes sense. it keeps them in class. they don't have to worry about having accidents at school. and they don't have to worry
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every month. so the truth is is that a men truly cycle -- menstrual cycle can be a bad thing for a girl due to the consequences of not having access to the items. >> it send a message to girls that their needs matter. is this an idea that could take root here? >> i think this is a wonderful movement to make feminine where we need them. >> cleveland city council woman phyllis cleveland says she thinks it's a conversation that can and should begin. >> it's a question of health. it's a question of scombrender equity. it's a -- of gender equity. it's a question of dignity. >> the councilwoman says it's more likely a private and public sector effort.
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mark johnson, rain? >> a little tiny break for a few minutes then the next round moves in. i'm thinking this is done by sunrise tomorrow. you should have a dry day. a weak cold front coming in. the air is not any colder than ahead of it. tomorrow with some sunshine. highs near 60 degrees. here's where the cold and snow is. you can see the swirl here. winter storm warnings in effect for the right now no advisories for us in northern ohio. first front comes through tonight. then we have a warm front that moves back in for your tuesday afternoon. second front arrives for your wednesday. so we get a little break tomorrow with dry air. still warm. and then for wednesday we get this round of rain. tuesday night into wednesday behind this second front is
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normal. your rise and shine weather tomorrow 53 degrees a. few showers. by 7:00 a.m. should be dry. lower and middle 50s out there. 49 tonight. rain likely. breezy. temps rising toward 52 to 55 degrees by sunrise. tomorrow, says today, should say tomorrow, my bad. 61 clouds and sunshine, mild and breezy. akron and canton 50 overnight. winds could gust above 25 miles per hour tonight and early tomorrow morning. wednesday scatter rain primarily during the morning and afternoon. 61. second front that arrives during the day. cooling down. 44 with a few showers. then chilly through your weather weekend. believe it or not some wet
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saturday, sunday, and monday. back to reality as we begin december.
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brought to you by brunswick auto mart. >> we just keep searching. i think owe our fanbase the opportunity to win a game. you know, to win. with the next one coming up in cincinnati we're going to do whatever we think it takes to get ourselves in that w column. >> they released joe callahan
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starters for the bye week. rg iii is back practicing and ready to role. matt mccans was assigned today. why? because john greco is out for the rest of the season with a foot injure. also fighting injuries is corey coleman. yesterday he found himself in the end zone with his first touchdown of the sea direction. >> no in the nfl you never know. i had opened up when they called the play. and i knew the guy was on me and off cover. i knew i had to set it good to get him to bite on it. >> don't ferthd we have you covered everything browns. even though it's a bye week hue jackson still comes to work and
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show on friday nights and replays on saturday. cavaliers have a player of the week not named lebron james. kevin love wins. ohio state beat michigan. want to hear what a $10,000 fine sounds like. jim harbaugh has the pay up ripping the referees after the game, not a good move. >> bitterly disappointed with the officiat that spot. the graphic display is the interference penalties. the one not called on us on grant perry clearly was being hooked before the ball got there. and the one on hill was uncatchable and by the receiver. i'm bitterly disappointed. in the officiating. can't make that any more clear.
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finish off the game. maybe disappointed about that too. that soundbite will cost him
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we want to thank you for watching news 5 at 11:00. i get to work with andy baskin and mark johnson. and they are the best. and you are the best for tuning in. >> close captioning sponsored by ser pen if -- serepentini. if you're thinking about it, buy serepentini. and traffic updates from the
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>> dicky: from hollywood and nashville it's "jimmy kimmel live after the cmas"! tonight, jessica chastain -- willie nelson -- justin moore -- "mean tweets country music edition" -- and music from hunter hayes via hologram. and now, well done, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for everything, really.


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