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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we leave this afternoon's broadcast with the story of ohio state university, where students returned to classes today after a very troublesome day yesterday. the investigation continues into the knife wielding man who wounded several students before he was shot to death. abc's kenneth maltin is life in columbus with more on the story. kenneth, what more do we know
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details, i can tell you this terrifying incident happened just behind me near the engineering building. i can report that here on campus the hustle and bustle has resumed, the students continue to question the actions of a fellow buckeye. today ohio state university is working to get back to normal. overnight local and federal authorities searched the columbus home of 18-year-old abdule razak ali artan >> when you look at your neighbors home we don't suspect that. >> investigators say the osu student had several his honda yesterday before jumping out with a butcher knife. he went on the attack before a campus police officer shot and killed him. students at the large university barricaded themselves inside classrooms. >> it was kind of terrifying at first because you don't really think it's going to happen to you. >> but now the focus turns to the suspect.
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jumped across the stage at community college. posting on facebook minutes before the attack, i can't take it anymore. muzzle leaders in ohio urge people not to jump to conclusions. >> we do know that the somali heritage will be enough for some people to falsely link this tragic incident to the fate of islam into the somali and muslim communities. >> as investigators worked figure out if the suspects motive was terror related, i can report that this campus is praying for the 11 people injured. tonight student organizations including ones representing muslim and somali students will hold a talk i strong community event. >> we see movement over your shoulder, so there is action going on at the campus. what is the tone of the feeling
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>> i spoke with a couple of students this morning. i can tell you as we know in cleveland and as we know in columbus, the buckeye community is very strong, very resilient. there is some fear on this campus because there is a lot of uncertainty about the motive of this suspect, a fellow buckeye. a person who went to class with many of the students. a lot of the students want to know what was his motive, also thinking about the 11 people injured, one is in critical condition. we expect a news conference to happen later this afternoon and we expect to get an update on those injured in the vehicle crash and the cuts. but the stress is on full display here on the campus of ohio state today. >> many thanks for your report kenneth.
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set to take up a bill related to weapons on college campuses in ohio. the columbus dispatch reports this bill was in the works before yesterday's attack on ohio state university, where several people were wounded by that knife wielding man. if the bill were to become law would allow universities and colleges in ohio to adopt policies that would allow concealed carry handguns on campus. another bill going for the state legislative committee tomorrow would reduce the penalty for carrying a weapon on campus from a felony to a misdemeano latest attack on whole ohio state university has the continuing investigation goes on. if you want to read more in depth coverage of what going on. please check out our news 5- app and you'll check out a timeline of our development and news conferences surrounding yesterday's incident and the ongoing investigation. we are also learning more about the deadly airplane crash yesterday in columbia. at least two soccer players are
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died. among the 75 dead the players and coaches for the brazilian soccer team. it was during the overnight hours the pilot episode?plane declared an electrical error before attempting to land at medellin, colombia. night, so much so that crews are working to restore power to more than 3000 people in northeast ohio. strong winds during the overnight hours took out power lines and toppled trees. several cleveland schools are closed because of damage from last night high winds. here's the damage to a church at e. 73rd st. and kinsman on the southeast side. the fagade collapsed. the damage seem to be confined to the outside brick fagade of the building.
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subside. they were coming out of the south, tracking the moisture overnight but things are starting to die down but you can see little glimpse of sunshine for summit county. the big talker besides those wins is as temperatures increase many saw about 13-150 warmer than yesterday afternoon. go ahead and lose that big winter coat. you can now greater cleveland 590. ashtabula you are in the mid- 50s, warmer air starting to tracking for akron and can almost at the 600 mark. you can see from the radar just a few clouds and most of the moisture is tracking toward the eastern seaboard. what we are seeing a spotty showers for southern richland and ashland county making its way to the south and east fairly quickly. things will continue to dry out throughout the afternoon. so getting over the rain, we
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that is going to start to bring us widespread rain throughout the overnight. i will be back in just a few minutes to look at accumulation totals. several groups of workers are rallying for pay raises at cleveland hopkins airport. they want the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour. the rally calls on to a national day of action with the group pfeifer 15. protester take place across the country. new information from louisville and stark county where schoolteachers are going back to work. last night they voted to end the nearly 4 weeklong strike. a union spokesperson told teachers more or less they got what they wanted. the louisville teachers are asking the board of education there to clarify two issues, reduction in force and insurance bills, which were issues before the strike. today's classes at all
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return to school tomorrow. today is given tuesday and the greater cleveland food bank is hoping you will consider the food bank. the bank leaders say they are in desperate lead of donations, because hunger so widespread in the area. about one in three people in cleveland live in poverty. food bank provides 5-10,000 meals per day. demand for food increases during the holidays as kids go on winter break from school so ey donations don't just need to be in the form of nonperishable foods. the food bank also accepts financial donations. hundreds misplaced from their homes. a raging wildfire continues to spread in tennessee. a big day for the trompe- pens administration. the major moves by the new president elect. disruption on board a delta airline flight. why one passenger is now banned for life.
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at least 14 fires are burning near the smoky mountains national park in tennessee. and that is forcing mass evacuation. at least 100 homes have been damaged or destroyed by the fire in the gatlinburg area. at one .30 buildings were engulfed in flames, including a 16 story hotel. the fire is also threatening the dollywood theme park. there's some hopeful news that
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fire officials hope the wet weather will help out some of the flames in tennessee. the driver in the chattanooga, tennessee school bus crash were six children were killed last week when before judge. just moments ago johnny walker poses several counts of vehicular homicide as well as charges of reckless endangerment and reckless driving. the judge granted his attorney's request to delay the trial. walker plans to plead not records show parents, students, and school officials had expressed concerns about walker speeding in the weeks before the crash. in charleston, south carolina the former officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist is expected to take the stand in his own defense today. michael slater faces 30 years to life in prison if he is convicted in the shooting death of 50-year-old walter scott. slater was fired from the department after the shooting. scott was shot five times in
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captured by a bystander which stunned the nation. today is tuesday, so we have a couple of kittens in need of a loving home. maybe you can help. i'll bet you can help. the weather's not acting cute. we have dry conditions right now we are tracking widespread rain. i will give you exact timing coming up.
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we have just learned president- elect donald trump has chosen elaine chao, former labo secretary to be his choice for transportation secretary. today donald trump is set to meet with mitt romney for the second time. yesterday president-elect trompe met with retired general and former cia detect?director. david betray us was also up for secretary of state position. green party candidate jill stein is expected to file the
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she has already done the same in wisconsin for the recount is set to begin thursday. however, stein is suing wisconsin because it says it will not hand count the ballots. stein has also filed a suit for hand counting in pennsylvania. a man has been banned from delta airlines for life. >> this man knows what's up. delta airlines was criticized immediately after this happened for not getting the man off the plane. late yesterday delta offered full refunds to passengers in addition to banning that passenger for life. a new video from nevada shows a home being ransacked during the daylight hours while the homeowner was away on vacation. you can see a man and woman going through the house. at times they carried a box full of items. they carried close still on hangers. the homeowner says thieves may
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door from the cable company. the letter apparently have been left on the front door for several days. as police continue to search for the thieves, the homeowners and not sure exactly how much was stolen, just that alone was stolen. it's about 150 warmer than normal. we have kind of an unsettled weather pattern. the winds were cranking last night in there still cranking this afternoon. here are our wind counts right now about 10-15 miles an hour they will really start to die down throughout the afternoon. the what is allowing the winds to come out of the south is allowing for the gradual warm- up. today we are looking at more sunshine in just a few clouds out there. daytime highs are off the
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spots right now. now greater cleveland 590 600 for lincoln county. the warmer air continues to pump in. millersburg area is currently a 570. still tracking a little bit of moisture here. most of the bands have tracked to the east but we are still seeing some spotty showers for richland and ashland county. they continue to move east fairly quickly. you can see the moisture to the east, but we are still tracking a little bit of residual moisture will going to continue to lift as the north and tracking more spotty showers entering throughout the overnight. here is the future cast. we'll start to see the moisture picking up throughout the evening hours and most of the moisture is going to stay to the south from canton to route 30 core door into wayne county. you can see temperatures dropping back down to the lower 50s. today we are going to stay mostly on the dry side of picking up that rain for your wednesday until wednesday afternoon from western
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county can see heavier bands. today the daytime highs off the chart and 620 partly sunny skies. still the breeze in play but it's really going to calm down. rain stays in the forecast throughout thursday, but please take a good look at the temperature drop. with the front moving and we will drop another 200 by thursday. it is our favorite day, you know i love cats. there are pet of the week. they are a little nervous here. i was a kid's do better in pairs, and this is why. they keep each other company when they are nervous. when they are nice and relaxed in their new home they will keep each other company playing and getting into trouble. don't let this once calm
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they are fun and spunky kittens. they are so cute. >> you can't go wrong with a couple of kittens, especially as we heading into the holidays you'll be home little bit more you can get them used to us. i should mention this is pinky and planking. you can come down and meet them at the shelter, or any of the other wonderful pets we have available for adoption looking for homes for holidays. >> i can't believe it's december its first saturday of the month. we are a south park mall from 11 am through 3 pm. so if you are in that area looking for a pet stop by and visit us. we are right there were santa is. >> 771-4616. these cute little guys need a
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the temperatures are off the charts this afternoon, 600 and a little bit of sunshine. >> we will enjoy. we say goodbye to our friends because we know you're going to make a phone call to
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it's november 29th, time for great viral videos "right this minute". some dicey moves by daredevils have you wondering why would anyone do this with trains? the new video that proves danger is no deterrent. a sticky situation for a squirrel. >>tu >> how a kind soul goes the distance for a good deed. >> true confession goes viral. >> i just charged my mother's credit card $733. >> the story behind an online shopping scare. >> got to cancel this order. >> we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the


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