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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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could the change create more problems for the troubled department? an emotional vigil at ohio state for the victims of a cam tus attack. news 5 on your side starts now. 44,000 notices sent. 16,000 customer complaints. those are just some of the battles city of cleveland residents have over their water bill. >> i don't understand. meter isn't running. >> $15,000 and that type of thing. that's not good. >> fast flood of problems that -- it's a flood of problems that keep growing against the cleveland water department. a department that wants to send you bills more often. >> it's an ongoing investigation into the cleveland water department that's revealed all of these
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31 have been given the chance to appeal their case. the cleveland water department moves from quarterly to monthly billing in january. joe pagonakis on the case for us tonight. some customers are skeptical this will help customer service. >> the they're worried that more bills will mean even more billing inaccuracies. >> well, they're not doing a good job in are they going to do a good job in one month. >> this group of customers aren't convince that going to monthly billing will help them become more accurate and improve service. >> they charged me for water when my meter wasn't running. >> tim says his entire street was issued thousands in bills when water equipment wasn't even working. he says he had no idea the
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coming in several weeks. >> somebody should have got a notice awhile back. a lot of us are on fixed incomes. a lot of us don't have that kind of money. we're so used to paying the bills the way they are now. >> i went looking for answers. no one would give me an interview. the water department has sent out these flyers about the change. and it's website claims monthly billing keep better track. >> i rent out a house. >> by customers like ricky who had to deal with a bogus bill is wondering if they'll be more accurate. >> they say they send out bills when there's a water leak. they don't. there's no way you know. they don't call you. they don't send a letter to warn you. >> odessa parks was issued a bogus $15,000 and believes more
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>> they need to get it straight. and when you go down they don't give you no explanation. you just pay it. >> again, monthly cleveland water bills start in january. also the cleveland division of water says the bills will look very much the same. and they will also be very easy to read. the division of water says this will not increase the number of bills. reporting live in downtown cleveland i'm news 5 learning more about abdul razak ali artan, the man who drove his car into a crowd of people on the ohio state university campus. isis is claiming he's an attacker of the islamic state. the motive still unknown. this as students who took time out tonight to honor those in the path who survived. kenneth is in columbus. >> back to class for an ohio state university community on edge.
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packed today. there's definitely people out. there's uncertainty in the air. >> the talk of this campus? the fellow buckeye. 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan who's accused of slamming his car into a crowd of people on the sidewalk near the engineering building before slashing victims with a butcher knife. heroic university mrufr dan horrigan killed him. -- police >> i felt my entire hand was full of blood. >> local and federal authorities searched the suspect's home, walked door to door in his neighborhood and scoured his social media posts. five months ago the somali-born student jumped across the graduation stage at a community college. by fall at osu, upset about the treatment of muslims. he posted minutes before the
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injured. >> i would like to see what all the circumstances are that led to him doing this. and all the history that led up to it. >> student organizations including one for somali students coming together tuesday evening to show they are buckeye strong. >> that was kenneth reporting. now after what happened at the osu campus we looked into what policies our have in place for similar place. case western and cleveland state use a method called al lis, alockdown -- alert, lockdown, escape. case western can send texts email, social media posts, and calls at the same time. it reaches 95% of users within
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a security expert says technology only goes so far. it's about immediate response. >> while a piece of equipment, the camera or metal detector may help the first and best line of defense is a highly alert staff and student body. >> case western also has a free phone application are people can report emergencies to police. and their exact location. the intensity of the fires now around the great smoky mountains national park continues to dozens of home in tennessee have already been destroyed and thousands of residents are fleeing resort towns. the heartbreaking situation has claimed lives and the situation is expected to get even worse overnight. news 5's frank wiley monitoring the situation. >> this fire is putting lives in danger and it's coming close to taking out popular attractions including dollywood.
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and emergency crews have found three dead. buildings by the hundreds in tennessee are a charred mess. flames are threatening to do the same to hundreds more. pushed forward by hurricane force winds. >> those high winds were knocking down trees, those trees were falling on this very dry extreme drought-like condition and everything was catching on fire. >> what started monday in the smoky mountains has built a wall too massive to knock down. falling trees and fire kept others from leaving. a dramatic sight making for hell at home. >> what a difficult 24 hours that our community has faced. >> evacuation orders echoed what destruction told. 14,000 people left. gatlinburg is on fire and flames are already grabbing the theme park of dollywood. responders watch as embers carry a cloud of more trouble
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gatlinburg mayor is calling the forecast ominous saying that winds could reach as much at 60 miles per hour. danita, rain is in the area. mark johnson can you ad lib more about the dry fire conditions? >> some relief is on the way. look at this rain and thunder activity. here's gatlinburg. follow the arrow. there's knoxville, chattanooga. this rain will between now and tomorrow morning. good news for firefighters. here's the factors that contributed to this wildfire situation. a severe drought this year. they haven't had much rain there. plus arson. these are manmade fires not caused by nature. all caused by man. the high winds yesterday 75 mile per hour wind gusts and as frank mentioned about a # 0 per
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gust. this is going to help. one to two inches of rain is good news. that should kick down some of the fires. let's check out what's going on in our neck of the woods. some of that rain heading to tennessee is heading our way. no thunder here. but eventually showers coming in more toward dawn. 54 cleveland now. 54 akron. 53 in canton. showers by 7:00 a.m. widely scattered just enough to wet down roadways and slow you down. going to have to have the kids with the raingear at the bus stop. overnight lows upper 40s lower 50s. the rain arriving between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. a little bit breezy but not nearly as bad as the winds were last night when we had wind gusts above 40 miles per hour. a disturbing story. a barberton man sentenced to
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raping and killing his half sister. after the 3-year-old was taken to a hospital doctors found internal injuries so severe that she had to be taken off of life support. demarcus jones who was 15 years old at the time was found guilty and will be eligible for parole. if released he will register as a sex offender. a man sentenced to eight years in prison for killing a robert lance of new franklin pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for killing daniel carway. it's a tool that police departments have been using to try to identify suspects. now some people are trying to use facebook to try and catch who they think are criminals. like this post in west park. the photo shows a couple walking and captions that read
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or this one. a white truck is allegedly involved in home break-ins. local police say they've never received complaints about that white truckment>> many people -- white truck. >> many people will post stuff on social media because of what they strongly believe. but it's not what they strongly know. >> if you think something suspicious really is happening you should always call police first, not put it on fooshg. the push for a $15 minimum wage moved forward as thousands walked off the job. the local chapter of the employees international union gathered outside of an mcdonalds tonight. the current wage is not enough for them to make a decent living they say. >> five minutes ago i talked to police officers from one of the smaller departments. he makes $11.10 an hour.
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there's something seriously wrong with that. >> the issue is up for a ballot vote on may 2nd. still ahead on news 5 at 11:00. picking up the pieces. investigators on the scene of a plane crash where dozens were killed just before the plane was going to land. plus, thousands are continuing to line up and pay respects to controversial leader fidel castro. we'll have more about his final resting place. oh don't get used to this warm spring like weather because approaching. we'll time it in hour by hour just for you when we come back. and what's the next step for president-elect donald trump? he still has a lot of positions to fill like secretary of state. we'll tell you who he sat down with for dinner tonight to talk
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now to developing news out of colombia where a horrific plane crash left 71 dead. new images just in of the scene. you can see the majority of the cabin dissint grated. members of a -- di sin grated. members of a soccer team were on the plane. six people survived. the black boxes were recovered a short time ago. more new video in tonight from cuba. you can see the sea of people
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they had been lining up to pay respects to 90-year-old fidel castro. leaders from around the world are expected to attend his funeral sunday. however president obama is not planning to attend. one thing is for certain, people in cuba are responding very differently to his death. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience to get to experience the culture in a truly different way. castro was such a -- polarizing figure. >> they will begin their journey to the birthplace of his revolution. donald trump met with mitt romney tonight for the second time since he became president- elect. here's new video tonight of he and his wife having dinner with the president-elect and the incoming first lady. romney is one of several contenders for secretary of
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republican senators say it has to be someone who trump can trust. >> it has to be someone he's comfortable with. >> rudy giuliani and pattious are both also -- pa trayious are also cob tenders. -- con tenders. many member many members of the current administration say they're not going anywhere. he spoke about the complexities of international politics and made a clear jab at the mrekts's message of respond -- president-elect's mess only of -- message of responding to events. >> you have to be confronted with honesty and confidence not with slogans. and with little pithy tweets or
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complexity of this age. and if we don't do that we will fail to be able to lead because we will not be taken seriously. >> kerry expressed remorse that his predecessor was unable to break what she called the highest glass ceiling in the country. tomorrow they will hold leadership elections and an ohio lawmaker is making his final pitch to he says after years of democratic losses across the government it is time for a new face to guide the party into the future. >> we got to ask ourselves when we walk out of the room tomorrow what are we going to tell the american people? what happened on tuesday and what we've not been able to do since 2010 is okay. we're going to keep going down the same path. or will we have a new passenger, a new method and a
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democrats since 2003, the same year tim ryan was sworn into congress. she says she has the support of two-thirds of the caucus. we'll let you know what the house decides tomorrow. we choose to talk about weather. >> we are going to talk about it. first of all a quiet year for tornados across the united states. i mean a record quiet year. well, tonight we're making up for that a little bit. a big moment -- tornado outbreak at this moment in alabama, mississippi. those are tornado watch boxes. a line of thunderstorms to the west of atlanta. there's memphis, tennessee, jackson mississippi, these are tornado warnings in the pink. several reported touchdowns already at least seven tornados today in that area. here's why, low pressure here
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moisture from the gulf of mexico. we will not have to deal with severe weather here in northern ohio. some of this rain moves our way and as it pulls north and east it's going to draw in much cooler air just in time for your weather weekend. tonight the rain begins closer to dawn. and as we head through the day tomorrow you notice the rainfall totals are not that impressive. a quarter of an inch or less for most spots. your hour by hour as we take you through commute. there you go, lower 50s. some showers aroind. a little bit of a break here and there with a few peaks of sunshine by midday. a few more showers with the cold front moving by by late afternoon. winds sustained five to 15 miles per hour. could have a gust to near 20. here's the warm air surging ahead of the front. watch what happens. the front you can see it. here comes the cold front right here at about 6:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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sweep these 50 to 60 degree temp as way and bring back normal late november, early december temperatures. 30s for lows, 40s, lower and middle 40s for high for the weekend and beyond. tonight 52, mostly cloudy mild and dry. tomorrow a high of 58. widely scattered showers. cold front arrives late afternoon. actually 6:00 p.m. we're talking after sunset. 8:00 a.m. 53. afternoon with those hit and miss rain showers and southerly breezes. akron tonight will go 48. tomorrow 60 with scattered rain showers. let me show you the seven-day. get ready for the cooldown. 58 tomorrow. then 42. these are close to average highs for this time of year. remember first day of december is here. the average high 43 degree. we'll be 42. a few showers.
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friday, saturday, sunday night into monday. and a few showers on tuesday. and again back to normal with temps lower, middle, and a few upper 40s. sports time. how would you like to see ohio state and michigan play again this year? the new college football poll, the standings are out. and the cavaliers can't take anybody lightly and they found that out tonight.
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now news 5 sports. brought to you by brunswick auto mart. >> see where we're at. you know what they do, they do it well. everyone is going to have to be locked in. they move the ball well and obviously shoot a lot. >> that was delly before
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really weird seeing him in a bucs jersey. he gave his old team the game plan to beat the cavaliers. cavs got smoked by the bucs. ren this play? -- remember this play? remember when he did this for us. bucs had five guys in double figures three off the bench, michael, greg monroe two of them big run. lebron had 22. cavs lose 118-101. >> they're a go they're playing well. especially in front. >> college football polls. didn't have much to say. soft spoken after the game. college football poll came out the one that sets the national semifinal. alabama still number one clemson state, washington four. and michigan five. if washington loses, and depending on the big 10
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let's talk about the brown. they'll be able to go to any one of their three quarterbacks mean meaning rg3 is back. griffin won out of the gate but was hurt in week one. he was the browns player they elected to take off the ir and bring back today. a little action after having to sit out eight weeks. today head coach hue jackson said it was the right time. >> getting back in rhythm, playing quarterback in our system. as i said before he hasn't taken -- he hadn't taken a lot of reps. we had to get the quarterback in the game ready. it's not like training camp. you're preparing for a team. we got to see where that is and get a feel for where that is and go from there. >> even in an 0-12 season
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least he has shown he can. six catches for 131 yards. a bright light on a cloudy season. >> guys that want the ball and make plays, stuff like that it's human nature especially as a widout. -- wideout. or you're in my situation where i was playing quarterback now i'm playing wide. i feel like guys that want to make plays time plays want the ball period. you know? >> now the browns need to get him signed long term. the hue jackson show you can hang with us this week. even though the browns don't play, it's a bye week you can watch the hue jackson show on news 57:00 on thursday night. and then -- 7:00 on thursday night. and then 11:30 on saturday morning.
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i follow his instructions and he told me danita just say goodnight i am done. >> these poor feel are tired. >> they're sick of looking at us. >> we appreciate your time. have a good evening. >> you speak for mark all the time. >> hey hey. energize your morning with good morning cleveland and news 5 now traffic updates from the akron canton airport traffic
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, benedict cumberbatch, isla fisher, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from flatbush zombies. and now, moving right along -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. very nice of you. hi, everybody. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. wow, that's very nice. i'm glad you're with us. you know, we have a good one tonight.


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