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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 30, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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it's november 30th, time for amazing viral videos "right this minute." a man holds a 3 year old at knife point in a store. >> just the beginning of a six-hour ordeal. >> how a mother begs for her child's life while undercover cops sneak in to save the day. >> that was a good move. >> are you all right? >> yes. paraglider. see what they are trying to prove with one crazy stunt. >> no, no, no. come here, good boy. >> rescuers try to corner a lost dog. >> its leg is severely injured. >> the immense effort to capture a pup that is way, way far from home. >> what? >> we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bringing you the best on the web. and a slippery celebration involving --
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>> what happens when rugby players jump the gun on game time. >> they played well here. that's all that counts. >> somewhat familiar scene at "right this minute," cctv from inside a convenience store. usually expected to be a robbery of some kind, but this is a lot scarier. wearing a mask over his face, not uncommon to be honest in china, but this moment right here, pulls a knife and grabs a 3-year-old child and places a knife to th starts asking for money. it's just the beginning of a six-hour ordeal. >> six hours? >> later in the video, police are called, crowds start to gather. there's a heartbreaking moment right here and that's the mother there, drops to her knees begging for this man to let my child go. >> why wouldn't he? were they willing to give him money? >> the story continues. this gentleman right here posing
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police officer, offers the guy a car, money, which the guy refuses. later on, a second plain clothes officer using everything. by this point now, snipers are set up outside across the street. a few hours pass where the officers have gained a bit of trust, making their way inside the store. the child is now exhausted and has fallen asleep. see them there, group surrounds, they've got bottles of mineral the officer decides to offer some water to the hostage taker. you see right here, this is the moment as he hands him the bottle in the video, slows down a bit, you can see as the guy is distracted, takes the knife and the officer tackles him down to the floor and suddenly everybody else just floors in and takes the guy into custody. >> that was a good move. >> no guns fired, nobody was injured. the child was fine. the story is still kind of up in the air as to what this person
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because he was run up by debt collectors, so the story continues. you guys remember when you were a kid towing that kite behind you, running down the street? you had to maintain your speed to do it, right? >> yeah. >> the same theory applies if you're towing a para glider. you have to maintain speed to keep the paraglider at elevation. migu truck pass by. hey, yo, can i get a lift? sure. here we go. the driver of that volvo 540 is luiz, a 12-year veteran truck driver and the whole demonstration they are showing off here is the brand new technology behind this volvo, including the d-13 engine and the i-shift dual clutch
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still pretty darn cool. >> and volvo knows that. that's why they are showing you what it means by towing the pen paraglider behind. the idea is the truck can maintain speed whether it's shifting uphill, corners, it can maintain speed without going -- and losing speed. watch this. keeps it smooth. >> dude! >> no video trickery in this one. they actually pulled this stunt off. if you're still confused why this works so well and what's so fascinating and cool about it -- >> main innovation here is that you have two gearboxes in one. when you're driving, the next gear is already preselected and then you shift very smoothly. >> formula 1. >> sure does, that's technology they've brought into the world
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maintains their speed. >> on july 25th, the crew at hope for paws received a call there was an injured mass tiff in the l.a. river, in one of the canals, and you can see that its leg is severely injured. in fact, it looks like the paw might be broken. >> got a >> this is definitely a pet, and it's actually a she. it took them hours, you guys, to pull this rescue off. the dog was scared. it kept running away from the humans. eventually they were able to get close enough to her to be able to apprehend her. even when they have the rope around its neck, they still let her sit there, just to calm her down, not stress her out too much. there were people that were
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rescue go down. they thought maybe these guys needed help pulling off the rescue, so they ended up calling the los angeles fire department, who brought help in the form of a crate. they were able to lower it down, raise her back up, and give her to medical care. here's the thing, this dog was found in los angeles, but it's a resident of arizona. >> what? >> was it brought there by a family and then escaped? >> it sounds like the family did driv weekend. the dog got spooked with the fireworks and took off. the family was sure that they had lost the family pet. >> this happened back in july. tell me now they have been reunited. >> they have been reunited and here's why. the dog was microchipped. and so that's how they were able to find out the name of the dog. >> hey, tinker bell. tinker bell. >> bigger than --
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family. they called them after the dog was put in a cast. the family was eventually reunited with the dog. >> really brought her back to health, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> this is a very iconic scene from mission impossible. you have tom cruise lowered in by a rope, trying to steal something without being discovered. the internet is filled with people recreating scenes from a movie. >> is that -- >> yes, that is. what could they be looking for? >> neither. >> there are two cups in there. they said they don't have a stick long enough, so they decided to just get one of the workers all touched up and lower him down like tom cruise. >> let me get this straight --
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would show up for work all the time, right? will they succeed? cherry pickers suspended. let's see how he does. >> i hope the rope snaps. >> you don't have to hope that. >> that's why you weren't invited over. look how effective this is and he's not going to get there. >> doesn't get the first piece. but there's one more to go, you guys, does he do it? >> men are pieces to a machine. all you guys are. >> i like that. >> honestly, i think this is quite a brilliant idea. >> does he get it? yes. but he dropped the first one, is he able to do it, hold on? >> no. they are totally messing with him. >> and the boss is laughing his booty off. >> only thing missing is 20 minutes of sprinting.
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closed captioning provided by -- what's the one food you'd do anything for, anything? >> italian food, i'll cheat.
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on. >> what about chicken? >> everything tastes like chicken. >> these dudes in china, see them rushing in and rushing out. what was that? chicken. >> takeout chicken? >> this is a real chicken run. full on chicken run. they went in and stole chickens. >> yes. except this isn't the first time they've done it. they've hit this farm at least three times and they were finally caught on camera. reports are they have stolen over 200 and you know they are not, like, releasing them and setting them free. >> reports not only were these men drunk when they stole the chickens, but that the reason the men gave was he's addicted to chickens. they are trying to get the product for free and sell it or anything like that. >> wait, just surrounds himself with chickens? >> no! no, they are eating the chickens, silly. apparently the third time's the charm.
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though, i'm drunk, the last thing i feel like doing is -- >> as you can imagine, they were caught. this next video also takes place in china. we're at a store and there's a little girl and her mom. and they are doing some shopping. >> sure they are. >> yeah. you're on to them. the angle changes and while the mom creates a diversion, the little girl goes behind the counter and starts going through the drawers and she's nabbing do, learn from them. what are you learning here? >> they've taken a lot from several stores because the owner of this store says once they filed a report and went to the police station, several other store owners were also at the police station, leading them to believe they hit several different places and they are still looking for them. >> even if they do get caught, they are not going to suspect the mom did it. >> living under a rock, then you don't know what the mannequin
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the camera goes all the way through, just showing what everybody is doing, highlighting the whole scene in a video of frozen people. watch this guy play guitar. no idea what the mannequin challenge is, don't move. if you move, you ruin it. stop, you're ruining it. stan, what are you doing? stan, you're ruining the mannequin challenge. doing it better. >> oh, my goodness. >> she was already stuck and then once she came to, she was still stuck because she was so shocked. >> everybody in on this? >> everybody was in on it except amy right there. she was like, really? and once people realized that the question had been popped,
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>> that's cool. you know, i really like this mannequin challenge. people are getting really creative and it never gets old. >> it's a good way to keep her from running away. >> that's cute. >> congratulations, stan and amy. fun activity where you go out and explore urban areas. this guy, though, has come across something very cool. almost freaky. >> empty >> not an empty house. see this? >> yes, it's a church. >> it's beautiful. completely abandoned? >> it is. oh so much more interesting as you approach the front door, you see here, wooden peg out. when he opens the door quite unexpectedly, inside -- >> sanctuary! :right. the thing is -- >> oh, my gosh. >> i reckon you guys can probably figure out where or why.
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years. >> chernobyl. >> that's right, it's in ukraine. this is after the chernobyl meltdown, there was a reactor fire, radiation spread itself across europe. this area of the country was basically locked down. everybody had to leave. almost everybody did. some people stuck around. >> i feel like i'm in a video game right now. searching and looking around. >> exactly. >> fallout 4. >> it is really fascinating and it is a little same time. that area was opened up in 2011. if you wanted to go and learn about chernobyl and things like that, but they still caution you because it will be inhabitable in about 20,000 years. >> you would think over 30 years the roof would develop leaks and holes and the vegetation would be overgrown and the building itself would break down. >> looks like someone just moved out yesterday.
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>> you guys are going to love this story and where it even began. >> next "right this minute". and still to come -- sometimes you got to sleep, but you want to eat your spaghetti, too. >> i mean, come on. >> i'm so hungry, but i need to go to sleep. >> you can't find your face. >> why this mess si meal is the most adorable one you'll feast your eyes on all day. plus, something is wrong with the car up ahead, but how these guy on the move. but that annoying hard skin just keeps coming back. and always way, way, way too soon. no matter what you do. amop? presents pedi perfect... a new level of hard skin removal. it removes hard skin thoroughly yet effortlessly and reveals the silkiest smoothness you can rely on. because it lasts, and lasts, and lasts. this holiday season give the gift of long lasting smoothness. amop?. love every step.
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heading down the highway, realize something is wrong with your car? don't stop. this cell phone video from inside this car will explain exactly what i'm talking about, because as the folks in the car pass the other car -- >> i saw an episode of macgyver when i was a kid where they did something like this. what on earth? >> this is real life. instead of pulling over, this dude just got up o car, popped the hood, and he is just filling her up. >> it works because it has one of those hoods that is from the front. >> then the guy driving has to drive like this. >> exactly. and as dangerous as this is, they pulled it off. in new zealand officials are wondering why they kept losing traffic cones. >> anything like the uk, students get drunk on the way home, putting them on their head. >> you're both wrong.
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readjusting. >> what? >> yes, the birds. you see they come in, oh, all right. knock that over, knock that one over, readjust, and good-bye. they wanted to make life difficult for the folks who were trying to keep everything marked off. these two videos are so stinking precious. they are going to make your day. this one from viral video uk. i mean, come on. >> i'm so hungry, go to sleep, but i'm so hungry. >> you can't find your face. understandable, you're asleep. >> so cute. >> it's actually a she, her name is scarlet. >> how you eat as a baby and you end up eating like this as an adult. >> yes. >> it's true. you lost your job. >> i'm so jealous.
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now, over to the next happiest video. we all know babies can't figure out if they want to sleep or eat. >> they just figure they want to sleep when you need them to wake and wake when they need to sleep. >> sometimes it's like that, you need to sleep. >> in this case she does need to sleep. she was really tired because she is very active. in this case needed her sleep more than she needed her >> too busy to chew. a rugby team was in the mood to celebrate, so -- >> they did it like this. >> oh, my gosh. >> why sliding in their skivvies
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all hacks, go to our website,, or check it out on our mobile app.
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celebrate. sometimes head to the pub. champagne showers, not this rugby team. they did it like this. >> strapping, everybody. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, my god. >> and, oli, while you say strapped in, i say strapping, because this team is composed of a bunch of strapping young who needs a certain fly when you've got some water? >> oh, my gosh. this is awesome. >> this happened freshman year of college on our third floor dorm room. blocked the doorways, soaked down in water. i took off, i was like, somebody's getting in trouble. >> well, they didn't get in trouble, and you see them here in their skivvies, one man is mopping everything up while the other -- yeah, girl. while they just won a rivalry game, advancing to a
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let's just say that they lost. >> celebrating too early. >> local media attributes the activities happening in this video to that loss. >> no. they didn't play well that game, they played well here. that's it, thanks for watching, everybody, see you on
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