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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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park. david dunn was being treated at fairview hospital when he got up and walked out. >> reporter: the 30-year-old inmate is named david dunn. he was taken to fairview hospital on a medical furlough and managed to walk out of the building. he was last seen in an orange jump suit running into these woods behind the hospital. he's 5-foot 11, 215 pounds and bald. he has a criminal history drug possession, and theft. cleveland police are assisting in the search. >> he is going to be missed so much by us and his friends. >> another family heart broken tonight as police are still searching for the person who
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woman in cold blood. lesean sanders and sarah marsh are the couple and we just learned she was pregnant. right now there's still no motive. live from the sheriff's department with the very latest. >> reporter: these two families are definitely brokenhearted tonight. i talked with one of those families earlier today. you you could sense their pain and they wanted this killer caught before he hurts someone else. >> it doesn't seem real. it jus he's gone. >> the tear keep coming for patricia jones a day after her brother, 33-year-old leschonsean sanders were killed. >> the way he was killed was just senseless. >> sanders and marsh have a 13-year-old son together.
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10 weeks pregnant. jones said sarah was a sweetheart. >> sarah was the sweetest girl. oh my god. >> authorities say this man 25-year-old david calhoon jr. is the shooter. he had an argument with the couple a month ago. his sister and mother tell me they're brokenhearted over the >> sarah was so sweet. >> lesean he was sweet. it's killing me. that was my baby. he was my only son. plus he was my baby. and i'm just so tore up inside. >> the sheriff says calhoon is armed and dangerous. he served prison time for armed
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be caught before he hurts someone else. >> i just hope that they catch who did this. and they definitely get what he deserve. >> calhoon is still on the loose tonight. >> right now police in akron are investigating a triple shooting inside a local business. it happened inside the academy barbershop on west exchange street. police say around 11:00 this morning the shooter entered the business yelling at another customer who was getting his hair cut at the time. he then pulled out a gun and began shooting hitting three men. right now police are searching for the gunman, as for the victims one of them labeled in serious condition. back here in cleveland a man was shot in a robbery on the city's west side.
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grabbed him from behind and he was shot twice. no word on his condition. >> chickens, and pigeons, and turkeys, and rabbits, and all kinds of stuff. >> while it is an animal hoarding case like the city of cleveland has never seen before. more than 200 farm animals pack into a backyard the city ordnance. >> this is the latest ordnance the city just emailed me about restrictions on keeping farm animals. according to this geese, roosters, and turkeys are prohibited. and they're required to have 800 square feet of space for every chicken, duck, or rabbit. this is the home where 211 animals were seized by the cleveland apl. >> just shocked. that's all i can say.
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door neighbor was. >> they're nice neighbors. come over once a week and hand us eggs. >> the man and woman who live in this house are married, in their 50s and from a foreign country. he said the animals were not part of a business. they were pets. >> he had a couple in there that looked unhealthy. >> yeah. >> but what do you expect with 200 animals. >> this is a first and this is rough shape. >> the conditions in the yard as you can imagine with this number of animals were extremely poor. >> some extremely thin. others have sores. according to the cleveland department of public health a person can have two farm animals if their property is 14,400 square feet with one additional animal per each additional 1200 square feet. >> you hear the pigs and stuff.
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sounds actually. it's pretty quiet now. >> neighbor beth smith is baffled be i the news. >> maybe just a few roosters, a couple of chickens, and we thought that was it. >> the animals were seized after a call was made to the apl humane investigations hot line. the first complaint about this house. charges for violating the number of animals allowed on a property and cruelty and neglect are pending. >> this just abducted a brooklyn teen was sentenced today. >> news5 was first to break this story when it happened. christopher shroder will spend the next 15 years in prison. a teen told police after meeting him on a messenger app he threw out her phone sim card so she couldn't be track and had took her to missouri. a richfield officer who
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today. he would have spent the next 18 months behind bars. but it was suspended as long as he completes two years of controlled release programs. and the program director at the time actually took money for personal experiences from 2010 to 2016 he must also pay back 15 thousand dollars out of the 26 thousand dollars that he stole. in about an hour donald trump and mike pence are set to it's part of their thank you tour after winning the presidential election. their first stop was a plant in indiana. >> he appeared at a carrier, he convinced them to keep one thousand jobs here in the u.s. instead of moving them to mexico. mike pence is still governor of indiana and says the company was
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it's contingent on capital investment, employment, and job retention. president elect donald trump put other businesses on notice. >> i want to let all the other companies know that we're going to do great things for business. there's no reason for them to leave anymore. your taxes will be at the very, very low end. and your unnecessary regulations are going to be gone. >> keep in mind congress must approve any tax breaks or other changes when mr. trump appears in ohio. and in governor kasich is not scheduled to be there. he will be in columbus instead. >> all new tonight at 6:00 ohio pulling the plug on the operating license of one of the few remaining abortion clinics in the state. officials say the women's medical center of dayton is breaking the law by failing to retain an agreement with nearby hospitals for emergencies. they also failed to name an inadequate number of physicians
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appeal this order. chief meteorologist mark johnson what is up? >> 20 degrees colder than it was 24 hours ago. right now cloudy, breezy, about 41 downtown. on the radar a few little lake effect sprinkles trying to drive into downtown. so expect that over the next little while. current temperatures, light rain, cleveland 31. windchills hovering near that 30-degree mark. so it's going to be a cold one out there. your forecast, the winds will stay blustery. temps will fall down into the middle 30s by sunrise tomorrow morning. we'll stay mainly cloudy and again in the snow belt i can't rule out an isolated snowflake or rain drop. for many of you.
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we can say lebron james brings cleveland their first championship in 52 years. now we can say he is gracing the cover of sports illustrated as the 2016 sports person of the year. the magazine choosing the cleveland cavalier star after leading our team back from a 3-1 deficit. the 12 time all star helps at risk children pursue higher education in his hometown two time winner of the award. we say congratulations lebron. still ahead at 6:00 robbery rides, a serial robbery rise again. but what this crook forces victims to do after robbing them at gunpoint. only on news5 we're showing you how these veteran inmates
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giving you a closer look at a program geared towards the ageing lgbt community getting back on their feet with a place
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local veterans behind bars serving their time for crime but some of them now being placed in a special unit. the only tv journalist allowed inside, kristen this is all in effort to reduce the recidivism rate. >> that's right. and it's called the veterans housing unit. it's a place where a small number of inmates who are all veteran, all men can get specialized help with job training, education, there are structures programs, a man spoke to the inmates about va home loans, clothing assistance. >> it's the second of its kind in the state, one of the first inmates to live here was matthew sentenced to jail for assault. now he's a free man and a chef. >> it made it easier being with
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rather than a group that don't know what you've been through. >> he tells us he credits the housing unit for his success saying the bond he created with other inmates who are veterans just like him helped motivate him to be a better person. the director of the county jail says the program is no cost to tax payers and while there is no special housing unit for female inmates who are veterans we're told they receive the same kinds of services. >> new tonight at 6:00 serial robber who forces his victims to give him a ride afterwards. it's happened at least seven times. victims held at gunpoint then forced to drive to an atm to withdraw money. >> after the robber gets the money he makes them drop him off at a street corner. all the victims describe the thief as well spoken and very calm. if you recognize him call crime stoppers. the doors to a unique
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us. a look at why the first of its kind facility is in high demand. an in depth look at this project and it took nearly two decades to get off the ground. >> a woman was trying to find a low income senior facility for her and her partner to move into together. but turns out there were none so the idea of a place for us was born. it's geared towards members of the ageing lgbt community which often deals with poverty issues. 45% of single lesbians 65 and older have an annual income of $20,000 or less with 27% p below $10,000 a year. it also offers services geared towards gays and lesbians. some residents use the popular
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>> when you're in your flock you feel safe, you feel comfortable. your ability to be happy increases. >> while a lot of its residents are gay and lesbian, a place for us provides housing to everyone who's eligible. the goal promote diversity and celebrate all aspects our our community. the housing is 55% occupied. >> hello mark johnson what are you working on? >> wor bit of snow. >> did you find a little bit? >> coming into cleveland a few rain drops but as you get into the high ground a little bit of snow. let's get right to it. look at that sky in downtown cleveland. yeah, skies are not what we want them to be right now. the chill has come back. what's happening? well notice a little bit of lake effect we have out there on the power of five live doppler network. the temps falling into the upper
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shore they're still at 41 degrees. let me turn on here some of the radar products we have. look at those showers showers right here. notice the green would be some rain showers. lake effect rain. now inland areas are seeing some wet snow. see a little flakes in huron county. and medina county around a few little flurries. there's cleveland, a few sprinkles reaching into avon lake. but the i-271 corridor a little bit of snow. and there you have it scattered snow showers invading. i don't think there's going to be any accumulation because the ground is warm and wet. but if you would wake up tomorrow morning with a little
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would be about it. inland areas in andover a little bit of snow. a few little lake effect showers here and there. let's widen out our view and i'll show you the map set up. look at that cold air just steam rolling in behind the cold front that is now here. the good news is do you see any severe thunderstorms anywhere? no. no tornados today. no monster thunderstorms good news there. notice our future cast radar as we head through the evening hours. we'll show you, we'll keep some lake effect snow and rain going. primarily east of cleveland into tomorrow mornings rush as well. here's lunchtime friday. we still have that little streamer. could there be a stray flake or sprinkle inland? sure. but i think it will be mainly cloudy. then through friday evening a
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afternoon. same scenario. with the temps hovering right around 40 degrees. so no more 60s. at least not for a little while. 36 tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy, and chilly. tomorrow why not 42 mainly cloudy with an isolated mix primarily east of cleveland with rain and wet snow. shouldn't slow you down. seven-day, saturday 41, maybe an isolated mix in the snow belt. sunday we'll see another system moving our way. an organized will spread in during the afternoon a little bit of rain perhaps mixing with some wet snow. 44, and you notice, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday we are staying in the 40s, and we've got a little bit of rain coming in next tuesday. >> andy baskin is here now. and are we talking basketball? >> can you do a little bit better with the weather?
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tonight. what a transition. cavs tonight, clippers could be a preview of the nba finals. and lebron and baseball. oh lebron has to pay up a bet
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perhaps an nba finals preview tonight the cavs hosting the clippers. cavs won 13 of their last 14. and lebron was named sports illustrated person of the year. golden state's dreymond green started running his mouth about the cavaliers, today lebron was asked about the warriors and a possible part three of an nba final. >> it would and foolish of me to play another finals. it would be disrespectful to my teammates and the rest of the league. and disrespectful to the warriors, i have zero0 entitlement
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he has to wear cubs gear at the game tomorrow. >> hat down to the pants and socks. >> cleats? >> no i'm not wearing cleats, i've got a basketball game to play. just the uniform. you i was responsible, it's a bet. you've got to fulfill you're bet. nothing more to it. >> he's got to wear a cubs jersey tomorrow. >> whole uniform, that stinks. a new say this time the all star game is for real. it's for fake. it will no longer decide home field advantage in the world series. the team with the best record, what a great idea, now get it is honor of home field advantage. >> look who's back, i told you i'd talk about tiger woods playing for 15 months in the bahamas. he had two double bogeys, the hero world challenge, he's in 17th place.
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and as you know, in order to be up at the top of the board leading shooting eight under par out here you can't make those little mistakes. and i did. i made them. >> by the way don't forget the hue jackson show tonight at 8:00. >> guy needs to shave. shave this off, your games game gets better. >> you can caddy for us any time. >> news5 at 6:00 has brought to you by the ohio
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tonight, breaking news, reaction pouring in at this hour to donald trump's victory tour. his stop at carrier, announcing he saved hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. just down the road, another factory set to close. critics pouncing. will president-elect make the same deal also breaking the school in lockdown, the parents who discovered guns missing at home. they rushed to the school. the hostage drama. the bank robbery suspect holding dozens at gun point. inside their efforts and the armed standoff. the view from the disaster zone. the death toll now raising. this evening, the announcement from dolly parton.


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