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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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news 5, good morning cleveland starts now. >> for the third time in just a few weeks, a local barbershop is the scene of a shootout. >> and meg shaw is live in akron. >> and one of the last remaining abortion clinics in ohio about to close. the loophole officials are using to shut it down. >> plus, it's time to pay up for the king. lebron making good on a bet. you won't believe what the king the court in chicago tonight. >> oh boy. all right, first, meteorologist j.d. rudd in the weather center and he's keeping an eye on the falling temperatures. >> hopefully he is wearing something long sleeved and warm. it's a big difference. chilly when you step outside this morning. trust me, it will get colder than this. but still, you step out this morning, air temperatures in the 30s. windchill factor in the 20s, it's not pleasant, but it's
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surprise, a few showers and lake effect snow flurries. the area will be in our north eastern locals. that's going to continue as we go through this afternoon. not just for cleveland, for akron and canton as well. sunshine may try to peek out around 8:00 this morning. otherwise, high temperatures around 40. a few more spotty showers this evening. we'll talk more about that as the morning j.d. still tracking that roll over 77 north and grant. so you see the delay beyond 480 still at this point and it is impacting your drive. of course, those drives impacted a 24 minute ride right now. 77 northbound. typically, we're at a nine minute commute. well beyond a ten minute delay. let's pull that up and not really an improvement.
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how long it has taken to get that cleared. flashing lights and police on the scene trying to get a tow. at least traffic is getting by. but again, i keep telling everybody, plan ahead if your commute is 77 as you approach the city. over to you guys. >> thank you, kristen. it's becoming troubling trend. local barber shops, the latest target for violent criminals. >> three shots have been shot up. good morning, meg. >> good morning sarah and nick. police tell us they are looking for the shooter this morning. they say he took off after firing several shots. we're told a 20-year-old man showed up here at the barber shop and started arguing with the shooter who is getting ready to have his haircut. after words were exchanged, the man started shooting. three people were struck. the shooter, a 17-year-old and a man in his late 40s.
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hospitals. >> once the shots started being fired, everybody was running out the barber shop. capes on, had shaving cream on their face and neck. our officer happened to be driving by when the car came in. everybody was running in every different direction. >> now police do have an extensive description of the suspect. you can find that on our news 5 app. but if you know anything about this incident, police. >> thank you, also this morning, new developments in a shooting. the two victims were expecting another baby. authorities say 25-year-old, david darnell calhoun, jr., killed sanders and marsh. calhoun is on the run. sanders and marsh have a 13- year-old son and marsh was pregnant again. family members aren't sure what led to this shooting, but calhoun had an argument with the couple a month ago.
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he is gone. i just hope that they catch who did this. and he definitely gets what he deserves. >> the sheriff says calhoun is armed and dangerous. served time for armed robbery and patrolled in april. >> the search for an escaped inmate. police are looking for david. he was last seen in @ fair view hospital ar afternoon. office aeros went to pick him up, but he went there. he's wanted on theft and drug charges. hey be also be facing escape charges now. two summit county business owners are dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. the journal reports the sheriff's department found them dead in their home. the pair owns hill supply. a well known dairy equipment
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being investigated. >> news 5 first told you about the more than 200 farm animals rescued and this morning, we're getting a look at where all of those animals were living. we are talking about chickens, roosters, turkeys, dust, a pig, a goal, and more. a number of these are illegal to have in city. no one was home by, but we did talk to some neighbors. >> they are polite neighbors. they come over once a week and brings us eggs. >> the animals were seized after a call was made to the apl humane investigation's hot line. it was the first complaint about the house. charges for violating the number of animals allowed on a property and cruelty and
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clinics in our state. the women's medical center is breaking law. : it doesn't have a nearby hospital. this case is likely toil toll be a similar regulation was a substantial obstacle to an abortion. >> donald trump victory. trump says this story is to thank his supporters in important battleground states. still plenty of protesters in attendance. >> now that you put me in this position, even if you don't help me one bit, i'm going to get it done. don't worry. >> trump's thank you tour will continue over the next few
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he thought he would have done better in. well, what a year. first, we all know lebron james bringing cleveland their first nba championship in 52 years. now he is gracing the color as the 2016 sports person of the year. lebron is their pick, not only because of his work charity. lebron janes tiger woods. honored during a ceremony in brooklyn later this month. >> and we're going to see lebron in different colors tonight. payoff a world series pet he lost to the bulls, dwyane wade. lebron will be wearing a cubs uniform during a warmups. yup, nay are old friends and made the friendly wager when
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>> it goes to show. >> he's a man of his word, lebron. you think 2009 -- i tonight think so. high school football championships continue today and tomorrow. here's the forecast for today. the shoe in columbus will be on the colder side. cloudy as well. it stays dry. for us, a couple spotty showers may come our way, especially as we go into sunday. may mix with a few snow flakes. temperatures in the low 40s. i see a small rm week. >> okay, j.d., thank you very much. thank you for starting your friday with us. still ahead, it will soon take a lot less for federal agents to search millions of computers and cell phones. what this means for your privacy. >> plus, how does this sound? low calorie chocolate doesn't
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go to break, here's a look at what's coming up on good morning america. in this morning's first look, philadelphia police, the fbi, and the bureau of explosives are searching for this man, a person of interest who dropped off a package they say contained a homemade explosive device that left a man with serious injuries. >> this person did, in fact, drop this parcel at that location. >> in this newl surveillance video related to the package last week, you can see the man put something on the doorstep and walk down the street for several blocks. police described the man as asian, wearing a lumber jack style hat with or flabs down. police have not yet found a motive, but the package was addressed to jim ailing. in this photo from his hospital
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your time now, 6:13. a death toll from those devastating wild fires is on the rise. as of now, it is at 11 and expected to go up. closer to areas hit the hardest. the drone video is given a firsthand look. and the city is still off alice hagler is recounting just how fast those flames overtook her cabin. they got the first call at 6:30 monday night. she was scared about the win. two hours later, the house was on fire. that was the last time they heard from her. >> they were finally able to make it on the mountain. we have destroyed it.
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kind of knew. >> the brothers say while their mother's death is devastating, they are focusing on the community and helping all others who lost everything. >> moving to politics, president-elect trying to block the election recount in michigan. these filing requests to stop it and calling it. meanwhile, in wisconsin, that state's recount continues. temporary workers flipped through the stacks of ballots under the watchful eyes observers. a recount also possible in pennsylvania. now another recount is being ordered in north carolina's governor race. the state's board of elections has ordered a partial recount of 94,000 votes in durham county. republican incumbent, governor pat mccrory lost the election to roy cooper by 10,000 votes. but mccrory is refusing to concede. republicans say there are voting irregularities, but
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we now know who will leave the pentagon if president-elect trump gets his way. james mattis to lead the defense department. trump is set to meet with a possible energy secretary candidate, senator heidi of north dakota is a democrat. if she's appointed, she could give the gop a bigger majority in the senate. nick. >> the obama administration says it is requiring women to register for the military draft. the wh committed to an all voluntary military, adding women is an important step for equal rights. >> also allowing americans to search cell phones with a single search warrant. republican senate leaders denied the request for a vote. the justice department says the updated rule is needed to track down cyber criminals.
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and surveillance. now for a check on weather, here is j.d. rudd as we take a look from the earth cam. it is cold out. >> it's chilly when you step out this morning. thank you for waking up with us this morning. here's a checklist for today. a couple things you may need or want to do as you step out on this friday. one of the biggest things, the coats and gloves, ladies, the lip balm dryer air. it's that time of year afterall. just try to help you plan things out. temperatures across the area, the mid 30s across the county. 36 in -- that's not with the windchill factor. that's just the air temperature. and it's cold everywhere. all of us are in the mid 30s. as far as things go, as we have the house decorated for the season, we're going to see temperatures move into the
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mostly cloudy sky. many of us will wind up staying dry. the exception right here, still seeing some lake effect showers. perhaps a wet snow flake or two. that continues to work its way off to the east as we go through the morning. more of those lake effect snow showers possible as we head through the afternoon and this evening. here's future cast showing you where things should be. there again, north eastern areas may see that rain, light flurry mix here and the windchill factor making it feel more like freezing as we go through the afternoon. clouds will stay in place. if you're heading out, whatever it is tonight, dress in layers, a few spotty pockets of flurries may work their way through. may dodge your windshield. shouldn't be a major concern for tonight. as we go through the weekend, there is a chance we see more rain, snow mix activity by sunday afternoon into sunday evening. snowfall amounts will be under half an inch.
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some areas. otherwise keep your eyes peeled for the usual slick spots. we'll check your seven-day forecast in a couple minutes. now, a traffic alert. >> good news. that roll over north right at grant, all clear now. but you see the yellows and reds on our screen just showing the delay still hasn't shaken out as of yet. we are backed up beyond 480. the good news is, your drive time is improving. now we're at an 18 minute commute. we were typically, it's a 13 minute ride. i'll show you all those lanes back open. again, it's going to take time before those drive times improve and that delay improves, over to you. >> the doors to a unique housing complex in cleveland are now open. a place for us is the first low income senior facility designed specifically for the lbgt
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in poverty. in northeast ohio, 45% of elderly lesbians have an annual income of $20,000 or less. residents say they enjoy being around other seniors with similar life experiences. >> when you're in your flock, you feel safe. you feel comfortable. your ability to be happy increases. >> well a lot of the residents are gay diversity and celebrate all aspects of the community. >> business news now, starbucks stock taking a big hit after the surprise announcement that the ceo is stepping down. dropping 3% in after hours trading yesterday. while howard schultz will step aside, he's not going away. he will open more high end starbucks shops. >> remember the man who was
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jacking up the price of a life saving drug from $13.50 a pill to $750. that is used to treat infections of people with weakened immune systems. well, what if we told you that medicine could be made for $2 a pill? that's a group of high school students in australia accomplished. they did it in their high school chemistry lab. their goal was not to sell the drug, but to show how outrageous is. >> that's incredible. smart kids there. >> that's amazing. >> up next on good morning cleveland. one of the biggest movie stars in the world returns to his favorite city. where you can see tom thanks this weekend. >> we have been talking about this all weekend. the massive fish bigger than the man who caught it and then some. >> plus, super screen 5 is up and running. you're watching good morning
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this is our favorite story of the morning. check out this picture. yes. that is a 112-pound cat fish. >> looks like a whale. >> it does look like a baby whale. it was caught in north carolina
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rod and didn't know if it would be possible to reel it in. it took him 30 hard minutes of struggling to get the fish in the boat. the cat fish is only 5-pounds away from a state record. get this. it will have a chance to grow, because the fisherman set it free. kristen, are you going to try to catch that now? >> absolutely. i'm going to try to beat that record. not. i don't think that's possible. your drive time is haven't seen any big problems. i'm happy about that improvement. we are back down to an 8 minute ride. up to speed after that roll over vehicle all cleared at 77 in grant. and the akron area, no issues for you on 76 or 77. let's pull up that shot at 77 at grant. i'll show you what it looks like. all lanes back open. we're back in the green. j.d. >> 6:24. i'm thinking about the fish guy again. he's going to lie to his friends at some point and say it was 600 pounds.
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as you plan out the weekend. low 40s saturday and sunday. a late day rain, snow mix sunday. accumulations will be minor. tuesday, rain looks likely. thursday is a dtw. what's that? it's a day to watch. storm system may get close to the area. that could bring some significant snow. we'll keep our eyes on it for you. >> this is a stw, a story to watch. cutting the sugar, keeping the delicious chocolate taste. >> new low could revolutionize the industry. nestle discovered a way to cut the amount of sugar. it's like hollowing out sugar crystals and right now they are testing the new sugar in a kit kat. they plan on rolling out the new products in 2018. we'll have to wait and see. sounds too good to be true. >> we need to test the product. >> i'll be free to test it any time they want.
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>> he's a guest of honor at the greater cleveland film commission behind the camera event. >> very cool. the yearly program draws big names. previously, it featured the cast of hank's produced show, band of brothers. and last year, it centered on the cleveland born director's, the russo brothers. this year, it's all about tom hanks, his connections to cleveland, really cool stuff. it's happening at 8:00 tonight at the intercontinental. >> and start as part of great lake theater. santa claus getting himself a holiday makeover in portland, oregon. this is hipster santa. he is at portland's pioneer place mall. instead of a jolly red suit, black glasses, blue jeans, and a sweater. he also has tattoos, piercings, and a man bun. >> have to have a man bun if you're a hipster. >> fans of the christmas story, listen up. you could get the ultimate fan
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start saving now. >> and ryan locthe could get out of his charges, but he has some stipulations to meet
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news 5, good morning cleveland starts now. more gunfire erupting inside of a barber shop, three people shot. this time in akron.
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right now. >> then, stranded at the alter. but it wasn't the husband or wife that didn't show up. get this, it it was their ride. >> always a classic, you can celebrate christmas just like ralphie parker did. this is your time to bask in a holiday classic. >> a live look outside where it's feeling like crest mas already. >> yes, on i'm listening to our radio partners, the official christmas station. i'm thinking, what it's missing, we need some snow. i don't see any of it coming this week. we have the cold air. maybe a few snow flurries are trying to fall in the area this morning. same thing we saw yesterday. i think that is going to continue for this afternoon and for this weekend. but no meaningful snow is coming our way in the foreseeable future. i mean the next 3 to 5 days.
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40 at noon. a cloudy sky, a few spotty showers later on this evening. that's going to make for a coal cold night on the town. we'll talk more about your weekend. >> j.d., traffic is picking up, a couple slow pockets to see. 490 and 77 as we head south. we're looking good in the akron area. canton checking in. notice the little slow pocket there, 224. nothing too concerning. let's pull up our view and 90 in fulton. we are getting busier. but at least not tapping the brakes too much at this point. over to you. >> thank you, kristen. it happened again for the third time in the past few weeks. gun shots ringing out inside a local barber shop. news 5 is live at the barber shop. she has been there all morning. meg, what have you learned? >> well, nick, akron police say the shooter is on the run this morning.
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haircut here when here on west exchange when it all happened. a person was inside seconds before bullets went flying. >> okay, somebody hit? >> we all got out of there. >> it happened around 11:00 thursday morning. police say a 20-year-old man walked into the shop and started yelling at another man inside getting his haircut. that man pulled out a gun several bullets. three people were shot, including the man who started the argument. the other two people caught in the cross fire are 17-year-old and a man in his late 40s. all three were taken to area hospitals. here's a description of the man say police say fired those bullets. a light to medium complex male. he's 20 to 30 years old. weighing 140-pounds with a 1 inch afro. he was wearing large framed
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with tears up the front of the pant leg. he is still on the run this morning. if you know that description, recognize that, or know anything about this incident, please call akron police. live in akron, meg shaw, news 5. >> thank you for the update, meg. right now, the search continues in portage county for a man who shot and killed a couple expecting their second child. sanders and his girlfriend, sarah marsh, year-old son. david darnell calhoun, jr., is responsible. family members aren't sure about what led up to the shooting, but calhoun had an argument with the couple about a month ago. >> he is going to be missed. so much by us and his friends. it doesn't seem real that he's gone. >> just heartbreaking. the sheriff says calhoun is
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robbery and was paroled in april. the community is upset about a bill that would make t.j. lane eligible for parole. lane currently serving life without parole for killing three high school classmates. several bills in the state house would change juvenile sentencing laws. one would make prisoners like lane serving life sentences eligible for parole when they took 40. according to the maple leaf, members are urging ohio legislators to think before passing this legislation. the man who abducted a brooklyn teen will spend the next 15 years in prison. news 5 was first to break this story when it happened. a facebook tip led it to christopher and the girl. teen told police she met him on a messenger app, then threw out her phone, so she could not be tracked and he took her to
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the alter. >> the limo company in cleveland is accused of leaving couples high and dry on their wedding days. maid of honor and the groom ordered three separate limousines from aqua limo and the owner took their $1200 deposit and signed a contract and said everything was set. they never dreamed that the cars would not show up. >> i was very confused on how especially on your big day. >> calls and e-mails went unanswered. the address listed on the website turns out to be a storage company and aqua limo has an f rating from the better business bureau. the couple is fighting to get their money back. >> switching gears, if you're a big fan of a christmas story, you'll want to pay attention. >> how can you not be?
6:36 am
life of ralphie. all money raised will go toward home improvements in the neighborhood. >> we are trying to be the good neighborhood. we bring about 65,000 people a year through the neighborhood. i figure the neighbors should get something and be compensated for what they get. >> in addition to this two- night stay for four people, you'll also get $800 in kr phac story gifts, and your very own pen. if you want to win this, be prepared to dig deep into your wallet. >> here's the live bidding. it's going for just over $3300. last year, it went to a family for $8500. another holiday tradition is the annual ge lighting display in east cleveland.
6:37 am
at its headquarters for 92 years. the light show features a series of displays for each season. more than 500 ,000 l.e.d. lights and stretches along several blocks. the display will be lit today and it will stay up until january 3. well, coming up, bringing your money to life. the new app just released that builds the white house on top of a dollar bill. okay. >> plus, new information about the from one cleveland's backyard. we'll take you to that house
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it is 6:40. good friday morning. i'm j.d. rudd. here we are sneaking up on the first weekend of december. maybe it's time for you to cut down the perfect christmas tree, bring it inside and decorate that thing. here's the weekend forecast in case you'll be doing these things. it's a great weekend inside. temperatures both saturday and sunday should be in the low 40s. we have a chance for a rain, snow mix. mainly on sunday. a few lake effect showers possible tomorrow. >> thanks, j.d., highways are in good shape behind me. 930 and kennel worth. a water main break. those details coming up next. >> thank you. also now a deal on the table for disgraced u.s. swimmer, ryan locthe. >> brazilian prosecutors are
6:41 am
charges, but it's going to cost him. locthe is accused of lying to investigators about being robbed at gunpoint during the rio olympics. locthe now saying he exaggerated the claim. prosecutors have reportedly offered a plea deal. if he pays a fine of just over $20,000. all charges will be dropped. locthe has yet to respond. well, what's it like to attend a state dinner at the white house or see marine one land on the south lawn? >> you now have the chance to see all of that on top of bill. how cool is this? thanks to a new app released by the white house. you see it there, it uses new technology to open up the doors to the white house. more americans than ever before and point at the smart phone using the app and bam, your dollar bill comes to life by creating a hologram right on your dollar bill. >> i'm going to down load the app. >> we'll have to test it out after the show. a missing inmate on the loose in northeast ohio. where he escaped and the latest
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>> then, a campaign to meet king james. an akron family going all out to make their grandfather's
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continues with the morning sprint. >> first, a live look outside this morning, you will certainly want to bundle up because it's cold. >> chilly to say the least. our weather and traffic team are here preparing you for the weekend. we start things off with j.d. rudd. >> we'll start thinking the upper 30s are warm and tropical. it's all about perspective this time of year. here are a few things we are watching as we go into the weekend. we'll keep it on the cold side. a few showers and flurries. the best significant rain, i'll call it, will be on sunday. that's the day we could see rain, snow mix, especially along the lake shore and the snow belt areas. temperatures this morning, yes, it's cold. mid to upper 30s. windchill factor with those west winds at 10 to 20. it feels more like the upper 20s. here's the outlook for this friday, may see a peek or two of sunshine, perhaps in some areas this morning. it's a cloudy sky. temperatures topping out in the low 40s.
6:46 am
more like freezing, literally, when you step outside. here's the satellite and radar picture. a few showers and even the radar indicating a couple snow flurries in northern sections. this is not going to amount to a whole lot, but don't be surprised if you folks here see that little mix this morning. more of the same as we head through the afternoon. let me walk you through it with our future cast. keeping our eyes on the area with the rain, snow mix. back up toward the ashtabula area. i don't think we're in a few sprinkles and flurries dot your area. a better chance for scattered rain showers or perhaps a wet snow flake or two. temperatures in the mid 30s this evening. it's going to be on the colder side. over the moisture, moisture will work its way in, meeting up with the cold air across the lake. that's our best chance for rain, snow mix, especially by sunday afternoon into sunday evening. we'll come back and talk your seven-day forecast in a little
6:47 am
to talk about. kristen. >> that sounds exciting. all right, we are delay-free right now on all the major highways. we have a water main break. a water main burst here at 77 right at east pleasant valley road. the water department at last check hadn't gotten to the scene as of yet. that burst water main break happening in the right lane, use caution in that area. let's head outside and check on 90. east and westbound looking fine into the city. nick. >> not too bad as we weekend. two business owners are dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. the journal says the sheriff's department found david dead at their home. the pair well known in that area. they own a dairy equipment business. the cause of the carbon monoxide leak is being investigated. news 5 first told you about the more than 200 farm animals rescued from the backyard of a home in cleveland and this morning, we are getting a look
6:48 am
were living. this is the home where the animals were taken. we're talking turkey, chickens, a pig, goat, and more. the animals were seized after a call was made to the apl humane investigation's hot line. some local veterans serving time at the jail are now being placed in a special area. it is called the veteran's housing unit. the men can get help with job training, education, and guidance on their v.a. benefits. it's the only second of its kind in the state. jail officials say the program is no cost to taxpayers. right now, there's no special housing unit for female. but we're told they receive the same kind of services. >> ohio is polling the plug on one of the few remaining abortion clinics. officials say that women's medical cent every is breaking the law.
6:49 am
precedent is with the abortion clinic. ruled a similar situation in texas, an obstacle. >> well, the doors to a unique housing complex are now open. a place for us is the first low income senior facility designed specifically for the lgbt community. the 55 unit apartment complex is on the cleveland lakewood border. it in poverty. in northeast ohio, 40% of lesbians have an annual income of $20,000 or less. >> it's a real pleasure. real honor to be here. i want to thank the mayor and his staff for trusting me. >> akron has a new fire chief. swearing in clarence tucker on his birthday, not a bad gift.
6:50 am
city's history and only the second african american to lead the department. tucker has been a firefighter for 28 years. >> actor, tom hanks coming to chief land today. >> yeah, he is the guest of honor at the greater cleveland film commission behind the camera event. the yearly program always draws some big names. this year, it's all about tom hanks. his career in hollywood. his connections to hollywood as well. while in town, he'll also speak to high school students and hanks is getting his start at the great lakes theater years ago. and what a year it was. brings cleveland the first championship in 52 years and now a chance to grace the cover of sports illustrated as the 2016 sports person of the year. the magazine says lebron is their pick not only because of his work on the court, but more importantly, his work off the court in his charity, the ?? lebron james foundation.
6:51 am
only two-time winners of the award. and speaking of lebron, we're going to see him in some very different colors tonight. it is to pay off a world series bet he lost to the bulls, dwyane wade. lebron will be wear ago cubs uniform during warmups. they made the friendly bet when the indians were wearing the cubs. tonight's game is at 8:00. of course, in chicago. and every sports fan dreams of meeting their favorite well one akron family is going the extra mile to make that dream come true. the family has started a fies facebook campaign so their grandpa can meet lebron james. he's a lifelong calves fan. he's been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and recently returned home from hospice. his family's post has been shared 400 times.
6:52 am
him dancing around in lebron james socks. >> that would be special. are you ready for football? now is a big weekend for high school football. four local teams fighting for a state title, wanting to get hardware as well. at 10:00 this morning, starts early. take on maria marion. tonight, takes on st. xavier out of cincinnati and tomorrow in division three, archbishop will play division five. canton central catholic takes on cold water. perry lost last night. don't go anywhere. the morning sprint continues
6:53 am
now in the morning sprint, yet another barber shop
6:54 am
here in akron on west exchange street and police say the shooter is still on the run this morning. we're told a 20-year-old man showed up here at the academy around 11:00 thursday morning. he began arguing with a man inside. seconds later, that man getting ready to have his haircut pulled out a gun and fired off several shots. three people were hit by the bullets, including that 20-year- old who showed up here. all were taken to area hospitals. police say the shooter after the bullets went flying and is still out there this morning. now we do have an extensive description of him on our news 5 app. but if you know anything, please call akron police. live in akron, meg shaw, news 5. >> moving to fair view park where the search for an escaped inmate enters its second day. police are looking for david don. he was last seen in the fair view hospital area yesterday afternoon. officers went to pick him up from the hospital, but he
6:55 am
charges and when he's caught, he'll be facing escape charges, too. new developments in a township shooting. two victims were expecting another child. authorities say 25-year-old, david darnell, calhoun, jr., killed sanders and sarah marsh. right now, calhoun is on the run. sanders and marsh have a 13- year-old son and marsh was pregnant again. the sheriff says calhoun is considered armed and dangerous. calhoun serves prison time for armed robbery and in april. president-elect donald trump taking a victory lap. he kicked off his thank you tour right here in ohio. he appeared with vp-elect mike pence at a rally in cincinnati. this tour is to thank supporters in battleground states, but still plenty of protesters in attendance. trump's thank you tour will continue over the next few weeks. >> vice president-elect mike pence just moved to a temporary home in washington, d.c. and
6:56 am
district's chevy chase neighborhood are flying rainbow flags to support gay rights. pence, a social conservative will live there until he is sworn into office in january. >> well, today marks one year since the terror attack in san bernardino. and several memorial services are planned to remember the 14 lives lost. >> we want to show you new video at a gun range. two days before the mass shooting. farouk and malik opened fire during a holiday party at the police killed them both in a shootout later that day. >> the parents of a high school student were able to disarm their own son before a shooting at a school could escalate. two missing guns at their home and then rushed to their son's school. the 15-year-old went into a classroom with students and fired a shot into the ceiling. moments later, his dad managed to tackle him while his mom took two loaded weapons away. the teens motive unknown.
6:57 am
charges, including taking a weapon inside a school. >> the death toll from those devastating wild fires in tennessee on the rise. as of now, it's at 11. expected to go up as fire crews are able to get closer to areas hit the hardest. the video giving us a firsthand look at how bad that damage is around gatlanburg. 14,000 people were forced to flee the area. the city is off limits. >> bus stop forecast looking like this. frosty fingers the next few minutes. it's cold for recess at no as kids leave school this afternoon. >> i notice a broken down car right at grant. interesting that is clear. and we do have also a report of a stalled out car near 71. so not too bad this morning, but some minor hiccups. >> a lot of changes on the roads all morning long. thank you for watching us, the news continues next on good morning america. >> and we'll be back in 25
6:58 am
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good morning, america. president-elect trump shakes things up on his victory lap. makes a main ajouncement to the crowd. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> as hillary clinton and donald overnight going head-to-head in a nasty post-election showdown. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform. >> it did. >> kellyanne conway joins us live this morning. wicked weather. the south reeling from that tornado outbreak and devastating wildfires. now new storms moving in. the urgent warning about rains and flooding in in the deep freeze on the way for millions.


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