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tv   Noticiero Univision  Univision  September 19, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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what happened? where are we? i don't know. it's like... we're not anywhere. stewie, what the hell did your machine do?! just calm down, calm down, brian. i've got the return pad. all right, step on. what happened? good lord! this is impossible! what? well, the return pad works by first locking onto our coordinates along the curve of the space-time continuum. but it can't. why not? well, the only explanation is... we've somehow been transported outside the space-time continuum. i don't-i don't understand. stewie: non-existence. no past, no future. no universe. but still somehow a large,
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brightly-colored promo for the cleveland show. hey, y'all, it's the cleveland show! stewie: huh. that's weird. black guys usually don't promote themselves. [ male announcer ] getting a complete meal on the table under 10 bucks? now that's smart. the new kfc $9.99 6-piece deal. 6 pieces of chicken... 3 biscuits, and one large side just $9.99! today tastes so good. just $9.99!
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come on, stewie, can you fix that damn thing or not? well, it's not broken, brian. it operates according to the laws of physics, but we're outside the space-time continuum, so there are no laws of physics-- watch. how the hell'd you do that? no laws of physics, brian. we create our own physics. see, watch this. (snaps fingers) ♪ bum-bah, duh-duh, bum-bah, duh-duh ♪ ♪ bum-bah, duh-duh, bum-bah, duh-duh... ♪ ♪ heart and soul ♪ bum-bah, duh-duh, bum-bah, duh-duh ♪ ♪ i fell in love with you ♪ ♪ bum-bah, duh-duh, bum-bah, duh-duh ♪ ♪ heart and soul ♪ bum-bah, duh-duh, bum-bah, duh-duh ♪ ♪ the way a fool would do ♪ ♪ bum-bah, duh-duh, bum-bah, duh-duh ♪ ♪ madly ♪ bum-bah, duh-duh, bum-bah, duh-duh ♪ ♪ because you held me tight ♪ ♪ bum-bah, duh-duh, bum-bah, duh-duh ♪ ♪ and stole a kiss in the night ♪ ♪ bum-bah, duh-duh, bum-bah... ♪ (chuckles) did i tell you? yeah, that was good. we were good. yeah, th-that's why it sucks that we're alone here.
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because if-if-if there were people here, they would say, "that was good. you guys should do that more." oh, yeah, they totally would, but look-look, i still want to go home, stewie. how do we get outta here? well, if i overload the return pad's reactor, it might release enough energy to blow us back into the universe, but it's too risky. but it could get us home? well, maybe, but it'll break my thing. and if i overload that reactor, we could both die. well, you at least have to try. and if you don't, i am gonna spend the rest of eternity chuckling at a joke that i am not gonna share with you. (chuckles) oh, oh, man. what? what's the joke? (laughs) oh, yes! what? what is it? (laughs) you-you can't say that! but it got said! wha-what what?! by who?! all right, fine, fine! i'll try it, you bastard! now, step onto the return pad. now brace yourself. hopefully, the explosion will propel us into reality. (beep, whirring, electricity buzzing)
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(electricity buzzing, crackling) we made it. yeah, we made it. okay, now tell me the joke. oh, it's nothing really. it's just this bit about a planned parenthood clinic on halloween. next. brian, i am about to show you something that's gonna blow your mind! do you know what the big bang theory is? yeah, the theory that the universe started with a massive outward explosion from a singularity of infinite mass and infinite density. check out the big brain on brian! good. now, take a look. stewie: the universe's cosmic background radiation, a kind of echo of the big bang, precisely matches the energy spectrum of my return pad! well, what does that mean? it means my return pad's explosion was the big bang. but the big bang happened, like, billions of years ago. no, no-- we were outside the space-time continuum.
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time and space didn't exist until my explosion. which means i created the universe, brian. that doesn't make any sense. you were born in the universe. how could you create it? it's called a "temporal causality loop." the universe created me, so i could create it, so it could create me and so on. that's... that's the most incredible thing i've ever heard. so, wait, that-that means that... i kinda created the universe, too. (wry laugh) no, no, no, no. you're, you're sort of the art garfunkel of the universe. well, i'm off to the farmers' market. i've gotta pick up some plutonium for a new return pad. in case i decide to make another universe later. plutonium at the farmers' market? yeah, i'm only using organic plutonium now. think globally: buy locally. hey, slut, get me out of this. (crowd murmuring) hello there, yusuf. hey, stewie! what can i get you? oh, just a little of the good stuff for a new time machine return pad. coming right up. so, how's the whole terrorism thing goin'?
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well, the good news is my son died in a car bombing. the bad news is he borrowed my car! ♪ (laughs) oh, god! oh, that's the other reason i come here. okay, so here is your plutonium. i hope you kill my bitch wife with it. whoa, whoa. where's that comin' from? eh, i'm just a little upset because she left me. i guess she didn't know what "jihad." ♪ come on! oh, sorry! ♪ so... stewie griffin invented a time machine.
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(gasps) bertram! hello, stewie. you don't realize it yet, but your life is about to cease to exist. what are you talking about? i am going to kill one of your ancestors, effectively erasing you from history! here! play with this! at least you can spend your final moments doing something you enjoy. you know, it's funny, i had actually stopped playing with that toy, but now that i see you with it, i kinda want to play with it again. (giddy laughter) look at me! i'm mowing the lawn! (giddy laughter) (time machine hatch shuts) what the hell's all that noise? brian, it was bertram! he's gone into the past, and he claims he's going to... (gasps) stewie, what's going on?! (whooshing) (gasps) peter, what was that?! (whooshing)
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quick, brian, into the time machine! stewie, what the hell was that?! those were ripples in time, brian, emanating from some point in the past. and there's only one explanation. bertram told me he planned to kill one of my ancestors. he must have succeeded, thereby changing the past and erasing... me. but what has that got to do with...? i created the universe, brian! bertram didn't know that by removing me from history, i wouldn't be there to be accidentally thrown outside the universe and subsequently create it. so the universe never existed! well, we have to stop him! yes. unfortunately, bertram took the return pad with him, so we'll only get one shot at this. ah, here it is. now we'll have to travel back in time to a point shortly before bertram's arrival. get ready, brian.
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how long until bertram arrives? i can't be certain, but i'd say about 15 minutes. where do you think we are? i don't know. looks like... the renaissance. it does. this doesn't count as our trip to italy. brian, look! there's the mona lisa. and it's unfinished! we must be in leonardo da vinci's studio! (footsteps) quick! someone's coming! (gasps) that must be leonardo da vinci! stewie, he looks just like you! da vinci must be my ancestor. good lord! that's who bertram's here to kill! so that means you're italian. of course! my love for spaghettios and smoking on the toilet. it all makes sense. ew.
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we'll be right back with more... bertram had to go back enough generations to make sure he was snuffing out the ancestral source of my genius without affecting his own. and apparently, it's leonardo da vinci. well, we've gotta stop bertram. what are we gonna do? don't worry, brian, i'll come up with something. remember, i'm a genius. like thomas edison. thomas, what are you doing?! experimenting. brian, look! (whirring, buzzing) mama mia! what is this-a?! leonardo da vinci, i presume. who are you-a, little-a lisping baby? your assassin, you overrated caricaturist!
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(gasps) stewie! that's my name, don't wear it out. (laughs) see, that's brand-new to him. (creaking)
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ey! ey! you're about to be yesterday's hopscotch chalk on a sidewalk, stewie! erased! yeah, no, i-i got the metaphor, but, bertram, if you erase me, you'll destroy the universe!
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what are you talking about? listen to him, bertram! it's true! brian and i were trapped outside the space-time continuum and the only way for us to get back was to overload my old return pad! the resulting explosion was the big bang! so if you kill me, you're killing yourself and everything else that ever existed or will exist! worth it! (groans) you fool! (grunts) hey, bertram, what's your favorite kind of bottled water? huh? mine's arrowhead. (groans)
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my god, he's really dead. this is it. yeah. but why hasn't the universe ceased to exist? i don't know. unless... there's still a chance of me being born. but da vinci is dead... yes, but we're still here. so i must have done, or will do, something that will save the universe. if i can just figure out what that is. (sniffs) oh! bertram just voided his bowels. that's it! the genetic material needed for my creation is inside me. so i'll take da vinci's place and pass it on. wait, how did you get that from "bowels"? huh? i'm just wondering how you got that from... you know what? i don't care. will that work, though? you taking da vinci's place? only one way to find out. all right, i'm going to send you back five minutes after we disappeared in the time machine. if all goes well, the universe should be intact this time. good luck, old friend. hopefully, i'll be leaving you a future to return to. i'm gonna miss you, stewie. good luck.
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you did it, stewie. you did it. (sighs) (knocking on door) uh... can i help you? (italian accent): are you brian griffin? yes. i'm-a from the vatican, and this is for you. what is it? the vatican has been holding this note for you for about 500 years. it was left to us by leonardo da vinci himself, with instructions that it be delivered to you on this exact-a date at this exact-a time. stewie: dear brian,
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it's been a week since you left, and i'm pretty sure i've set things right. so i've built a cryogenic stasis device, and am placing myself inside it, leaving instructions for it to be buried in very specific coordinates in what will be future quahog. if everything goes according to plan, i will have spent the next 500 years buried beneath our basement. oh, my god! (clears throat) a tip is-a customary! (clunk) stewie! (whoosh) stewie! stewie, you okay?! (high-pitched voice): you gotta kiss him to wake him up. what? i'm not gonna kiss you. stewie can't hear you. he's not awake.
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only a kiss will wake him up. well, i better get meg. oh, oh, oh, where am i? wha...? stewie, what the hell happened?! oh, well, shortly after you left, da vinci's girlfriend showed up, so i injected her with my dna. you had sex? no, i put my dna inside her. right. you had sex. no, what are you not getting? i put a sample of my dna in a syringe and i injected her on the staircase, the couch and the balcony. well, whatever the case, thank god. yeah, i know. oh, hey, i brought you something from da vinci's workshop. a candle? i can get a candle now. you couldn't have grabbed me one of his original notebooks? you know, i didn't have to bring you back anything. it's almost like you didn't.
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