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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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>> and stolen from an art gallery cameras all around this, art heist is not from a movie. it's the real deal. >> and new hampshire can make or break a candidacy and the first vote will be cast in just an hour. we're live in the granite state. good evening. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. we begin with a case of a bay area girl attacked in a shopping mall bathroom. police released pictures of the suspect earlier today. tonight that man is behind bars and the 6-year-old girl is home with her parents, paul mueller joining us live from the pinellas county jail. paul, how did police catch this alleged attacker? >> reporter: police got a whole lot of tips and one of them really panning out, police actually calling. he actually came down here to answer their questions and this is where he wound up, jail. >> it was an accident that he went into the wrong restroom. >> reporter: yes, you heard right. that's what 18-year-old ricky
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>> at what point in time, i'm not sure when he realized he was in the women's restroom. >> reporter: that 6-year-old girl certainly realized screaming to the top of her lungs here at the macy's bathroom at countryside mall friday night. >> she panicked and screamed at the sight of a man in the women's restroom and he then panicked. >> reporter: he tried to quiet her cries by covering her mouth. she fell on the floor while he took off. so how can kids ever be prepared in case something like this were to happen? >> being a 6-year-old child you can't really do a whole lot to injure a fully grown attacker. >> reporter: james tut tut not only has two kids of his open. he also teaches self-defense. >> you scream and you escape. >> reporter: the attack has mothers sounding off. >> no mother should let their kid go to the bathroom by themselves. i don't care if you're a father or mother or whatever. >> reporter: police had this strong message. >> you don't put your hands on
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girl in a restroom. >> reporter: johnson was there at the mall that night to meet his estranged wife to take custody of his child. that never happened because he had to take that bathroom break first. >> what a horrible memory this little girl will have to live with, too paul. how is she doing? >> reporter: police are telling us tonight she's doing okay physically, but man, she's emotionally traumatized. they're telling me she's doing as best as can be expected, keith. >> paul mueller live in clearwater, thank you. now to breaking news, crews in pasco county are working to fix an overpass on i-75. a truck carrying a crane smashed into it earlier tonight near overpass road and wesley chapel. here's another view of the scene from eagle 8 hd. traffic is backed up for miles. 1 lane of i-75 northbound will stay closed overnight as crews work to repair that overpass. northbound lanes of interstate 275 in tampa are
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this is the scene from eagle 8 hd a few moments ago. crews are working on a spot that has been giving drivers headaches for weeks. northbound traffic needs to detour off 275 at lois avenue and get back on at armenia. northbound entrance ramps at dell delmably and heinz will be closed until -- delmabry and heinz will be closed until tomorrow morning. it's like a scene straight out of oceans 11, a precious piece of art worth thousands stolen from a high end gallery at the chew chuhuly -- the chuhuli collection. >> reporter: to give you an idea of the size of this piece
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it's about as tall as our microphone. it was there one minute and gone the next. >> i would more or less say i'm heart broken. i was completely shocked. >> reporter: one gorgeous piece of glass stolen on sunday in seconds, a delicate design worth $25,000 from the prestigious chuhuly collection. >> she said that a piece of stolen, so figured might as well take a look because it's kind of a historical moment. >> reporter: we were there as detectives went through every inch of the gallery. they even found a shoe print near the crime scene. here you can still see the glue left behind after the thief grabbed the glass with the tiles still attached. the chuhuli collection is known for its unique display of the arts, certainly lots of nooks and crannies, plus at any given time on the weekend there could be 200 people inside.
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suspect seen on surveillance? most likely, yes of 28 cameras roll at all time. >> that's why we're looking through the footage right now to see if somebody had swiped it prior to close and ran out and somehow got out from under our nose. >> reporter: cops are now combing through all the footage, every angle, every visitor examined to solve this high end high dollar heist. >> just bring it back. that's all i want. >> reporter: so what's next for this case? right now we're working to get a photo of that suspect so we can share it with you and get this person, whoever the art thief is, behind bars quickly. >> pretty bold to say the least, melanie michael live for us in st. petersburg. thank you. you may have gotten the alert on your smartphone earlier today, an amber alert for a 10-month-old child.
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the little girl was in her mother's car in ft. lauderdale when a carjacker stole it. police issued a statewide amber alert. the child and stolen car were found not long after, that but the carjacker has not been caught. some incredible video out of st. petersburg. this shows the moment a crane topples right into tampa bay from a webcam shooting the demolition of the st. pete pier. the operator backs the crane up a little too far until it was over the edge of peter and as you can see right there -- of the pier and as you can see right there, it falls backwards into the water. the operator was able to jump off the crane as it toppled into the water. chipotle now says sick employees caused two norovirus outbreaks last year. the restaurant chain closed all its restaurants four hours today to hold a companywide meeting on food safety. chipotle is now offering employees paid sick leave so they don't lose money for staying home. now 8 on your side's your
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hampshire primaries. >> on the eve of the new hampshire primary candidates are making their final pitch if voter will head to the polls tomorrow morning. we are joined now live from hookset, new hampshire. what a day. you started off with george bush, marco rubio and donald trump and a little snow coming down. >> reporter: yeah, keith, good evening. you talked about marco rubio and donald trump. tomorrow night either one could be claiming victory. i was at a donald trump event earlier this evening and there was a lot of people there and i can tell you after being in new hampshire for a few days, the people here are very thoughtful when it comes to who they are going to vote for. >> i raised $6 million for the veterans, right? >> reporter: at the final trump rally before the primary trump did what he does best. >> they had a great rating. what would they have had if i wasn't in the debate?
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voters pumped the best way he knows how. >> we are the have a country or we don't. we're -- we either have a country or we don't. we're going to be so strong and let me ask you one question about the wall. who the hell is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> reporter: this could be the last rally for the trump voters or they could see him a lot more. it's all what they decide at the polls tomorrow. former florida governor jeb bush spent his day roughing the snow to get ahold of voters. >> i think we need a president that believes in the american people that won't push everybody down to make themselves look good. >> reporter: marco rubio also had many campaign stops trying to let voters know no matter what others say he can handle the job. >> governor bush referred to what we did in florida to protect against imminent domain abuse, that was my law. we helped craft that law from a committee that i chaired.
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the ballot. >> reporter: the question now is did those candidates do enough? governor jeb bush last night pulling out all the stops with featuring his president brother and also we will be interested to wait and see what happens. keith? >> we know it's kind of quirky des moines new hampshire. new hampshire. you have a couple of precincts that open in a couple hours and then the polls open at 8:00 some places, 11:00 other places and all these folks have to contend with the weather you're experiencing now. it's been snowing for a while. what's it look like tomorrow? >> reporter: it's been snowing for about 12 hours now. the snow is supposed to continue for at least a couple more hours. in new hampshire they are accustomed to the snow, so not a huge big deal for them, but they say there's such a large percentage of undecided voters and wonder if this snow will be enough to keep them at home
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>> candace mccowan reporting live for us in hookset, new hampshire. thank you for that. >> we will have complete coverage all evening. the polls close at 7 p.m. then at 11:00 we'll have the results and reaction from hampshire. you don't want to miss all that. still ahead new cases of the zika virus in florida. >> coming up next what health officials in the bay area are doing to help stop the spread. >> every dog has his day and thanks to 8 on your side this deserving pooch finally gets his in a loving new home. >> a cold front is set to move through the bay area. we have been chilly. chillier florida temperatures,
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion to help fight the zika virus. meanwhile there are two new cases of the zika virus in florida. that brings the total number of cases of the mosquito borne virus in the state to 16. the only cases in the bay area are in hillsborough county and at three. hillsborough county mosquito control officials have placed more traps around the county due to the increase in cases and news channel 8's jim melanie joins us live from the health departmentful. >> reporter: as far as we know, none of those mosquitoes
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>> reporter: as for as we know, none of those mosquitoes that have been collected tested positive for the zika virus. this is one of the very common mosquitoes in the state of florida. marion vega can't help but to worry about the zika virus. >> i'm very worried. around. >> reporter: she lives next to a wooded area on eureka springs road where mosquitoes are prevalent. >> i have mosquito strips. i also have boxes over there in the other side with mosquito repellant. >> reporter: but vega isn't the only one working to protect her home. mosquito control placed several traps like these on her street. in all 65 traps have been spread out around the county to help combat zika. so far three cases have been reported in our area. >> it became very clear that we needed to use a different method to trap these mosquitoes. >> reporter: dr. carlos fernandez, director of hillsborough county mosquito
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grand traps to lure certain types of mosquitoes -- ground traps to lure certain types of mosquitoes. >> these kind of mosquitoes, they like to go to something that is from the waist down, nothing higher than that. >> reporter: we can thank the cooler temperatures for keeping mosquitoes at bay. only 17 bloodsuckers were found in the traps from the weekend. virus. >> the weather conditions are anything. the mosquito go outside when it's too cold, when it's windy and when it's raining. >> reporter: so again none of those mosquitoes like this one collected have tested positive for the virus. now hillsborough mosquito control says they do plan to go ahead and put out more traps on wednesday as well as continue to spray in several of those
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those positive tests come back. >> thank you. for those of you at home, if you want some prevention tips or more information about the zika virus, head to our website at a long time shelter dog now has a new home thanks to 8 on your side. on friday we introduced you to roofus. i has spent six years waiting -- he has spent six years waiting to be adopted. staff recently uncovered a letter from his original family hoping he would find a new home. news channel 8 viewer karen duffy seen here saw our story and immediately made plans to adopt him the next day. >> you could tell that he was a loving dog because of their response and their love for him and their wanting him to really find a good home. here we go. >> roofus is fitting in nicely at the duffy household. he has a yard to play in, a large bed to sleep in, lots to eat and he's already growing attached to duffy and her
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well, headed out to the state fair we should have some decent weather. obviously it's going to be cool. we've been talking about that. we night see a few clouds. there's a cold front moving through overnight, generally chilly, can't rule out a sprinkle. temperatures 51 degrees at 8 p.m., but dropping temperatures, maybe see clearing later tomorrow. we'll see our share of clouds throughout the day tomorrow. the eight-day forecast, the average line is 72 degrees. temperatures in the 50s and 60s for highs. 57 degrees at midnight, temps in the 50s, a slight chance of rain with the message of this front. it will help switch winds around to the northwest. it has been a breezy day today. it will bring in a cooler flow from the northwest. 56 degrees at 2 p.m. and temperatures with a lot of clouds, a little bit of sun, we'll see some very chilly highs. 62 degrees seminole, 63
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the front has not moved through, the wind west and southwest, milder flow. 59 bartow and cooler numbers to the north of us just north of crystal river. that will move through overnight. current winds are strong directly from the west sustained at 20 miles per hour in clearwater, tampa and st. petersburg gusting to 31 miles per hour at this hour. typically winds are a bit lighter at this point, but with the approach of the front it kicks up the pressure gradient. you can see by 2 p.m. in the afternoon winds are west and northwest 20 miles per hour potentially with stronger gusts than that. plan on a windy day tomorrow. by the way, a high surf advisory in place and rip currents as well. high surf advisory tomorrow. big picture here is all these pretty colors and squiggly line essentially say this trough will persist. that's next monday in the eastern part of the country. that allows cool air to spill
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surface cold front to the north, area of high pressure to the west and flow around the high is giving us a northwesterly flow into the state tomorrow, but it's this front here that will push on through the state and allow cooler air and freeze advisories, watches just north of citrus county. it just indicates the very cool air in the forecast. tomorrow morning maybe a sprinkle possible with a strong tends to drive these cumulus clouds and stir them up. can't rule out a light shower with that throughout the day. tomorrow evening partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, breezy and chilly, the lines of northwesterly flow. wednesday morning some morning clouds, winter jackets absolutely, cooler air, windy conditions wednesday afternoon. wednesday evening clear skies, lighter wind conditions and thursday very dry air, lighter winds expected overall as that area of high pressure is
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it will be nice, lots of sunshine but chilly of upper 50s next couple days, lots of clouds, windy, too probably the next two days. 60 degrees for a high thursday, getting into the weekend lighter winds for valentine's day there, slight rain chance through this period, got to recool the air for sunday as well. so a series of fronts moving through the area keeping it cool. just try to remember these days, guys, when you're in august saying i wish the cold front would come through here. >> i love everything about this weather we're having right now. >> enjoy it while it's here. coming up next in sports tonight the lightning suffering a bad night at the office, but did it cost them in the standings? >> two ends of the super bowl spectrum, one goes to disneyland, the other criticized for actions on and off the field. >> plus love is in the air. here's what you'll see tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. >> valentine's day is just around the corner. i'll tell you some of the most
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where you can spend the day. >> love is in the air all this
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>> well, in a long nhl season teams are bound to have bad nights, but the lightning picked a bad time to quote brian boyle. it was ugly in ottawa and now the bolts have company at 62 points with boston and detroit. one of those teams is a wildcard team. andre got the start tonight, not his best performance coming off a shutout a week ago. zach smith gets him there in the 1st period. how about this turnover by jason garrison? what is going on? vazzie a sitting duck for shane prince. garrison left the game, not playing tomorrow, lower body injury. got a little competitive here. jt brown, nice backhander, no. 6 on the season from him, but it's all sims from there in a 5- 1 blowout. look at this goal, ouch. oh, the bolts fortunately get right back on the ice tomorrow night against the canadiens.
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peyton manning wished upon a star and rode the float with mickey mouse today at disneyland. manning, of course, helped the broncos beat the carolina panthers in super boat 50, possibly the last time we see the -- super bowl 50, possibly the last time we see the future hall of famer on a field. mvp von miller posed for a picture at the press conference with roger good deal. he finished the postseason with five quarterback sacks and it was not all bad for the carolina panthers. they arrived home tonight to a couple thousand fans at bank of america stadium. the panthers brought that fan base to life with a 15-1 regular season. however, there was no disneyland today for quarterback cam newton, raked over the coals for his press conference walkout sunday night. newton did not envision this kind of scrutiny. he's been having fun all year,
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earned during the regular season and playoffs this self-inflicted. newton's quick walk out of the press conference did not make him look good, but let's give him an emotional pass. how about this play on the field? looked like he was just giving up, newton choosing not to dive in for a fumbled football. the broncos demarcus ware tried to bail him out after the game saying maybe newton didn't see it, but this is a disappointing finish for the best player in the league and, well, i can only hope the bucs watch this video because they play the panthers twice obviously next year. this is how you get to that team, pass rush. >> i'm not going to fault him for not jumping into that pile to get the football. he's the career player. >> it was almost too late because the player was on top of it and it wasn't worth risking. >> that's instinct, though, just one second. >> it's instinct to usually jump in. you don't want to see a guy get injured, but it's a one score game at this point, ouch. >> still happy for peyton
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fantasy 5, 5, 9, 11, 26, 31. it's going to be cool because a cold front is moving through overnight and windy, too. plan on a cool breezy day, lot of clouds. there will be periods of sunshine, but can't rule out a sprinkle here or there. those northwest winds will be strong. high surf advisory tomorrow which is not that typical for the west coast of florida. strong west to northwesterly winds throughout the day, obviously rip currents as well a danger. so be careful. not a great boating day either. gale warnings in place. >> that wind is already blowing. so no surfing for you tomorrow. make a note of that. >> come to work if you don't mind. history in miami today, miami jackson senior high school named the first ever female head coach in florida football history. this is lakatriona brunson, a pe teacher at the school,
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team known as bernice on the reality show south beach tow and you might have heard of her defensive coordinator luther campbell, uncle luke from the hip-hop group 2 live crew. >> got them all covered there. jimmy fallon coming up next. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow, your next newscast at 4:00.
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