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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> a skimmer exposed, an exclusive look at how police dismantled the tool used by crooks. >> and the thief who stole a pricey work of art, the surveillance video just released by police. >> good evening. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us. now you can say you've seen it inside a gas pump police finding one of those dastardly devices designed to rip you off. an employee at a st. petersburg gas station found the skimming device this morning. tonight we have the video showing police pulling it out and taking it away. paul mueller joining us live in pinellas county with that story. here we go, one more skimmer bites the dust, paul, but there's always another one out there stealing information. >> reporter: oh, boy, you can say that again and talk about pain at the pump, keith, skimming is skyrocketing and tonight we're seeing this from a whole new angle. pump no. 5 wide open, not for customers, but for cops. >> skimming, i tell you what.
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>> reporter: owe owe is right. we hear about skimming devices all the time, but we rarely see this, cops on scene actually dismantling one. the skimmer could have cost customers big time. >> we never had any problems over here. >> reporter: a check saw the seal on the pump -- a clerk saw the seal on the pump had been broken during this morning's check. no one knew when the scammer made their move. >> we're watching it all the time. >> reporter: but someone was able to get in. >> yeah. i don't know. >> reporter: they haven't had problems before here the clerk says, but this guy knows the best way to beat it. did you check beforehand? >> no, i didn't. i just paid with cash. >> reporter: customers who pay with credit or debit make sure the pump hasn't been tampered with. when you go to a pump, do you take any precautions? >> yeah. i check to see those are sealed. >> reporter: others regulars here couldn't believe it. they could rack up a lot of money on your credit card. >> are you serious? >> reporter: as for the investigation?
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like finding a needle in a haystack. >> reporter: they hope this is the last time they find a skimming device. >> to make everything right. >> reporter: now as for this skimming device, cops have it in evidence tonight. they'll dust it for prints, keith, and hope they can get some dna off of it. >> this seems way too easy for the criminals. why is that? >> reporter: that's the big thing, keith, and a lot of people know this, but the big fuel companies aren't doing anything about it. you see that keyhole right there? that essentially serves as a universal key, a master key. so essentially every gas pump in the entire nation can be opened up with one key and that is really why it's so easy, keith. >> sounds like that should be fixed. four teenagers are behind a massive car burglary ring in sarasota according to authorities. 18-year-old matthew gunn and three other teens skipped school monday and tuesday to go carhopping.
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the crooks wander through parking garages. they pick at door handles until, you guessed it, one opens up. officers recovered money, phones and electronics from their crime spree. one bay area mom knows all too well what teens are capable of doing. her 15-year-old son stole a car, but after his arrest he was just sent back home, basically no consequences. well, jamelle lamay joins us now. >> reporter: this happened about an hour ago. this mom had to report him again as a run-away. she said before that she hadn't seen her son in 22 days. she said she's pretty sure he was out committing crimes breaking into unlocked vehicles. she says that she wants the police, she wants the department of juvenile justice, anybody to step in and help, but that's not happening. these pictures show matthew
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his latest snapshot looks like this, a mugshot at 15 years old. he was arrested last month for stealing a car and burglarizing vehicles in pinellas county. mom tara miller says the department of juvenile justice let him go. >> i was under the impression that stealing cars was illegal and was a crime to which there should be some type of punishment other than being sent home. >> reporter: frustrated she says matthew's crimes have escalated from -- >> stolen cell phones and go pro cameras. >> reporter: to now burglarizing neighbors. she feels the department is not helping by giving him the slap on the wrist, not the reaction you expect from a mother. what's next? what's he going to do next? >> he views stealing a vehicle as not really a big deal. that's not a message that the justice system should be sending out to our public, especially our youth. >> reporter: mental health counselor alex chapanoff said the concerns are valid.
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>> sometimes if there's a consequence to a situation, to a choice that was made that wasn't available, then there can actually be a lesson. >> reporter: a lesson his mother feels he's not getting and the next crime could be worse. and your fear right now is? >> he's going to be hurt or he's going to hurt someone else. >> reporter: so this mom says that she's doing everything she can to help her son but feels no one cares. now it's pretty weird because most parents out there, they don't want to see their kids behind bars or in jail, but this mom is saying maybe some time will do him some good. >> you can certainly appreciate her frustration. i mean the system isn't helping her out as well. what is the department of juvenile justice -- does the department of juvenile justice have to say about all this? >> reporter: the department tells me it's a case by case scenario and most kids are just let out and released to their parents and possibly with a followup court date, but in her case she was only given a
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but with a run-away how do you keep him home to make that next appointment? again i should mention he's actually on his way to a family residence hall, but if they have no room, the same thing will happen over and over again. they'll call her and she's going to pick him up. >> i have a feeling she's not the only parent that can relate to this scenario. now to some breaking news, the fbi is moving in to capture the last people holed up in an oregon wildlife refuge. agents surrounded the remaining four protesters. they are trying to negotiate with them right now. they have been camping at the refuge since january 2nd. the group started with 16 people. one protester was killed. the rest have been arrested. new tonight two deputies in maryland are dead after being shot by the same man at two different scenes. one of the deputies was shot inside panera bread while responding to a call. later a second deputy was hit by the gunfire when he got into
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both deputies died at the hospital. the gunman was shot and killed by other deputies. tonight caught in the act with the art, this guy seen walking down the street holding a box. inside, the piece that he lifted from an art gallery. we got our lands on the new video just released -- hands on the new video just released earlier today. the suspect seen on the surveillance with the pricey piece from the chihuly collection worth $25,000. melanie michael has been tracking this art heist live all week and is live where the dropoff happened. >> reporter: hey, keith, good evening to you. we are live tonight in downtown st. petersburg walking the exact steps that the suspect took and while we're on camera right now, that guy had no idea that he was. it's the video we've been waiting to see, the mystery man with the missing art caught on camera, but here's the rub. he's giving the goods back.
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box he's carrying. inside there's thousands of dollars worth of gorgeous glass. good thing he didn't drop it. this delicate design from the chihuly collection will set you back 25 grand. >> this is an international gallery that is seen by people worldwide and it's important to us to make sure that this person that comes to our city doesn't take our stuff. >> reporter: one of the biggest breaks in this case came from nearby surveillance videos. turns out that businesses in the area have cameras all over the place. so now police are zeroing in on those ever important moments after the box was dropped off. and here's why that's so important. check this out. the man who did the drop suddenly struck up a conversation with a random guy for no reason and it's all over the surveillance. it was brief. cops think this could be a big clue and they want to find this fellow. >> we just want to get in contact with who he is. he is not in trouble whatsoever.
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the guy holding the box left behind one giant clue, his fingerprints all over the cardboard and lab techs are working to dig out his dna. and, keith, that's one of the questions we asked the detective today, what is next in this case? we're waiting on the dna and fingerprints, but that footage is pretty good and we're thinking someone will recognize one of those faces. 3,000 bucks is in it in reward money. >> so we see the man on surveillance video downtown, but what about the gallery video? >> reporter: well, that's 28 cameras inside that gallery. so hour by hour footage by footage frame by frame they've got a lot of work to do. they've been working around the clock and tell us hopefully by the end of the week we could see a clear image inside the gallery. >> when they catch a break, we'll pass it along. thank you. melanie michael live in st. petersburg tonight. they promised 8 on your side and they delivered.
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center after a dog was mauled to death there. today code enforcement gave pam morgan a cease and desist order. she has until monday to shut down her pet sitting business. a 6-pound yorkie was dropped off there and killed by a 90- pound dog. now a look at the presidential race, some disappointing results for some candidates in new hampshire leads to a thinning of the republican field. new jersey governor chris christie has suspended his campaign. he came in sixth in the primary in new hampshire. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina also throwing in the towel today. now the race moves to south carolina where the next primaries will be held. jeb bush is already there campaigning. still ahead you won't hear me say this very much, but a different kind of mile high club in las vegas. >> coming up next a couple caught in the act, so to speak, on one of sin city's most popular attractions and wait until you hear what they had to say for themselves. >> yikes. >> plus if you're heading to
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prepare to shell out more cash, how much more you'll have to pay to get into the park. we'll tell you. >> a chilly night ahead, freeze warnings in place for portions of the bay area, frost for other spots, very chilly temperatures eventually warming back up again. we'll talk about that coming
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. 8 on your side is going back to cuba as the u.s. considers lifting the embargo. congresswoman kathy caster is leading the delegation to havana this week. 8 on your side is the only television station covering that trip from cuba. caster will meet with port
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she is also interested in meeting with small business owners to see how changes between our two countries are impacting them. jeff patterson will be traveling to cuba tomorrow. you can watch his reports beginning tomorrow night at 11:00 right here on news channel 8. for years st. joseph's hospital and the city of tampa have been at odds over a large piece of property near the hospital. st. joseph's wants to make it a parking lot. the city says no. now it's up for a vote again and as 8 on your side's rod carter shows us, people are not happy about it. >> we're all against it. >> reporter: hector vargera has lived in this area near st. joseph's hospital for a long time. >> i've been here 50 years. >> reporter: he's worried a plan by st. jo's to tear down this parking lot is going to bring his property values down and he's not alone. >> i didn't work for this, okay?
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these are my golden years. >> reporter: neighbors put up signs claiming st. jo's is anti- hispanic because they say the move will destroy their community. >> a lot of the neighbors are really disappointed. selling. >> reporter: st. joseph's has been trying to get this property rezoned for years now. the vote has failed three times leading to this lawsuit against the city. frank moran is representing the people of the community. his father charlie is on the city council and lives across the street from that property. he said they're worried about crime, too. tomorrow the city council is set to make another vote on rezoning that property and it looks like a yes vote is coming. miranda wonders what's changed. >> nothing material has changed factually between all these denials and all of a sudden there's all these sudden meetings and all of a sudden there's a swing in vote. >> reporter: that meeting is set for 6:00 tomorrow night.
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>> the developer has made some concessions to limit the impact the parking lot will have on residents. also it's important to mention charlie miranda recused himself from all votes on this zoning issue. a couple is in trouble with the law for trying to join the vegas version of the mile high club caught on camera having sex in the famous high roller ferris wheel. the couple claims they were having a good time, didn't think anybody would really notice, but they did. now their moment of passion has ended with felony charges. passenger as board the royal caribbean's anthem of the seas are back on dry land. that ship returned to its new jersey port this evening. go of it. the ship was going to florida when it encountered a massive storm, 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds forcing the passengers to hunker down hours. if you are planning a trip to universal studios, prepare to fork over more money.
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jumped three bucks to $105. meanwhile a park to park ticket will set you back $155, up $8, and the park to park ticket is required to ride the hogwarts express train that links the harry potter lands at universal's two theme parks. clear skies and light wind conditions have led to a freeze warning tonight. the warmer waters near the coastline, pinellas county not included, but that doesn't mean we can't see patchy frost in some of these areas in effect roughly from 3 a.m. until 9 a.m. and the forecast lows reflect that near freezing it looks like in sections of inverness, crystal river, zephyrhills, 40 in tampa, 44 stair society arks upper 30s -- sarasota, upper 30s in places like bartow. it's been very windy the past couple days.
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they're staying below average thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, although we will be warmer than today's 58 despite the sun today. nice shot from tony tonight in plant city on the water, no doubt wearing a blanket, sweater or jacket to take this picture. temperatures drop below 40 degrees for a low temperatures. lots of shine lifts us back into the low 60s, a cool start to the day, but loads of sunshine, bright blue sky with dry air aloft. 48 degrees right now palm harbor, 45 odessa, 49 in macdill, 36 degrees in inverness, close to freezing in brooksville, 39 degrees in frostburg, so you are under a freeze warning in some of these northern areas. take those precautions tonight for the cold weather and potential frost in some of these areas. this is the other part of the story. it's been so windy we saw gusts this afternoon over 25 miles per hour.
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lighter as an area of high pressure moves over us, gusting to 10 in lake placid, not much of a gust impaired to where we have been. the lighter wind atmosphere and the heat we developed, this goes through the roof and we see the radiational cooling we talked about, very dry air aloft on the water vapor imagery colored in red. our satellite imagery as well is not picking up much in the way of clouds, well down to the south of, so crystal clear as this area of high pressure -- south, so crystal clearly as this area of high pressure has continued to be over us. coldest morning so far with the freeze warning to the north, lots of sunshine, though, tomorrow afternoon, blue skies, low 60s, beautiful weather. in fact, we make it warmer the day after, upper 60s friday morning, chilly start. got another cold front, not much of a punch. it will add a few clouds in the forecast saturday. we're not expecting much in the way of precipitation, nor does it really change our
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weak front moving through. when does it get warm again? that's what people want to know. we're looking at this long range outlook. the 20th later next week possibly back in the mid-and upper 70s. so late next week is the answer. 39 westchase, 42 clearwater, temperatures close to freezing in brooksville and inverness. plan on as many as eight hours below freezing in some of the colder spots. highs tomorrow mostly in the 60s, very nice day, loads of sun. 69 friday, nice looking day, too 68 degrees for saturday. you saw a few clouds pop up front. i'm not expecting precipitation near the boundary, sunday looks good, 68 degrees and next week temps generally remain below normal, but as i mentioned, later next week we should help to lift temperatures back above normal, mid-and upper 70s. a lot of folks that live in florida like it to be warmer, i've noticed. too. coming up next in sports
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around the corner. >> we got a sneak peek at some of the new players today at trop. hear what they have to say about the upcoming season. >> plus love is in the air. >> reporter: i'll show you how our animal friends are dating and mating just in time for valentine's day. >> love is in the air all this
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[ looking forward to getting the games going, looking forward to opening day and all the stuff that comes after spring training. >> that's moore sporting a lightning shirt of all things. yeah, he's been watching the games, too but it's almost time
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by the way, monday, the 22nd, is the first workout for rays pitchers and catchers and port charlotte your first chance to see this team. it turns out the rays have already put in some early work just to get ready for spring training. paul ryan spent the morning at the trop where many of the new faces we'll see this season got acclimated to their new home park. the rails have been meeting up for -- rays have been meeting up for these voluntary workouts three times a week since december, but this is the first time tropicana field looks like a baseball diamond. >> it's almost like showing up for the first day of school where you know most of your classmates, but there's a couple new guys in there that just adds to the energy. >> reporter: starting pitcher matt moore is preparing for his sixth season in tampa bay. he's a senior surrounded by freshmen and sophomores who just moved to town. among them corey dickerson, an outfielder traded to the rays late last month who is still
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>> i really like the feel, great group of guys so far and it's really, really different playing in a dome than outside, but the ball traveled well and i enjoyed it today. >> reporter: the workouts leading up to spring training are completely voluntary, but they're still important, especially for newcomers like dickerson and fellow fresh face lakeland native steve pearce. >> knocking the rust off, get your swing back. for me a new guy coming in here, just to meet some of the guys and develop some kind of relationship with them because we have a long journey ahead of us. >> all i'm worried about is april 3rd and whatever i got to do now till the end is what i'll do. i enjoy coming out early and meeting these guys. >> reporter: a little lightning news, the bolts practice tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. in brandon. at that point we hope to get an update on defenseman jason garrison injured monday night and with the night off the lightning temporarily drop to
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division as the red wings win tonight. the bruins play tomorrow. it's going to be one of these things. >> temporarily is the keyword. >> i'm being an optimistic. >> glass half full. >> they'll make the math go in their favor. >> thank you. we'll be right back with your winning lottery numbers. live outdoors as comfortably, and as fashionably, as indoors. havertys has everything you need to find the right fit for your personal style stunning room settings to refresh your patio, sunroom or lanai. choose a look and accessorize with rugs,
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play 4, 9, 8, 0, 9, fantasy 5, 34, 26, 17, 2, 21. lotto, 9, 13, 41, 45, 51, 53. powerball 2, 3, 40, 50, 62 and the powerball is 5. and in the morning, mr. jerve? >> it's going to be cold because it's clear and cold tonight, a high of 58 today. very close to freezing in some of these northern areas where a freeze warning is in place, could be maybe close to eight hours in some of these regions that could be near the freezing mark or slightly below and watch for frost elsewhere. some excitement off the kentucky/georgia basketball game. it happens when the enthusiastic fan starts dancing in the aisle. the young female fan joins in. everything is fine until this moment. yeah, it hurts just to watch, doesn't it?
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couple of tumbles down the stairs right there. >> that's what we call liquid courage. >> everyone was okay. i remember my first beer. >> oh, my. everyone is okay. i hope he knew her. >> jimmy fallon is next.
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