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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys. good morning. i'm adrienne paterson. thank you for joining us this saturday. we'll get to the news in a minute, but let's start by checking on your forecast with storm meteorologist brian bennett. brian, shaping up to be a nice weekend. >> it's going to be a nice went, adrienne. lots of sunshine. tomorrow, lots of sunshine and today we're work aking up to a weak front. that front is going to temperatures. yesterday, we were around 70. today, we're
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degrees so a tad cooler today. that's about it. right now, we're 61 degrees in tampa. 62 in st. petersburg, and inland, 44 in zee hills. low visibility in central -- keep that in mind if you're going out and about over the next hour or so. you can see the low clouds on the satellite and radar picture. those low clouds will burn off and move off to the south. and make way for a descent looking day, so some clouds this morning. this afternoon, lots of sunshine. breezy and temperatures not too shabby for february. 67 degrees this afternoon. adrienne. >> thanks, brian. we'll check back with you. a deadly wrong way crash kill s s two people and sadly this seems to be a trend here in the bay area. now, the families of the victims are demanding a change. let's go ahead and take
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two cars mangled on ashley's exit ramp. larry thompson was going north on i-275 south and hit eugene fisher nearly head-on. >> they're both unconscious. >> yes, i have a pulse on one of them. >> unfortunately in the end, both men died. fisher's family wants a change now. more signs instead, and lights and fdot say they're working on it with lines painted and warning drivers where not to go. >> it has destroyed so many families. there's got to be something to do. >> fdot has has sensors at some exits to alert drivers they're going the right way. we'll stay on top of that story for you. saintburg police are searching for these -- st. petersburg police are searching for these people. they believe they're involved in car burglaries. police tells us the
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you want to be on the look out for a 2009 toyota camry with the tag number u333ty and please call police right away if you see that car. a couple of bold thieves caught on camera stealing a truck right off a car lot. we have to show you this video. let's pull it up. it happened at this sarasota ford dealership on us 301. you can see in the surveillance video, two crooks load up the $75,000 white ford pickup on a flat bed, then just drive off casually. if you have any information, you should call sarasota police right away. it's your vote this saturday morning, and local donald trump supporters are waking up on a high. about 11,000 supporters gathered to hear him speak at the university of south florida. many came just to hear what he had to say. >> jed bush is a total stiff by
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a total stiff. >> so trump also stirred up pro protestors -- protestors and some shouted dump trump and others got escorted back outside. it's a meeting almost a thousand years in the making. raul castro greeted pope francis in cuba. a delegation is set to arrive to discuss the possibility of lifting the embargo. news channel 8 jeff paterson is the only local reporter in havana this week, jeff. >>reporter: it's an incredible time to be here in cuba, the pope just arrived in havana to meet the head of the orthodox church. it's -- it's the first time the leaders of the two churches sat down. i'm talking about since 1054 ad. raul castro was on the tarmac to greet the pope as he arrived here in havana.
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has been instrumental in helping to restore us and cuban diplomatic relations and we're here to cover congresswoman kathy. she's leading a delegation to cuba this week and i'm the only bay area reporter to cover it. castro wants to see what impacts the diplomatic changes are having on the average cuban. >> we want to see what's happening with the businesses in the business sector and we're going to talk about travel and trade and internet expansion, and human rights. we're going to be meeting for, example, with an entrepreneur that has a small business that helps restore those historic cars that you see from the 1940s and 50s. >> those beautiful cars and the people who drive them are just one of the interesting businesses that congresswoman castro and the u.s. delegation will see when they arrive here
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paterson, news channel 8. thank you for your insight. jeff paterson from cuba. we're the only one brings -- jeff will continue his report next week. be sure to tune in for that. the pope begins his trip in mexico today. security is ramped up in mexico city for the pontiff will greet thousands. city employees worked for hours sweeping the streets and clears areas. a tarmac square for those heading to tampa. a run away van crashed into their plane. this morning, everybody is okay. it happened at logan international airport in boston. the plane was parked at the gate and all of the passengers were onboard when suddenly the plane started shaking. we talked to travelers when they got back to tampa. >> there was this big bang, and
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the plane went up and came down. the pilot said i think we collapsed a landing gear, and somebody from the back said someone hit us. >> that will wake up. the driver of the van forgot to put it in park. he did hurt himself chasing after it trying to stop the van. nobody else was injured though. trouble in the skies for a legion passengers flying from the bay area to nebraska. an electrical smell filled the cabin shortly after taking off from st. pete clearwater international airport. the pilot made an emergency landing in alabama. passengers made to to omaha six hours later after boarding a new plane. ladies and gentlemen, valentine's day is tomorrow. this is your official reminder and warning. if you're a procrastinator, you can get gifts for your loved ones. today is going to certainly be a busy day for flower shops as well as candy stores across the country and in the bay area. people are scrambling to pick up
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and mary mcguire is joining us live from jenny's flowers of tampa bay. mary, i was at target yesterday. a lot of people in the card department, but they didn't have much left. i see there's a lot there. >>reporter: there's a lot here, and the average person is actually expected to spend close to $146 on the valentine's day holiday and it's easy to see why. it's not just about the flowers like they have at jenny's. it's about the stuffed animals, the chocolates and the jewelry and the balloons and the list goes on and on. my favorite out of that is the chocolates. on average, 50% of consumer plan on buying chocolate this valentine's day spending a total of $1.7 billion. chocolate tier in channel side is expected to get busy today. there, you can get everything from chocolate dipped pretzels to chocolate covered strawberries and the owner has
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>> don't wait until the last minute. i know that's hard, but don't wait until the last minute. come sunday when the strawberries are gone, they're gone. >> now, in addition to candy, 19% of valentine's day lovers will head to a flower shop like jenny's and for all those last minute shoppers, jenny's will be open until 6:00 tonight or until they run out of flowers and the most popular item is a dozen long stemmed red roses. come out and get flowers. celebrate the holiday. any excuse to celebrate love is fine by me, adrienne. >> any excuse to celebrate is good. mary, you brought up a good point. even if the ladies say i don't want anything, we don't mean it, right. >> no, we definitely don't mean in. one time in college, i have
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date, i'm not kidding, got me printer's ink on valentine's day. it was a thoughtful gift because i was talking about how my printer was out of ink for weeks. but that's definitely is not what a gal is expecting on valentine's day, so get flowers. >> we're giving love advice this morning on news channel 8. thank you, mary mcguire live for us. technology can help. and you might need help if your like mary's friend. we have smartphones that can make you look smart and romantic. that's the key. it is 7:10 on this saturday morning. you're getting a look over downtown tampa. it's looking foggy this morning.
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welcome back. love is in the air this week, and news channel 8 wants to help you have a great valentine's day. lindsay mastis shows us smartphone app that can help spark your love life, but lindsay, it doesn't sound romantic, does it. >>reporter: when it comes to relationship, cell phones are anything but romantic, but there are apps designed to help you and the love of your life keep from ideas for dates to playful games like truth or dare, there's all kinds together. kelly schafer and
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>> this apple comes in handy. >> i can send him a dare and then get home and completely forget about it, and then he remembers at home and all of a sudden i walk in the door and bam. >> come this summer when schafer goes on tour with his extreme metal band, they plan to use it to keep the spark going. >> it's a great opportunity to let her know i'm thinking about her in a creative 21st century way. >> she encourages couples to disconnect, but admits some love apps can help relationships. >> it's like a hey, i'm thinking about you through the day. it's important for you to be able to communicate that or somehow get that message across. and we don't do that enough. we assume they should know. >> some apps are very clever. the couple app feature it's a virtual thumb kiss. it works when lovers touch the same part of their screens at the same time. >> it was nice. feature challenges.
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has points for it. the points add up. if he fails a challenge, he doesn't get the points. >> who has the most points? >> you do. >> i do because i won last night. >> other apps can help you and the love of your life -- there's skype and facebook video. it's the face-to-face connection that help you feel close. in tampa, lindsay mastis, news channel 8. >> there's an app for everything. you still have time to run the gasparilla distance classic. up next, how the racer's organizers are focusing
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8 is on your side as we get ready for gasparilla distance classic. the race is one week away, and many are focused on their running, josh benson found out organizers are focused on giving back to the community. >>reporter: soon you'll be crossing the finish line in the gasparilla classic races, but suzanne says as the 30,000 runners finish, three support -- the boys and girls clubs of tampa bay, friends of tampa recreation and big brothers and big sisters of tampa bay. >> we want to impact the youth across tampa bay.
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million since the races began back in 1978 with the tampa girl's club and the races raised 17,500s and last year it was -- harmeling says it's a one-win. >> because we keep the fee man age -- manageable, the families can afford it. >> we provide great futures for our kids so we use for a daily opportunities. >> harmeling says they have this system down. >> we know what everybody knows -- they might pass out the day after, but we know what it takes to make this the event that
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>> it's going to be a nice looking weekend. two thumbs up from my emoji man. we're starting off with cloud cover. you know what, let's switch over. there's a live view from lakewood ranch. we have a few clouds this morning, but they're going to clear out later today, and we'll have a fair amount of afternoon sunshine. any rain, nope. it's going to be a dry day. temperature-wise, we're in the lower 60s and topping out if the upper 60s. not much of an increase, but we'll see 60s. we were warmer yesterday around 70 degrees. this afternoon, 67. same thing goes tomorrow. valentine's day, warm er on monday. and then we take a dip as a cool front passes through, about temperatures remain around average. we're going to flirt with 80 degrees. a hint that maybe the change in seasons isn't that far off. right now, it's 62 in tampa.
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petersburg, same temperature. most of our coastal locations, kind of mild this morning. head inland, it's chilly. zephryhills is 44 degrees. satellite and radar picture, here's the front that has passed through and it's bringing us a few clouds this morning. it's going to continue to pass off to the south, and it's going to remain clearing conditions. let's drag this map down. we're looking at sunshine right now in ocala and gainesville and that's filtering down our direction. the bigger view shows lots of sunshine behind that. kind of chilly temperatures to our north. the coldest weather of the season for the mid-atlantic and northeast. a lot of places not getting out of the 20s today. this afternoon, a lot of sunshine. upper 60s. a fairly nice afternoon across the bay area. overnight, no weather problems, but kind of cool by sunday morning. we'll be in the middle 40s tomorrow. some
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in the upper 30s, so kind of a chilly night. tomorrow, afternoon, partly cloudy and high temperatures in the upper 60s once again and monday night into tuesday morning, we'll have another front coming through and that's going to bring us our next chance for rain. so this morning, a few clouds, temperatures right around 54 degrees. this afternoon, lots of sunshine. once we get rid of the clouds, a little breezy. a few degrees below average, but a nice day in the upper 60s. this is the last weekend for the state fair. hopefully you can get out and enjoy it. it will be nice with temperatures in the upper 60s and again dry. tomorrow, dry as well. kind of a similar day except for a few more clouds and monday night, the rain moves in. so all in all, a good looking weekend. again, two thumbs up. >> perfect. i appreciate the warmup, thanks brian. >> i did it for you. >> i know. coming up. the lightning
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working over time against the predators. highlights, next in
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we're playing some teams here that are right in the mix in the wild card and in the west. we're in the same position. we're closer to being in the playoffs than in the playoffs.
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about precarious positioning as the nhl deadline approaches with no contract in sight. they're wondering -- the lightning are jocking for a position in the clustered eastern conference. the bolts entered yesterday evening 7th in the east. the visiting president 8th in the west. every point pivotal. tampa bay conceives the first goal. over the blocker of ben bishop. back comes the bolts in the second. brown swats a rebound and that mess of humanity, his fourth goal in the last 7 games ties it. less than two minutes, nakeda -- he tries to find the puck but puts it through his own legs. 2-1 tampa bay and kuch is fired up. the predators retake the lead. forestburg does the damage. and bolts down 2-3.
7:27 am
and stephen stamkos says i'll have one more shop. stamer ties it up with 20 seconds left. we're going into overtime. johnny comes through with the game winner. tampa bay takes it 4-3. climbing back into second place in the atlantic division. courtney williams has a soft spot for cincinnati. even if she's too young to have ever washed wkrp before it hits -- last night her bulls visited ohio. jose fernandez wearing pink. splashing in a three to give the bulls an early edge. in the second, maria gets in on the fun. do you lift? yeah, brother. i do. hooping the harm, usf up double digits.
7:28 am
she's in the state of ohio -- 17 first half points. 22 in all. bulls up 38-27 at the half and they cruise from there. how about an locksa. three-time american freshman of the week. she likes number three. south florida goes onto beat cincinnati, 78-51. the bulls have a big one coming up on monday taking on 12th ranked louisville. that's it for sports. i'm paul ryan. okay, thank you paul. the united states is working to normalize ties with cuba. coming up in our next half hour, when us officials plan to -- when u.s. officials plan to restart a deal that allows you to fly to cuba. that's coming
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good morning, tampa bay. you're getting a live look at downtown tampa right now. the sun just peeking out and it's set to be a gorgeous weekend. thank you so much for joining us. i'm adrienne pedersen. we'll get to the news in a second. but let's check with your forecast with storm meteorologist brian bennett. good morning, brian. >> good morning, adrienne. good morning, everyone. we have a few clouds as you can see in lakewood ranch, but take a look further north right now in parts of citrus county, we are clear in crystal river. it shows we have the clouds moving out and
7:32 am
bottom line is, it's going to be a good looking day with high temperatures today in the upper 60s. right now, we're 62 in tampa and st. petersburg and inland to bartow and zephryhills, you're in the 40s right now. a little low visibility earlier this morning, but that fog is going away. and there's 2.5 mile visibility. satellite and radar picture shows clouds. the clouds are moving south, and out of our area. so it's going to be a good looking day. yeah, a few clouds early this morning. temperatures in the middle 50s this afternoon. pew blue sunny skies -- pure blue sunny skies and breezy and a comfortable high temperature in the upper 60s. adrienne. >> thank you, brian. new this morning, st. petersburg fire rescue is trying to figure out what caused a fire at a home on north martin luther king avenue. right now, we do know that nobody was hurt thankfully. and the red cross
7:33 am
get more details, we'll let you know. in the meantime, we know a pinellas county man is facing 20 years in prison for pleading guilty to hate crime charges after he threatened two mosque. 43-year-old martin threatened to fire bomb the mosques and shoot worshipers. he told investigators he called in the threats in november because he was angry about the terror attacks happening in paris. now to a scandal involving the polk county superintendent. she pushes her resignation and the school board voted to accept. superintendent catherine laroy will get 20 weeks of paid severance and attorney fees covered by us. the board -- she made inappropriate advances to an association. she was cleared on that, but still resigned in the end. flights with the destination
7:34 am
for the first time in five decades. u.s. officials say the united states and cuba will sign airlines can bid on routes to cuba each day. there hasn't been commercial air traffic to cuba since 1959. now to an 8 on your side health alert this morning. we're staying on top of the zika we know there's two new cases in florida, the state wide total is up to 20. none, however, involve pregnant women. three of those 20 cases are in the tampa bay area. all of them in hillsboro county. governor rick scott just announced a new zika virus hot loin if you have questions. that number is on your screen, it's 855-622-6735. we also put this number on for you.
7:35 am
more about the damage a cruise ship suffered during a powerful atlantic storm. high winds and waves hit the anthem of the seas engine. the coast guard is inspecting the ship to figure out when it could be able to go on another trip. a florida treasure hunter is celebrating after winning a controversial dispute. the fort pierce treasure hunter discovered these coins. you see them right there. and jewelry from a sunken spanish ship four years ago. federal officials agreed that daniel porter was the rightful owner. for months though, panama argued porter should not get to keep the items. whether you're treating a loved one or just treating yourself, flower shops across the bay area are expected to be packed today. as last minute lovers pick up a fresh bouquet for their sweetheart. mary mcguire is joining us live on
7:36 am
i'm assuming roses, they're the hot pick, right? >>reporter: yes, definitely roses are the must buy from those last minute lovers that are coming in here, and today is really like the superbowl for stores like jenny's flowers. it just opened at 7:30 this morning, and i've already seen a few very smart guys come in and pick up those bouquets. traditionally valentine's day is the most popular holiday for florist, beating out christmas, mother's day and easter, and men buy flowers for romantic reasons and women buy them for their mothers, friends and kids and themselves on the holiday. more than 250 million roses are produced every year for valentine's day. and it is just -- the roses are the hot pick here. they have every single color that you can imagine. and of course, all of those colors mean something different.
7:37 am
roses and that classic red rose. so definitely come out here, jenny's is open until 6:00 tonight, but they say they'll stay open if they see people straggeling in. you can come in and pick up a fresh bouquet which i think is a good bet because when you get flowers delivered to someone, it can always be tricky whether they're home. you don't want to leave them outside. buying it yourself and hand delivering them, that's a romantic gesture this valentine's day eve. adrienne. >> that's the sweetest thing to see that person. it's the thought that counts, right, mary. >> of course. >> the thought and maybe some jewelry. >> and some chocolate. >> there you go. we love chocolate. >> i want chocolate so bad. the vending machine is going to be empty. >> i know who it was. a special day for bay area
7:38 am
that news channel 8 was apart of it. >> they received gift baskets fulls of toys and books and puzzles, but a football coach soon to be -- that basket of hope campaign is designed to brighten the spirits of children who are in the hospital. >> we know what it's like to be parents, to be there for a couple of weeks, to be a kid who is just cooped up, so to just bring books and puzzles and toys that just make the stay nicer, it's something my wife and i look forward to doing. >> so sweet. people put together the baskets in california during the superbowl. 30 hospitals across the country participated. we know that tony and lauren are doing nice things appreciate that. >> and it was a great -- he was a great football coach too. thing. let's say you buy the flowers today, do you give the
7:39 am
>> i think it's okay to give it the day early. they'll still appreciate it. today or tomorrow. >> you don't hide them. it's fair game. >> you have to put them in the refrigerator. >> somebody getting milk or oj and you grab flowers. them to her today. >> good to know. we want to show pictures. cory seabrook, our most wonderful producer shared this picture of her kitty cat joining her for breakfast. walter is a cool cat. here's a picture sent in by jesse. her cat -- >> so cute. if you hike to send a picture, wflabrian -- wfla brian on facebook or twitter. here's what seattle on monday morning. >> i'm gayle guyardo and i'll tell you why dash cameras are
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crystal river and it's crystal clear blue skies and the clouds have moved out. other parts of the bay area hanging onto a few clouds, but it's going to look like this shortly as the clouds burn off and the sunshine takes over. so today, again, partly cloudy this morning. lots of sunshine later today. high temperature will be 3 or 4 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. tomorrow, valentine's day, a lovely afternoon. lots of sunshine. and same temperature in the upper 6 #0 0s. right now, not too bad heading out the door. we have temperatures generally in the upper 50s to 60 degrees. looking to the north, it is bitterly cold. below freezing in memphis and chicago right now is 5 degrees. her hometown. 6 below right now, minneapolis, new york sit city. 22 degrees. so the coldest weather of the season to our north is that cold
7:45 am
it's going to be 4 degrees cooler. that's the extent here. we're not looking at too much cold weather in the bay area. the cold air is going to be locked to our northern states. i can't fathom 6 below. can you imagine that. as far as rain goes, it is dry in florida. alabama, mississippi, over into oklahoma, colorado, utah, boise, all the way until you get to portland oregon, what does that mean? the rain is far away. that means we're looking at a dry day today with no rain anywhere nearby. there's the front that brought the cool weather to our north. that front is going to keep on drifting south. and take whatever cloud cover we have with it, so today beautiful sunny afternoon. upper 60s. overnight tonight, kind of chilly. at least by florida's standards in the lower to middle 40s. tomorrow afternoon, a few clouds drifting in, but it should remain dry. highs in the upper 60s. and then monday
7:46 am
that's going to be our next rain chance with another front passing through. this morning, a few clouds. again, those are moving out as we speak. temperatures in the 50s. this afternoon, lots of sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful day. a little breezy. comfortable temperatures in the upper 60s. if you're going to the night parade tonight, it will be clear and cool with temperatures in the lower to middle 50s. so no problems for the night parade and if you're going to the florida fair, that's looking good. the final weekend for the florida fair. valentine's day is looking good as well. rain moves in late monday night lasting through tuesday morning, and temperatures gradually start to go back up by next weekend. we're going to get a little hence of what it would feel like to be spring. spring is 30 days away. we'll be near 80 by next weekend. >> 76 on friday. >> yeah. >> i appreciate the warmup.
7:47 am
>> just a little bit. thank you, brian. >> yep. we're tracking tech in -- there's so many social media sites, but do you remember "my space?" we do. we'll reveal which company bought the site and now has access to all the old accounts.
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7:50 am
in breaking news this morning, just into the news room a few minutes ago, the hillsboro sheriff's office is searching for the person who killed a man in tampa. investigators are at the scene. that's on sycamore court. right now, detectives believe the two knew each other. we do have a crew on the way there, and we'll bring updates as soon as we get anymore. in the meantime, moving on
7:51 am
involving verdict actual reality to news about the throw back "my space." remember that. there's a lot going on in tech world in social media. lindsay is tracking it. >>reporter: hello, we start with huge news in social -- instagram users rejoice because we can switch from account to account without logging out. this is great news for those with more than one. if you have one instagram account, maybe you can make one for your food pictures and another one for sunsets or one just for selfies. that's right. the future is now. speaking of the future, we have been talk ing a lot about goggle's virtual reality plans. well, now we're getting some solid information. the financial times reports goggle is creating a new br headset made specifically for smartphones. and this time it's going to be made out of plastic not cardboard. g-mail is stepping up efforts to protect
7:52 am
know what to look for. before you send, look for a broken lock symbol. this means that you're about to send a message to someone with e-mail that doesn't support encryption and when you check your e-mail, look for the question mark. it may not be from someone you know. let's talk about my space for a moment. the social network is still around, surprise, surprise. it just got bought out by time incorporated. so what would a magazine want with a social network almost nobody uses. well, marketing and advertising of course. the sale will give them access to information from 1.2 billion accounts. you can try to delete your account, but if you're like me, you probably forgot your password 8 years ago. i have to ask, did you have a my space? >> lindsay, i did and i goggle
7:53 am
double checked and i think i deactivated it a long time ago. it's time for our favorite story of the week including cuddling manatees. ahead, we'll show you the video of sea cows keeping warm in the chilly
7:54 am
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(church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum
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for a fine wine, but what about a fine coffee? what if a cup cost you 15 bucks? i don't know about that. in san francisco, they're brewing up rare beans and coffee are more than happy to pay for it. it's called -- what do you think that word is -- >> expense-ifo. >> the first set of beans took 8 years to grow. they were grown in panama and they better have gold in them if they're going to cost $15. our favorite story of the week. this is the best part of the cold in florida. you're looking at hundreds of manatees in crystal river. 300 to 500 manatees huddled close to stay warm. more than 1,000 manatees
7:57 am
in hom ashgsasa -- hom -- >> i think they're cute. >> they're cute little cuddly guys. we like them. >> cute sea cows. >> but you can't ride them. >> it's against the law. >> it is, and we don't want to go to jail. weather wise, lots of sunshine and upper 60s and a nice weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s and monday, a tad warmer and rain moves in monday night and moves out tuesday afternoon. good looking weather. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast is coming up tonight at 6:00. we'll bring updates throughout the today's show. have a great day,
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7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. life threatening cold. polar vortex delivering bone-chilling temperatures from minnesota to the northeast. record setting cold pushing the mercury to near zero in the big appl warnings everywhere to stay inside. >> you should take this weather very, very seriously. >> how long will it last? dylan is tracking it all. southern discomfort. the republican candidates


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