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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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most of it is south of the bay area, right around charlotte county. eagle 8 hd flying above the destruction. >> reporter: good evening. we are in port charlotte. this is actually tidy lane below us. and if you look, here's some damage from the storm that moved through this afternoon. take a look at this, that's the roof that's been torn off. and i want to show you something really interesting, take a look down here. if you look at the tree, you can see all the insulation wrapped around. and you can actually see the direction of the wind. also parts of the roof, broken tree, the cars down here have damage as well. well. and if i pan back up here, you can see the extent of the damage and out back is where you can see more debris and there's quite a bit of damage around here from screen porches to the trees to vehicles. so it's a pretty widespread area of damage and as of right now, we have not heard of any injuries but if we find out, we will give you more.
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back to you. >> all right, paul, thank you. and here's a look at some of the damage right around charlotte county. we have seen from the ground. this is the deep creek subdivision. you can see the storms causing the pool enclosure to collapse. here's another view, roofs of buildings and homes ripped off, large trees torn apart, power poles push add side. do we have the other video? here we go. from what we can tell at this point, no one has been hurt from this storm but the clean- up process is going to take a while. it's now under way and the tornado threat is over. that's the good news. steve jerve joining us now in the forecast center which has been a very active place all day. did you see the cars, steve? i mean, they were supposed to be in the driveway and they are in the yards and up against the house. this thing really hopscotched and moved around. >> yeah, that's what tornadoes can do. if it's an ef-0 or an ef-1, it can certainly move those cars
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television and warnings you about tornadoes watches and warnings and in fact lives have been lost in the state of florida. again, you see the winds are from the northwest. that's an indication of the changes with cooler air headed our way. and note the rainfall there at .44. the best we can tell that the rainfall may have gone up to as much as an inch of rain but generally around .950 or less at most locations. today's storm report, farther south into charlotte county, we saw a couple tornadoes touchdown. this one here around duet in the northeast part -- -- this one here. and up around the harbor heights area doing the damage we were talking about. we saw the signature travel for some 40 miles here. and sometimes when you see this, maybe an upper-level, sometimes it will touchdown as a tornado but you definitely need to be aware that there can be tornadoes when you see this kind of signature on the relative velocity mode. that was most likely a tornado right there.
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of north port in charlotte county. and that's what we're verifying from some of the damage on the ground. but fortunately, went south of north port, not fortunate for folks in charlotte county. >> thank you. and you can check the radar any time on your smart phone by using our storm team 8 weather max app. when a hurricane hits, the hurricane hunters give us a view of the storm unlike any other but now they must find a new home. one local congressman believes he has the solution. the hurricane hunters came to macdill air force base back in 1993 but the air force informed they have to leave the hanger by next year. jeff patterson is live from macdill air force base with possibly a solution. hi, jeff. >> reporter: yeah, good evening, stacie. i have flown on this hurricane hunter aircraft several times right out of macdill.
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forced to look for a new home. their job is to track tropical storm. they operate prop planes and a jet to let us all know where hurricanes are flying next. but now they're running so their own turbulent weather. the air force is moving them out of hanger five at macdill air force base to make way for kc-135 refueling refueling tankers that are being relocated to macdill. >> reporter: he is happy they are coming to macdill but doesn't want to lose the unit. >> when the 135s come in, that will add additional air assets to macdill and now we find where to put the hurricane huntingers. >> reporter: after a hearing, he told the commerce secretary, keeping it in the tampa bay area is one of his top priorities. >> it's the right thing to do for your missions of identifying and tracking the
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they were to move outside of the tampa bay area, they would likely lose many of the skilled work force that support their mission. >> reporter: he believes the best solution is to move them over to the st. petersburg clearwater airport. >> other at st. petersburg clearwater, there's a hanger space. there's office space for over a hundred employees and land and ramp space. >> reporter: yeah, the unit left miami for tampa in 1993 to come here to macdill because they wanted hanger space and they didn't have that in miami. the congressman believes the st. petersburg clearwater airport provides the hanger space, the office space, everything they need on an immediate basis. stacie -- >> all right. jeff patterson lye in tampa tonight. thank you -- paterson live in tampa tonight. breaking news. clearwater police plan to charge a mother who made up a story about her child being in a stolen car. the driver crashed the car on u.s. 19. the mother told police that her
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he was found safe and sound at a day care. investigators are still working out exactly what happened here. the driver of the car we're told will also be charged. it happens a lot, people in a hurry driving around stopped school buses and in some case, nearly hitting children. bus drivers say they're fed up about this and they say they see this on a daily basis too and that's troubling. a pasco county school bus driver took to social media after she saw someone nearly run over a student this week. we are now live in pasco county with that story. very scary for the bus driver. >> reporter: it was a very scary moment for this bus driver indeed. it happened right here on state road 54. you can see where this grass is, that's where the driver came around that bus, almost clipping that student and that's when she took to social media to warn people.
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driving for pasco county schools, never has robin been so scared. >> and people running the signs daily. >> reporter: but never has she had a driver pass on the right side of the bus. that's what happened on monday. she says the driver nearly hit her student. >> came tie stop, opened the doors, pulled the brake, put the bus in neutral. glanced in my mirror and saw blue, and thought hmm -- >> reporter: it happened here on state road 54 in zephyrhills. she says the student had two feet off the bus. >> i screamed my student's name and told him to get back on the bus. i've never spoke on the him like that before so he kind of leapt back on. eased past, turned into the family dollar driveway and pulled into a parking space. >> reporter: never looked back to be the like i'm sorry? >> no eye contact at all. >> reporter: nothing? >> nothing. >> reporter: she took to social
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vigilant. across the condition trix thousands of similar incidents happen daily. >> it's amazing that we're still having to put this out there because everyone should know when the bus lights come flashing on and the stop arm goes out that you stop. >> reporter: she is hoping her message gets through. >> i don't know how people don't realize that these are their neighbor's children getting off the bus and that they're putting their lives at risk. >> reporter: that driver -- the bus driver was able to get the tag license. she did call law enforcement but she was told that there was nothing that they could do. reporting in zephyrhills, news channel 8. >> wow, thank you. boy those pictures are something. >> hard to believe. close calls. >> be careful. >> see the light, stop. >> yeah. well a crime of opportunity that is oh so preventable.
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neighborhood testing car door handles. what they took from one car that has law enforcement very
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a manatee county woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an animal shelter. detectives arrested her this morning. they tell us she stole more
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adoptions from the bishop animal shelter. she apparently took the money from 2008 until 2015 when she was fired from her job as an office manager. we are now hearing the 911 calls from confused and terrified motorists after they watched a man driving the wrong direction on i-75 yesterday in sarasota county. one deputy was nearly hit as 21- year-old ryan flurry drove six miles southbound in the northbound lanes of 75. he later got off on an on-ramp and drove six more miles before he was arrested. >> the car is like heading down the wrong side of the road on the interstate. >> okay, one moment please. where on the interstate? >> i just passed park road. and everyone had to slam on their brakes. >> he faces several charges including dui. his blood alcohol was nearly four times the legal limit. and video evidence out of polk county that shows locking your car doors really works. take a look at surveillance
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you can see the guy coming up and trying the door handle of a truck. it's locked so he moves on. but they keep trying. and they find three unlocked cars later on that night. and they stole some cash and a gun and electronics. lock your doors. >> lock your doors and stop when the lights are flashing. what we having for. >> i got to take notes tonight. well she tried to return paper work she was not supposed to get in the first place. >> and a doctor read her the criminal. why a legal expert says he had
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private medical records faxed to her home but when this woman tried to return them, she was met with hostility. doctors claiming she was the one breaking the law. what she went through at the walk-in clinic yesterday was upsetting. >> and we wanted to know why. why that doctor accused of her of being a criminal. 8 on your side's candace mccowan is back with us tonight. and she's just trying to do what's right and he is calling her a criminal. >> reporter: exactly. you know, they were in her face telling her that she was the criminal. so much so that she is the asking the question if she did
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she didn't want to talk to the staff and doctor today alone. >> only she can talk. >> no, not going without somebody with me. >> reporter: and the cameras captured exactly. >> it is no okay. you come in crying. what you did is a crime. no, no questions. you come alone. >> i want to know who you are. >> no, i will not tell you. >> reporter: the interaction left her shaken. she was returning documents with the medical information of the doctor's patients. those documents were faxed to her home after her phone number was printed as the fax number on the doctor's prescription pads. but these claims -- >> you don't have any authority to ask me. you are a criminal. you will be -- there's a price for that. each hippa violation. >> reporter: is she a criminal? >> absolutely not.
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she's not a provider of care or an insurance company. >> reporter: he tells news channel 8 even this disclaimer on the bottom of the faxes saying if they were sent to you in error get rid of them, well, it doesn't make her a criminal. >> what she is essentially in the process of becoming is something close to a whistle blower because she now has evidence that says look at what i have tried to do to the help you take care of your patient. >> reporter: as for the doctor with the shaky pinger who we saw man handle his employee, he might not want to throw rocks from his glass business. >> what you did is a crime. >> they have been negligent at least. >> reporter: you know, it will be up to the federal government or state's attorney to determine if this was anything criminal when it comes to the doctor's office but as far as her, she hasn't broken any laws. >> and you would think after yesterday, is she even willing to return more paper work? >> reporter: absolutely. she hasn't gotten faxes in a couple days but i can understand why she wouldn't
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>> if i was a patient, i would be thinking i'm not sure i would want to go back either after mr. -- what did you call him? >> wiggle finger. >> all right, thank you. well, the sun is trying to peek through. that looks nice here at clearwater beach, 64 degrees after a day of storms and mostly cloudy skies and coolish weather late here. that sun looks nice. .56 in the way of precip at that location. and the storm chances over with, gone, moved to the east, away from us. winds will gust over 25 miles per hour thursday from the northwest and cool and chilly temperature, highs in the 60s for the next several days. you might like that. for the storm system, this area of low pressure that crossed the south and up into the northeast, in fact there's tornado watches for portions of the mid-atlantic, 76 tornado warnings with this storm. 17 tornado warnings in the state of florida. so very active storm system as we discussed yesterday.
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threat including the slight possibility of tornado warnings and indeed we did get them today. but the high temperatures in the 60s the next couple days through the weekend but early next week, temperatures jump back in the mid- and upper 70s. good news for those down here to watch spring training games. storm team 8 weather max app kept track of the severe thunderstorm warning, watching the radar and traffic. 54 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 65 degrees at 3:00 p.m. our afternoon high temperature. that was a long one there. in bartow. 69 in tampa. 66 weeki wachee. 70 in lakeland. this area of low pressure to the north. and there's the tornado watch in place for portions of the northeast, the mid-atlantic area. and of course, this wedge of showers and a few thunderstorms rolling across south florida, east. so the models did pretty good with the timing of this line of showers and storms but it's intensity.
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was there and indeed we did have tornado watches up and down the west coast of florida earlier today. and clouds early. breezy for tomorrow. and certainly that's the case in the afternoon. and sunshine. and highs in the mid-60s through this time period. and follow the lines of equal pressure, and indicates a northwest and northerly flow. a little bit chilly. yeah, looking to make use of the winter clothing one more time, anyway. breezy northwesterly winds with 10 to 15-degree below average temperatures and cold conditions for saturday morning near 40 degrees. kind of chilly. may not be the last cold push but certainly into march, we are seeing fewer of the strong cold fronts that have big temperature impacts. forecast lows for tonight, 45 inverness. 53 new port richey. 55 sarasota. winter haven, 66. lakeland, 67. north port, 64. 67 sarasota. and temperatures 65 degrees for
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that goes along with the strong northwesterly wind. mid-60s this evening for the morning hours. our forecast of 54 degrees with that north wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. next seven day, you can see the temperatures will be in the 60s for short term and there's the jump long term. monday, tuesday, back this the 70s. what you don't see is the rain chance. and that rain chance we had today was it for the next seven days. but beyond that, thursday we see another storm system digging into the south that may cause some thunderstorm chances thursday. that's eight days out. but right now, just enjoy the cooler and sunnier weather. >> and right now, you wouldn't know anything happened. >> i know. blows away quickly. >> it does. >> unless you're in charlotte county. >> clean-up. >> thank you, steve. well up next in sport, the lightning not satisfied after winning their fourth straight game. >> and the nfl scouting combine is underway. the buc's head coach telling us
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who will be the buc's first round draft pick at the end of april? will it be a defensive end? a quarterback? or the hometown guy? now if those names do not ring a bell, this is the week for bucs fans to play catch-up. the nfl scouting combine underway in indianapolis. and unlike the drama of last year's jameis winston contest, the bucs have the ninth pick and plenty of options. the head coach dirk koetter and the general manager use the combine as one part of the process, no final decisions are made here but koetter admitted today that the onfield testing takes a backseat to his favorite part of the combine.
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that from a coaching standpoint that we get out of the combine is a chance to talk to the players one on one. i think that's real important. jameis winston is a great example of. that we weren't the only team doing our homework. and you know it's great to get those guys, not only at the train station with the coaches one on one but many the formal interviews with all the people from your club in there. and the lightning extended their winning streak to four games tuesday night and now they are in a position to chase the first place florida panthers but only if those wins keep coming. two welcomedded sights today at practice. both skating around with the team. thinks he might be able to return in a week. remember he was out for up to five weeks. that's a good thing. because the next four games all on the road beginning friday at new jersey. >> the game yesterday, we jumped on them early and got
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periods and did a good job in the third. but we got to be able to create more chances that we had. and at the same time, got the two points again and that's what we need down the road. so we played really well, like i said in pittsburgh and carolina. so that's the kind of game we want to bring on the road. and we have seen some of the weather damage. much less serious i the rays had their training canceled by just the rain. the players put in as much work as they could be w the indoor batting cages. and some fans got lucky, show up in the rain and get some selfie, some autographs, brave fans. >> everybody stay safe. and the winning streak with the lightning continues. that's good to see. let's keep that going. >> yeah, back in business. and final check on the business. >> a nice evening planned for us. mostly cloudy, breezy ask
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jen and steve back at 7:00 tonight. nightly news coming your way next. >> we will see you at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. a new outbreak of deadly tornadoes. decimating homes and towns. a rising toll with nearly a dozen states on high alert. fears the biggest threat is yet to come. exploding air bags bombshell. news tonight half of all cars being driven right now in america recalled as investigator say the air bag maker continues to deceive customers even after deadly crashes. trump landslide. after crushing the competition in nevada, tonight he's aiming for a super tuesday knockout. also, milania trump, a rare one-on-one interview. does she ever think


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