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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm candace mccowan in this morning for gene ramirez. we begin with breaking news, a home invasion in tampa. >> police are at the home in the 1400 block of west yukon this morning. that's where two men forced their way inside and zip tied two victims. the victims got free and called police. they were not hurt. the thieves made off with electronics and jewelry. our top stories this morning. a suspected armed carjacker is on the run.
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winter haven police believe he attacked a mother in her car at a walgreens while she was texting her son. and ben carson will not be at tonight's debate, stopping short of saying he is out of the race. his business manager told the associated press donald trump is the only candidate in this election. time now is 6:01. let's check in with meteorologist leigh spann. good morning. >> good morning. we are seeing it cooler when yesterday. lakeland, 54. tampa is down to 57. and fish hawk area, a slight chill at 54. 55 in sarasota. and you can see what a difference, tampa is nine degrees cooler than 6:00 yesterday morning. bradenton is 10 degrees cooler. but crystal river, 23 degrees cooler.
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at the strawberry festival this opening day, charlie pride at 3:30. josh turner at 7:30. today when the doors open, 26 degrees and the slight chill. it warms up nicely. by 3:00 p.m., feeling nice at 76 in plant city. and 69 degrees at 8:00 p.m. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:08, i take you hour-by- hour through the day today, the first day of the strawberry festival. i can taste the strawberry short cake as we speak. >> josh turner, one of my favorites. love it. sarasota, here's what's going on, a great drive on the interstate, bradenton as well. and fielding lane at clark road, we have a collision in lanes. we're starting to see a little bit of a delay. you see where it turns from green to orange by the crash icon. well, that's clark road known as state road 72. westbound, a little slow right in that fielding lane area. all right, let's hop over now and look at brooksville. up to speed and no delays in
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that's a look at weather and traffic. back to candace and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. right now, stop what you're doing and look at the screen. police in winter haven are looking for this man in connection to a carjacking in a drugstore parking lot. lucky for the victim, this was all caught on surveillance video but it is still -- it has her on edge this morning. our josh thomas is live from the parking lot where this took place just more than 24 hours ago. and josh, this is really scary. >> reporter: scary situation no doubt about it, gayle. and i did check with winter haven police and frankly, they are still trying to track down 18-year-old william summerland. here at the walgreens, people are still on edge over what happened here 24 hours ago. this all played out in front of a 24-hour walgreens. you can see the 50-year-old sandra hunter pull into the parking lot. a man can be seen walking
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carjacking. >> i couldn't -- moments before the carjacking. >> i couldn't believe it was happening. >> reporter: hunter didn't want to show her face because the suspect is still on the run. that suspect has been identified as 18-year-old william bradly summerland of bartow. state troopers spotted the stolen car in st. augustine but when they tried to stop it, it off running. hunter told news channel 8 she stops at that walgreens all the time and never thought happen. else. but when it's right there, you know, somewhere in my safe zone, my comfort zone, somewhere i stop every day. well, not every day but on a regular basis. >> reporter: do you still have a safe zone? >> no. no. no. >> reporter: now his accomplice is behind bars right now in st. augustine but he does have a
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considered extremely dangerous. i will continue to check with police. and we should note that the story is getting a lot of attention on it is the second top clicked story on our website. >> you know, josh, a lot of us have a safe zone ask it's scary to think how dangerous it is out there. thank you for that update. well the erin andrews trial could be headed to the jury today. but not without a bombshell revelation. one of the witnesses in the case is now accused of watching that naked video of her in public with friends. neal peskind is a representative for the ownership group of the marriott nashville being sued by andrews. he admitted watching the video with friends but claims he wasn't the one who played it. a restaurant employee tweeted that he was going to watch the video if it was going to cost him millions. andrews is suing marriott for negligence in allowing the stalker to specifically book a room next to her's. happening today, an update this morning in the case of the woman accused of killing her 11-
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that child into a freezer. a case management hearing is scheduled for her. she is facing first degree murder charges. there's also an internal affairs investigation going on with this case. records reveal investigators knew about the little girl's days appearance for nearly a month and there was no real effort to find her. 8 on your side is following a frustrating situation for people who are already victims of identity theft. this is what they're having to deal with right now, long lines, as they tried to get things cleared up at the irs office in tampa. 8 on your side's ryan hugs is following the story for us. and ryan, this is frustrating and some people are waiting hour, even days. >> reporter: one woman was in line a couple days ago. the office closed so she had to return the next day. all these people have two things in common, stolen
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>> i had identity theft in 2014 and i am trying to get my information tax for this year to get that. >> reporter: what a pain too. the long lines are filled with people whose identities were stole and the irs requires them iron out the details. tampa. and right now, there's no sign this will change before the end of tax season. on your side. it says, we're aware of the lines and regret the inconvenience and frustration taxpayers are facing and are continuing to assess the situation there. but why the back-up, the irs can't point to a single cause at this point. the agency did acknowledge that they are down 18,000 employees since 2010 so that could be one big reason. and 8 on your side is going to keep checking on this. back to you. >> you can imagine having your identity stolen. already frustrating and you need more patience. ryan, thank you. >> reporter: sure. well developing this
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the mystery surrounding the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. an american tourist claims he found a piece of the missing plane washed ashore. >> holding a piece of airplane debris that i found on february 27th, 2016. >> he claims he found the debris washed up on a beach. search command officials believe there's a high probability that the debris could be from the boeing 777. flight 370 disappeared nearly onboard. well the time right now is 6:08 on this thursday morning. a little chillier when you step outside. >> yeah, i believe you will notice the difference. you barely notice the actual cold front yesterday because it didn't bring any rain but it's ushering back in what we will call close to average temperatures for early march. right around 56 degrees at 8:00 a.m. but what is typical for this
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and notice each hour we get much warmer. 63 at 10:00 a.m. 71 at noon. 75 at 3:00 p.m. and 75 the average for the early parts of march. just a few passing clouds and still 70 at 7:00 p.m. so less humid today, mid-70s, mostly sunny. and i'm tracking the next cold front, it will be here in about 24 hours from now, but this one a 20% rain chance which will lead to a great weekend, warm, sunny afternoons. the average is 75. today we're at 75. tomorrow, 74. 75 saturday. and then warmer next week. but you know, we strive for average this time of the year. mid-70s is just about perfect. >> we strive for average, you don't hear that a lot but we will take it. we've got an average drive to be honest. for this early morning hour here. in sarasota, we do have an accident. we usually have something somewhere. and this is at fielding lane and clark road but not seeing as much of a delay here. it is tying up lanes.
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let's take a live look here, right around bearss and 275. this is southbound traffic into downtown tampa. in the distance, a wonderful drive. and bay area bridges up to speed, only six minutes to cross the howard franklin bridge. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to candace and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much. researchers are already noticing changes in astronaut scott kelly's health. >> yeah, why scientists believe he grew 2 inches while in space. and a store clerk who won't put up with any shenanigans. the moment she turns the tables on a would-be robber. >> don't the mess with her. then -- >> reporter: and i am right here at the strawberry festival. we are going to be making this signature dish. and there's some secret ingredients in here. i'm going to see if i can
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happening today, i know a lot of us have been looking forward to this all year. the strawberry festival gets underway today. >> yeah, for the next 10 days, nearly a half a million people will visit plant city. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is there early the to show us what's in store this year.
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fun your segments are this morning. i hear you have been able to taste some of this? >> reporter: yes. and you know, one of the signature dishes is the strawberry short cake. i'm here with bill. and you're going to make us some. >> yes, we are. >> reporter: but we have a controversial question first. and this is something that gayle was asking earlier, so gayle i've got the answer to your question, and it's short cake or biscuit? >> my goodness, that's on the line of the hatfields and the mccoys. and biscuit are for sausage and gravy this morning. >> reporter: okay. i don't know if i've ever had strawberry short cakes for biscuit. let's take it. and tell me what goes into it. >> well, we put the cake in the bowl. that's the first. >> reporter: and it seems so simple but this is the hard part. >> this is the heart of the short cake here. it does have a secret recipe in it that i am sworn to secrecy with. >> reporter: not tell us just a little bit?
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it does have a lot of calories. >> reporter: that thunder sleet takes days to make. >> yes, literally every day, we are skimming the strawberries and taking the tops off, slicing it and adding the secret recipe to it. >> reporter: all right. let's put it on top. this is like my favorite part. >> covers the cake. >> reporter: yes, yes. you can't even see the cake. that's amazing. perfect. >> and then the topping on it. >> reporter: and i am going to be tasting this. and i am going to wait until you throw it back to you so i can concentrate on chewing. i'll make sure to eat enough for you guys, as well. >> we're waiting on you to bring some back for us. don't come back empty handed. >> especially the secret recipe. i posted online biscuit or short cake. and one guy had a good answer, both. >> why not? go all the way. >> thanks, lindsey. enjoy. well new this morning, astronaut scott kelly is back home in houston. his plane landed around 2:00
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with hugs from family and friends. kelly's return comes nearly a year after living in space. scientists will monitor and watch kelly to determine how it impacted his health. and already they know that he is 2 inches taller than he was when he went to the international space station. experts explain that they get taller in space as the spine elongates. they expect him to return back to his normal height after a short time back on earth. well the teen dubbed dr. love is back in jail. remember we told you about the south florida teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor? more fraud charges. beach. investigators report he used a patient's bank information to pay almost $35,000 towards his auto loan and credit card debts. he was on house calls when he is accused of stealing checks from an 86-year-old woman.
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we have some clear surveillance video to show you this morning of a gun store robbery out of houston. loose. take a look at this. you can see the robbers first chain the door to the back of a pickup truck. and then the truck breaks off the doors and then the men run inside, taking as many hand guns and rifles as they could get their hands on. they left the scene and changed vehicles about a block away. some people in georgia are calling a store clerk a hero. and others believe she's lucky to be alive. >> i don't know, she is a fighter. robber. and the woman won. it happens when the man walks up to pay for a soda. when she opens the register, he pulls a gun and demands money. she was not having that. she slapped the gun and hit him in the head with the cash drawer.
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and then grabbed a hammer and it's hammer time. she chased him out the door. listen to how the clerk describes what happened. >> i say, no, i can't. he said, i shoot you. i said go ahead, if you want to shoot me, shoot me. >> wow. the would-be robber was so shook up over the attack, he lost his shoes while running away. police did eventually catch the guy. >> you have been warned, don't mess with her. >> right? don't go back. she goes for the hammer. >> he didn't come back. >> to, he did not. >> impressive. scary but impressive. this morning, a beautiful start to the day. now you may need a light jacket depending on where you are. it is cooler than yesterday but you won't need the light jacket or long sleeves very long. we hit 71 by your lunch break. and then around 75 degrees at 3:00 p.m. and there will be some clouds but the humidity is quite low.
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north of i-4. 46 in crystal river and inverness. clearwater, you're cooler than yesterday, 55. apollo beach at 50. 52347 tampa. and in fact, i -- 52 in tampa. and in fact, wendy in brooksville is 48 degrees right now. and still high thin clouds should make for a gorgeous sunrise. but this cool morning is actually close to average for early march. and just like what we expect, mostly sunny skies and pleasant, mild afternoon today. and tomorrow morning, another weak cold front comes through. most of the rain is just a 20% chance, happening before 10:00 a.m. and then clearing out which will lead to a wonderful friday afternoon and evening. beautiful through the weekend. make some outdoor plan, mid-70s and warmer next week. leslee, let's check on traffic on the 8s. all right, well starting to get busier. we are moving closer to rush hour but still a good drive. especially 75 throughout the sun coast area. bradenton, sarasota. 75 looks good. fielding lane at clark road, an accident.
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and head out to desoto county. in arcadia, a collision with injury, county 760. downtown looks good. live look, 275 bearss avenue, more vehicles on the roadway but still wonderful drive here. we're about 56 miles per hour. and then here is 275 at kennedy. the earlier construction cleared and the off-ramp to kennedy is now open. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to candace and gayle. >> some super rare baseball cards discovered in an unlikely place. >> why the family who found the cards almost threw them away. you're watching news channel 8
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so a california family is feeling lucky this morning
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trove worth more than $1 million in a crumpled up paper bag. inside the bag, seven super rare cub baseball cards. experts authenticated the cards at the hall-of-fame outfielder. they believe the cards were printed between 1909 and 1911. the family discovered the cards while going through their late grandfather's home. they almost mistook them for trash. >> wow. well take a look at how far one bear in australia went to get a -- australia went to get a drink. this happened on the side of the freeway. the. acting sick. dehydration. >> that is so sweet. >> so cute. well, weather and traffic away. new in the next half hour, a warning about how fast you drive. how much you could be fined for going too slow. you heard us right.
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it is 6:28. that means it's time to get the kids of the bed and send them to the bus stop. now it may be a little cool, upper 40s to low to mid-50s depending on where you are. but we all warm up nicely. 75 degrees, low humidity. sort of a thin layer of clouds. and emoji man asks, can it stay this way? but this is exactly average for this time of the year. expecting a high of 75. the average is 75 for today. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, emoji man would be proud here too. it's a good drive. out towards the skyway bridge in the distance, wonderful drive between manatee and pinellas county. and let's take a live look at traffic in hillsborough county.
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275 coming away from hillsborough avenue, starting to head into downtown, you can see more vehicles on the road but speeds of about 50 miles per hour. good speeds from bearss to i-4. and a collision in sarasota on clark road.
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ba da ba ba ba good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we begin with breaking news. the search for two thieves is happening right now in tampa. while you were sleeping, police responded to a home invasion in the 1400 block of west yukon. that's where two men forced their way inside a home and zip tied two people. the victims got free and called police. they were not hurt. the thieves did make off with
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take a look at this video. it shows a woman pulling into the parking lot of a walgreens. that's when someone approached the car with a gun. long lines, would you look at this, and hours of frustration. that's what dozens of victims of identity theft are experiencing outside of the irs office in tampa. now 8 on your side is trying to get some answers about what in the world is going on. so far, all we've gotten from the irs is a statement apologizing for the inconvenience. the time right now, 6:31. >> it is cooler. and there's a thin layer of clouds and it's making for a beautiful sunrise. hopefully you're able to get a picture and send it to me. you can see the sun starting to peak up over the horizon here in new port richey. 55 degrees at that location so it is cooler than yesterday. st. pete 62.
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even 40s in some of the northern areas. and a stark difference from yesterday. 22 degrees colder right now than you were in crystal river yesterday. tampa is about nine degrees cooler. brandon is 11. it's behind yesterday's cold front. and i'm tracking our next cold front. back here at this point. should only bring a slight rain chance tomorrow. so between the cold fronts now. and should make for a beautiful day, 75 degrees this afternoon. and in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:38, an eight-day temperature trend to see how long we get to stay this comfortable which hopefully is a longtime. >> yeah. it's really nice out there. all right, folks, well we have a decent drive traffic- wise too. sarasota on the interstate looks good. tamiami trail up to speed. but fielding lane at clark road, we have a collision. acardia, county road 60, we have a collision. let's look at the roadways. this is the howard franklin bridge, busier but still a good drive. on the left, traffic coming into tampa. and you can see no delays. that's a look at weather and
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and candace. >> all right. thank you. right now, the search is on for a carjacking suspect. he took advantage of a woman in winter haven who was texting in her car in a walgreens parking lot. something that could happen to any of us. josh thomas is live from the parking lot at the store on 1st street south. and josh, lucky for her, this was all caught on surveillance video. >> reporter: yes, it was caught on surveillance video but still some scary moments for that carjacking victim. especially since that suspect is still on the run at this hour. now police want to find 18-year- old william brad i summer -- bradly summerland before he strikes again. in the surveillance video, you can see 50-year-old sandra hunter pull into the parking lot. a man can be seen walking around just moments before the carjacking. >> and i went to put my phone back into my purse to get out.
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it was pulled open. and he says, in so many word, get out of the car. >> reporter: huntinger didn't want to show her face because run. that suspect has been william bradly summerland of bartow. state troopers spotted the the stolen car in st. augustine but when they tried to stop it, it off running. hunter told news channel 8 she stops at that walgreens all the time and never thought something like this would happen. >> you hear about it everywhere else. but when it's right there, somewhere in my safe zone, somewhere i stop every day at or not every day but on a regular basis. >> reporter: do you still have a safe zone? >> no. no. no. >> reporter: now two other people who were with him in the stolen car were caught. but the search goes on for that carjacking suspect who does have a very lengthy criminal record. i will continue checking with winter haven police to find out
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and we should also note that there's a lot of interest in this story on since it is the second top clicked story on our website. >> yeah, a lot of people anxious to see him behind bars. josh, thank you. time right now 6:34. and 8 on your side has a warning for you before you head out the door this morning. it's about drivers on the road. now the message is a bit unusual. speed up or get fined. >> yeah, the the florida highway patrol is cracking down on slow poke drivers. our ryan hughs is in the studio. and this is an interesting problem to have. >> reporter: exactly. it's really simple, slow driving is like fast driving, it can be dangerous. and now the florida highway patrol is warning people to speed up and if you don't, it could cost you with a fine. >> if we have drivers going too slow, too fast, people tend to try to jump around and pass on the right when we're typically the left. >> reporter: and now troopers
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than the speed limit but on a lot of highway, that that's 70 miles per hour so the minimum speed we should travel is around 50 miles per hour. the state is expected to see close to 100 million visitors in this year alone meaning a lot of unfamiliar drivers on area roads and highway, slowing things down for everyone else. so if people don't keep things at a reasonable pace, they'll be fined and fhp tells us that the minimum fine is $150. >> that's a big fine. i'm a slow driver and it even frustrates me. i stay in the right lane. >> it can be just as dangerous as going fast. >> yep. speculation is growing over a speech mitt romney will give today on the state of the 2016 presidential race. the former republican presidential candidate is scheduled to speak at the university of utah. experts speculate he will criticize gop front runner donald trump. well donald trump will attend tonight's debate.
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his differences with fox news aside. this morning trump says he is actually looking forward to participating. that's a big difference from january when he skipped the debate. megyn kelly be l be one of the moderators. tonight's prime time debate starts at 9:00. one republican candidate who won't be at tonight's debate, ben carson, appears to be ending his campaign after his poor finish on super tuesday. in a statement wednesday, the republican candidate says he see, quote, no path forward. carson's business manager is telling the associated press that there's only one candidate in this election, and that is donald trump. time now 6:37. traveling to cuba could be getting easier for tampa bay residents. two more airlines are jumping into the mix in hopes of providing flights from florida to cuba. american airlines submitted the application to the department of transportation wednesday. american wants to fly out of miami to six cuban cities including havana.
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from several florida cities including tampa and orlando. well all this comes as historic changes are happening between cuba and the u.s. our own keith cate will be traveling to cuba this month to president president barack obama's historic visit to the island. you can see and watch keith's reports from cuba right here on news channel 8 beginning sunday march 20th. well, time now is 6:38 and i'm really loving like your clothes. you have the spring clothes on, spring colors and the weather seems kind of spring-like. >> adds a spring to your step. everyone really getting into the spring-time feel. let me show you each hour, 56 at 8:00, 59 at 9:00. 71 at 1:00. 75 at 3:00 p.m. hard to buy better weather than this. still 70 at 7:00 p.m. and now one little fly in the ointment, well, we call it pollen in the ointment i guess. high pollen levels today, tomorrow and saturday.
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little bit but take the allergy medication and enjoy our spring training games. games all starting at 1:05. and we will see high thin clouds and temperatures perfect in the low 70s. and we stay near average in the mid-70s through saturday. and then start to trend warmer into the 80s next week. we will check in on traffic on the 8s. you know what i really like about spring training, not just that it's baseball but it's outside and because the weather is how it is, we don't have bugs. >> but you need the sunscreen because the sun is brighter than it feels. >> that's right. that's for sure. let's take a look at traffic right now. tamiami trail. great drive on 75 but not perfect in sarasota. accidents still wrapping up, road. and let's go ahead and take a live look at traffic, 275 coming down through hillsborough and down towards downtown tampa.
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last time i showed you and that's going to continue to get hour. all right, ybor and the veterans expressway, ybor city starting to get busy, in the yellow 301 to 275. ehrlich to 275, still good on the veterans expressway expressway southbound. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to candace and gayle. >> thank you. a yummy festival is kicking off today in the bay area. >> yes, we are talking the strawberry festival. ahead, we are live with a look at the final preparations and what are those? oh, i know, mr. berry. he's serving up some delicious short cake at the strawberry festival. >> yum. and then a lakeland family's unwanted guest who took a dip in had the pool. how it went unnoticed so long. it's enough to make you want to look twice. and an 8 on your side athreat morning for pet owners. the item many of us have in our homes right now that's toxic to our dogs. it's 6:40.
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an alert about the dangers of sugar-free gum to our pets. it contains a sweetener that's toxic to dogs. their dog dancer got into a gym bag and ate about 25 to 30 pieces of sugar-free gum. an hour later, he was really sick. >> dancer started to have a really bad seizer and this was on my girls' laps while they were holding her. >> but the chemical caused his blood sugar to drop dangerously. dancer spent several face intensive care. she is now better but -- several days in intensive care. she is now better. >> gosh, thankful she's okay. a different type of team will participate in this
6:45 am
the athletes aren't from one country, rather many. and they are considered refugees. the international olympic committee approved the plan. it would be made up five to 10 athletes and would compete under the ioc flag. alaska's famous dog sled race is making history this weekend. for the first time ever, organizers are shipping in snow for the race. can you believe that? warm temperatures over the last few weeks melted much of the snow in anchorage where part of the race happens. so help, crews are letting freight cars with snow if and sending it hundreds of miles to anchorage. happening today, i know a lot of us have been looking forward the to this all year long. the strawberry festival gets underway today. >> yeah, for the next 10 day, nearly a half million people will visit plant city, go on ride, listen to the bands and taste delicious strawberry themed food. news channel 8's lindsey mastis
6:46 am
and you have a special guest with you. >> reporter: yes, i do. good morning. you know, we have been behind the scenes all morning and the doors will open in a few hours here. i am joined with the president of the festival. and tell me, you know, the security is being upped this year. why is that? and what are you guys doing? >> well, it's a sign of the time. we have no specific threats but we wanted to enhance the security for the security of the patrons and we will do wanding this year at the gates. and we also have enhanced the camera capabilities for ongrounds and then also we are patrolling our fence area. just to keep things safe and make the public feel secure. >> reporter: and there's going to be some undercover law enforcement as well. >> and there is. and we also have a good law enforcement presence we have extra officers this year. >> reporter: and right before the festival was coming up, we heard about a strawberry shortage.
6:47 am
how are things right now? >> things are wonderful right now. there's a great volume of strawberries. the prices have come down to make them reasonable. and this time of year, the berries very sweet. best of everything. >> reporter: and there's a lot that's new this morning and a lot with entertainment as well. tell me about what's different this time around. >> this year and for the last couple years but primarily this year, about a third of the acts are non-country acts. this year, we've got casting crowns, we're got donnie marie and we have big and rich. and we've got the band perry. so just a wide variety of acts for people to come out and see and great ongrounds acts too. >> reporter: thank you so much. and we have all that information on our website, you will want to take a look before you come out so you are well prepared. gayle and candace, back to you.
6:48 am
this morning, a lakeland cup really keeping aer eye on their swimming pool after they found this gator taking a dip. they discovered the gator after seeing bubbles coming from the bottom. as they looked closer, they saw the 9-foot 300-pound gator on the bottom of the pool, this is what i see on the news, not my backyard. when i saw him, that's no gator, that's a big gator. >> i will be looking twice from now on. the couple called a trapper who came and hauled away the gator. they believe that the reptile came from a lake behind their house and busted through their screen porch. >> he's like, leave me alone, trying to chill out. >> exactly. >> we posted the video on our news channel 8 facebook page. and leigh, it's the getting closer to pool season. >> it is. i mean, the gator thinks it's already pool season. the sun is just coming up.
6:49 am
of clouds to give such beautiful color to the sky. this is the way it looks from lakewood ranch, 55, yeah, cool this morning. 56 degrees but we warm up quickly, just this high thin layer of clouds all day . 71 at noon. up to 75 at 3:00 p.m. really comfortable. some places in the 40s like brooksville. clearwater, 53. 56 in fish hawk. again, cooler than yesterday. and just about where we would expect to be in early march. patty in new port richey says 57 degrees. we didn't bring rain or anything yesterday but now we see the cooler air and the high thin clouds. during the afternoon, we see the nice quick warm-up, mild, mid-70s. and by about this time tomorrow, tracking another cold front, 20% rain chance with it. that's higher than yesterday. and not that much. and then clears out for friday afternoon and evening. and it stays beautiful through the weekend.
6:50 am
this kind of weather. mid-70s through next week. how about traffic on the 8s? >> good weather karma. good traffic karma today too. traffic is a little bit lighter than normal for this time. 275 coming away if hillsborough, it is starting to get congested here. but we're still at decent speeds, about 40 miles per hour as you move into downtown tampa. all right, let's go ahead and look at travel times. off the howard franklin bridge, kennedy to ashley, about four minutes. and then bearss avenue to i-4, that's part of what i showed you there with a little bit of the congestion building, about 275. all right, let's take a look now through ybor city, 11 minute 301 to 275 and that is through the heart of ybor. and the veterans expressway, still good, ehrlich to 275 at 14 minutes. a live look at some of the slow down as you move in from ybor up to the junction westbound on i-4. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s.
6:51 am
can you have a little bit of sympathy for this snake? a python in australia underwent emergency surgery after eating something it wasn't supposed to eat, a purple teddy bear. it started when a snake catcher noticed the python had an unusual bulge. well, the catcher took to it the vet and x-rayed the snake and revealed there was a teddy bear inside. the vet performed emergency surgery to remove the plush toy. the snake will stay at the vet's office for two weeks and then it will be released back into the wild. trying to snug billion the bear and things went too far. >> yeah, biting off more than you can chew. >> exactly. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including the candidates expected to attend tonight's presidential debate in detroit. and also, caught on camera, the suspect police are now searching for in a brazen carjacking at a bay area drugstore.
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right now, the search is on for a car jacker and police believe that the suspect is armed and dangerous. >> yeah, he actually pointed a gun at a mother in her car at a winter haven walgreens and took off in her car. josh thomas is live at the parking lot. josh, who are police looking for. >> reporter: well, right now, they are looking for 18-year- old william summerland from bartow. he is the carjacking suspect. this happened in the parking lot here. this is a picture of that for. again, that's william summerland in the surveillance video you can see him bakely take the vehicle at gun point and then ended up forcing the driver out of the car and then stole the vehicle. the suspect later crashed in with him. they were caught but the search is still on for william summerland who is considered extremely dangerous and the
6:56 am
he strikes again. >> josh, thank you. the erin andrews trial could be headed to the jury today but not without a bombshell. one of the witnesses in the case neal peskind is accused of watching the naked video of her in public with friends. andrews is suing marriott for negligence and allowing her stalker to specifically book a room next to her's and record her changing. would you look at this, dozen of victims ofayty theft are dealing with major frustration. they're being forced to stand in line for hours outside the irs office in tampa to get their taxes fixed. 8 on your side is trying to get some answers. so far, all we have gotten from the irs is a statement apologizing for the inconvenience. donald trump will attend tonight's debate. the gop front runner is putting his differences with fox news aside. this morning he is saying he is looking forward to participating. megyn kelly will be one of the moderators.
6:57 am
candidate ben carson won't be at tonight's debate. he says he does not see a path forward in his political run. senators marco rubio and texas senator ted cruz and governor john kasich are expected to the participate in the debate tonight in detroit. final preparations are underway for the strawberry festival. it kicks off at 10:00 a.m. and runs through the 13th. you can head to the festival grounds in plant city to take part for the next 10 days. it is a little cool this morning as we kick-off the strawberry festival. in plant city, right now 55 degrees. clearwater, 54. bradenton, 58. and even 40s in crystal river. as the day goes on, we warm up to 71 degrees at noon. so a fast warm-up. 75 degrees at 3:00 p.m. about average for this time of the year. and this time tomorrow, i'll be bringing you about a 20% rain chance as another cold front comes through leading to a fantastic sunny weekend. looking at traffic right now, the only real slow section
6:58 am
southbound between bearss avenue and i-4. about a 19 minute commute. pockets of congestion there. and a great drive off the howard franklin bridge. and slower through ybor too on westbound i-4 to 275, 12 minutes. and 16 minutes on the veterans expressway between ehrlich and 275. let's take a live look at some of the traffic out there. and there it starts to slow down, again 275 southbound. actually around fowler avenue. and then in pockets through downtown. but the bay area bridges look good. nice drive across the water. >> all right. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us this morning. >> we're going to stay on top of the stories throughout the day. stick around for updates during the "today" show.
6:59 am
7:00 am
ba da ba ba ba a phony, a fraud. just out what amitt romney is claiming to say about donald trump today as republican leaders openly consider finding a third party candidate to take on trump. with another big debate tonight donald trump will join us live to respond. welcome home. scott kelly arrived from texas overnight and reunites with his family. >> it is a great feeling to be


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