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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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problems at the polls. >> a truck smashes into deputies cruisers. we will hear from the deputy who made eye contact with the driver before impact. i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm keith cate. . you have two hours left to cast your vote in the florida primary. what happens today here in florida will have a major impact o on the white house. we didn't see many lines in the polls but we found a problem. in polk county, some voters were denied the opportunity to cast their ballot there. a couple reached out to newschannel8 after workers told them they could not vote at their registered location on jim keene boulevard. they were told this was a republican only voting location. not so. >> any kind of action taken against anyone? >> we certainly have counseled the clerk of this precinct, but the truth is no voters were turned away. it was a mistake.
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but a human mistake and it was turned around immediately. >> he actually had about a handful of democraticic voters almost turned away, but the workers s found the democratic ballots in a closet. the supervisor of elections does not believe the mistake affected any results though. the couple we spoke with and others were eventually able to vote. so, problem solved. a goofy mimisunderstanding there. now, as s for the candidates, they are fighting for every single vote. tonight's results could determine if marco rubio stays in the republican presidential race. >> the latest polls have donald trump in the lead. no surprise there. let's pick up our team coverage in south florida this evening. >> we have reporters with all the candidates in florida. let's start with paul mueller in palm beach covering the gop front runner donald trump. >> reporter: good evening. this could be a make or break night for senator marco rubio. he has to win his home state of florida tonight or this could
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as for the polls, trump is in the lead in most of them. some by double digits. he is expected to be here at the hotel addressing the crowd. as you can see from outside the hotel, right now, security is in place right now, while inside the hotel, secret service is in there going through with a security sweep. and outside, media, not only from florida but around the country and other countries are here tonight. as far as protests go again, none here today. at least not yet. but yesterday, in tampa, things trump supporters. before that, chicago's rally canceled because of protests there and the night before, a man attacked by a pro trump supporter in north carolina. so again, the heat is really on rubio tonight to win his home state here in florida but it appears right now at least that trump could be taking home all 99 delegates.
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newschannel8. speaking of marco rubio, tonight may be his last stand against donald trump. rubio has been hitting trump hard calling him divisive and claiming he could never win the general election in november. let's get to candace mccowan. she joins us from miami. hello candace. >> reporter: good evening keith. we are here at florida international university here this evening. that event starts at 7:00. the doors open here at 6:00. if you look behind me, the room is getting prepped for a crowd this evening. the podium, rubio is expected to take the stage after the results come in and it will be very interesting to see what the mood of the room is later on this evening. now, rubio spent the past several days campaigning all over the state. he packed in multiple stops into each day. yesterday, he met with campaign workers at his orlando office saying that is one place that he can really make a difference in the outcome of this primary.
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face that this is still a fight here in florida. that he could win his home state. without it, there is not much of a road to the nomination. but rubio is changing his tune a bit this week on his thoughts about the campaign after florida. >> it comes down to florida. this state will elect 99 delegates. to one person. and i want it to be me and i need you to help it to be me. >> i never said my campaign is built on the outcome of any specific state. >> reporter: so, we will have to watch and see what the reality is for the rubio campaign this evening. he said that he will be campaigning in utah tomorrow moving on in the campaign, but has not said where the campaign stops are exactly. so a lot of people, a lot of eyes on this stage tonight to see what rubio decides. if he loses this florida primary. >> in a couple of hours i suppose we will have the answer. the rnc chairman for florida
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surprise a lot of people, but it is winner take all. early voting began on march 10. that is ten days ago. that played a big part in this florida election. hasn't it candace? >> they are expecting more than half of the votes cast that they were cast early. early voting, absentee voters, more than 2 million people casting their votes that way. a lot of votes have already been decided. people making their decision weeks ago based on events that happened then. so it will be interesting to see how that impacts the results. >> candace mccowan reporting live with the rubio campaign in miami. thank you for that. the democratic side, senator bernie sanders stopping in chicago earlier today to make his closing arguments to illinois voters. sanders rallied inin four states in the last four states ramping up support. hillary clinton is ahead of
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but sanders has surprised before like when he won polls. melanie michael will show us how the clinton campaign is preparing for tonight. >> reporter: hey there, good evening to you from west palm beach where we are at the convention center here in palm beach county awaiting the arrival of hillary clinton later onto night. she has had a jam packed schedule starting in north carolina this morning but she will be here addressing the crowd we are told around 9:00 this evening. i want to show you what is going on behind me. some of the preps happening. the stage is set up. the flags behind. you can also see security measures taking place. some of the security sweeps and the secret service going hour. again, in anticipation of the former secretary of state arriving later onto night. now as you know, a poll now is polls 60%. she tells us her campaign is
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not building walls. a direct quote right there from her pretty much sending a message to donald trump tonight. so it should be an exciting night according to the hillary clinton campaign. they are expecting a lot of people to pack this ballroom here at the convention center and we will be here throughout the night giving you live reports here on newschannel8. for now, i'm melanie michael in west palm beach. back to you. along with florida, voters in ohio, missouriri, illinois, and north carolina are also going to the polls today. well ohio like florida is a winner take all state when it comes to the delegates. >> john kasich is hoping a victory in his home state will give him momentum to stay in the rarace. voting for himself. of course he would. he leads donald trump by a narrow margin in ohio. we will have continuing live team coverage of the florida primary ththis evening and we 11:00 p.m.
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analysis. gears here. that's for sure. right now, we are at the scene of breaking news in tampa. coming up next, police are investigating a shooting and break-in at this home. >> and also tonight, caught on camera. a driver running from the law smashes into a deputy's cruiser.
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>> welcome back. it is 5:11. in tampa. a would be burglar picked the
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he was shot dead by the homeowner. mary mcguire is live. hello. >> reporter: good afternoon to you jenn. i'm standing right in front of the house where this all went down earlier this afternoon. and neighbors here i spoke with say that they are not surprised that this was thwarted as quickly as it was was because a lot of people work fromom home. tampa police say this happened just after 1:00 this afternoon. 40-year-old christopher solomon heard strange sounds in the kitchen. he armed himself and came downstairs to find an intruder in the kitchen. fearing for his life, he shot the intruder several times.s. authorities gave homeowners here advice on how to avoid this. >> keep watch. keep an eye on each other. most of the time these crimes happen in the day when they think people are not home. >> reporter: now, the name of the intruder has not yet been
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jenn? >> what about solomon? will he will charged in this case? >> reporter: police tell me he has not been arrested or charged in this case. but as is typical, the fact will be sent to the state attorney's office e and they will make that determination. >> mary mcguire reporting live in tampa. thank you mary. body cam video capturing the moments deputies go after a man high on drugs and speeding county. christopher conti hit several deputy vehicles as he tried to mamake his get away. jamel lanee joins us live from little road in new port richey. some dramatic but scary video as well. >> reporter: keith, very scary indeed. christopher conti has a very long rap sheet. 30 pages long. and he obviously was not trying to get caught. >> g got him! >> reporter: chchristopher conti had no regard for human life as he sped through the streets of new port richey yesterday.
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from six different angles. >> there could have been a family coming home from practice, from picking up the kids after day care. and this individual would have destroyed them. >> reporter: they tried to pull him over and pasco county sheriff's office joined in as conti ran wildclocking speeds up to 6060 miles an hour. >> i saw the suspect's vehicle swerving, driving wrecklessly. >> reporter: deputy paul reagan was part of the pursuit. watch as he tried to stop conti but gets hammered by his truck. >> i see him looking forward and his eyes, they got pretty big to where he knew he had to either come back onto the road or he was going to go into the ditch. i saw him rip onto the wheel and turn into my vehicle. >> reporter: deputies swarmed the truck after stop sticks took out conti's tire and they wrestle him to the ground. >> i'm drugged out of my mind.
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>> you have a person drugged out of his mind driving a 5,000- that is like somebody running waving it. we had to take every precaution to get this person in custody as quickly as possible. >> reporter: so, conti now faces charges like aggravated battery, fleeing and eluding and drug possession. but miraculously, keith, nobody was hurt in this incident. >> and he looked pretty good all things considered after his little encounter. jamel lanee, thank you. nonow to a story we are watching overseas. gunfire broke out during a counterterrorism raid in brussels belgium. at least one suspect fled and at least three other officers were wounded. police sealed off that neighborhood. the raid itself was part of belgium's ongoing investigation into the paris terror attacks. several of the terrorists
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the obama administration is easing more travel and trade rerestrictions with cuba. this comes just days befofore president obama makes that historic visit to the communist island. among the changes it wiwill be easier for you to travel to cuba for educational purposes. u.s. businesses will also be able to operate more freely. a lolot is changingng. i'll be traveling to cuba for that presidential visit. i'll alalso be covering the ray's trip to play the cuban national team there. you can watch all of the reports from cuba starting this sunday. check out this live view right now from new port richey. deep blue sunny skies. warm temperatures around 85 degrees. let's go a few more miles toward the coast. this is a live view from saint pete beach and you might just have to take my word for it because we have fog g that is so dense right now, you can n hardly even see your hand in front of your face.
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tough all day long for some of our immediate coastlines. that is really having an impact on the temperatures. right now, 73 in venice. 75 in sarasota. saint petersburg, upper 70s . head inland, we are nearly 90 degrees now in sebring and orlalando did have their first 90- degree day of the year. visibility wise, very low visibility for much of sarasota county and much of the coastline. this fog right now is hugging the immediate coastal locations and will continue to do so over the next couple of hours. right around 9:00 p.m., we will see the sea fog roll inward. so by tomorrow morning's cocommute, the entire tampa bay area is looking at low visibility of less than a mile. so this morning if you travelel on the sunshine skyway, it was
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some folks had to go the long way around. tomorrow morning, it will be the same thing with very dense fog g closing the sky way. it might occur. that is up to the dot folks. but, that fog is also going toe make its way further inland than it did this morning so perhaps more problems on 75 by tomorrow morning. noon tomorrow, much of the fog will be gone except for the immediate coastal locations. we will hang onto the fog a bit longer. i know that is not great news for spring breaker ins town trying to get a bit of sunshine. but it is one of the patterns we happen to get in. satellite and radar picture showing that offshore fog. the bigger view showing a cool front to our r north. this front is headed in our direction. it will take a while to get here, but it is going to bring a few scattered showers and maybe storms as we head into the weekend. but this evening, the sea fog isis slowly rolling in mainly after 8:00 p.m. temperatures in the middle 70s
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could be a rougher one. so plan accordingly, use your low beams. give yourself extra time. it will be gone later. a warm high of 80 degrees where the fog has burned off. and then thursday morning, more sea fog. that will burn off once again. and maybe an isolated shower byby saint patty's day afternoon. otherwise, partly cloudy. moving into friday, a 30% chance of showers and a high of 78. then we focus on this low pressure on friday. it will move over us on saturday and bring us scattered showers and maybe a few storms. so, overnight tonight, some dense sea fog. temperatures in the middle 60s . tomorrow afternoon, most of that fog will burn off for much of the bay area. a warm high temperature of 80 dedegrees. a big spread in temperature as you head inland to winter haven. it will be 9 90 degrees tomorrow with sunshine. clear water beach around 84 degrees hanging onto the clouds
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so, tomorrow, again, i think we got the point across. start the day. that will burn off. saint patrick's day. same thing. 10% chance for a shower. friday, a 30% chance of a few showers favoring the northern communities and then saturday, scattered showers, mamaybe a storm. hopefully, we will be able to reduce the rain chance. i know we have a lot of events over the weekend including the air fest. that in okay. sunday will be a little momore breezy, but we wiwill have only a 20% chance of a shower. sunday is also the fifirst day of spring. ironically, check that out. the day after the first day of springng, we have lows in the 40s . and highs in the 60s . so ... mother nature is ... >> hopefully it won't ruin the flowers you planted on your map. >> i saved those for mother's day. >> very nice. [ laughter ] >> they are holding up well. vitamins.
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welcoming up, microsoft makes a proposal change that could change the face of video gaming. >> also coming up tonight, 7/11 is letting people come in to
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. atat that time it cost approximately $180 foror the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> microsoft want to play nice with sony. the technology company operating x-box live announceced it opened its network. this would allow x-box owners to play with playstation owners.
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compatible to allow this criss- crossing network game play. well, january, it was a very good month for most airline travelers. according to the department of transportation, in january, flights arrived on time 81.3% of the time. and this is an improvement from one year eararlier and from december's numbers. there were almost no tarmac domestic flights. and avon is cutting jobs. they will cut about 2500 jobs and move headquartrters from new york to great britain. this comes after the company sold its north american business to a private equity firm. they expect to save about $50 million this year from the payroll cuts and the closure of open positions. to celebrate the 50th birthday of the slurpee, participating 7/11 stores will allow customers to bring their own cup. you can take in your own cup
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street for a mere 1.50. there are some restrictions. this cup has to fit upright through an indoor display with a 10-inch diameter hole. you might get away with a mixing bowl. they narrow at the bottom. think it through and enjoy. dairy queen kicking off the season with a free cone day. you can stop by and get a small vanilla soft serve cone in regular business hours. in excxchange, they are accepting donatitions to children's miracle network hospital. so feel free to give there as well. >> a lot of free sugar out there. >> right? [ laughter ] >> get after it. >> all right. josh benson joins us now with momore on what's up. >> we are just hours away of knowing the resusults of the florida primary election. voters are gathering to celebrate. we will have that. plus, police are on spring break patrol. what happens when they see
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm josh benson. across the bay y area, primary watch parties are beginning to start ready to watch the election returns come in. one of the parties is for donald trump and it is at milone's irish pub. peter bernard is there. how is the turnout? >> reporter: right now. it is rather slim. the watch party is just beginning. they have their sign out front. they have a little buffet. $5. they are expecting hundreds to


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