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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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rubio's last stand. donald trump has a big lead in the polls. tonight. polk county. it is troubling to hear some of the voters had problems there. >> reporter: a couple reached out to us after they received their ballots with only republican candidates. talk about a voting flub. >> we would have been turned about it. >> reporter: when teresa showed up at her polling location. >> i showed up and it was only republicans on the ballot. >> reporter: she asked a polling worker about it. >> she said it was a closed republican primary. >> reporter: it happened as the polls opened this morning on
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a handful of democratic voters were almost turned away. >> we pushed it a little further. she called a few people. >> reporter: lo and behold. >> she found a box with the democratic ballots on there. and then they fixed it so we were able to vote for our candidate. >> reporter: newschannel8 reached out to the polk county supervisor of elections. >> we have certainly counseled the clerk of this precinct, but no rotors were turned away. it was a mistake. an unfortunate mistake, but a human mistake and it got turned around. >> reporter: and will this affect results in anyway? >> i don't see how it would. >> reporter: she felt uneasy about it and called newschannel8 to make sure the problem didn't go unnoticed. >> we love newschannel8 and we knew you would get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: as of now, the incident is still being looked
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we are told no one is in any trouble. >> melissa, live in polk county. thank you. as we mentioned before, rubio's home state of florida is a must-win for him. candace mccowan is live at his party tonight. the florida republican party chairman thinks he will do better than the polls suggest, but in reality, winning will be a huge surprise and upset for donald trump. are the supporters there optimistic? what is going on there? >> reporter: well, they haven't exactly opened the doors here. they are supposed to open at 6:00 hand there is a line outside the door. if you look here, this is a stage where rubio will speak later on this evening after the results come in. just to give you an idea of how many people are watching to see what happens in the race, look over this way. this is the number of cameras. people who are here watching to see what rubio has to say, what decision he makes after the results come in this evening. now, the crowds here clearly hoping for a celebration. but experts would call this
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to pull out a win. the polls have him down by double digits. rubio yesterday telling me the polls were ridiculous and he urged his supporters to make sure they get out and vote. >> don't stay home. make sure no one stays home. to be. >> reporter: voter turnout him. this event starts at 7:00 and they are waiting for the results to come in. that is when rubio will take the stage. whether he wins or loses will determine whether he continueds on in the race or not. but he says he is moving onto utah tomorrow where he will campaign. but he has not exactly scheduled things for tomorrow. >> in a way, they may want him to stay in and keep the pressure on donald trump. who's to say? but he is going to door all over florida. marco rubio is not giving up. there is still time if people want to vote.
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something about people being evacuated? what was that all about? >> reporter: they had to be evacuated from the office after there was a white substance found there. they haven't released many details but the staff there had to be evacuated. they were on the roof of the building but they did get an all clear in the past hour from the fire department there. >> that is good news. wait to see what marco rubio has to say. that is candace mccowan reporting live for r us tonight. and donald trump is pretty confident he will come outut with a win. >> he was pretty confident in tampmpa. his supporters are confident paul mueller continues our coverage where trump hopes to make a victory speech in palm beach tonight. >> reporter: where is donald trump? he is certainly not on the campaign trail. here. his hope by the time he speaks at 9:00, he will have all 99 delegates in the winner take all state. and that could mean senatotor
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if he doesn't win his home state tonight, many experts say he is done. now trump says he can take away the latino vote from rubio even though trump wants to build a wall to separate the u.s. from mexico and his accusations that many mexicans in the u.s. are rapists. and he has a tough stance on illegal immigration. that is something florida's latino conservatives want. regardless of what happens here in florida tonight, rubio says trail. next stop, utah, tomorrow, where the primary there will be a week from saturday. in palm beach, paul mueller, newschannel8. tomorrow night will make or john kasich. this is video of the ohio governor voting today. he voted for himself of course. kasich neck in neck with trump in the polls in ohio. and ted cruz will be spending primary night in houston.
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second most delegates. his campaign is betting the field will look a little different after tomorrow night's results. and hillary clinton is banking on continuing hour southern streak in florida. >> she is the strong favorite to win the sunshine state and melanie michael joins us live from clinton's celebration in west palm beach. >> reporter: hey there, good evening to you from west palm beach where we are following the hillary clinton campaign here on primary day. and it has certainly been a busy day with a packed itinerary for the secretary of state. we are anticipating her arrival around 9:00 tonight. prior to that, it has been busy here in the e convention center where the doors will open to the public around 7:00. secret service has been busy with the local authorities trying to dodo a last minute security sweep. today, the former secretary of state pointed out on the campaign trail that the donald trump rallies are getting way too violent. here is what she had to say.
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we really do focus on the very out. the bluster and bigotry and bullying that he is exemplifies on the campaign trail is disturbing. >> reporter: i in addition, hillary clinton has also said publicly, my campaign is about building walls. tonight she will be within these walls addressingng her supporters. 9:00 is the time wewe are hearing she is scscheduled to speak. but this is a campaign trail so all times are fluid. she is talking to local folks here this afternoon ahead of tonight's big party here at the convention center in palm beach. until then, we are going to be awaiting the arrival on a busy primary day here in palm beach county. i'm melanie michael, newschannel8. now back to you. and let's go to her opponent now. bernie sanders.
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another upset against hillary clinton like he did in michigan. the senator shaking hands, taking pictures with voters in chicago today. hillary clinton is favored to win illinois, but the chicago mayor is backing her. that is kind of good news bad news because his job approval rating is so low his endorsement could d actually hurt her. tonight, 8 is on your side with the most complete coverage of primary night in florida. we will have an hour lolong election special on great 38 at 8:00 and then here on newschannel8 at 11:00. we'll have reactition from the candidates as they react to their wins or their losses. well, a would be burglar shot dead. >> uh-huh. the trigger. we will show you who fired the shot that killed the intruder. plus, opening up about his fall from grace. david petraeus is talking to 8 on your side about the scandal
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did not know a burglar he shot dead. a man high on drugs sent troopers on a chase. deputies joined the chase trying to pull over christopher conti on state road 54. he intentionally rammed into patrol cars. stop sticks blew out his tires and he was taken to the grown. he told deputies i'm out of my mind on drugs while he was being arrested. he remain ins the pasco county jail. some polk county business owners want a level playing field when it comes to alcohol sales. right now, polk county law restricts the sale of alcohol before noon on sundays. some polk county business owners f feel they can't compete with businesses in lakeland. ththat city now allows alcohol to be sold from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., seven days a week. they want the polk commission to chchange the hours. >> i don't see the point. i would like to have some idea of how much momoney they think
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morning by not having alcohol sales. i just don't think it is any big deal. >> i think mr. smith has the wrong impression that it is not financially impacting our businesses when it severely is. >> commissioners did vote to have staff comome up with an ordinance similar to lakelands. they expect to vote on that proposal by august. well, he lost his job after a well publicized affair. >> now, general david petraeus side.
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>> he was one of the military's most decorated and admired generals until he fell from grace. >> geneneral david petraeus had a highly publicized affair that cost him his top job at the cia and led to criminal charges. today, he spoke with newschannel8's john rogers in sarasota andnd john, we understand he opened up about that scandal. >> reporter: he certainly did. general petraeus says he learned a lot about the incident and those are lessons he is sharing with others. david petraeus has experienced many challenges in his storied military career. and one of his biggest challenges was hotly publicized. >> what is it we learned and what can the public learn in the aftermrmath of the scandal?l? >> i have said i have turned
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forwrward but obviously, i have made mistake ins life. >> reporter: in 2012, petraeus was the director of the cia when tampa socialite jill kelly received ththreatening e-mails from petraeus' byographer paula broadwell. they were having an affair and he resigned from his s cia post. >> life is not without setbacks and d whether you enencounter a setback, there is plenty of the other two. what we do is what we do in the military. conduct an afteraction review. look at what take place. strive to learn from it and drive on. >> reporter: pet was found guilty of providing broadwell with classified information n so he was sentenced to probation and a hefty fine. now in the aftermath of the scandal, he is commit today
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he says it is important to always move forward. even if mistakes happen along the way. petraeus had stayed busy. he was in town today giving a lecture in sarasota. he is the chair of a local investment firm and he teaches courses in universities across america. >> interesting stuff. john rogers, thank you. big fog caused traffic headaches for much of the day. the sunshine skyway bridge was shut down starting at 5:30 a.m. for hours. it finally reopened right beforere 1:00 this afternoon and that fog will be anan issue again. it will impact more of the tampa bay area. keep in mind leslee lacey an leigh spann will be on with
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morning so you can see if the sunshine skyway y is open or not t like it wasn't this morning. reddington breach. not great spring breaking weather. here is a picture taken by boca siego bay showing the e clouds rolling in. we will see it just continue to roll across the area. it could roll all the way into lakeland, bartow. so dense f fog is likely for a lot of us tomorrow morning. 80 degrees in tampa. cooler and sarasota and venice now head inland where there is no fog and it is nearly 90 degrees. so the fog is making a big difference. as for where we have visibility. about one or two miles now in venice and sarasota. so what do we have in store for the ninight? throughout the early evening over the next couple of hours, that fog will stay along the
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between 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., we will see the fog pushing on shore an by tomorrow morning, dense fog for much of the bay area. you may want to allow a little extra time tomorrow morning. by noon, by lunchtime tomorrow, much ofof the fog is gone. but it is going to hang on for some of our beach locations throughout the early afternoon tomorrow so not ideal weather r for some of ththe folks coming down to o our area beaches where coastal areas. to the north, we have a cold front headed in our direction and it will bring us some into next week. that fog will be rolling in overnight. fog g becoming dense. planan accordingly tomorrow morning. maybe allow a little extra titime. a lot of that fog will be gone by tomorrow afternoon. a warm day where we get sol sunshine with a high of 80
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the fog will be gone by the afternoon. a 10% chance for a shower. better rain chances as we head into the weekend. overnight tonight. dense sea fog developing. temperature ins the middle 60s . tomorrow afternoon, fog will move out. high temperature around 80 degrees. pretty warm inland. 87 degrees tomorrow and winter haven. our immediate coastal locations with some fog and low clouds. saint patrick's day on thursday, we will startrt off with a little bit of fog. by afternoon. partly cloudy. 10% chance for shower. and a high of 80. also keep in mind we do dye the river green. hillsborough river, that is, on saturday. we are actually not doing it on saint patrick's day. lit be happening on saturday. so your forecast, wednesday, tomorrow, some morning fog. morning fog thursday as well.
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30% chance on friday. scattered showers and storms saturday. spring starts sunday. sunday, lit be a little breezy and monday and tuesday, pretty nice. but cooler. lows in the 40s s , highs in the 60s. >> we are about to get hot, to enjoy that temperature. >> thank you bryan bennett. coming up in sports, steven stamkos is in his hometown and that has the toronto sports world buzzing. >> one of the bolts stars sucker punched in the head.
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deadline as come and gone, steven stamkos has not signed with the bolts so stammergeddon is still going on in toronto. he touts the leaves as an attractive landing spot. he will become a free agent in the bolts. since lightning gm announced he would not be trading stamkos, the captain has been on fire, scoring nine times in 14 games. >> i think it is more a coincidence than anything. you know. obviously, it eases with the questions from the media. but at the end of the day, i knew i wasn't going anywhere. >> if the lightning win tonight, it will be their fourth time beating the leafs this season.
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will play toninight after being punched. the player who punched him will be suspended. drew smiley threw two scoreless innings but the rays lost 5-2. and the usf women's basketball team is headed out west to get ready for the ncaa tourment. and there is good news. they are the sixth seed in the bridge point region. that is the same region as overall top seed and three time defending champ uconn. last year, the bulls didn't make it out of the first round. head coach jose fernandez says it was a lesson learned for the veteran team. >> we are going to exceed where we went last year. you know. we are so close to getting to the second weekend last year, especially here at home with the two great crowds having such a good game against louisville. i know our kids are excited and
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because your next game could be your last. . >> yeah, they are excited and talent. the usf women play colorado saturday night. >> go bulls. finally tonight, this is exciting for some of the younger set. it is the biggest expansion in lego land history. winter haven's florida resort is beginning a bunch of new projects. they are billing a new theme parkland expanding their water park and a new hotel. the lego land beach retreat will be a beach theme resort right on the property. >> there is nothing like it in central florida. it is a key attracter to people coming to central florida for family vacations. >> and officials say there's a lot of need for hotel space in polk county to accommodate the guests so that new hotel will have 166 room keys and open some titime next year. all right, so, don't go anywhere. nbc nightltly news is coming up next. >> yes.
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>> we will see you back here at a one hour special tonighght at
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this is a letter from someone who'o's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and
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it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. breaking news tonight. a major make-or-break moment in n the race for president. will trump knock out rubio with a win in florida? can kasich stop him in ohio and force a contested convention? and can bernie sanders pull off another shocker? also breaking, one of the biggest public transportation systems in america to suddenly shut down amid urgent concerns over safety. millions bracing for a nightmare commute. stunning admission. for the first to imthe nfl announces a direct link playing football and degenerative brain disease. and pain killer epidemic epidemic.


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