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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  September 1, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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tropical storm hermine. charging directly for the florida coast. much more is coming later today. we have team coverage this morning to show you what you need to know to stay flooding fears to grow this morning. we will show you how many close to the coast are preparing for the worst. and a pasco county hospital forced to evacuate more than 200 patients. they are moved to the other hospitals after a fire and power outage. new developments overnight including what relatives need to know to check on their loved ones. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i am gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo.
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way. so let's turn things over to leigh spann. >> that's right. we still have the tropical storm at this point. you can see how it's spreading moisture across the peninsula of florida. from the panhandle down to citrus and hernando county, we had these tropical storm warnings and watches. and hurricane warnings. this to the panhandle, that is a hurricane warning. for our area, it is a tropical storm warning. and tropical storm-force conditions within 36 hours. this is the forecast as of 2:00 this morning. another update will come in within the hour. but the latest forecast has it a category one hurricane this evening with 75 miles per hour winds just off the panama city coastline, coming onshore and through friday morning, notice, it's still along the i-10 corridor. so we could still see rain on friday before it finally heads into the atlantic.
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the center of the storm and they found a flight level wind speed of 75 miles per hour meaning the system is strengthening. we could get that update very soon. you see the yellow shade area. this is the potential of where the tropical storm-force winds could be. notice this afternoon, they're still well offshore. but with an onshore south to southwesterly wind the water is going to pile up on the coast in the bay so any rain that falls doesn't have anywhere an issue. and tonight, we could get tropical storm-force winds in places like citrus and hernando county, closer to the center of circulation. locally, thank goodness at least a break in the the rain now amount a flood watch continue -- rain now, a flood watch continues through friday evening. >> yeah, going back to yesterday, especially portions of pinellas and manatee county,
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rainfall totals. some portions of pinellas registering over 6 inches of rain. only 11 inches of rain here. that's an estimate but we have been seeing a lot of the values verified. the big concern today, high tides. these are the specific tide times later on today. the high tides. and with the onshore flow, these tides are likely going to be enhanced later today. and even during low tide cycles with the onshore flow, the time receding. so coastal flooding and beach erosion going to be issues. in fact, we had some photos yesterday. andrew walker, that pier slowly disappearing under the water. and on davis island, kyle gilliland sent us this picture as well. and with the flood threat, we want to remind you, this was yesterday from pasco county, flooded roadway, turn around, don't drown. don't put your life in jeopardy.
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of course, driving down the roads, make sure you're careful. let's check on the roads with leslee. >> certainly do. thank you, ed. and at this point, ponding on the roadway in spots, puddling. a went through a couple 3uds here on the way -- couple puddles here from on the way from old west tampa. a good drive through st. pete. howard frankland bridge, eight i just a nine minute commute. of course, traffic is going to change as the weather changes. right now, good across the howard frankland bridge. and no delays. and a quick look at i-75 and fowler avenue, we're up to speed as well. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. in the midst of the trop tropical storm, a bay -- of the tropical storm, a bay area
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overnight. >> a fire broke out and knocked out power. news channel 8's meredyth censullo is live in hudson. meredyth, staff had the tough task of moving patients under a downpour of rain. >> reporter: yeah, really scary time that took place in the overnight hours. the work to transfer more than 200 patients to other facilities. very quiet now. all patients have been moved at this hour. but staff and security e still here, working to restore full power to the facility. we want to show you video from overnight. you can see the mass evacuation that took place. of course, critically ill patient, there were 12 of them, they were taken first. it took crews from five counties and the city of clearwater to assist in the evacuation. an electrical fire started in the generator room just after 6:00 yesterday.
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portion of the hospital. most of the back-up power could not support that. primary power not restored yet here. surgeries for today have been canceled. all of the patients have been notified. and we are waiting on word as when they'll be transferred back. we are expecting another briefing this morning. and of course, we will bring you that information when we have it. >> and there is a number that families can call for information. that number is on the careen right now, 877-344-1313. when you get through there, make sure you check or go to option 9 to get that information. in pasco county, those concerned about flooding can
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storm passes. people stood in line to fill more than 7,000 bags yesterday. this is the emergency operation center in new port richey. we have a complete list of locations throughout the bay area on let's go to video taken from neighborhoods. at least seven residents voluntarily evacuate when had the water got too close to their homes. some pets left behind. people had to be rescued by police officers. you see that cute little thank you so much. and this was the scene earlier in the day when the streets were flooding. some drivers rolled the dice only to be behind the wheel when the vehicle stalled in high water. we see it again and again. residents are bracing for more rain and more flooding. >> where i'm concerned at is when it's high tide. and right now, what's unusual is it's low tide. and we are getting the back-ups in certain areas and just the
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get as bad today. and if you must drive today, be sure to check our free news channel 8 app before you hit road. we have a list of road closures so you can void the flooding. -- so you can avoid the flooding. and thank goodness we did get a break overnight so that at least some of the rain and puddles could ease out because more rain is coming. and the flood watch for all of the counties that touch water goes through friday evening. and at this point, the only county around the venice area. and look in the gulf of mexico closer to the center of circulation. and that will continue to wrap around and head into our area as it wraps counterclockwise around hermine. which mean, a saturated ground plus high tide. even low tide, it will be higher than normal which will equal more flooding problems. and there's a wind threat, rough surf, gusty winds and
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tropical system. and then the rainfall potential. and i don't think today is going to be like yesterday where we never get a break from the rain. but pockets of heavy rain. unfortunately tomorrow, we could be seeing tropical downpours. that's another inch or two on friday. unfortunately this say three- day flooding potentl. we dry out. we will check with traffic on the 8s because i know it was rough yesterday. and people really need to be careful. thankfully schools are closed and things like that. >> yeah, that is good news. and we have a decent drive, bay area interstates look good. in manatee county and sarasota county, fhp saying that a lot of the intersections do have a lot of water. so be careful on the surface roads. just use caution. now here on the veterans expressway, things look great. no delays.
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eight minutes. ehrlich to 275, 10 minutes on the drive time. and a great drive on i-4, paul buchman highway through plant city to 75, 11 minutes. and mcintosh to park, eight minutes. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. it was quite a soaking at last night's buc's game. >> boy was it ever. >> highlights from the soggy final preseason game against the redskins. first, our storm coverage continues this fears in pasco county. what it's like there right now. it's 4:10.
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%f0 we're back. right now, we continue our team coverage of tropical storm hermine. heavy rain impacted pinellas county yesterday. certain areas will definitely see some more. it was a dangerous situation for drivers. many streets had to be blocked off because of flooding. one man was pushed into a ditch by flood waters. you can see the images here. his wife who was trapped was eventually rescued. a neighbor captured the rescue on cellphone video. >> the husband was already out
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couple and the wife was stuck in there. and they were trying to help her get out. and as they were helping her get out, the car was sinking really fast. >> scary moments there but the woman is okay. she was taken to the hospital to be checked out. florida power and light invested billions into its power grid statewide to prepare for tropical weather. they lake they are now able to detect and repair power out -- they say they are now detect repair power outages quicker than ever before. and they are using drones to quickly determine what's wrong with poles. and in sports this morning, the buc's are now looking ahead to the regular season opener after a soggy conclusion to the preseason last night. the bucs hosted the washington redskins in front of a nearly empty stadium thanks to the rain. most of the starters sat the game out as well to avoid injury and the back-ups didn't
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fumbling several times. the redskins win it. the season opener is 10 days away on the road against the falcons. an nfl official will join the mayor today for a special announcement. it is believed that the league will name philly as the host for the 2017 draft. chicago posted the draft the past two years. strong words from republican presidential nominee donald trump during his speech on immi policy speech in phoenix after meeting with mexican president enrique pena nieto earlier in the day. trump reiterated previous statements about building a wall along the the mexican boarder and says mexico will pay for it. >> on day one, we will begin working on an impenetratable physical, tall, beautiful, southern border wall.
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we will use the best technology, including above and below ground sensors, remember that. above and below. >> but mexico's president insist he made it clear to trump that mexico will not pay for the wall. still, both men emphasized how important the u.s. mexican relationship meanwhile, indiana governor mike pence made a couple campaign stops in the bay area yesterday. >> and hillary rodham clinton addressed the legion in cincinnati last night and declined to meet with mexico's president. clinton told the crowd that trump had tossed insults at mexico for a year and that cannot be fixed by a short visit. let's get a check on the weather now. a lot happening.
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>> yeah, tropical storm hermine in the gulf of mexico right now -- storm hermine in the gulf of mexico right now. hurricane-force winds possible within 36 hours. for our area including citrus, hernando and pasco, a tropical storm warning. meaning you will feel tropical storm winds tonight through tomorrow morning. and then all of the green shaded counties, basically anybody that touches water, flood watch through friday evening. obviously we had rain yesterday. it saturated the ground. and we are expectin rain through friday. any rain on top of that saturated ground will lead to flooding. thankfully mostly dry. just a little bit of light rain in southern sarasota county. a couple sprinkles up in the bradenton area. yes, brief rain, just spotty light showers at 8:00 a.m. and more heavy downpours are expected. 81 at noon. 82 at 4:00 p.m. temperatures aren't a big deal today without much sunshine. we don't warm up. the biggest deal will be the rain. and we are getting the brief
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that we had yesterday. thank goodness, it allows some of the puddles to ease up before more rainfalls on it thanks to tropical storm hermine. and we are already seeing at least rounds of rain as early as lunchtime. this is about 1:15. they'll continue to rotate around in the counterclockwise fashion. at any point today, you may see heavy downpours. keep the umbrella with you. i don't think it will be all- day rain but rain and tomorrow morning, possibly a category one hurricane coming onshore in the panhandle very early in the morning, before sunrise in north florida. and we think that should be it, right? well, it draws in more tropical moisture for us. so i expect to see a lot of heavy rain on friday as well before things start to improve forrd saturday of your labor day weekend.
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tropical storm hermine is expected to hit land fall as a category one hurricane. if that does, it's been 11 years since a hurricane hit land fall in florida. so this could be a historic storm. for us, unfortunately, the flooding will be the historic part of this storm for us today, tomorrow and then as you see, easing up on the rain chances by labor day. at least the roads are momentarily dry although big puddles. >> we will take it. yes, big puddles. use caution point. lakeland between each entrance of the polk parkway, 13 minute commute. and on 75 in and out of pasco county, up to speed. state road 52 to 275, that's going to take roughly 11 minutes. this is 275 by the howard frankland bridge. it looks great coming into tampa. no delays. and let's move over to i-75. this was a parking lot yesterday during rush hour. looks great.
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fowler avenue. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. now you may not be ready to start your christmas shopping -- >> what? >> but walmart wants to change that. >> how the retail giant plans to sell you on kicking off your holiday shopping starting today. plus, a popular snack food could be contaminated with salmonella. the recall information. and you are waking up to a reprieve from all the rain but it's on its way. emergency officials all over tampa bay helping to rescue people, even a cute little dog in sarasota if you want to check it out. find me on facebook and
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now a nut recall due to possible salmonella contamination. they are california nuts and halfs and pieces. -- halves and pieces. contact the consume area fairs for a full refund. installing child safety seats is getting easier. in tests released today by the insurance institute for highway safety, three vehicles received the highest rating.
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rating child seat installation. can you believe it, the holidays are inching up on us. and walmart is ready to give its customers a head start on holiday shopping beginning today. customers can put items as low as $10 on lay-away with a $50 minimum basket. >> what holiday? the one that's three months away. >> yeah, with the guy in coverage oftropical storm hermine continues. plus, a pasco county hospital forced to evacuate in the midst of this tropical storm. still ahead, why and where those patients were taken. first, a live look of downtown tampa. a little soggy this morning. weather and traffic on the 8s
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it's 4:28 on this thursday. a flood watch continues for areas along the coast through friday evening. thankfully, there's only one area seeing rain right now. and that's in southern sarasota county. but more rain will be on the way throughout the day . even though you're waking up and it's dry now, watch the rain chances through the day. 50% this morning. by midday, it's 60%. and going up to 80% for rounds of heavy rain. so watch for flooded streets throughout the day today. ke 80s with that extra clouds and rain. and as we dry out toward the labor day weekend, temperatures will go back up closer to average, 90 on monday, leslee. all right, well looking at the roadways, we have a good drive out here, folks. remember there's a lot of puddles still on the road. state road 54 to tampa road, 15 minutes. u.s. 41 in and out of land o'lakes looks good. roughly a 13 minute commute. bay area interstates look very
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not seeing delays. st.pete area looks wonderful up to the howard frankland bridge. and then into tampa, tall way from 75 at the apex, into
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a hospital evacuated in the middle of a storm. emergency crews responding from as far as orlando. an update on the people operations -- on the patients and the hospital operations next. an entire neighborhood on the move after a bayou overflows. we are live with the latest on the evacuations and new concerns of more flooding to come. at this hour, a break from all that rain but don't let your guard down the. tropical storm hermine is gaining strength. good morning, welcome to news channel 8 today.


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