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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  September 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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breaking news this morning. we are tracking hurricane hermine right now. it made land fall in the panhandle overnight. the rain will throughout the day. hurricane hermine is causing flooding up and down the coast. this is happening from cedar key, up in the northern area, we will go live there in a to few moments to see what the conditions are like closer to the eye of the storm. and we want to show you a live picture from clearwater beach right now. that's where there are reports of flooded streets in the area. looks very, very wet, drenched and soggy this morning.
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thank you for joining us here on news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i am gayle guyardo. leigh spann is standing by with the very latest. it made land fall around 1:30. >> exactly. it's still a monster storm. here's where it made land fall, 80 miles per hour and that makes it a hurricane and it's the first hurricane in 11 years to the make land fall in florida around the border of jefferson county. this is no quickly. picking up forward speed, thank goodness but not fast enough for us. we would like for it to go away faster. we still have tropical storm warnings for citrus, pasco, pinellas, manatee and sarasota. so you could still feel tropical storm-force winds wrapping around the center of circulation. here's what i'm concerned about. we get the feeder bands. look at this band that extends
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and look where it's going, right into tampa bay, basically north of i-4. and that's where we have a tornado watch as well. the feeder bands have rotation in them so the threat is there. it means that the it's a possibility. that's what a watch means. through 8:00 a.m. for citrus, hernando, pasco and pinellas. and extremely heavy rain leading to a flood watch for our coast through the evening. from hudson down through st. petersburg, we have rainfall rates coming down right now. combined with high tide. high tide actually happened about an hour or so ago but the tides were so far above normal, you combine this with the rain. getting a little bit of a break finally in citrus county although cedar key also getting rain. this is live right now at hyundai of new port richey.
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sideways, picked up about 1.5 inches. sideways at 30 miles per hour. when you look at the wind speeds, these blue numbers show you the wind gusts that go into the wind speeds and looking at 35, 36 miles per hour gusts at this point. 40miles per hour up in brooksville at this point. when you look at the track for hurricane hermine, still a tropical storm through the morning in georgia and interesting south carolina as a stalls out along the mid- atlantic seaboard. unfortunately for our storm team 8 meteorologist ed bloodsworth, he is up on the roof braving the elements. ed, how it is looking up there? >> reporter: about half an hour ago, the story, what is happening on the hillsborough river, take a look here, it is still abnormally high even as we get away from the high tide. even the low tides will be running above normal.
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going to be the big concern through today. as we are expecting that onshore flow to keep our tides high. we are getting out of a high tide cycle for most of the areas but more tides to come. crystal river, you have a high tide at 5:37 this morning. the next high tide 5:45 this afternoon. hudson checking in at 2:15 this afternoon. pinellas county, 12:48 for clearwater beach later today. and st. pete, bay shore, that will likely be under water at 3:00 this afternoon. afternoon. atee, anna maria, with the onshore flow, that's the big concern. and also additional rainfall. pinellas county country side, nearly 2 feet of rain in two days. largo, just over a foot. and these totals continue to
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here along the hillsborough river, we are expecting the water to stay high and advising all mariners to keep the boat in dock the today. choppy waters and rough seas continues into today as we continue to track hurricane hermine. roads are a mess. let's send it to leslee. they are. and they are going to be getting worse and worse. right now for those who commute through south tampa, bay shore boulevard closed. big shocker. you can macdill tends to see pockets of water as well. dale mabry looks good at this point. traffic is extremely light. not a lot of vehicles on the roadway but bay shore is closed. guess what else is closed? the sunshine skyway bridge. for those who commute and work between pinellas and manatee county, anywhere in the sun coast area up to pinellas, it looks like you will have to take i-75. i hate to bring that to you but that's the only situation.
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that sunshine skyway bridge closed down right now. i will let you know when it does open up. and we had an accident out in the north port area. you can see here, only the right lane is taken away now but all lanes were blocked earlier. southbound 75 past toledo blade boulevard, there was a semi- truck that caught fire. it was blazing out there on the interstate. they did have it closed down. at this point, just the right lane is these are earlier pictures. now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much, leslee. housekeeping here. for a second day, hurricane hermine is forcing the closure of hundreds of schools. hillsborough, pasco, pinellas, hernando, citrus and manatee counties, all canceled classes. school will resume tuesday, september 6th after labor day. >> and also this morning, all usf campuses here in the bay
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nova southeastern university, st. petersburg college canceled classes for today as well. in pasco, pasco and hernando state college and new college of florida are also canceling classes. and canceled at florida state and the university of florida. you can find a complete list of closures and delays at head over there to check those out. hurricane hermine made land fall in the panhandle. in the bay area, we are >> yeah, lots of rain and water. the rain bands moving through the area. for many coastal community, that means a whole lot of flooding. clearwater beach is one of those areas experiencing lots of problems right now. jamel lanee' is live from there. jamel, how bad is it? a lot of wind there too. >> reporter: yeah, you know, good morning. since we got down here, this wind has picked up. obviously you can see how windy it is.
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because of how fast the wind is blowing. i want to pan around and at least show you the trees so you can get a sense of how fast the wind is blowing. again, when we got down here, the roads are not too bad at this moment. there are barricades up. so expect some flooding, probably a little bit later on today. i took a short walk on the beach. again, could barely stand on the beach. the water, the waves are splashing and basically closer to the board walk than most people would think. and there's definitely lightning out here. so a very dangerous situation. again, i can barely stand out here. it's very, very windy. again, we will keep checking in with officials to see if there's other problems as far as roadways are concerned. but right now, the wind gusts, definitely not a beach day. definitely an issue right now.
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the studio. >> yeah, definitely be safe out there because you see the lightning happening around you. and we have gotten a lot of pictures from viewers as well showing a lot of the flooding in the streets there in clearwater beach. >> and hurricane hermine is knocking out power which is a big problem. this is happening throughout the bay area. a look at the outage map from duke, pinellas and pasco. those triangles indicate areas where customers are without power this morning. right now in pinellas county 20,000 outages. tampa electric is reporting spotty power outages in hillsborough county. and you can see all the green and blue dots there. that indications where the electricity is not working. 14,000 customers are without power. and take a look at what it looked in tallahassee around 1:00 this morning. this is the florida state campus along tennessee street. you can see rain
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the power was still on but about 30 minutes later, the power went out. all right, leigh spann, tell us what's going on right now weather-wise? >> well, i wanted to show you a couple things. my graphics are having an issue. let's see if we can't get this to work soon. there we go. not exactly what i wanted to show you. sorry. been working all night so the graphics are slowing down. so we have this counterclockwise motion around the center of circulation which is just georgia. wrapping around all of this moisture and strong winds. we do have the tropical storm warning that's currently in effect for places like citrus, hernando, pasco, hillsborough, coastal manatee and sarasota. and that's because we could feel tropical storm-force winds. we have a tornado watch for citrus, hernando, pasco, hillsborough and pinellas counties. still not showing you exactly what i want. sorry, let me see if i can get the graphic -- i want to show you what's going to happen
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i'll be off camera for a little bit. obviously we have a flood watch with all this rain coming onshore at this point. we have plenty of lightning involved in this as you saw in jamel's live shot. and the rain extends far out in the gulf of mexico. how long is it going to rain? well, this is the forecast starting at about 6:00 this morning. the center of circulation heading up into georgia. we are tracking this will be north of i-4, inverness, new port richey, the areas that have already seen flooding. through the afternoon, we see the heavier rain pushing to the south and east. this is about lunchtime. again, this feeder band wrapping around hurricane hermine, just mountainsing into a different portion of the viewing area. depending-- just moving into a different portion of the viewing area. this is the rainfall potential
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throughout citrus, hernando, portions of hillsborough and pasco county, that's another 3 inches of rain. and notice the farther south and east you go, the lighter your rainfall totals will be. in the headline, hurricane hermine is slowly going to weaken pushing into georgia. but for us, heavy rain, ic hitithis afternoon. and that tide will be higher than normal. flooding could still be a major issue through the evening. and could be stormy into saturday but certainly drier for sunday and for your labor day, guys. >> all right. thank you so much. again, we are continuing to see a whole lot of rainout there. and wind. we do want to see how this is impacting the roadways. leslee has the latest on that. let's look at what's going on in south tampa. water, water, it's raining and when it rains, it pours and the
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shore. no shocker, bay shore boulevard is completely shut down. think macdill or actually dale a big crash southbound 275 at sly avenue. let's take a look at this. look, just looks like a huge red light here. this is south 275, again right by sly. we've only got this one here. a lot of activity on the roadway. it's very light out there fortunately. and the sunshine skyway bridge is closed. i'm goin all the traffic incidents and situations throughout the morning. and now back to gene and gayle. >> all right. lessee was mentioning bay shore boulevard, check this out. part of the tampa riverwalk also under water this morning. the hillsborough river swallowing up the walkway around 1:00 a.m. and then began inching closer and closer to our downtown tampa streets. still a big issue. this is just across the way from our station. i was looking window. rain on the riverwalk. >> and you can see it from ed's
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roof top here just how high that water is. >> yeah. >> popular location for people's morning jog, bike rides. not today. stay away. flooding is not the only issue from hurricane hermine. high winds from jamel lanee' out in clearwater beach also causing problems. >> a look at how the high winds knocked down a large tree in one neighborhood. look at that disaster. hear what neighbors saw as the rain pounded their homes. and look at this picture here. downtown tampa right now. pretty dreary out there on this friday morning. we're going to have a whole lot more as we continue to follow hurricane hermine this morning. stay with news channel 8 today. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything!
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we continue taking a look at hurricane hermine and its damage. people in eastern hillsborough county waiting for daylight to see how much damage the wind and rain from hurricane hermine caused. take a look. a large tree fell on to several cars and mobile homes in valrico. and a closer picture here. this happened at the town and country mobile home park. residents say it was raining very, very hard when out of nowhere, it got pretty crazy
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started shaking and it picked up one side of my living room. and then before you know it, it was over. >> we were looking out and watched the tree hit our next door neighbor's trailer and go through it. >> one family was trapped inside their home. now fortunately for them, neighbors came over, helped them get out and no one was hurt. it's nice to see how the community is coming together and helping each other. but look at these images. look at the tree trunk. >> wow. >> and it was plucked out of the ground right home. when the sunrises, they are hoping to get a better idea of how much damage there is. all of the rain from hurricane hermine is putting a big strain on sewage treatment plants around the bay area. you can see the pumps in clearwater have failed. sewage was overflowing into marshall street last night. our coverage of hurricane hermine continues throughout the day on
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including road closures and school closures on our home page. now if you have to go to work this morning or anywhere else for that matter, you can track where the rain is by downloading our storm team 8 weather max app. it is a free download. right now, the latest on the hurricane hermine from leigh. >> yeah, still tracking hurricane hermine as it heads out of florida and heads into georgia, the center of it at least. the problem is th that wrap around it. they are causing our issues this morning. and they extend well out into the gulf of mexico. more rain coming onshore. tropical storm warnings still in place for our areas meaning you could feel tropical storm- force winds and we have the tornado watch because embedded in the feeder band, a lot of rotation and the potential of tornadoes. we did have a couple of tornado warnings yesterday. i wanted to show you, finally a little bit of a break, not for
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through eastern hernando, all of pasco county. pasco county, so sorry. you have been inundated with rain in the last two hours or so. same thing for pinellas county, off the gulf and through the downtown tampa area and the eastern portions of the county, plant city and now poke polk county. lakeland, polk city along i-4, heavy rain there. the hurricane hunters left stni flying around the center of circulation as and they found a wind speed of 104 miles per uright level above the ground but a strong hurricane as it made land fall. the first hurricane in 11 years in florida to make land fall. here we will feel the effects from hurricane hermine for quite some time. through most of the day. so we have this extremely heavy wind, heavy rain and strong wind throughout the morning hours. 80degrees at 8:00 a.m. still that 60% chance of downpours through lunchtime at
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p.m., yes, there will still be storms around. but we will lower the wind speeds and lower the rain chances. here's a look at the forecast wind speeds. this is around 8:30, still consistent 25 to35 miles per hour across our area. again, the strongest winds along and north of i-4 and closer to the coast. get through about lunchtime, still strong winds but after that, 3:00 p.m., we start to see the wind speeds coming down. and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, breeze out there. forecast model, not only will the winds be strong but our rain will be around all morning long as the feeder band continues to wrap itself through here, keeping in the 60% chance of heavy downpours today. and unfortunately tropical storm still around tomorrow. so a 60% chance. but finally into sunday and monday, the rain chances go down significantly. and that's something to look forward to, leslee. all right, this is
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right at busch boulevard, you can see the emergency lights in the distance. it's located right here at busch boulevard which is right near bird street. keep this in mind, e mess, a little bit of a back-up in the area but traffic is overall light. and the sunshine skyway bridge completely shut down. i hate to say it. take 75 instead. and also northbound 301 at big bend road, an accident in lanes there. and bay shore is close in tampa. >> thank you, leslee. hurricane hermine is stirring up all sorts of trouble throughout the bay area. and residents are snapping pictures. >> and sharing them with us. coming up, tree is down, sea foam in the streets. some of the wild images sent in by viewers.
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check this out. here's a picture taken by jeff patterson at his hotel in cedar it's flooding all over the place. you can see on the ground floor, luckily their room was on the second floor but they had to the wade through the knee-high water just to to their car. >> you can imagine it seeping into the rooms on the ground level because it's high there. take a look this other picture here, this time from clearwater beach. also flooding on the streets. aaron took this outside the hyatt. looks like it's gone beyond the street, up on to the the sidewalk. this could be creeping into some of the buildings in
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this is interesting. looks like snow, right? all that white stuff you see there, that's sea foam blowing in. >> i love that stuff. it's is so much fun but it's not good when it comes in on the storm. >> yeah, not fun in this setting because this could be covering the street, possibly damaging some property in there and making it difficult to get around the area. >> we will be back with our continuing coverage of hurricane hermine. you're watching news channel 8 today. another live look morning. you can -- look for you this morning. you can see the high tides. hopefully you are safe and warm
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morning. we are tracking hurricane hermine right now.


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