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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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joins us now in the forecast center. the worst over for us. but more rain means more trouble for the flooded areas. >> one area would be pasco county right now. kind of trailing off the extreme southern end of our tropical storm hermine which is now in the carolinas. let's take a look. you can see where it is located there. 50 miles an hour winds. there's the latitude and longitude. but a quick movement to the northeast at 20 miles an hour. picked up by the faster level winds moving this quickly to the northeast. and you can see long term tends to slow down in this forecast track off the northeast coast. so, it could cause some high seas and rains for the holiday weekend. if you have been watching us this afternoon, you have seen how quickly it has moved northwest of charleston. but also t the tail end of it. i draws energy from the gulf of mexico. even across the state of
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dragging more rain from west to east across the state. pasco county picking up more rain from north to south. looks like that's the bulk of the area. that is unfortunate for them in that line where it is setting up and just continuing to bring showers over one particular area. new port richey, central portions of pasco county all the way to dade city. estimates say just the last 12 hours, four inches of rain has fallen northeast of richey east of bayonet point. you can see along 75 up to four inches of rain. impressive amounts and we will leave the possibility of seeing showers in the forecast and a little bit above normal for the holiday weekend. we will talk about that coming up. >> sounds good. thanks steve.
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county. people have been cleaning up the damage. jeff patterson rode out the storms last night in a hotel flooded by the tidal surge. he joins us now from a condo that also suffered significant damage. high jeff. >> reporter: good evening stacie. the damage on the first floor of the condo shows the re power of the storm surge. it crashed into this condominium and our hotel just down the street. the people here at cedar key have been pick today. as wind and rain hammered cedar key from hermine, waves started to rise from the gulf. in the daylight, we found docks at the marina torn apart by the storm. debris filled the streets and people working to clean it up. >> just trying to pick up debris that floated off the front porch and side porch. and random things here and
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hat store and tried to riped out the storm in his store. staying in the store turned out to be a bad idea. >> it was a heck of the night. when the water got five deep, we crawled up into the attic. a buddy of mine who happens to be the mayor called me saying what are you guys doing? i said we are getting in the attic. he said hold on, i will get you guys in a boat. >> reporter: he made it out. but just barely as his friend the mayor arrived on a boat. >> we walked out. we had put the dogs in the boat. climbed in the boat and went to stay at his house. >> reporter: yeah, good evening. i wanted to show you the power here. this was a nice dock before the storm. and, the tidal surge just coming on kind of ripped it apart. our hotel is just down the street there. the front wall of the hotel by the pool was completely demolished by the power of this storm. when we really had to take our time and be careful about wading through here to get to the second floor of that
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our waist as they were crashing in from the gulf. it was a harrowing experience for a lot of people here in cedar key. but for the most part people are doing well recovering from it. it will take months to pick up the pieces. i talked to some people here. very resilient that they will be back. >> and you are all safe. no lives lost. >> yeah. >> reporter: jeff patterson live in cedar key. thank you very much. hermine's powerful winds caused a lot of destruction in hillsborough county as well. and in the wake of all of we have some really remarkable stories of survival we want to share with you. >> a father desperately searched for his seven-year-old after a tree literally cut his home in two. >> and then there is seffner, an enormous 100-year-old tree crushed a family own business. steve andrews is live with this incredible story. steve? >> reporter: hey rod and stacie. good evening to you. one of those stories happened right here in seffner on florida avenue. how these people managed to
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overnight i will never know. but take a look at this. this tree split in two. and then one-half just hammered this business. and about 4:00 a.m., this huge 100-year-old oak split. half of it crashed down on this building that housed a lawn mower business. the roof and ceiling collapsed on a sleeping 77-year-old dale collier. brother ron showed up for work around 8:00. >> i didn't recognize the place because the tree had fell on the building there. >> reporter: dale dig out, but then ron says it was another close call. >> he got out. and crossed over a little fence there. and the electric wire was charged and it shocked him up to his elbow. >> reporter: he refused medical treatment. three-and-a-half miles away, 35- year-old reuben hamilton and his wife picked through what is left of their home. reuben's crushed truck was his way in and out.
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then everything went quiet. >> just like that. everything came tumbling down. >> reporter: a tree crushed the roof falling bonn the bedroom where his seven-year-old daughter slept. >> my daughter was in the room here for five seconds, everything was blurry. we were trying to find her. the screaming started. my neighbor started to scream there is a child in there. >> reporter: reuben says that remarkably, the roof and ceiling material actually formed a little pyramid over li all the material, the tree, the rain, the debris, and pull her to safety. several other homes in that mobile home community suffered significant damage. for reuben, there is little to salvage. same here in seffner. ron collier has been here at this business in this location for 18 years. and, rod and stacie, like so many others today, he just doesn't know what is going to happen next. >> so sad. all right, steve andrews live
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there was plenty of street flooding from one end of pinellas county to the other. newschannel8's mark douglas has been right in the middle of all of that all day long and he joins us live from shore acres. and area that is very familiar with flooding. >> reporter: absolutely rod. good news is dramatic improvement here in the last three hours since we arrived. the water on the streets has dropped eight inches. whatever we saw here today was nothing compared to the mess that we saw clearwater at a place called mariner's cove. by late morning, raw sewage was still surging out of manholes at the mariner's cove mobile home park. matt lopez left with his pregnant wife and baby days ago and says he returned today for a canned food run. that is because he is running low on money. and has nowhere to turn. >> i mean, spending money i shouldn't have to leave my house. get food. you know. take care of my family. and i don't even know how i
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>> reporter: this couple who moved here two months ago waded through knee deep water to get back to their trailer. >> we wanted to come evaluate the damage. see what was done. >> reporter: any water inside your home? >> no. thank goodness. we prayed. >> reporter: the owner of a plumbing business at an industrial park that did not flood next door is praying that duke energy turns the power grid back on soon. that is so she can get back to business. >> we can't even call our customers. we this is ridiculous. >> reporter: how many times has this happened? >> at least ten times. at least. i have been here two years. dwayne has been here six years. >> reporter: duke energy turned off the power wednesday at 7:00 in the evening as a safety precaution. no telling when they are going to turn it back on. but here in shore acres the good news is the streets are drying up. the only thing left is the cleanup. >> good to see the water going away. mark douglas reporting live in saint pete.
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>> absolutely. coming up, we will show you the damage in sarasota county and how the storm could wreak havoc on plans for beach goers. >> first responders spent the day assessing the damage here in citrus county. the biggest issue, what you see here, flooding. coming up, i'll have that
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>> now back to our tropical storm hermine coverage. paul lamison is live in pinellas county. this is just north of the skyway bridge. paul? >> reporter: good evening rod. hey, i want to show you. we have seen all the bad things that happened from hermine. this is one of the fun things. a bunch of kite surfers are out here. and there's a bunch of them out here. at least ten. let me push in and show you what they are doing. they screen through here and they catch air. let's see if this guy can catch some air. oh, he's not. but there's a bunch out here. these guys are smarter than the other ones because in here, there is no rip current. according to steve jerve, rip currents will be around sunday. these guys are enjoying the wind left over from hermine. back to you rod. >> paul, thank you very much.
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beaches are closed because of flooding and the storm left behind a host of problems. lido key residents say it chewed up the coastline and chewed up sea turtle nests. they will soon assess that damage. and an important note because it is a holiday weekend, swimming off limits at these sarasota county beaches. north lido, siesta beach, and venice fishing pier. the problem is high levels of bacteria in the effect until next tuesday, september 6. >> of course our o live team coverage of tropical storm hermine continues next. >> we are taking you to citrus county where emergency officials had to make their
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>> continuing our tropical storm hermine coverage now. in citrus county, roads are underwater. roads and businesses are damaged by the rising flood te to recede. first responders spent the day assessing damage and responding to calls. one of the first responders compared the damage he saw today to the no-name storm back in 1993. >> gosh, i remember that. trees are down across the county there. widespread power outages. chip osowski is live in one of the hardest hit areas occupy there. hey chip. >> reporter: you got that right rod, things are looking better at this hour. still, some streets and
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lot of this water from draining right out into the gulf of mexico. in his more than two decades on the job, battalion chief lj white has seen his share of storm damage. >> you can see, if you come back before, we had a lot of storms in 93. and the hurricanes. all these houses here, these are all brand new. stilt houses because of the storm. >> reporter: and hermine clearly left her widespread flooding. and debris left behind. >> it looks like a fuel tank. >> reporter: like many of his colleagues, chief white made the rounds checking on residents. people like charles ayers whose car and home are both underwater. >> i think my car is totaled. the pickup truck. it is down there at the end. and, i thought it would be out of the water enough, but it wasn't. then i just got a call that my house was two feet underwater
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yeah. maybe i should go buy a lottery ticket or something. >> reporter: it would not be safe to say citrus county dodged a bullet with hermine. but what is true, a storm with no name more than two decades ago did just as much damage. >> all right, be safe. you need something call us. >> thank you. y'all have a good one. >> reporter: and we have seep a number of people going by with our cell phones in hand taking pictures of the flooding. this is certainly not the time to the sheriff office is asking people to be respectful and smart when it comes to this flooding. avoid flood waters if you can and if you don't live in flooded areas. sheriffs deputies are asking folks to avoid them as well. >> all right, chip osowski, live in citrus county. thanks. well, if you own property in tampa, your taxes are going up a little bit. last night city council approved a $251 million fix it plan for tampa's storm water
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many city streets routinely flooded. the city is going to tackle five major storm water projects. and 150 smaller ones to ease the flooding we see. it will take 30 years by the way to pay off that bill. cloudy skies. we have the flag down here in lakeland auto mall. 83 degrees. overcast. over an inch of rain. impressive amounts inland. this is just since midnight. in connerton over four-and-a- half inches of rain working on five inches o' lakes. this is up in the pasco county and you know how the radar has been showing the showers passing over this area. but that is an impressive amount since midnight. obviously, temperatures are down too. there is another spot in pasco. the downpours continue. that is the wet county at this point. labor day weekend. a lot of folks wait for this at the end of summer. get a long weekend for many folks. as for the forecast, looks like we do have a possibility of
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and especially into monday. tomorrow, lots of leftover moisture. we can still see a shower pop up here. rain chances, higher for tomorrow, 40% sunday and monday. drier more stable air womenning in toward midweek next week since the lower amounts of showers and thunderstorms. but that is what is occurring right now. at the tail end of this tropical system, dragging across the central part of the state. mostly, pasco county. it did seem to be drifting a little bit to the north. four since midnight is very impressive. not in a good way. palm harbor, tarpon springs. also offshore, a few showers in the northern part of polk, but not much inland. a few showers too, sarasota down to venice. forecast at 4:00 p.m. 87 degrees. 77 degrees at 7:00 a.m. pretty much close to our typical low this time of the year. a lot of cooler temperatures. obviously, the humidity is very, very high.
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79 degrees in wesley chapel. wind speeds continue from the southwest. concerns of rip currents. the next high five 3:45 a.m. at saint pete pier. that should be high, but not as bad as it was today. 23 miles an hour wind gusts there in tampa. we still have our tropical system to the north of us. hermine, going to bring strong winds into the carolina coast. already doing that with rain. at the trailing southern end of it, you can see how it lining up. and then, it drags that rain over one area. tropical storm gaston is still out there with 50 miles an hour winds. having talked about this in some time. it is inconsequential, but it is still out there. football forecast. 83 degrees. storms possible saturday. go bulls. gators, 82 degrees for this one. storms will be around saturday
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it won't rain the ebola whole game. florida u and a. miami gardens. 86 degrees will be hot. 26% chance of rain in that one. south carolina state and ucf scattered rain possible. 80-degree theres. fsu, ole miss, this game is monday, 80 degrees as they play in the fsu seminoles. 90 degrees. forecast high sunday. a bit more sunshine. same for monday, labor day. next week, probably a lot more sunshine. a chance to dry out. a good way to put it humidity. but, certainly a chance to see fewer showers which many folks could use. especially in pasco county. four inches of rain at that location. >> thank you sir. we appreciate it. coming up next in sports, the bucs begin trimming their roster ahead of saturday's deadline. >> yep, we will hear from a couple of players who will see
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>> the bucs do not have to officially cut any players until tomorrow afternoon. but their roster is set. at least until other players around the league are let go. then they can wheel and deal. wide receiver kenny bell left wednesday's preseason game with a concussion, bell was on the bubble in that wide receiver battle and had hoped to get a shot at returning kicks. running back peyton barber who had an outstanding camp is the odd man out in the competition to be the bucs third running back. mike james wins that position battle and danny vatale, the sixth round draft pick had hoped to land a tight end spot. it is is a difficult day for
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guaranteed starters no. >> matter how long you do it at this point, these people you have gone through a lot with and they are not on the team anymore. it is so abrupt. it is not a good time. because, you know, the cuts. the season is about to start. but it's a rough time. >> brent grimes is a keeper. and he is going to have one of his teammates from camp next to him. the bucs are keeping as many as quarterback jude ajebarima. wide receiver evan spencer is going to survive saturday's cuts as well. >> it is definitely nerve- wracking. at the end of the day, you never know. i wanted to go out there and show everybody the organization. i was here because i will give everybody everything i can. >> it was a regular day. and, you know, it just feels
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you know, i was packing up my locker. and it feels good this year. my main goal was to be on the open day 53. >> and tomorrow night, the usf bulls kick off the season against tauson. expectations fill the air after an encouraging second half. the bulls were pucked by the media to win the east division. they lost in a tie break year. great rally. but they have to keep it going. >> absolutely thanks. finally, a dose of absolute cuteness. this little guy was rescued from a storm drain. he will be okay. altogether, aw. >> a good storm story. and the good news, people didn't get hurt.
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breaking news tonight. monster holiday storms, states of emergency as hermine batters the southeast. torrential rain, flooding, powerful winds, 30 million on alert, all the way up to connecticut. and just soap crackdown, a bombshell from the fda, why it's banning anti-bacterial soap used by millions. >> clinton's fbi files, what she didn't understand about handling classified material and how a concussion impacted her answers. outrage over a former stanford university swimmer now free after serving just three months for sexual assault.


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