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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 15, 2016 11:00am-11:58am EDT

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bye-bye! >> bye. ? ? ? ? ? new admissions from the tsa revealed there are no air marshals on flights between the united states and cuba. senator marco rubio believes it creates a terror threat. ahead, a possible arsonist in st. petersburg. firefighters managed to keep this morning's fire from totally destroying this into the rental property. what they saw that leads them to believe this fire may have been intentional. and a new push in the fight against the zika virus. code enforcement officers from all over the hills road county are getting special training. we would get a peek inside coming up. good morning. >> thank you for joining us.
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>> good morning. it has been exceptionally humid for the middle of september. feeling a little more like late august. you can look at the downtown tampa camera around the studios here. you can see the clouds letting us know there is a lot of moisture in the air. you look at the temperature, 85. it is warming up. when you add a dew point of 76 -- the higher the dew point, the more humid it is. it starts to feel quite summerlike and almost oppressive. getting this this onshore wind ow onto the shore and pushing in a couple of stray showers in citrus and hernando county at this point. more showers in the gulf. all wrapping around what is now a tropical depression julia. it will set off the south carolina coastline and continued to draw in moisture off of the gulf of mexico. there is julia. this is the 5-day forecast. does not move very much. unfortunately, it will sit here off the coast. it stalls there.
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continues. rain starts along the coast. pushes inland during the day. highs in the upper 80s to near 90. >> thank you. new information this morning. florida senator marco rubio wants all commercial flights to and from cuba stopped immediately. he believes they put our country at risk for terrorist attacks. senator rubio found a major lapse in security that exposes us to this serious threat. >> the first commercial airline to begin daily flights to cuba in more than 50 years. >> and earlier this month, american airlines becomes the second. every day, multiple takeoffs and landings of flights that could have terrorists on board, says republican senator marco rubio. >> on most if not all of these flights, there are no air marshals. and this is endangering u.s.
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and the u.s. will have an air marshal on board. but according to marco rubio, a tsa official revealed this week that cuba has not allowed air marshals aboard scheduled flights. marco rubio says there are flights 90 miles from u.s. shores that could easily be taken over by hijackers, putting the country and more specifically, florida, at risk. >> theoretically, some terrorists could travel from any country in the world united states commandeering an aircraft -- and i don't need to tell you what could happen next. this is an incredibly dangerous situation. >> he also points out the history of danger when it comes to air travel between the u.s. and cuba. >> did you know they started putting metal detectors at airports 30 years ago because of hijackings to cuba? >> those hijackings in 1961 and 69. rubio has filed a bill
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cuba until an adequate security plan is in place. if that doesn't happen, he says these are flights that are vulnerable. news channel 8. >> southwest airlines has approved daily flights between tampa and havana. we checked with the airline today. and while the first flight still has not been scheduled, southwest anticipates booking flights be for the end of the year. >> and those flights to cuba will be directly influenced by a recent grant by the u.s. department of transporta the airport is getting $5.3 million. and those new infrastructure dollars will also bring new modern buses. this is in addition to announce $4 million at d.o.t. grant for heart for modern buses to help neighbors in our region get to and from work. also at tampa international, 17 different agencies got some pretty intense training with a full- scale mass casualty exercise.
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members inside of the airport. so emergency response agent can get a taste of what a major events would look like at tia. exercises like this are held every 2-3 years. >> the first and foremost priority is to take care of the passengers and crew onboard the aircraft aircraft and save lives. and then right behind that, is making sure that, as an airport, we are working with the airlineinvolved, to set family assistance center. >> some of the agencies involved this morning include the faa, the american red cross, salvation army, tampa fire and rescue and the florida department of health. right now, the battle between regulators and ridesharing companies could still drive uber and lyft out of hillsborough county forget. >> before the vote even took place, uber and lyft drivers protested outside of the county building. the ptc considered rules that would require a new minimum
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for rides and also a fingerprint background check for drivers. in the end, the ptc decided to only go ahead with a fingerprint background check for uber drivers. uber drivers, as you can imagine, are not happy about this. ultimately, it does not prove that anyone is any more safe because there are many people that have committed many crimes for the first time -- as first-time offenders. >> uber still says they will pull out of the county if the rules are not enforced. these are "sensible rules". the city of port richey has decriminalized to the possession of marijuana as long as it is less than 20 grams. the decision passed by the most narrow of margins. 3-2 at the city council meeting. what this means for the people of port richie is that police have the discretion to issue a civil citation instead of making a criminal arrest. that citation would run $155.
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older and in possession of less than 20 grams of mayor -- of marijuana. st. petersburg firefighters are investigating a house fire as arson. the flames broke out just after 2:30 a.m. this morning at a home in the 1000th block of 18 avenue south. when firefighters got there, they saw smoke coming from the building. we're told multiple small fires were set inside the home, which by the way, appears to be in the process of being remodeled right now. the fire department says nobody was home at the time. a man setting a florida moss gunfire made his first court appearance this morning. he'd. -- he appeared in the st. lucie county courthouse video -- via a video feed. he is charged with arson and florida's hate crime enhancement for allegedly setting fire to the islamic center of fort pierce. he is no stranger to law enforcement. rests for numerous des previous now he faces up to 30 years in
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disease. crews are wiping down all dorms with bleach. and some events are being canceled. hand foot and mouth disease is common among babies and toddlers. but this time, it is college students being diagnosed with it. it spreads through contact with unwashed hands or services. it causes sores, skin rash and fever and there is no treatment. right now, code enforcement officers from all
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this includes officers for the county as well as the cities of tampa, plant city and temple terrace. they are being trained to identify and effectively remove potential mosquito breeding sites in the community. that includes old tires, empty plant pots and rain batters. basically any place where standing water can accumulate. >> pay attention to the stagnant water. it doesn't take much stagnant water for mosquitoes to breed. and u mosquitoes and you don't even realize it -- around your house with plant pots that you don't realize who are under -- which are under a tree somewhere somewhere. so do away with those things that would lead to stagnant water. >> the fight against the guy really picked up the last few months when locally transmitted cases started popping up in our state. right now there are 71 such cases in florida. >> we can all do are best
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from today, officially. you know what i'm talking about? >> it doesn't mean too much in terms of the weather cooling down. we have the weather forecast ahead. talking fall. and saving children left in hot cars. we are taking a look at technology that could help save young lives. what we have here is an outright lie. >> and while many of the commercial flights between the u.s. and cuba as a good thing, not senator marco rubio. in fact, to end. we will tell you why coming up
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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we are back. yoga enthusiasts believe the exercises can be good for your body but also your soul. >> at one oregon farm, that mantra is being followed not only by people but goats too.
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most unusual yoga partners. they just wander in there. those goats. yoga enthusiasts say they actually find the goats relaxing. >> i think it speaks to us as oregonians -- that we are ready for the unusual and the real. >> it is a whimsical experience. there is no other way to describe it. >> as long as they do not get in the way. >> i cannot see the goats doing yoga. >> not yet. >> after a month, a hit. already a waiting list of 500 people. it looks like there is more room there. bring them on and. >> there is also the possibility of a covered arena. so it could get -- it could go year around. >> isn't the whole point to zone out -- how do you do that when the goats are eating grass. >> it is whimsical. she told you. >> a lot of times when you're balancing -- a little push
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it might be nice and comfortable outside in oregon to do stuff like that. but not here. >> a little steamy recently. we will take you outside. we will show you that it is 87 degrees. clouds beginning to develop with a southwest humid flo coming off the gulf of mexico, giving us about a 60% chance of the humidity. it is pretty steamy out there. 1:00 today, spotty rain. certainly muggy. the best rain chance will happen around 3:00, 4:00. a 40% chance of that. and 89 degrees. by 7:00, the rain wrapping up. 84 degrees. maybe a stray shower. the basic -- the rain is basically coming to a end. there is what was tropical storm julia. now it is a tropical depression. we're getting this pull off the gulf. what that means as we get the a few showers to come on shore. but it certainly leads to humid conditions. this is just wind that comes
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this is parts of ship -- citrus county. spotty rain out there. i think we will continue to see that for the next hour or two. almost all the rain in the short term will be west of i- 75. and you will be wishing for rain to cool you down. it is 85 right now in lakeland. and 84 in clearwater. you factor in the humidity. we're talking about the heat index. it is only 11:15 a.m. and it feels like 102. and feels like 94 in plant julia has stalled out the south carolina coast. so the onshore wind flow is going to continue. what that means is -- between now and 2:00, look where the rain is expected to be. somewhere along the west of i-75. as the day progresses, we will get the storms to move through hillsborough county. at 7:30, really the last of the rain. not the last of the humidity. the onshore wind for tomorrow means that the humidity remains
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storms. calling for about a 30% chance of afternoon storms tomorrow. and no relief from the heat. it is 89 and still humid. ninety on saturday and sunday. it will rain out your weekend plans. a 30% chance that you need to be aware that you could get a quick downpour. could bring about a 30 -- 40% rain chance as we head into monday and tuesday. so this forecast is certainly full of summer. >> looking a little better for us for the weekend looking at the deadly trend of kids left in hot vehicles. in the past week alone, there was a case in the bay area of a 20 3-month-old little boy. >> that was in palm harbor. he was left for hours and his father's pickup truck and died. nominee companies are looking for solutions to this problem. >> and leslie lacy joins us now with a look at the latest technology to help prevent these tragedies. >> we have experienced record heat of the summer in the tampa
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ed wnts to chethe backseatmod b have both rolled out a 2017 vehicle that includes a rear seat reminder. >> you put something in, you close the door. you will be getting in the front seat. start it up. you go somewhere. you reach her destination. you will stop. shut it off. and it will say reminder. >> the safety features on these two vehicles are dependent on the back door opening and shutting. but there are other technologies out there that works differently. >> this is??mpa dads. it is a two part wireless the in the car seat. weig >> this reads the presence of the child. it only requires two counts of pressure. it goes right underneath the child.
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>> if you don't remove the child? >> you get an alert on an app. then an emergency contact is made to a parent or another caregiver that you designate. >> there are other products available like ride and remind. >> it sounds your car alarm when you forget to open your rear door. >> this is expected to be available starting next summer. the 2017 vehicles with the rear reminder feature are the buick lacrosse lacrosse and the gmc acadia. >> great to have tools like this to help parents out. you talked to many parents that they -- this would ner happen to me and my child. then you talk to the to the wants this has happened to and they say -- they just got caught up of -- situations wherppleforgetfulnes
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doing very well. it depicts the actions of lot he guided a plane into the hudson river in 2009. as you can imagine, several safety recommendations came out of that. but an associated press review of the national transportation safety board records found, of the 35 recommendations made, only six have been successfully completed. fourteen are marked by the ntsb as one has been withdrawn. and the others are unresolved. a samsung galaxy seven is suspected of starting this car fire. it happened in port st. lucie. what your looking at here is some video. look how intense the fire is. the flames shooting from what used to be a car. now it is a ball of fire. >> i see the flames coming up. i pullover. >> that is clifford samuels
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he was charging his samsung phone in the front seats and then he saw the flames. investigators are testing the remains to determine if, in fact, it was the phone that started the fire. the new iphone goes on store shelves tomorrow. but selection will be limited. apple reports the first round of the bigger iphone seven plus is sold out, worldwide, thanks to pre-orders. the same goes for the iphone seven, the smaller one, in jet black, which is the new color that everyone wants this at the apple store. but you can place orders online. >> everybody looking forward to that. one of bill murray's most iconic movies. >> and in early to thousands power couple could be getting back together. and the harry potter franchise -- could it take a page out of the star wars saga? one cast member says that would be okay with him. find out who that is straight ahead. you are watching
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do you remember the old bill murray movie "groundhog day"? not only is it a musical but it is coming to broadway. is reporting after rave reviews in london, the producers announced this week air heading to the great white way. whingers the boys closes in january, grand holiday -- groundhog day will move in. it will be in tony awards. can you believe it has been five years since the last harry potter you -- harry potter movie hit theaters? since then, we have had some short stories and a new stage play. but nothing with the original film cast. the star of harry potter, actor daniel radcliffe, is leaving the possibility open. inin an in her view with the hollywood reporter, he said "i'm never going to close the door. that would be a stupid thing to do ". >> we like to hear that there
11:26 am
the force awakens did, a comeback. >> and could this gang be getting back together? the power couple of the early 2000. justin timberlake and britney spears -- not romantically. just musically. discussing his she would like to work with one day, britney spears said "timber -- justin timberlakee ly like wr?? . >> she is back. >> >> britney is back. >> they dated for three years . do you remember that? >> i don't remember that. >> they broke up in 2002. they didn't have those celebrity power couple names. >> none of the market. a seattle-based photographer is getting attention for his latest photo
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he took his subjects and dress them up like snl characters. do you recognize them? the church lady, gilly, matt foley. >> chris farley of course it. >> >> even will girl's character from blue oyster cult who just once more cowbell. you can see his entire snl junior collection on his website. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail today. >> her doctor says she is fit to be president. we're also getting some legs about today's reveal of donald trump's bill of health on the dr. oz show. with some audience members are saying this morning. you are watching news channel 8
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since the launch of the new dannon whole milk yogurt, an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon,
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hillary clinton is back
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even though she took time off to recover from pneumonia. or doctor says she is certainly fit to be president. what about donald trump? that is coming up. also senator marco rubio calling for the immediate end of all flights between the united states and cuba. why? a major security flaw he says. find out what that is coming up. and help for a group of manatees stranded in a pond at a citrus county golf course. news channel 8 was there to see them go home more of ts i'm stacy shy will. >> thank you for being with us on this thursday. let's get a check of the weather with leigh spann. >> a steamy morning. it is mid-september. we can at least see the end of the oppressive humidity as the head closer to october. this is the way it looked along the veterans expressway. 85 degrees. 70% humidity. southwest wind -- and it is the southwest wind that is really keeping us a little more
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of year. the other thing it does is brings and showers off the gulf of mexico. so we have seen spotty rain through citrus and the northern portions of hernando county. this is generally going to be the case for the next hour, two hours. most of the rain will be west of i-75. calling for about a 40% rain chance. coverage a little better between 1:00 and 5:00 this evening. tomorrow's rain chances, 30%. also 30% saturday and sunday. the tropics are very active. the peak of hurricane season september 10. we're basically at the peak. tropical depression julia is out there. tropical storm ian, in the central atlantic, not a problem for anyone. tropical depression number 12 coming off the coast of africa. i will have that coming up. new information on the resume commercial flights between the u.s. and cuba. at a recent homeland security subcommittee hearing, we learned that as of now, there are no air marshals on board these flights. and agreements and to the cuban government has yet to be
11:33 am
senator marco rubio calling for suspension of all commercial flights to and from cuba. the senator pointed out the lack of air marshals and the fact that it is -- that this increases the potential for terrorists to hijack flights to the u.s. there is a reason why we have air marshals on flights. because of the experience of 9/11, that we just commemorated the anniversary up on sunday. you have flights 90 miles from our shores that could theoretically could be commandeered and you co particularly in south florida which is just minutes away from the airport in havana. this is just unacceptable. >> marco rubio is accusing the tsa of lying since the administration assured congress that flights would not begin before this agreement was made. later this fall, southwest is scheduled to begin routes to cuba. some of them, out of tia. in your boat this morning, we now know more about donald trump and hillary clinton's medical history as she gets back on the campaign
11:34 am
washington dc. >> hillary clinton is scheduled to attend a campaign event in north carolina this afternoon. her first after nearly collapsing sunday. in a detailed letter, noted low- cholesterol and medication for blood clots -- her doctor as that she is fit to serve and in excellent mental condition. >> the doctor's lesser is fairly complete. showing that she is a healthy person. >> do you think hillary could stand up here for one hour and do this? i don't think so >> donald trump gave tv host dr. oz a peek at his latest medical screenings. a bit overweight and on cholesterol medications. for the most part, healthy. >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> today trump is expected to detail his economic plan during a speech with mike pence in new york. >> we're going to cut taxes across the board, for working
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>> tracy potts, nbc news, washington. >> we're learning more about the what -- about what the u.s. believes to be russian hackers not only infiltrating democratic party headquarters here but now lawmakers announced they targeted some republicans too. and more hot -- hacking from russians in the world anti- doping agency and some of the top athletes. the agency didn't identify the athletes this time around but this comes days after the private medical information for 25 olympic athletes was victims in that case include gymnast simone biles, tennis star venus williams and other u.s. olympians. all of them women. happening today, governor rick scott is in st. petersburg. he will be announcing new jobs coming to one of the manufacturers and our area. this is all happening at 2:15 p.m. this afternoon. across america today, the suspects in the murder of nba star dwyane wade's cousin was pure in court.
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degree murder for the death of aldrich. she was fatally shot in chicago while walking to register her kids for school. authorities claim another man was the intended target. first it was the ncaa. now it is the acc, the atlantic coastal conference announced that all championships in north carolina will be moved. the decision is due to north carolina's law that requires people to use restrooms at schools and government buildings corresponding with the effects on their many see this as discrimination against transgender people. climate change and marine life are among the topics of discussion today as secretary of state john john kerry host the third annual, our ocean, conference. among the speakers, environmentalist and academy award winner leonardo dicaprio. participants will talk about sustainable fisheries, marine pollution and climate related impact on the ocean. there will also be remarks from the president. we have got to stop and
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closer. what you are looking at is a humongous moon shaped balloon blowing through a city in china that rolled out of control, over the cars and even running over some people. everything in its pathway. the balloon is part of the display for the annual fall festival. it got loose when super typhoons blew through town. luckily, it is just -- it probably made people run. we have some real celestial news. images like these never get old. most of the time when you see pictures or videos of the northern lights, it is from the article or iceland or maybe someone. that these pictures are from alaska. look at that. the u.s. department of interior posted these on the facebook page. it is from denali national park and reserve. definitely one of the more green images we have seen of late. >> that is just beautiful.
11:38 am
going back home to the gulf. the hurricane left them stranded in a pond. at a citrus county golf course. they gave golfers a new attraction to enjoy. the plantation on crystal river. it is time for them to get on home. florida fish and wildlife started the move at 9:00 this morning. veterinarians are checking them out now. if they pass a health assessment, they will go back to the gulf. one of those manatees rescue seen. that they believe she is more than 1400 pounds. >> it takes a crew. the march to the heart walk is underway. >> every week, we are bringing you new stories of survival and hope. coming up, the story of jim schrader he was experiencing the benefits of advances in technology and what that can do for the patients. plus, six months have passed since playboy decided to take new duty out of its magazines. how is that working
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them? we will have the latest numbers
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- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator.
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welcome back. for you camera owners, you know how versatile those go pro cameras are. >> people take them on their bikes or surfing. especially in the hands of extreme athletes, they really perform pretty well. especially this athlete balancing. you can see the tops of the cliffs and canyons. probably a few waterfalls. you can get awesome shots with the gopro. and what is next? america's got talent. >> do think he is looking through the camera lens of the gopro? >> i think it is just attached. >> even the shadow makes me
11:43 am
>> i will never get that view any other way. >> thank you. and we have a brand-new weather camera to show you. here it is. it is already 87 degrees at this location. thank you for joining our weather camera network in brandon. southwest wind at 3-4 miles per hour. so some spotty rain. tracking some on the radar. that will continue through 1:00 p.m. otherwise it is muggy. 87 by 4:00 p.m., 20% rain chance and 89 degrees. that is the high temperature. if you're lucky enough to get one of these showers, you will have a temporary cool down. and 84 by 7:00 p.m. i think most of the rain will be coming to a end by 7:00 p.m. it gives you this stream of moisture off the gulf of mexico. the first couple of hours of the day, noticing these small showers along the coast. now we're getting them to move a little further inland. here is citrus county.
11:44 am
springhill, east of pasco county. spotty showers forming. otherwise, it is warm. a nice change from the 88 in lake placid. and 88 in plant city. and nicer than the 100-degree heat. ninety-five, the heat index and sarasota. it has to do with the onshore wind flow. most, if not all of the rain will be along as the day progresses, the storms go further inland by 3:00 p.m. by 4:00, 5:00, into polk county and drying up near the coast. 5:00, the rain tapers down almost completely. talking about tropical depression julia. look at the forecast. glad this is not off of our shoreline. we don't want it to just sit there. it will remain a tropical depression through monday. we also have tropical depression 12 coming off of africa. it always poses a bit of a
11:45 am
us. coming off africa and has the chance of getting strong. this one does not, which is good news. will stay tropical depression throughout the weekend. encountering a lot of wind shear which is fine. barely becoming tropical storm karl next week. so we will be focusing on that. in the meantime, just your pretty typical mid-september weather. upper 80s to near 90 degrees. typical afternoon storms developing. nothing out of the ordinary. certainly at this time of year, when other places are starting to get cold front, we get a little jealous. our first the cold front will not come through for another -- 3-4 weeks. so we have plenty of time to deal with the humidity. >> even in the heat, i'm enjoying the pumpkin flavored everything. >> exactly. about 3 million people worldwide have pacemakers. the small device is implanted under the skin to regulate the heartbeat. but a new breakthrough in pacing means and even less invasive procedure and a much
11:46 am
the first person in a florida to get this new smaller pacemaker is giving a two thumbs up. >> i found that i was getting tired a lot. i was sitting at the dining room table and i would fall asleep. >> 73-year-old jim shrader of clearwater was having a problem with his heart's normal rhythm. >> my heart was not beating right. >> it turns out his condition made him a perfect candidate for this. a tiny new and improved version of a standard he became the first patience in florida to receive the cutting- edge device. >> it is a major improvement -- a new era. >> bay area cardiologists say that the world's smallest pacemaker does not require leaves like a standard pacemaker, which means there are no wires leading to the heart, lowering the risk of complications, and it is not visible under the skin like a traditional pacemaker. >> see you do not see it.
11:47 am
the whole pacemaker goes inside the heart. so there are no scars. there is no lump. and the patient is very comfortable. >> and the procedure to implant it is minimally invasive. >> i have no monitor outside of my heart. i'm the bionic man. >> do you feel feel like the bionic man? >> yes. i feel really good. i don't get tired. if i get tired now it is because i should be. it is a miracle. >> the 2016 hard walk is coming up. news channel 8 is committed to gain -- to raising $100,000. we need your help to do it. so matching the first $50,000 we raise this year. so every dollar you donate really counts as two. the walk is november 12 at raymond james stadium. it is simple to join our team and donate. is that to walk
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morning for the carbohydrate lovers. if you want to get your hands on the color guard and never ending pasta past, today is the day. up to 21,000 passes will be sold for one hour only. they cost $100 each. this event begins at 2:00 p.m. exclusively at olive past. every pasta pass holder ll have access unlimited sta, soup or salad and bread sticks as well as soft drinks before they get started october 3. ending november 20. it the past today. and spot if i says it has 40 million paying subscribers come up one third from six months ago. that makes it a clear leader in music streaming. the biggest rival has 17 million paying users. spotify launched last year. and there is title which is owned by rapper jz which has 4
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it turns out taking you to be a waste -- taking nudity away from playboy was a good move. sales are up 20% in thfirst hs to drop the photographs. it started with the march issue. since then, playboy average is 47,203 single copy sales each month. still paid subscriptions did drop in the samex-nth period. a playboy spokesperson says it is all going according to plan. the modern era of pro football hall of fame nominees for 2017 have been announced. ninety-four deserving players and coaches making it this time around. starting with some former box. both on the defensive side of the ball. you have safety john john lynch and defensive end simeon rice. some other names you might know. the quarterback. donovan mcnabb, randall cunningham, tomlinson, edpie
11:50 am
also some coaches on that list as well. there are 45 offense the players and 32 defense of players making the hall of fame. congratulations to them all. watching motorbike racing can be thrilling or absolutely terrifying. that usually depends on your age. young children usually do not like loud noises. but 2-year-old logan cox is not your average little guy. >> that priceless reaction has been seen online more than 40 million times. the little guy has gone viral. his parents, daniel and christie, knew he was a big fan of bike racing so they made sure to get his first in person encounter on film. >> at some point, he clenches his hands. he cannot believe it. he is so excited. and a florida high school
11:51 am
>> a 9-foot python found on the school property. the teachers managed to turn it all into a learning opportunity.
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging?
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we're back. miami-dade school officers capture a 9-foot burmese python hanging out on the field earlier this week. >> that will get your attention. >> and while that is not how school officials thought they would spend their day, they did manage to make the event educna >> it grabbed their attention. >> at homestead high school wednesday, a miami-dade schools police officer had thrown a wrench into the plans. >> we pass there all the time. to see that is really surprising. >> i was in the classroom teaching. it so happened that the topic were teaching about was related. >> the surprise measuring around 9 feet. a burmese python found across
11:55 am
lot. school police officers responded quickly. later tweeting out the apprehended slithery subject. >> instead of weighing the risks -- or alerting someone and weighing the risk of the burmese python getting to the school, they took matters into their own hands and apprehended the actual burmese python and held it for the response team. >> reptile, joel gonzalez moved up the lesson on invasive tissues for his 10th grade biology class. they snapchat of the invaluable lesson from a safe distance of course. >> they were able to see it here in real life -- an example of an invasive species coming into our territory. >> it helps a lot of us to
11:56 am
in perfect teachable moments. >> i'm glad they got to learn something and nobody got hurt. >> i'm thinking they need a new mascot. >> they should be the pythons now instead of the broncos. quite humid outside. a look from the wfla tower camera right here in downtown tampa. it is 80 degrees at tampa international airport. the dew point is 76. mid-70 degre more like august. along with that, getting the spotty showers. a couple of them falling right now in the citrus county and hernando and pasco county communities. >> stay dry. thank you for joining us. >> see you back here on news channel 8 at 6:00. let you watch tv in more places
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