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tv   Today  NBC  September 17, 2016 8:00am-9:30am EDT

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good morning. shooting from the hip. donald trump raising eyebrows once again calling for hillary clinton's armed security guards to disarm. >> take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's >> the clinton campaign outraged saying trump has a history of inciting violence. this after a wild day after trump acknowledged president obama was in fact born in this country. we are live with the developments. and breaking overnight. shooting spree in philadelphia. police officer ambushed while sitting in her car. the gunman taking police on a chase around the city.
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>> by then, two others and four shot. why the gunman may have gone on the rampage. and controversial ceremony. joe paterno set to be honored at penn state. but it is under scrutiny by those who say he stayed silent about the jerry sandusky scandal. and rocket man. a nearly impossible stunt nearly 40 years in the >> a daredevil following in evel knievel's footsteps. tries to complete the snake river jump that evel knievel could not pull off in the '70s. can he do it? the stunt you have to see, today, saturday, september 17th. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1a in
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saturday morning. i'm craig melvin alongside dylan dreyer and sheinelle jones. stephanie ruhle has the day off. >> and the story of redemption. >> it was. >> i usually don't like watching those things happen. >> it was an attempt at redemption for the engineer. the guy who designed evel knievel's back the chute opened early. the guy's son used the same design this time around. >> it makes it better. >> stay tuned. >> we will have more on that in a bit. let's start with the battle for the white house. the election is 52 days away. here is the state of the race. hillary clinton will be at a black caucus dinner with president obama. president obama will deliver his seventh and final keynote address.
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pence hit the campaign trail separately. trump with his day in texas and ending with the rally in colorado. pence holds a rally in florida this afternoon. lots to get to this afternoon. let's get to katy tur with more. katy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. the polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump are neck and neck right now. the daily and hourly controversy is doing little to blunt trump's momentum. he is insinuating violence against his rival and trying to put an end to the conspiracy theory he perpetuated. topping off a surreal day on the campaign trail, donald trump waded into controversy again. telling his supporters hillary clinton opposes the second amendment. she doesn't. and daring her secret service detail to disarm. >> take their guns away. she doesn't want them. >> reporter: the clinton campaign outraged.
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be out of bounds for a presidential candidate. trump's comment coming over a month over what he made what some considered a threat at clinton at another event. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> reporter: earlier, after five years of nurturing a conspiracy theory, trump took seven seconds to state what is true. born in the united states, period. >> reporter: but then two falsehoods. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> reporter: down the street, the members of the black caucus were not impressed.
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incorrect. >> reporter: neither was hillary clinton. >> he is feeding in the worst impulses. bigotry. >> reporter: nor michelle obama. >> there were those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years up to this very day whether my husband was even born in this country. >> reporter: sitting in the oval office, her husband shrugged it off. >> i was confident where i was born. i think most people were as well. >> reporter: while democrats awaiting him in miami dug in. >> he doesn't need it. obama has to say i'm sorry to us. to the american people. >> reporter: trump was on jimmy fallon on thursday and clinton on fallon last night where it was her chance to poke fun at herself. >> welcome. welcome. thank you so much.
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let's talk about -- let's talk about everything. >> reporter: that as you can see a much lighter note. both candidates are back on the campaign trail today. craig. >> katy tur for us in washington. full interview with jimmy and clinton will air monday. >> let's bring in josh for a moment this morning. guns of the secret service agents, but he is upping the ante. is he inciting violence here? >> i think trump was making a point about gun control. he is do it an an extremely irresponsible way. you would say this is an outrageous thing to do grave damage to the campaign. on the substantive level it was outrageous. trump has said outrageous things
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no consequence for it. as a matter of electoral analysis, does this shift the race? no. my guess is things that should outrage the public should not. >> we watched this announcement play out where he finally admitted that president obama was in fact born here. the way it was done and the contents of how did it play or how do you think it would play with independent voters or undecided voters if there are any >> the bizarre spectacle that happened with the launch of the luxury hotel in washington, d.c. for a half hour is how everybody experienced the story. most people were not sitting home watching msnbc through the controversy, although they should. >> thank you. >> it made a lot of people in the media angry. they felt they were lied to and told donald trump would take questions and he did not.
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he talked about the topic he said he would talk about for two sentences and did not put it to bed. he said the president was born here, period. he spent eight years with this theory. what changed your mind? the long form birth certificate. you got five years ago and continue to go around and saying he had not been born in the country. they did not put the issue to bed. the thing i don't know how is the electe it? most people know the president was born in the united states, but how many think this is outrageous racist slur and how many think it is a weird thing that trump was wrong about. >> with that said, the national polls right now are in a dead heat. what is it? is he surging or is hillary clinton dipping a bit because of the rough week and health scare?
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bad couple weeks with the fbi notes. the basket of deplorables comment. the polls did continue to fall after she said that. and finally with the health scare that both raised questions for some people about her health and had her off the campaign trail for several days. on the other hand, donald trump changed the way he campaigned. he changed his top campaign team in august. brought in kellyanne conway who is experienced operative. she is giving him better he is listening. donald trump is running this bizarre campaign for over a year and few points behind hillary clinton. what if running a slightly less bizarre campaign is enough to catch up with her? we will see over the next week to the debate whether being out there and showing people she is healthy, is that enough to improve or is donald trump's somewhat less outrageous and out
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josh, thank you. let's get to breaking news. two police officers and four other people have been shot. one of them killed by a gunman on a wild rampage in philadelphia. monique braxton from wcau has more. monique, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we learned one woman has died. she was shot in a car outside a bar. right now, two police officers are recovering presbyterian. one of them worked for the university of pennsylvania. you can see that officers have arrived to visit them. just after 11:00 friday evening, chaos in the streets of philadelphia. police say sergeant sylvia young, 19-year veteran with the philadelphia police department was in her patrol car when she was ambushed. she was shot eight times. mostly in the left arm. police say her bulletproof vest
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the suspect fled on foot starting a manhunt. he shot randomly in a local bar striking a security guard in the leg. using a patron as a shield and possibility a hostage. the police chase continued. at one point, the angry suspect shot into a stopped car with a man and woman. each hit in the chest. they were taken to presbyterian medical center where the female victim was pronounced dead. the male victim remains in critical condition. 56-year-old eddie miller, university of pennsylvania police officer, who retired from philadelphia police after 33 years, was also shot as the wild shooting spree continued. the suspect was then shot and killed. >> all in all, a really terrible night. >> reporter: in a press conference, the police
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>> it indicates his hate for police officers and probation officers. >> reporter: and no word this morning on the type of weapon that was used, but one witness did tell us he heard rapid gunfire. maybe as many as 20 shots. we asked the police commissioner if the gunman is known to them. we were told it is too early in the investigation to answer that. live in philadelphia, monique braxton for the "today" show. >> t recovering from gunshot wounds in ft. worth, texas. officers walked into a hail of gunfire while responding to a suicide call. one is in critical condition. body armor saved the other from serious injury. the suspect ed shooter is dead. this comes five months after the gunman want brought down by a sniper. and just when gas was
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gallon, millions are about to see a spike all because of a pipeline leak in alabama. nbc's sarah dallof has more. >> reporter: good morning, craig. a section of the critical gas pipeline remains shutdown for repairs. a process expected to stretch into next week as price increases and shortages will ripple across the south. this morning, pain at the pump. >> things are going >> reporter: price increases and supply issues expected across a number of states. >> it will make it harder for people to get by. a lot of people rely on having easy access and cheap gas. >> reporter: already drivers in cities in georgia and tennessee are seeing shortages. this knoxville station pump dry. this is the result of the major pipeline leak in central alabama. the colonial pipeline company line one which stretches from texas to new york harbor and
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coast gasoline was severed last week and disrupting service. the company issued a statement saying it has more than 680 employees and partners working as safely as expeditiously as possible to repair the pipe. in the meantime, ships have been dispatched and more tanker trucks have been ordered in five st behind the scenes. people are taking every pain they can and going down every avenue to make sure these stations are filled with gasoline. >> reporter: estimates price increases from 5 cents to 20 cents per gallon. bad news for drivers. >> gas is gas. we have to drive around to work. >> you have to pay the price.
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prices will drop quickly especially since stations are switching to winter blend. craig, that assumes everything is going as scheduled and repairs go smoothly. back to you. >> sarah dallof, thank you. a ceremony planned for penn state university that will honor the late coach joe paterno. the 50th celebration comes at a time when the school and community are still reeling from the firing after he of covering up the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal for years. we have morgan radford with more. >> reporter: today is the first time paterno is officially recognized since he walked off the field in 2011. while he remains a beloved figure for former players and fans, critics say this is not the time or place to honor a man with a troubled legacy. the man known as joe pa honored
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his first game as coach of the football team. four years after his death and five years after he was fired, accused of covering up sex abuse by his assistant coach jerry sandusky. >> i think this is a huge step back. he had a legal, moral and professional obligation and yet he stayed silent. >> reporter: the editors of the student run newspaper criticizing the decision. this is our penn state. this is a penn state without joe those of us here now are beyond ready to move on. moving on has been tough for a school heavily affected by the legacy. >> we love penn state. >> reporter: paterno was the most victorious coach in college football history. during his tenure, travis weaver, alleged sandusky abused them as boys. >> he knows what he did. >> reporter: sandusky is serving
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charged with 45 counts of child sex abuse dating back to the '90s. >> thanks and pray a bit for the victims. >> reporter: paterno, never charged for the crime, did report one incident to officials. he told the grand jury he did not know of any other incident. although court documents he knew as far back as 1976. days before he was fired in 2011, he told reports, in a statement released this week, the university says today's activities will focus on the commitment paterno had to the students and academics and highlights of the 1966 game. >> we celebrate football more than we celebrate survivors. that sends a dangerous message. >> reporter: in a statement, his wife says she hopes it focuses on the players and she said he did not cover up the allegations
8:18 am
has not been written. sheinelle. >> thank you, morgan. a standoff is over with police and suspected gunman aboard a train north of los angeles. nearly 200 passengers were evacuated last night after reports of a man with a gun on board the train. police cornered the alleged gunman in the bathroom and took him into custody. no injuries reported. controversy at the college ame with baylor and rice. we are not talking about the game. at halftime, the rice marching band formed the roman numeral 9. a reference to title 9. baylor is accuse of violating title 9 in a sexual assault case. the ban made itself into a star which was a knock on ken starr. the former president who resigned under pressure. baylor did get the last laugh. winning the game 38-10. wow. dylan, how about a check on the weather. >> moving right along. let's talk about stormy weather back through the midwest and
8:19 am
we had heavy storms in chicago and st. louis last night. heavy rain moving in indiana and western kentucky and columbus, ohio. ohio. it clears out nicely behind it. the plains and upper midwest enjoying a nice day today. we will see the storms move east. it takes all day. we are not looking at severe storms. we could see large hail through west texas. we could see golf ball-sized it was first looking to be much-needed rain to help with the drought conditions up and down the east coast. now isolated storms could produce heavy downpours. we are not looking for a total washout today. on sunday, we are looking at 1 inch or some of
8:20 am
we will have a chance of afternoon thunderstorms, and the chance at 40% for today, and getting lower on sunday, and drier air is aloft. it will be warm and steamy overnight. partly cloudy and 77 degrees overnight. and that's your latest ca let's get back to the stunt we showed you at the top of the show. daredevil eddie braun attempting to do something his idol evel knievel could not do years ago. jump snake river canyon in a rocket. steve paterson with more.
8:21 am
flying 2,000 feet at 400 miles per hour. and more than 40 years in the making. >> amazing. >> i liked it. >> reporter: this morning, eddie braun celebrated. he has done something no one has done before. jump snake river canyon in a steam power rocket. >> no one has done this. >> reporter: back in 1974, evel knievel hopped cycle and blasted off in one of his most tight stunts. his attempt failed and he was sent into the canyon. >> the only other guy to try it is my hero evel knievel. he wasn't successful. >> reporter: the stunt man says meeting evel knievel as a boy in
8:22 am
>> it has taken a long time to get to this point. a lot of sweat and tears and anxiety. >> reporter: in an effort to succeed, braun spent close to $1.6 million of his own money to secure the jump. >> we are all here for the coolness of it. it's a rocket. it's evel knievel. >> reporter: all adding up to a moment that will live re >> if you paid me $1 million, would i do it? >> you would. >> would you? >> i don't know. >> you have the parchute. >> you would do it for $1 million? >> there is something that can go wrong even with a parachute. i guess we see where people's priorities are. we will look back at some of the more talked about stories when we come back and including when what happened when miss
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i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve.
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a return to common sense. good morning. i'm alyssa moreno. on this saturday, a man accused of firing a stray bullet that killed a tampa grandmother made his first court appearance. tyrrell warren is charged second degree murder. it's believed he fired the shot and killed maria rivera contreras in june. she was in the car with her family when she was shot. now to check the forecast with ed. >> looking good this morning. on the humid side, and not a bad start from lakewood ranch. 77 this morning, and sky high humidity. you progress through the day, and building clouds by midday, and by the afternoon, popup showers and thunderstorms, and now the forecast model is not
8:28 am
coverage here, but have the rain gear ready for the afternoon. 90, a steamy afternoon, and drier air for sunday, and a high of 90, and seasonal temperatures due much of next
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good morning. we're back on this saturday morning, september 17th, 2016. look at that. a great crowd enjoying a cooler morning here in new york. a sure signal fall is coming. here is what is making headlines controversy reignited, donald trump is coming under fire again. this time for comments last night calling on hillary clinton's security guards to disarm. trump went on to say, quote, then let's see what happens. the clinton team firing back. quote, this kind of talk should be on out of bounds for a presidential candidate. the zika zone in miami beach is expanding.
8:31 am
4.5 square miles. meanwhile, aerial spraying is happening there. officials have seen a decrease in the number of mosquitoes in traps since the spring. and fans and players ran for cover during friday night baseball games with the san diego padres and colorado rockies. this was the scene in denver. hail falling pretty hard. officials calling for delay which lasted 38 minutes while the hail fell. the now to the recap of the weeks biggest headlines. >> hillary clinton took time off from the campaign trail after pneumonia. samsung still dealing with a massive recall. and ryan lochte had a scare on "dancing with the stars." some of the stories in our weekly download. >> it is great to be back on the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton returning to the public eye thursday. her first time since the health
8:32 am
>> clinton revealed her pneumonia diagnosis after the near collapse on sunday. now appearing fine. no coughing spells during per 23-minute speech. >> wednesday, the clinton campaign released documents to support the 68-year-old's good health. >> clinton's physician including immediate is sin for thyroid and blood thinner. her doctor concluding clinton remains healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. >> her opponent donald trump talked about his health with dr. oz. >> choosing to share certain medical information with dr. oz. blood work, normal. his diet? trump like fast food because he knows what's in it. adding as for exercise, that apparently comes on the campaign trail when trump moves his arms during speeches. a massive recall for samsung. the consumer product safety
8:33 am
immediate official recall for galaxy note 7 phones. >> the phone blamed for dozens of firings and destroying a garage in florida. >> they present a serious risk of fire. especially if that phone ends up near something combustible. you could have death or serious injury. more trouble for ryan lochte. this time during his first appearance on "dancing with the stars." two protesters angry with his beor stage. >> a man rushed by security. taken down on the dance floor in front of a stunned audience. another man is whisked away by studio security. cell phone video taken by lochte's friend eddie moses shows another angle.
8:34 am
reached in my chest and pulled out my heart. jimmy fallon just may have had the best joke of the campaign. >> can i mess your hair up? >> go ahead. >> yes! donald trump, everybody. >> and finally after pregnant actress olivia wilde shamed passengers in new york for not offering her a we sent dylan out. >> we will find out if people know how to behave around a pregnant woman. >> good question. see how it plays out. >> still takes five minutes for someone to offer up a seat. >> oh, that would be great. >> on our second ride, a man stands up within seconds. >> that's fine. thank you. >> i just wanted to say you have perfect manners. >> thank you. >> you're a good man.
8:35 am
i don't need somebody to get up for me. i don't need to go to the front of the line. i can walk. i'm totally capable of everything. it is really nice when someone does. there have been times i stayed on a train and get off the next stop. i stay on the train because someone gave up their seat. it is funny. >> i wonder what would have happened if we conducted that in other cities. i don't know. this is not a knock on new think down south in south carolina, someone would have gotten up. >> immediately? >> i think people are nicer than they give credit for. >> you get a seat each time? >> i was trying to cut lines for a taxi. everyone said sure. >> so you don't have to stand? >> i said my feet really hurt. >> when you are on a flight. they turn the lights on and you can't get up. there was a time i was like, you
8:36 am
everybody told the flight attendant please let her go. >> she's pregnant. >> the bathroom is an exception. let's talk about the weather here. it would appear as if winter is coming. you like that? >> winter's a bit much. >> working in "game of thrones." >> sorry. winter is eventually coming. that is for sure. we will see warmer temperatures over the next couple days. moving into the plain states. then into the st. louis, 81. nashville, 85. syracuse, ten degrees above average for this time of year. minneapolis up to 82. that is 12 above average. philadelphia will be close to 90 degrees by sunday. as we go into next week, look at this. nashville into the 90s. philadelphia close to 90 by tuesday. jackson, mississippi, in the low
8:37 am
today is a little bit cooler. in the northeast, especially. this morning, we lost the humidity. we are waiting for the cold front. this is bringing storms to the midwest and great lakes today. some severe storms across west texas. that will make for rain up and down the east coast. a typical summer day ahead. 90degrees, and the sea breezes are forms in the afternoon. a 40 percent chan ask again, likely after 2:00 p.m., and drier for tomorrow. rain chance at 30% for sunday. through much of next week, seasonal highs 89 to 90. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. she just hopped into that chair.
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this morning's "today's take away" is a new season. we want you to fall in love with your home. we have tips to spruce up your money. we got this idea because i moved last month and i had to squeeze all three of my kids into one room. welcome to new york city. we linked up with a designer and entertaining designer. this man worked a miracle. he will share. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you. what a great intro. >> you know you changed my life. i'm a hot mess. we will try to squeeze the most we can.
8:42 am
>> walls that wow. that is a tongue twister. it is easy not to commit with paint. temporary papers and fabrics are the way to go. we used the great stripes and added a little thing. there is another thing you can do with this company. a million different patterns. i love about them is it is digitally printed on fabric and peels off without harming your wall. no commitment. easy to it is a deluxe finish for any room on a budget. >> i would say it is affordable. the next one. i was telling craig about this. >> game changer. rugable. it is a two-part system. it is a little flap here. in the room, we have it layered. it is machine wash ableababwash. perfect for people with pets and children. >> i have kids with a white
8:43 am
washing machine and put it right back. >> it is amazing. let's talk about personalizing your space. >> the pillows and laundry. the monogram. >> my daughter still has not gotten under the covers. she is so excited. she stares at her name at night. it makes a difference. >> she is adorable. it is great for dorms to work as identifiers. the tape we did you take the basics to bold. take the frame and jazz it up. we added it to the lamp. it adds an interesting design. >> dylan and craig, you call this? >> washi tape. it is fun to get the kids involved and craft it up. >> and look at this. you can get a cheaper frame and look at that. >> that's nice. >> just tape. >> we did that to my bunk beds.
8:44 am
new beds. you did this craft with me before we run out of time. this is a nice way of getting art without a lot of money. >> construction paper and cy scissors. write your wishes for your children on a frame. it is really great for baby showers too. at a party to have everyone write in a cloud. you can frame it in the room. keepsake. personal and soft. that is what design is about. >> look a craig. i wrote this one out. my wishes for the kids. we put it in a frame. we put it up in their room. as opposed to spending a billion bucks on a piece of art. >> can we go over here? >> let's dive in. >> how cool is that room? thank you. >> in bed with sheinelle. >> you can find all of the ideas on
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we are back on a saturday morning. in honor of the emmy awards tomorrow, our producers want to put our knowledge to the test. today's game real or fa description and we have to see if the show is real or fake. first show, amish mafia. an amish settlement. real or fake. >> i want that to be a real show. >> it is real because my husband is obsessed with the show. >> it is real.
8:49 am
jaleel white on "family matters" starred on the show of skits based on his own life. >> i will say real. >> it sounds like something he would want to do. >> fake. that is a fake show. >> that is good. >> third show, "yo momma." a competition encouraging young men to exchange yo momma jokes. >> that sounds funny. >> that's real. >> it should >> it is real. i need to check that out. >> you probably have a few yo momma jokes. up next, we have haunted collector. team of investigators go into people's homes searching for paranormal presences leaving with haunted techniques and artifacts. >> i think that is real. >> that is real. we have seen that. >> how about this one? which man's best friend.
8:50 am
dogs they have never seen before to their proper owner. it could be on animal planet. >> people would not watch that show. >> that is fake. >> can we play again next week? still ahead on the emmy eve. we will look at the actual shows up for awards. the full list coming up in "pop start." first this is "today" on nbc. >> this show is real!
8:51 am
n, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
8:52 am
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good morning. i'm melissa moreno. 8:57 on your saturday. a pasco county woman is charged in her boyfriend's death this morning. deputies tell us andrew gluzick was found dead next to a
8:58 am
night. while investigating the man's girlfriend, angela garrett arrived and admitted she stabbed him. she's charged with aggravated domestic battery. now checking the forecast with ed. >> good morning. starting off fairly quiet this morning. warm and steamy conditions, and we are calling for scattered showers and thunderstorms to develop. the rain chance around 40% as we go into the latter portions of the afternoon, and 90 degrees for today, and the thunderstorms at dew in could likely drop rain, and temperatures 89 to 90 for the week ahead. rain chances for 40% for monday, tuesday, and wednesday
8:59 am
coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ]
9:00 am
good morning. shooting from the hip. donald trump coming under fire again for comments he made overnight calling on hillary clinton's security guards to disarm. >> take their guns away. she doesn't let's see what happens. >> the clinton campaign reacting saying donald trump has a history of inciting violence. all of this less than 24 hours after the republican nominee finally admitted that president obama is an american. is the treasure hunt a hoax? six years ago, a millionaire said he was leaving his fortune for anyone who would find it. now they have come up empty
9:01 am
treasure? and tv's biggest night. the stars are getting ready for the emmy awards. we have the preview today, saturday, september 17th, 2016. ? >> it's my birthday. >> happy birthday. >> this is my best friend. >> it's my birthday. ? >> happy birthday to the constitution. good morning. welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning. we have a talented crowd on the plaza this morning. we will go outside and see them coming up in just a bit. >> great crowd. >> singing and dancing.
9:02 am
let's start with the race for the white house. trump with the comment on the campaign. trump claimed clinton wants to take away their second amendment rights. his words calling for security detail to disarm raised eyebrows. >> take their guns away, she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens. >> condemned that remark and saying this should be out of bounds for a candidate. and police are investigating a deadly shooting on the streets of police overnight. a gunman opened fire on police officers and four more people. one woman in the car died overnight. police chased and killed the shooter who apparently left a rambling letter of hatred for
9:03 am
the man accused of holding a woman hostage and killing others went before a judge. here is nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: a house of horrors. >> if you need to get out, get out. >> reporter: inside, two bodies. a frightened woman held there desperate to get out. >> are you injured? >> a little. d >> he's got a taser. oh, [ bleep ] i woke him up. >> reporter: the unidentified woman was rescued leading police to houses. now a shrine to stacy stanley. she vanished a week ago. a search party spent days searching for her. and even knocking on the door of the house, but got no answer. police identified the second
9:04 am
her friends already feared the worst. >> if you said you were her friend, she trusted you. sometimes it is not the best way. you shouldn't just trust anyb anybody. >> reporter: 40-year-old sean gray appeared friday before a judge via video conference from jail. >> you understand the charges in the complaint mr. gray? >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: a chilling close call. monday. >> me and my son would have died. >> reporter: the police say the suspect led them to an unidentified third body in the burned out home. tragic events unnerved the community. for "today," ron mott, nbc news. theater lovers are mourning the death of edward albee.
9:05 am
virginia woolf." the man who wrote the book that inspired "field of dreams" is being remembered this morning. w.p. kinsella died on friday. he published nearly 30 books. his death was assisted by a doctor he lived in canada. let's go to dylan on the plaza. >> i love this. rental car, hotel room. "hamilton" priceless. >> you are going to see it? >> yes. fifth row seats. >> mom knows the songs. yeah. if you get an extra seat opening up, let me know. let's see what is going on in the tropics. we have tropical storm karl right now.
9:06 am
hour. watch what happens for the next couple days. it is moving into a great environment for strengthening. by thursday, it could certainly become a category one hurricane as it turns to the northeast. where it goes after that, we still don't know. it is close to bermuda and on the westward track. we will keep an eye on that. today, a chance of storms in the ohio and tennessee river valleys. we are not looking at too severe large hail and damaging winds. the rain in seattle and portland today. breezy as the cold front makes its way onshore. behind the cold front, things clear out. it makes its way up and down the
9:07 am
and that's your latest forecast. sheinelle. >> dylan, thank you. a story we have been telling you about for years. a man who decided to g his fortune claimed to have buried it somewhere out west several years ago. tens of thousands have been drawn to yellowstone national park and remote new mexico to try to find it. to this day, it still hasn't been found. so is there really a buried treasure? here is nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: in the mountains of new mexico, cynthia is searching
9:08 am
gems and coins worth $2 million. it is somewhere in the wilderness according to the collector who said he put it there. 86-year-old forrest fenn. >> i have gone in there with my treasures bold and riches new and old. >> reporter: that is the first of many clues. the hunt for the treasure has attracted people from all ove in the vast wilderness, it led some in trouble. jan searched the park in 2013. later rescued. >> where did you spend the night? >> a hole, literally, with a rock over the top. >> reporter: we knhe disappeare
9:09 am
grande. calling the treasure a hoax. >> it is not. >> reporter: and he acknowledges he can offer no proof and has told no one where it is. its location is not in his will. >> you have not left documentation? >> no. purposely. i want people to keep looking for it. what's wrong with that? >> reporter: the real treasure he says it is in the put. treasure. i do not think it is a hoax. >> reporter: the quest spawned a following. meacham searched, among the obsessed. >> i'm not about the money. it is about solving the poem. >> reporter: a modern day gold rush for a treasure still illusive.
9:10 am
news, santa fe, new mexico. >> it is like finding your keys. you have to find them. >> is it real? >> i'm with the woman. you have to beat the challenge. >> what if there is no treasure? >> it keeps the party going. coming up next, we'll keep the party going. break out the inner kid in all of us. a look at some of the top contenders to make it into the toy hall of fame. yes, there is such a thing. love that. and who will go home with the coveted emmy statue this
9:11 am
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morning. it is time to trend. are you ready? first up, riding the subway is not the most exciting experience. try telling that to one artist. ben ruben. the subway doodler. he finds riders and he gets to work drawing elaborate furry monsters and hugging them. he has been posting the works on social media. he has more than 66,000 followers on instagram. he says he doesn't drawing people in their own world. next up, some of our favorite childhood toys getting a place in history. national toy hall of fame in rochester, new york, home to 60 of the most iconic toys of all time. the finalists have been announced. bubble wrap. bubble wrap. >> as it should be.
9:15 am
the game of clue. care bears. pin ball. rock em sock em robots. and transformers made the nominee list. historians helped to determine whether any or all of them make it to the toy hall of fame. i don't know if this should. >> it is a toy. >> it's portable. finally, let's talk about your shower wrong way. the folks at the daily mail went to a dermatologist to find out the correct way you should shower. they asked the following. how often, how hot the shower should be and how we should dry off. apparently there is a skill involved. recommend a shower once a day. as for water temperature. warm showers are better than hot. >> hotter the better. >> the final question.
9:16 am
would you like to demonstrate? >> we are not demonstrating the shower? >> no. we need a shower prop. >> here we go. >> tell me how you would shower. >> or dry off? >> i start with the hair. >> oh, no. >> then i do the arms. then i'm here and then a little of this. >> craig? >> i am more of a a -- i kind of go. i always end with the back. >> really? >> yeah. i do. >> how else do you get the back? >> i go like this. this is how i get out. >> that's how you dry? >> here's the thing. the doctor recommends this is how you do it, everybody. pat. keep the moisture in your body. really quickly. washing your hair.
9:17 am
on for three minutes. pop start. you can do it from here. >> i feel i need to do pop start from my seat. ellen degeneres. at it again. scaring the living daylights out of carrie underwood. talking to her and this happened. >> i feel like ten years, i should give you a gift. i don't know what it should be. >> oh, my god! >> that is a great scream. ellen gets extra points for using a look alike of using her husband, mike fisher, for using the prank. a must see for all the "friends" fans. monica and phoebe take us down memory lane. they will compete on "celebrity name game." the episode will air next
9:18 am
>> chandler bing. >> my character. >> monica geller. >> what joey would say? >> how you doing? >> what? >> and finally, the year's most talked about tv shows recognized with the emmy awards. nbc's joelle >> reporter: the ballots are tallied. the red carpet rolled out. the emmy awards are here. this show is known for unpredictability, there are few things you can count on. fashion statements, moving speeches. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> reporter: and jimmy kimmel's
9:19 am
there will be no shortage of laughs. >> my worst subject at school was criminal justice. >> reporter: and the cast of "game of thrones" leads the pack with 23 nominations. >> i know. >> reporter: the 2015 best drama winner is probably taking home the throne again. >> i think america will pull an upset. they were shutout ofhe years. >> the emmys are known for the repeat winners. >> it will be julia louis-dreyfus again. >> this could be number seven? >> reporter: while certain categories are obvious. >> i think it will be jeffery tambor. >> reporter: and the most
9:20 am
russe russell. i think it will go to viola davis. >> reporter: and best actor? >> as it could be kevin spacey, but it could go to "mr. robot." >> reporter: it expected to be a big night for "the people versus o.j. simpson." if there is a race to watch? >> limited series category is my favorite. i think it will go to "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> that's your pop start. >> we love it. we'll be right back.
9:21 am
9:22 am
and that's going to do it for us on saturday morning. tomorrow on "today" willie sits
9:23 am
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good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist ed bloodsworth, and i hope you're having a great start to the final weekend of summer. looking from the veteran fords camera. there's clouds developing out there, and 80 can feel the excess humidity. 81 in tampa, and checking in with 79 right now in venice. look at the model as we go through the rest of the afternoon. we are going to call for those clouds to continue to build up. about a 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, and very similar to yesterday and we will see slow-moving storms, and the chances will likely continue into the evening as
9:28 am
today, dropping to 30% for sunday. favoring the areas south of interstate 40. 30% chance of rain for much of next week. fall arriving on thursday. high temperatures 89 to 90. lows in the 70s. hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. nd abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi, a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both diarrhea and abdominal pain at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms.
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sean! - hi, sean-- my name is cynthia, and this my daughter, milah, and these are her friends. - and these are our teddy bears! and we'd like to make them a picnic. can you help? - hmm-- ah-ha-- i have an idea! everyone buckled up? - ready, sean! [barking] - all aboard the noodle and doodle bus. traveling around in your neighborhood we're doing lots of thingss we go making lots of arts and crafts and food that's good we're hoping we can say hello all aboard the noodle and doodle bus - hop on! - there's lots for us to do we can bake a cake there are games to make it wouldn't be the same without you


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