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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  September 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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new developments on the massive polk county sink hole. a class action lawsuit is filed and now the feds are getting involved. 8 on your side asks governor scott who will be held responsible. >> and this morning a police officer facing charges for shooting and killing man. coming up how the man's family is reacting and why the da filed the charges. >> and donald trump facing criticism for comments he made about hillary clinton in charlotte. we will let you hear the comment as and judge for yourself. good morning. i am melanie michael in for gayle.
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how are we looking with the weather. >> when you look at the water in the atmosphere, the red color, the dry air, has spread south to our area. it is what happened yesterday and will happen again today, the reason i am only expecting a few storms. dry through the morning and a 20% chance later today. t, 91 with was the afternoon high yesterday, too. at 4:38 i am tracking two systems. and leslie is watching a few things on the roads but not -- lesson leigh is watching a few -- leslie is watching a few things on the roads. >> yes. no delays out there. let's take a live look at i-4 at kathleen road in the
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pasco county looks good and 275 in tampa no delays. that is a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and melanie. new developments on the giant shoal sending millions of gallons of contaminated water in the florida aquaphor. today federal investigators are visiting the site. officials from the u.s. environmental protection agency or epa will be there in a few hour, this that fertilizer company mosaic and state officials failed to tell residents about potential dangers. we have more with 8 on your side ryan hughes in mulberry. what do we know about the class
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atic, interrupted or lost audio. please stand by] >> they did their jobs of starting the investigation immediately. they will continue to do it and hold anybody accountable if they did. >> we will in the. focus on water quality. tic, interrupted or lost audio. please stand by] >> we will see what happens.
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mulberry. thank you, ryan. breaking news this morning. the tulsa police officer in a shot and killed a black motorist one week ago turned herself in overnight. a warrant was issued for her arrest on thursday. she is charged with felony manslaughter. meredyth censullo is in the news center live for us. this just happened in. >> yes. that is right. officer betty shelby walked out of jail 20 minutes after surrendering this morning. on wednesday, rather thursday, she was charged with felony ns killing terence crutcher one week ago. his suv was stopped in the middle of the road. officer shelby was responding to a different call and saw crutcher's vehicle. he was not in it. she cleared the vehicle, approached crutcher and thought he was acting peculiar. shelby said crutcher ignored her commands and she thought he was reaching for a weapon when
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but now she is being charged with killing him and prosecutors say they will seek a vigorous prosecution in the shooting. >> you saw the slow motion documentation of another person of color being gunned down by! shelby turned herself in overnight and she is now out on bopped. the possible penalty for conviction on 1st degree manslaughter in oklahoma is four years and her new mug shot just in a couple of minutes for you. >> lots of developments on this story. meredyth censullo live in the news center. thank you. time now 4:35. in charlotte, north carolina, a calmer protest while you slept over a deadly police shooting. protestors violated the midnight curfew, however they were peaceful. the two previous nights were violent and destructive.
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they want police to release the dash cam video of keith lamont scott duh the chief says he is not planning on making it public. >> i understand this, but we have been very specific in how we are he lease information. >> 2 chief claims releasing the video would put other crime victims at risk. >> for the first time a 9-1-1 call placed from inside the pulse nightclub during the june th public. >> it was just after 2:00 a.m. when this terrified man called for help? he is still inside. >> who is still inside? >> the shooter. >> the shooter is inside? what address. >> pulse nightclub. >> my goodness. the next sound is a busy signal when the dispatcher come it's back on. keep the phone with you. stay where you are if you feel safe. >> no, no. he is ting to kill us. >> -- he is going to kill us.
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not known nor is it known if he made it out alive. all the names and numbers in the recordings were democraticked in documents. an argument between two men -- dedemocraticed in documents. take a look at this.
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the time is 4:38. let's check in with leigh on the friday weather. hey, leigh. >> good morning. skies are nice and clear for you and for the most part it will stay dry today. it will also stay hot. at 7:00 a.m. we will be at 77.
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to 84. at 10:00 a.m. we start with 90 degrees at 2:00. we are still 90 at 3:00. up to 91 at 4:00 and still 90 at 5:00. it should be hot on the gridiron this evening. there is a small rain chance around the beginning of the games and it will taper off. it will be hot on sunday, as well. 90 degrees and a slim rain chance. you know it is always hot. we storm carl moving away from the u.s. coastline. that is good news. tropical storm lisa should basically fizzle out in the eastern atlanta. no issue there. the heat, 91 today and tomorrow. we will check in with traffic on the 8s because people want to hurry up and get this day started. >> touchdownmented but are act
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we are right around the corner from the weekend. coming up the skyway bridge continues to be a good drive on i-75 through sarasota and u.s. 41 looks be as well. i-4 through paul buckman city and i-75, there is a be drive through new tampa. this is i-4 in the polk county area. no delays. here at news channel are especially hyped for a big moment that is coming up this morning. >> oh, yes. the most passionate bucks fan around, we will show you a new costume. making the big reveal on iheart radio at 7:00 this morning and will bewaring the new look this morning. he is known as albert owen, a
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up next, new comments by donald trump sparking controversy. what he said about hillary clinton following the violent protests. you are watching news channel 8
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sts are assembling and sending out the first batches of general election mail ballots to go to stateside military votes overseas and shovellian voters. they must be returned to you the counties office no later than 7:00 p.m. on election day. >> coming up soon. many have cried for more mass transit options in the bay area. >> people in downtown tampa
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their way to work next week. leslie is joining us now where a look at that. >> on both sends 7:00 a.m. going each way. >> prior to that you didn't start to noon? >> the new a.m. route will run every 30 minutes until noon. how much will a ticket cost in he? >> the ticket is $2.50 one way, $5 for a round trip all day. so you can ride the streetcar all day for $5. >> reporter: if you live or work in any three districts you can purchase a 20 ride pass for $25. they are opening to grab the
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go downtown. no drama, no parking issues. no problems. we run constantly through the night the. >> reporter: ritchie has been driving streetcars for years and is hoping people will join him for the morning commute. >> look at it. it is fun. it looks like something out of the 1920s but we keep it modern. >> the six month pilot program will gage the interest in the trolley. the busline is picking up the price tag. >> i like ritchie. no drama. that is the good thing what is great about mass transit, it gives you a chance to sit back and explore what you are driving. when you are driving you tonight look. maybe you will discover a new restaurant or bookstore just sitting back and relaxing. >> you never know. and have coffee and he joy the ride. >> we rarely enjoy the ride. we are so busy.
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three people accused of pretending to be tico employees to rip off customers. they are now facing grand theft charges. listen to what they did allegedly. the investigators claim the trio called the customer and threatened to shut off power if the customers didn't pay immediately forking over prepaid cards. taking a look at sports. the bucks will their first game of the season at home in tampa. the first regular season game with the new scoreboard and suite renovations, hoping to get back on track against the la rams after a pulmoal -- pummeling defeat 3-0. the rays are plague against the boston red sox this weekend. tonight's game starts at 7:10o.
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and all the above. it will be pretty hot. we will wake you up to sunny skies and 79 degrees. a few passing clouds at noon, 88 degrees and steamy. if you are not under one of the very few storms that form it will be hot. 91 this afternoon. i know, the first full day of fall. 78 in tampa. 73 in brooksville, bartow and winter hayne, you are waking up to 76 and 74 we have high moisture con tent in the atmosphere. the red and blue color is drier air. it sinks south through the weekend. late sunday it comes, the tropical moisture, building back in. that is are neglected in the rain chances, 20% today and tomorrow. 90% with a -- 90 with a 30%
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4 at kathleen road. polk county looks fantastic. that is a look at weather and traffic. back to melanie and gene. >> happening today, we live in tampa bay. lots of sun, boats and water. checking out the vessels at the state fairgrounds. the tampa bay boat show is happening and showcasing the latest in shipping supplies and accessories today and tomorrow.
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you can go drool over -- >> dream a little. >> dream a little, drool a little, over the coolest boatsaround. all right. the pie booths, always the popular thing at a carnival. >> how a pie to the face put a
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kevin johnson assaulted the city's mayor with a coconut cream pie. it happened when the mayor was at a charity dinner. the protest says he threw the pie because peaceful protests weren't working. >> so i decided to escalate it this time. if you think a cream pie to the face is an act of violence, that is your entrepreneur pration. it think it was interpretation. i think it with us a soft version of what he deserved the pie protest claimed mayor johnson punched him in the eye and says he has the stitches to prove it. you can see that under the eye. another cyber data breech. this time yahoo is hacked. in our next half hour, what was compromised and what you need to know about who could be at risk. >> plus, new developments in
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and a live look at downtown tampa. just gorgeous this morning, all lit up on this friday morning. traffic and weather on the 8s just 3 minutes away.
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southern count. and we have a little debris reported in the roadway on i57. so use caution.
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a third night of protest in charlotte, income energy but they switch tactics last night. and new developments on the massive sinkhole in polk federal investigators are on the case. and massive data breach at yahoo. we'll tell what you need to know to protect yourself. thank for waking up with us. let's get a check on your friday forecast. we have mostly clear skies. and it is warm.


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