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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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hillary clinton calls for backup. vice president joe biden back in the bay area targeting a group of voters democrats destiny need to win . and a woman smashed over her presidential pick. we find out what drove the man to cross the line over a political path. also a man remains on the run that hit a woman and a local deputy. will show you the place to help catch this hit and run killer. good morning, welcome to news channel 8 today. thank you for joining us on this one day morning.
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>> it is pretty comfortable outside this morning. notice what is happening on the east coast especially in north florida. we have very light showers pushing off the atlantic ocean. otherwise this morning it is warm. 66 inverness. north port you are starting your day at 62 degrees. here is our sky cast as we start the day. notice, couple of extra clouds are streaming across and maybe even here? will continue on through the afternoon. 85 degrees around 4 pm. leslie will help you start your commute this morning. >> we have a couple of problems spots in pinellas county. we have good travel times through lakeland and pasco counties, but on the surface roads we do have an accident as i mentioned before but anyone on the list at 5th
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we do have injuries involved. the other one is still working a.. this is that charles avenue and state road 580. on the campaign trail today, vice president joe biden will be back in tampa this morning campaign -- campaigning for hillary clinton . >> this comes with just 6 days left until election day and as democrats worry about one key part of their voter base science and industry in tampa. >> rhein, the democrats are trying to gain more black voter support. > reporter: good morning, that is one demographic the democrats rely on heavily and that is why the vice president of the united states will be here in north tampa later today. polls conducted show black voters have submitted fewer early ballots that in 2012. this could spell disaster for democrats and that is why the
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minutes or. yesterday bill clinton spoke to an enthusiastic crowd in st. petersburg while hillary clinton rally voters in pasco. she was joined by alecia machado who donald trump bashed after the 2nd presidential debate. use that as a rallying cry for the rights of women and children. >> florida can decide who our next president is which will affect the nation and the world , and i want to make sure that every voter in florida spends these next 7 days thinking about what is at stake in this election. the vice president of the united states is expected to take the stage at the museum at around 11:15 this morning. this afternoon he speaks in palm beach county appeared donald trump will campaign in
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a lot on their agendas once again today. >> with all of these visits, oaks in the tampa bay area are getting a front-row seat to the selection. donald trump heads back to florida today making stops in orlando, miami, and pensacola. he is expected to talk about his promise to repeal obama care. both donald trump and mike pence hammer away on the controversial health program during rallies yesterday the same day that open up by double digits in some states. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace, and we will do it, and we will do it very quickly. it is a catastrophe. >> many insurance providers have backed out of the program leaving few options for americans to buy health insurance. this also limits the competition among the insurance providers that remain
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>> president obama campaigning for hillary clinton in ohio claims that sexism is to blame for this close presidential race . she is treated differently than just about any other candidate. >> i want every man out there that is voting, ask yourself, if you are having problems how much of it is that we are just not used to it. when a guy is ambitious and out in the okay but when a woman doesn't you ask why she doing that?>> he added that clinton is much better qualified than donald trump. another controversy involving the clinton family and the f he i. the fbi has released documents from it has shaq investigation into one of bill clinton's most controversial moves as president, pardon on his final day in office back in january
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been indicted on tax evasion charges. the fbi close the case in 2005 and no charges were filed. democrats call the timing of the document release just days before the election, quote, odd. tensions are rising, running high less than a week away from election day. is tampa bay area woman says showing herself work for donald trump got her slap -- showing her support for donald trump >> reporter: you said it here, emotions are running high this election, but is -- it is rare that politics crosses the line like this. the 2 were both in the doctors office. she was wearing a trump for president badge and here's what happens next. >> he had a newspaper in his hand, and he whacked me on the
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it was not -- i tapped her on the head with the paper. not on the side of the. he was arrested and will be in court after the election charged with misdemeanor assault. politics stirring up a lot of strong feelings and coming up in about 15 minutes, mary mcguire talks with the dating expert is even causing trouble for people looking for love. gail, i know you have purported -- reported on the family feuds that have erupted because of this election. we have one week to go. time now is 5:07, and the hit-and-run driver that killed a woman and seriously injured a deputy over the weekend is
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they got the news after she was hit on state roads and left for dead -- state road 60 and left for dead. >> just come out for the peace of mine -- mind . i hope that god will forgive you. >> there is a $10,000 reward for any information that will lead to the driver's a rushed -- arrest . weather and traffic on the 8s . >> it will be another warm november day. i am only adding in a small rain chance. that is the biggest rain chance we have had in days and it is just a 10 percent chance. here's hour by hour or cast: 71 at 9 am, 80, noon, 84, 5 pm. we get a few passing clouds with a quick showers. you may
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high on the first day of november is 81. we were well of november but by the end the average high 75. that is not too far away from the average high in january which is 70. today's rain chance quick like shower -- light shower possible today and tomorrow but the big story, the shower on friday. we will check in now with traffic on the 8s. so far it has been pretty go on the veterans highway that is slowing you down but we do have some issues out in pinellas county. 5th avenue south right at 40 street we have a collision with injuries involved. this one is still working over at charles avenue right at the road 580. great drive across the skyway bridge. we have construction westbound on university. one lane is taking away -- taken
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[ video playback ] can you believe it, yes, there will be a game 7 in the world series tonight. the chicago cubs came out swinging game 6 beating the indians 9?3 . it all comes down to game 7 tonight. on the mound r should make things in the -- interesting . you know are cubs fans are ready to party like it is 1908. a stolen base means free tackles all day at taco bell today. it is still a base, still a taco promo. you can get free doritos local
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the president talked about yesterday saying this: >> if you can find the time to get a free taco, then you can find the time to go vote. >> can vote and then go get your taco. >> that is a plan right there. politics can be a sensitive subject when it comes . typically a no-no on a first date, but coming up to help political differences have become a dealbreaker for
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z25eiz z16fz y25eiy y16fy the florida highway patrol is hosting an open house recruiting fair in the bay area . this comes at a time they are facing a shortage of so many people retiring. they are scrambling to find new recruits. mary mcguire joins
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is fhp facing challenges hiring people? >> reporter: they are facing several big challenges, one of which is the bad reputation that law enforcement has gained across the country and over the past couple of years. that could have an impact on public safety. many people don't realize state troopers do a lot more than drive around on the interstate. they handle homicide cases, find drug traffickers and they handle cases of civil unrest, mother and risen writes. this could mean a rise in crime and longer response times which could put lives at risk. >> we have a lot of people getting ready to retire. we want to combat that to make sure there is not a shortage. want to start hiring now. in an effort to fill the void, the highway patrol will hold 2 open house recruiting fairs.
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i thought this was interesting, if you serve as a trooper in new york you make $75,000. i will pays $49,000, but the state of florida has one of the lowest starting rates for state troopers just under $34,000. we know these troopers, the job that they do every single day on our roads and highways here in florida is priceless. hopefully these recruiting fairs will bring in some folks to fill part of the recruitment problem . first dates can be pretty uncomfortable, and putting politics on the table is a risky move. during this election cycle, similar political beliefs are becoming a priority for tampa bay singles. mary mcguire shows us why. >> reporter: when it comes to choosing a partner for life, people can get pretty picky with specific requirements on everything from height to haircolor. >> i have a lot of friends who
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opposite political views and call it off right away. now there is a new box some people want checked and that is on the same side of the ticket. >> reporter: certified matchmaker and relationship coach, doctor nancy tells us now more than ever clients have been coming to her laying down their own political dealmakers. -- deal breakers . >> this year more than ever, people who are passionate about it find that they want that their partner or potential partner has similar values and really -- beliefs . >> reporter: the 2016 campaign has become such a dominant subject that it is not taboo anymore. >> i think you have to now early days -- nowadays. that is what the news is filled with. >> reporter: just because your ballot still match doesn't mean that you 2 are the perfect
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how people communicate, what they communicate about. it is great to have differing opinions about politics or anything else. >> further proof that political talk could be good for your love life, 2016 study found talking politics could increase your chance of getting a 2nd date by 91 percent. isn't that what it is all about? >> you can always kiss and makeup. >> not on the first day. starbucks green cup used to symbolize unity, but the message as you might imagine of peace is drawing criticism. some are accusing starbucks of political brain watching -- washing. >> they explained it is not meant as a partisan statement or holiday message. >> so of peace cup causing unrest.
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head to our facebook page. irony at it has shaq best. i am reading a couple of light showers in the central portion of the united states. i would not rule it out that you will see a quick shower today. a few clouds, 60 degrees at 8 am. we will warm up to 80 by noon d . it is warmer out there right now, 70 bartow dierks 65 will. inverness -- brooksville -- 70 bartow, 65 brooksville.
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temperatures tomorrow, partly cloudy but the big story is this front thinking self. i'm taking a look at some live traffic and the lack thereof. it looks great right now. this is a shot of memorial highway. this is the stress between hillsboro we get off of the veteran expressways over to 275. traffic looks great arou let's talk about the dallas county. we have this accident working 5th avenue south at 40th street and also a collision. it looks like no delays here. 580 is up to speed. we have some earlier construction tying up the westbound lanes at university. that has clear from the roadway. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. facebook users showing
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we will show you how they are doing that. >> plus the sure signs that the holidays are just around the corner next on news channel
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along the streets of san diego, a hero killed in the fight against isis was honored in the funeral procession. 34-year-old chief, and explosive technician was killed in a blasted. one people lined the streets.
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year-old boy. people on facebook showing support for the dekoda access pipeline. protesters were checking in at the standing rock indian reservation. chances are they aren't actually there. there is a report that law enforcement was tracking protesters through facebook. that urged supporters to checking just across law enforcement. officers say the report are tracking the reports. another special tree was selected, this one and norway spruce that will stand at rockefeller center during the holiday season decorated with more than 50,000 multicolor led light and a swarovski star. >> will spend the holidays in
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that tree up close and personal. donald trump or clinton, that is the main question voters are asking themselves. >> there is another big issue being voted on, coming up: marijuana. wire why not people are voting for its legalization and how the results can be affected here in. let's take you outside for live look. it will be of great day. weather and traffic on the 8s -- just 3 minutes away. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse.
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a few clouds when the kids go out to the bus stop but comfortable. afternoon high around 85 when they come home from walk. we have a 10 percent chance of rain today and tomorrow and 10 percent friday with the cold front. we are looking at the bay
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we have a couple of red lights to go through. howard franklin and courtney campbell up to speed. skyway bridge is a breeze. the
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good morning, and welcome


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