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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good morning, and welcome
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thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday morning. let's get you out the door with a check on the weather. good morning, it is a few degrees warmer out there than it was at 5:30. notice there are some clouds on the east coast even a few light showers in orlando. couple of es . we haven't even had a chance of rain. 10 percent chance warm and breezy at 85. i have 8. i have 88 temperature trend trending toward the cooler weekend. we have a pretty good drive overall. it is not perfect are pretty good. a great drive across the bay area bridges. let's take a look at 275, wonderful drive in and out of downtown tampa. i-4 looks good as well not just
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on wesley chapel. we have one little problem over here near downtown saint pete but not in it. 5th avenue south at 40th street we have a collision. on the campaign trail this morning another big name has to tampa for hillary clinton. vice president joe biden is back in the bay area. ryan joins us live from the museum of science and industry where the vice president will ra the clinton campaign has been laser focused on our area. good morning to you once again that is exactly the case. bill and hillary clinton have been crisscrossing the state of lorna hoping to drum up last- minute support and that will likely continue until tuesday. >> it is a simple as this, if the people who are for hillary vote for hillary, she will win florida and be the next
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>> he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd in st. petersburg while his wife rallied supporters at pasco hernando state college in dade city. she was joined by alecia much ado who donald trump bashed after the 2nd presidential debate. she used that as a rallying cry for the rights of women and children. in the meantime the clintons are hoping to drum up more support from african-american voters in florida. some polls show black voters have submitted fewer early voting ballots than disaster for democrats, and that is why the vice president will be in florida today hoping to court more support. doors open at the museum a 9:15 this morning. the vice president is expected to take the state at around 11:15. is afternoon he will speak to reporters in palm beach gardens . donald trump will campaign in miami, orlando and pensacola . it seems like the list of these places just goes on and
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we have seen when the candidates have been in town people line up early to be there. have you seen anyone yet? >> not at this point but we expect that to change at the museum in the next several hours. and intense moment for hillary clinton while campaigning in fort lauderdale. last night a donald trump supporter in the crowd tried to have a heart but she shut him down. and her response. >> i am sick and tired of the negative dark, divisive, dangs of people who support donald trump. . it is time for us to say no. we're not going backward, we're going forward into a brighter future. she was addressing a man in the crowd who held up a sign that said, quote, hillary clinton is a criminal and bill clinton is a rapist.
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sunshine state. >> open enrollment for the affordable care act began yesterday and proposed premium hikes have a lot of talking. we are in the new center with that angle. >> donald trump vowing to hold a special session of congress to repeal obama care and he is bringing the message to central florida today. obama care has always been a hot button issue for republicans in talking about the campaign plan will help get gop voters to the ballot -- on election day. in pennsylvania tuesday, donald trump said if elected he will repeal obama care. he said the affordable care act means
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are leaving, premiums are soaring, doctors are quitting, companies are flowing, and deductibles go through the roof . workers hours are being cut, hiring is frozen, and wages are being slashed. >> donald trump will be in orlando, miami, and pensacola today to spread his message. the ticket argues that increased competition between the bi will produce better coverage options that obama care. since risk -- rick scott has opposed participating in obama care it is unclear what those changes will look like here. donald trump will be back in florida again tomorrow, visiting jacksonville on the same day that president obama help will be in town rallying voters for hillary clinton.
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play -- pay close attention to this issue. new numbers on just how many people are taking advantage of early voting. according to the state division of elections, nearly 32 percent of registered borders in the state -- voters in the state have already voted early or with mail in ballots . that translates to more than 4 million people. republicans have a slightly . nearly 700,000 voters with no a party affiliation have also voted. new this morning: a woman is recovering from smoke inhalation after an overnight fire in a home in largo -- at a home in largo . where told the fire caused serious damage to the living room, kitchen. the woman who lived in this home
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investigators continue to look into the cause of the fire. investigators are trying to figure out how a father who vanished while jet skiing with his 3-year-old son died. crews found his body along the banks of the river. he had taken his son jet skiing but never return. the little boy was found alone on a small island unharmed. the time right now is 5:38. what can we expect today leigh ? >> we can expect above average few changes. will start at 67 degrees at 7 am but quickly getting up to 80 by 10:00. i do expect just a couple more clouds. embedded in those clouds he may get a quick small shower. at 8:00 this morning the rain chance is less than 10 percent. as we head through the afternoon, look how quickly though showers are moving.
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have had in days. we do see a big cool down. friday a cold front comes through. we come out of the 80s with highs in the mid-to upper 70s for the weekend and much cooler. let's check in with traffic on the 8s. we have a few problems out there but they are not slowing you down in pinellas county. i will talk about this one just outside of downtown saint heat pick 5th avenue south we do have an accident there and does have injuries involved as well is state route 580, hopefully that will wrap up soon. county line road right around grand we have a collision here. it is tying up those west on lanes of county line road. again, this is in the hudson area. i want you to keep that in mind. i will follow that throughout the morning. we're also looking good on us 19 from pasco all the way into
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speed things up, that is what governor scott is demanding president obama do when it comes to zika virus funding. the president signed the zika virus bill more than a month ago however, florida has not seen any of that money. florida is the only state that has active and ongoing transmission of the zika virus in the governor says time is of the essence. shack the florida supreme court is taking up the controversial topic, the justices heard arguments on the law that requires women to wait at least 24 hours before having an abortion. now the high court must decide whether a waiting period should be in effect. the aclu argues the waiting period keeps women from getting abortions. let's turn our direction to sports. cubs fans anxious this morning. tonight the lovable losers can
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they ran up the score on the indians last night putting up 3 runs in the first inning and adding 4 more with the grand slam by allison russell in the 3rd. to bring home the title they will need a strong off tonight as they face corey kluger locked the cubs down in games one and 4. joe maddon agrees. >> they have been outstanding pitching offense is having a resurgence which we need. of course we want to be the group that breaks the strain, but you are probably right, it is correct and inapt that we would go 7 games. >> it all comes down to tonight, game 7 begins at 8. it is a historic night the matter who wins this one. >> a strong showing for the cubs considering they were
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. law enforcement officials are scrambling to fill crucial vacancies. >> it until, your safety could be in jeopardy. coming up: why the fhp is facing a trooper shortage and how it can have rippling affect throughout the community. plus a pump price change may be on the horizon why a deadly explosion is to blame.
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the state of florida is in desperate need of more state troopers. the department is facing a shortage with so many people retiring so they are scrambling to find new recruits. mary mcguire joins us now live in bradenton. mary, what does a shortage me for the general
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response times and also rising crime which could impact public safety. the florida highway patrol will need to fill vacancies. recruiters have their work cut out for them as recent uprisings have shown, law enforcement is battling a bad reputation. >> it has become more challenging simply because of all of the events that have taken place over the last year. money is an issue. new york, your starting salary $75,000. i will pays $49,000. florida is the low starting salary in the nation at just under $40,000. the florida highway patrol will hold a recruiting fair from 4 until 7. that will take lace right here in bradenton and also their office in fort myers. hopefully it will attract more
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is 5:45 and while many of us are some presidential election, the big winner tuesday night could be marijuana . voters in 5 states will decide on whether or not to legalize marijuana for recreational use. that is voters in california, arizona, nevada, massachusetts and maine . supporters say it is time to stop criminalizing substance used by so many people. critics fear legal zone try legalization could have dangerouns >> everyone knows if anyone wants it they can get it today. if california votes it is the beginning of the end of the marijuana in the united states of america. >> i think we will have a lot of people driving under the influence of marijuana, a lot more traffic collisions were people die, lose their lives. florida voters will have to make a decision about marijuana as well. in this case it will be medical marijuana. it is amendment 2 on the ballot and it needs 60
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emergency following a deadly gas pipeline explosion. the blast which killed one worker and injured 5 more are sparking new fears of another spike in gas isis. the now shut down pipeline runs from texas talk to new york harbor and supplies 40 percent of gas in the southeast. we're told it will stay shut down for days. a new analysis of the doomed malaysia airlines flight 300. a new analysis of the doomed malaysia airlin controlling the plane when a plunge into the indian ocean. the report just released by investigators goes against recent theories that someone was still controlling the plane at the end of it's flight. the tragedy happen just off australia's west coast in 2014. in hillsboro county, steps to keep track of animal abusers. this week the county launched a new animal abuser registry. a convict -- it requires convicted animal abusers to
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conviction. the goal: to prevent them from being able to doubt or by -- adopt or by another pet . this morning another monkey setting in the bay area. >> this time 2 boys believe they have spotted the mischievous monkey near lake tarpon. >> it is in the driveway walking. it turns around and write one we saw we could see the face and it was a monkey. >> beach were on facebook life when they spotted the creature. experts believe it is a macaque . there asking people to call at wc -- call fwx -- fwc.
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check on the weather. >> we do have some light rain over here on the east coast. i'm saying that because today it would be out of the question to get a couple of these very light showers to sneak into our area. it is the best chain -- rain chance we have had in days . it is not a really good one just a chance. 60 degrees at 8 am. 80 by noon and 85 at 4 pm. we're keeping the ever present 10 percent rain chance throughout the day. 64 zephyrhills. 69 sarasota. these temperatures are warmer than yesterday anywhere from a degree warmer at 10 9 degrees warmer. through the day today -- to 9 degrees warmer. through the day today we have a similar pattern. we're all waiting on this cold front. it will bring a 20 percent rain chance on friday and it really cool things down. we have a nice breeze all we can long.
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like fall as we sleep longer saturday night. let's take a look and hudson area. and pasco county we have this accident tying up all of the westbound lanes on county line road right at grand club drive. westbound lanes taken away. at state road 52, it is a great drive there. also down here we have checked out the avenue -- accident and the 40th avenue. new harry potter fans listen to this: you can cast a few spells just like your favorite characters. there is a phone. introduce a magical things next on news channel 8. >> closed captioning is brought to you by: famous hit
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google is adding magic to android phones for harry potter fans. the fact you can cast a few was doing spells. first you start by saying, okay google, silencio. this is part
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released later this month. >> this presidential election is tearing apart families and friendship. >> it sure is but 2 men are not letting there political views get between them. check them out it is these 2. how do they make it work? have been friends for nearly 20 years in the 2 nearly -- just recently talked about their ie they refuse to let there political differences run them. >> our vote is important, but we are more than who we vote for. >> where several -- civil -- we are civil. we respect each other and we are willing to have a discourse about the issues. >> the neighbors hope their story encourages others to look the on a person's political
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done but that is proof it can be done. >> i think the agree more than they disagree. >> it is not just affecting friendships but having an impact on people passion dating lives. look at how politics are changing the way some people choose a date. shark first, live look outside on this wednesday morning. weather and traffic on the 8s with leslee and leigh is
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5:58 on this wednesday it is mild out there this morning. 69 degrees at tampa international airport. it is just a touch more humidity so i left in the 10 percent rain chance. most of you will be dry and warm again today p or there is that slim chance we are above average tonight at 67. i will show you when it cool down. taking a look at the roadways out here in hudson
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will trend line road. also a lane take away on the tamiami trail right at proctor road. this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care
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i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. hillary clinton calls for backup, vice president joe biden back in the bay area targeting a group of voters democrats step there any -- desperately need a local woman smashed over her presidential pick. >> the man accused of attacking her explains what drove him to cross the line over a political pin. plus history in the making, the cubs power past the indians to force a game 7 in the world series. how chicago came through in the weapon indians may use to throw the cubbies. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today.


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