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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the fight to win the white house, the race getting tighter as we get closer to election day pier look at the latest polls
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candidates tran9 tran8 candidates are clinching florida where investigators found a woman's audie and how residents are on edge extract thank you for joining us on this first day that we could say the cubs have won the world series. >> this is the first time we could tell you this since 1908. . let's see if we have look people on social media saying i have been waiting my whole life for this. >> 63 degrees and soulful hills . it is warmer than average. 67 auburndale. 66 wimauma. i do think we will see a mix of sun and clouds through the day even a stray shower in fact watching just a sprinkle or two in portions of manatee county. most of the morning will be dry and a 10% chance in the afternoon.
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high of 84 which is above average. i will take you on a day temperature trend where we do trend a little cooler. overall we have a good drive on the bay area interstates but we do have one big problem. this is in the suncoast area as we will been to manatee county, the brigantine area. . we do have a fatal crash eastbound i 75. keep that in mind, but i'm not seeing any delays here and that is good news. i will keep you posted throughout the morning. hopefully it will wrap up soon. breaking news on this thursday morning, and yes i can say it happen today because the game started wednesday night and didn't finish until early
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historic ending to the world series. the chicago cubs when the first championship since 1908 winning tran9 ending a 108 year drought. >> it was an epic game. it came down to final out in the bottom of the 10th. >> tran18 been called the lovable losers. they almost let this one get away, they blew a 3 run lead but the cubs came right back after a 17 minute rain delay. then hit a go-ahead double eating the cleveland indians 8 - 7. >> it was a heavyweight fight,
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their hard up. the indians never give up either. i can't believe we're finally standing, after 108 years, finally able to hoist a trophy. >> a former ray's player was named mvp after his game- winning hit. the fans one wild in chicago . you are looking at a live picture right now from wrigleyville, that is the area right out of wrigley field you can see some partiers still out there this morning. it looks like those are police officers trying to keep the peace p expect you know what else i see? >> i see a marquee that a lot of people thought they would never see, world series champions. >> that sign has never have those words up there before. that sign was in around back in 1908. you're taking a live look here, wrigley field, home of the chicago cubs world series
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-- thursday morning. >> on the campaign trail the election as 5 days away and the outcome is on florida's shoulders. a slew of new battleground polls show this race getting closer with only 2 percentage points separating clinton and donald trump in the sunshine state. we have more on why florida is so important. >> reporter: donald trump must win florida to win has 274 a let world votes in her column which is more than the 270 needed to win the presidency but down from last month. donald trump has 180. there are 84 electoral votes in the tossup column and florida is one of those tossup states with 29 electoral votes the donald trump needs to win . is hitting the state hard with 3
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today and jacksonville. he is staying on message hoping that clinton falters and clinton is sharpening attacks on donald trump as she tries to pivot away from the latest email controversy. >> no sidetracks, nice and easy. i have been watching hillary lately and she is totally unhinged. >> imagine with me, it be like to have donald trump sitting in the oval office come next january, someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, salt latinos and african-americans -- insults latinos and african-americans . >> reporter: president obama will campaign for clinton today
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we have a really neat interactive >> even as close as we are, this race just it's more interesting. with this tight race the candidates are pulling out all of the stops. president barack obama will campaign for hillary clinton. that is happening today in florida. the president will attend get out the vote events in jacksonville in miami. he is hitting battleground states trying to rally the coalition of voters that help put him in office. this visit comes a y campaign for hillary clinton here in tampa. she spoke to a crowd of about 300 people at mosey urging them to vote. the vice president emphasized it all comes down to voters here in florida. i don't know how you worked this out, but he gets down to florida, florida, florida. it is not a joke. you all do your job we all get to go to bed early tuesday night.>>
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campaign in fort myers and melbourne. jon bon jovi is holding a get out the vote concert in support of hillary clinton. that is happening at a state theatre. donald trump will wrap up a two-day swing in florida. he will be in jacksonville today. yesterday he campaigned in orlando, miami and pensacola. this is the 16th visit to our state and 3 months. at a rally and pensacola he ripped hillary clinton. >> yesterday and we are the movement of the future. >> he urged his supporters to vote early, and asking clinton's supporters teresa -- reconsider . >> on tuesday morning you will want to tune in for what our political special. we will break down all the major races affecting you including the final days of the presidential race. it is a special episode of your vote
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up tired after watching the cubs win it . >> in it went so late as well. let me give each hour of the day just in case you wake up later than normal. it will be warm even this morning, but by 10 am 75, 80 at noon, 84 around 3:00. at this point i left at a 10 percent rain chance. we get passing clouds. is around 9 am. during the afternoon i left in a 10 percent rain chance -- this is during the afternoon i left in a 10 percent rain chance. for the day temperature trends, you do want to pay attention to it. emoji and is still happy about it -- man is still happy about it but we are not quite as cool as we thought we would be. today 78 degrees as the buccaneers take on the falcons. we only have a 10 percent rain chance. go bucks.
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still. that will stick with us for a while. >> congratulations to them and germanic. was take a look at i 75. it looks good throughout brayden schenn -- bradenton but we have a fatal crash out here. taking a look at some travel times, if you're on 270 it is a fears drive. pearce avenue down i-4 will take you about that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. it is 4:40 and new this morning, stolen car chase between tampa. it all came to an end at 56 street and king high school. 2 men were driving a stolen toyota previous. police say the stolen car was zipping through neighborhoods at more than 50 miles-per-hour. the buccaneers take on the atlanta falcons in thursday
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-- bucs. kickoff is at a dead 25 and you can watch that game right here on news channel 8. be should turn to news channel 8 right before the game. >> before the game we have our hour-long newscast from raymond james stadium including interviews from collinsworth and tony. stealing money from kids: still ahead the little league president who police say stole asked why he did it. a killer on the loose: up next a murder mystery in hillsboro -- hillsborough county neighborhood where woman's body was dumped in the ditch. we asked women to smell two body washes and pick their favorite- i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day! but what was body wash a? ohhhh, i love bath and body works!
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right now a murder mystery in hillsboro county and a search for a killer. >> a 26 rolled woman found brutally murdered on the side of the road. know people that live in the neighborhood are scared about what may happen next -- now people that live in the neighborhood are scared
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no arrest yet. that means the killer is still on the loose. here's the victim of the killer in this case. eagle 8 hd flew high above the crime scene tuesday afternoon. her body was discovered in a ditch by a person riding on horseback there. people who live on the block are left with more questions than answers. >> not one person around here knows what is going on. that is crazy to come get us? >> reporter: neighbors say they don't know the victims but she is well-known to the sheriffs office in and out of jail with her last stint being just last month. investigators have yet to release the exact cause of death but all they would tell us what she suffered one force trauma wounds to her upper body. that is not comforting news for people who live in that neighborhood knowing there has been no arrests.
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. this morning a tarpon's springs little league is out $13,000 in it is the president that has admitted to stealing the money. they say he siphoned off cash from selling at the concession still -- stand. he would not say what he did with the money or what he stole it. >> reporter: give us something otherwise it looks like you are trying to duck from us >> i am not trying to duck. i turned myself and forth so that is not ducking. >> why did you still the money? are you on drugs.>> i can't, not under oath. >> he told us he had been stealing the money since may. a pasco county teenager is making threats against their school. he told children not to come to school because he wanted to shoot it up. use of accused of making false
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down on dumping from videos like this of people dumping right in the middle of the woods. cameras are catching people getting rid of everything like yard waste, that furniture, that couch looks pretty good i don't know what he's tossing it. officials have asked if anyone recognizes anyone in these videos to turn them in. it is a third-degree felony. a community is morning after 2 i was -- officers are found shot to death. investigators have arrested 46- year-old scott michael green, but there is no word yet on a motive. green did have a recent run-in with offices at high school football game where he held a confederate flag during the national anthem. angry students clash with police outside of a us senate
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this happened at a historically black university in new orleans . protesters were trying to get inside of the debate hall. police used pepper spray to calm the cloud -- crowd. dillard university agreed to host the debate before any candidates were chosen. let's get a check on weather and traffic on the 8th. >> we do have thing clouds stretching across morning. i don't think we will see a lot of rain this morning just extra clouds sort of like yesterday. 60 degrees at 80 him. -- 8 am. we are at 80 by noon. we're above average with a 10 percent rain chance. 68 bartow. 68 weeks ago. 71 sarasota. then is 69.
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let's talk about the long-range forecast, today we have a mix of sun and clouds with a 10 percent rain chance. from will arrive late in the day tomorrow bring just about a 10 percent rain chance with it. behind the front cooler and breezy air but not necessarily chilly. it will be less humid, very comfortable, but i brought the afternoon highs out of the 70s. we are looking at 80 on saturday and 81 we just got an update from bradenton . this is what is going on. unfortunately we are waking up to a fatal crash that happened right around midnight. it looks like the left lane is the only one that is open, eastbound state road 70 at i 75 . at one point it was completely dry. traffic is extremely light, but so a lot of activity out there on the roadway. only that left lane
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downtown lakeland, i am not seeing any collisions. in and out of pasco county through the wesley chapel area on i 75 is a great drive. this is an interesting concept, a barbecue in tampa hoping to heal the political wounds of this election. kingsville charcoal is holding a bipartisan barbecue. that is happening today at the courthouse square from noon until 2 to the bay area of being the focus of negative campaign ads. research found on average more than 55 negative ads per day are running here in the bay area, that is more than in any other city in america. >> we're inundated so grab a rip in forget your sorrows. >> lick your fingers and that is it. first you may smell the smoke and the next thing you know your dehumidifier is on fire. coming up: why this has
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happening to you. details on a dangerous recall
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in your consumer alert: millions dehumidifiers are being recalled because they can overheat and catch fire. these are made by gd the media sold under more than 50 brand names. they have received 30 reports of overheating incidents
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more information just go to fit bit isn't doing so well these days. stock fell as much as 30 percent in after-hours trading. expects sales for the final 3 months of the year to be a little more than $725 million, that is about 260 million less than the original consensus estimate. over -- uber mac is making big changes -- uber you can set your friend's location as your destination. just share their name and they will look for their location. the apple also look at your calendar suggesting destinations and routes. it will rollout for iphone and android users in the coming weeks. >> if you know the address to my house and you are my friend, should you come to my house? >> you have to give them permission.
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disappearing from a bay area high school. >> new, the items being stolen and how much it is causing you, the taxpayer. a live look outside. weather and traffic on the 8s coming your way in just 3 minutes. it is foredeck 55. closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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it is foredeck 58 in time for weather and traffic on the 8s. outside right now we do have a thin ye 69 degrees at tampa international airport. it will feel warm all day today . we have a 10 percent rain chance with a high of 84 degrees and we're down to 60 degrees tonight. a cold front comes through tomorrow evening. i would tell you about the rain chances and how cool it will be behind it. the bay area bridges look great. we're not seeing any delays. all of the traffic heads toward tampa for your morning commute. we also have a great drive on
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left lane is the only one open but we do have a lane open writing i 75 at state road 70. keep that in mind in the
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just 5 days left until election day. the race is getting tighter and tighter were donald trump and president will speak in florida today, and which states are up for grabs. supplies needed for children in our schools stolen and it is costing taxpayers big . we're finding out what school leaders plan to do about it. and 108 years of coming up short, it is over, no more billy goat curse. the chicago cubs are world series champions. check those guys out. do think they are excited?


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