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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  November 3, 2016 11:00am-11:59am EDT

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>> john o'hurley joins us in studio. >> he is one of my favorites. great guy. >> yes, he is. >> the news is next. bye-bye. ? history made and the curse broken p or pop the champagne everybody put the chicago cubs are champion of the baseball d. missed game 70 boy did you miss classic. we have the highlights -- 7 , you missed a classic. we have highlights. struck the race is getting tighter for the presidential election. also some tampa electric customers will save money. prices are set to go down in
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good morning, thank you for joining us. let's head over to leigh spann for a little bit of weather. >> it hasn't been too bad for this morning. we have patchy cloud cover but it is quite one. we have already made it to 76. there is a light breeze not quite as strong as the breezes of the last few days but you can notice patchy clouds, not the same amount of rain as i was watching yesterday. yesterday we saw steady stream of small showers making their way into the east coast. rain chance but most of us will stay dry. it is early 77 in tampa and brooks city. the afternoon high, 84 degrees above the average of 81. the cold front arrives late tomorrow with only a 10 percent chance of rain. we are cooler and breezy or -- cooler and breezy for saturday . we will have your exact numbers coming up.
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cubs are world series champions in 2016. >> can we stop and take this in. incredible stuff. 108 years without a championship ended with an amazing game 7. we hope you watched it because it was one for the ages. it had everything, wild pitches and the game delay, game-tying home runs and extra innings. [ video playback ] >> that is elation here for years they have been called the lovable losers in the team almost like this one get away. in the 8th a blue a 3 run lead when davis hit a game-tying homerun. they came back after a 17 minute rain delay before the
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the cleveland in the end, 8 - 7. joe maddon is already looking ahead. >> tradition is worth being upheld, but curses and superstition is not. it is really great for our entire cubdom to get beyond that moment . based on the players we have in this organization we have an opportunity to be good for a long time.>> series mvp. he gets a trophy and a nice new chevy camaro. the coax break champagne all over the clubhouse. let's take a live look outside at wrigley field were fans lingered for hours after the win. already are crowd there this morning . the wrigley field signed proudly declaring the
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here in tampa bay. he managed the rays from 2006 until 2014. this morning a flag hung outside of his tampa home with congratulations written on it. mary mcguire spoke with fans in tampa who have nothing but love for joe in the cubs. >> reporter: wrigley field in chicago is about 1100 miles away from joe maddon restaurant you're in tampa, but fans are still partying like it is 1908 in the bay area cubs win flag typically flies over weekly field in chicago but this morning it was seen across tampa bay -- wrigley field in chicago but this morning it was seen across tampa bay. >> it is great. >> joe maddon has history here in tampa bay leaving the raise in 2015 but there were not any
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>> we absolutely love it. he deserves it. is a great coach. at the end of the day you have to do what is best for you. he had an opportunity that presented itself and he took advantage of it. it was pretty cool to see him in the world series. i'm sure they will give him a warm welcome.>> it is amazing for him. he brought us the world series in tampa. i'm not a cubs fan but i was because of maddon. we were excited and it was an team you cheer for, baseball fans here celebrating a historic when for chicago along with her former tampa bay ray. plans are already going forward with the championship parade. it could be as soon as friday. at joe maddon's restaurant they host a special happy hour for fans all throughout the world
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shooting and killing another man . police tell us they arrested this man here, derek fraser just before 6:30 this morning. police responded to a shots fired call. when they arrive randolph was dead with the bullet wound to the neck. police say fraser left the scene but was later arrested without incident. charges are pending. on the campaign trail, the race for the white house is tightening up. the latest electoral college map shows donald trump closing the 6 states remain a toss up including our state. they are working aggressively to win votes in florida. today donald trump will complete a 2 day tour across florida with a rally in jacksonville that he heads up to pennsylvania and north carolina. the president will also campaign in jacksonville today a couple of hours after donald trump. the president has been campaigning for hillary clinton holding rallies in north carolina and ohio over the past several days
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clinton will campaign in north carolina holding rallies in greenville. this is video from a rally she held last night. she is hoping to win that historically red state . her latest message, imagining a donald trump presidency. >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, african-americans, muslims, who put people against each other and set of pulling us together. >> tim kaine will be in the bay area this weekend holding a concert rally with bon jovi in st. petersburg saturday night. that event will be on the state theater which is on central avenue at 7 pm. tickets all available -- are available today and tomorrow .
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the ballot. opponents want for the supreme court to invalidate the measure arguing it was written to appear pro-solar even though it could restrict solar growth by raising cost. supporters of amendment one called the move political grandstanding say the amendment will protect consumers. today a barbecue hopes to heal the political wounds of the political season. kingsford charcoal is holding a bipartisan barbecue to it is from noon until 2 . it is in response to the bay area being the focus of negative campaign ads. research found on average more than 55 negative political ads run per day here. that is more than any other city in america. on sunday morning you will want to tune in for one hour political special right here in news channel 8. who will break down all the major races
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final days of the presidential race. it is a special episode of your vote counts 2016 at 9 am . st. pete mayor and council members will unveil the wastewater improvement plan. that big reveal is set to happen at 11 dec 30 this morning . this -- 11:30 this morning . this comes after millions of gallons of sewage poured out of the holding area into tampa y. has been dumped into the bank since august august 2015. in pinellas county if you have underinsured or uninsured damages or losses from hurricane coming, monday, november 28 is the deadline to register to get that assistance from fema. you want to visit disaster nearly $38 million in federal assistance has already been provided.
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open enrollment period for insurance under the affordable care act. today the university of south florida wants to help. usf health navigators are insisting people with the enrollment in the health insurance marketplace. this will continue until 3:00 this afternoon. there you can get blood pressure checks and blood sugar screenings. tampa electric customers will save money next year. tico is dropping it's rate by one in may not be a lot, but every little bit helps. the average monthly bill for customers right now is $106 for customers right now is $106.22. the decrease it will drop to $104.68. that is 19 percent below the national average of $129 a month. coming up, an important recall this morning
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in some cases a fire. we will show you which brands and models we're talking about. plus school items keep getting stolen. how this not just -- how this is not just affecting schools and staff but also you . we sure got our fill of beautiful sunrises this morning . this was sent from debbie in winter haven. it is her birthday so pretty start to her y you know about our sunrise and how cool they will be over the next several days coming up. te yes on amendment 1.
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why are out-of-state billionaires attacking amendment 1? because amendment 1... stops. their. subsidies. with amendment 1, you don't pay for someone else's solar. vote yes on amendment 1. today is national sandwich they. and yes, that does mean there are places giving out free sandwiches today. >> it has been a great today's. free tacos yesterday and free
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purchase any suburb average will get a free sub and they will donate a meal to feeding americans. national sandwich day is a celebration of the sandwich which is believed to be the namesake of earl sandwich back in the 1700s. pistol has namesake restaurants. open in tampa. >> i love the sandwich because you can do whatever you want. you can go healthy. >> and it is easy to eat >> sometimes. >> most of the time it is easy to eat. what is going on with the weather? >> it has been a warm couple of days but pretty. 77 degrees right now with northeast winds at 5 miles-per- hour . this is such a great
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you go a little bit above average or a little bit below average it keeps you in the comfortable range. we do have patchy clouds. they are high thin clouds spreading from west to east. at the surface, hour winds are coming off of the atlantic from east to west. yesterday we were seeing a lot more clouds and rain on around the i 40 -- i-4 corridor . it is not out the question that it would happen today but our rain chances at er 82 at 1 pm, we are a little bit humid around 4 pm but by no means is this july humidity. 80 degrees at 7 pm. a lot of you at that point will head out to raymond james stadium as the buccaneers take on the falcons. you can watch it here on news channel 8. we're 78 degrees, comfortable and mostly drive. 80 in venice, 80 sarasota.
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with this patchy cloud cover. like i said, a few very quick stray showers not out of the question but we are all watching this cold front as it slides to the south. it will not be here tomorrow morning so we will start out a link on a warm on your friday morning. it is not until friday late afternoon into the evening when the front passes. it will only bring a 10 percent rain chance with the, but it will bring not cold air but cooler, slightly below average on saturday. it feels cooler especially with that be still pleasant. don't forget saturday night into sunday morning you get to fall back. that means before you go to bed on saturday night, remember to set your clocks back or your iphone will do it for you. you will get your extra hour of sleep. all next week the summer will rise in our earlier and it is beautiful each day. 8 on your side is looking into missing or stolen items from local schools. hundreds of thousands of dollars increment is loss were taken
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and ultimately cost you the taxpayer. ryan hughes has the story. stolen and missing items range from laptop computers even a golf cart at one local school. we want to school district leaders to find out what they are doing right now to make sure this doesn't happen in the future. >> reporter: in schools all of the bay area items like laptop computers, musical instruments and even a lawn more vintage -- lawn mower vanished without a trace. each year school districts listings that disappear. >> sometimes it shows up a year later, sometimes it never shows up. >> we checked with local school districts and found missing items aren't unique to one district over the other. and hillsborough county, dozens of items vanished over a three-
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disappeared from april until june this year. i am surprised there is that much money and equipment being stolen. >> i think they should do a better job of calculating everything. hillsborough county has more than 50,000 laptops for staff and students. each is labeled or engraved with contact information just in case they are lost. other safeguards are in place like a system to check out items, but things still disappear pinellas county there was nearly $200,000 of missing items in over 2 years. and pasco county equipment price at 800 -- $80,000 was lost or stolen from 2014 to 2015. we wanted to know what school officials due to protect your tax dollars so we want to the property manager jeff robinson. he says the office prepares a list of missing items every quarter for the school board and must explain what is being
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again. >> they demand to know what is missing. >> most local school districts have guidelines in place so items are misplaced. in hillsboro county if an item is stolen, a police report must be filed. we reach out to other local districts to get statistics for our story but we have not yet heard back. topping our consumer news, nearly 3 1/2 million dehumidifiers are being recalled because they can overheat, smoke an this involves dehumidifiers that are sold under more than 50 different brand names including ge, honeywell and sunbeam. the manufacture receive 38 reports of smoke and fire incidents. no injuries are reported.
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celebrating the grand opening of their stores. all day tomorrow at all locations you can get a free copy of any size have the 100th location is on brandon boulevard. the grand opening is at 8. all of them over and shakers -- movers and shakers will be there . before the official opening the team will build 1000 hoagies for local food banks. the southern part of the bay area, venice just made a great list. trip advisor named it the best place to travel in november if you want to stay warm and raise money. the price listed is 800 the price listed is $830. if you live or have visited venice, this might not come as a surprise, the beaches, the parks, the shark tooth hunting, it has it all. we can't forget the international chalk festival. it always displays amazing 3-d
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>> we're not talking about venice italy? >> that would be venice florida. in sports, the buccaneers take on the atlanta falcons. right now they are 2nd in the nfc south. the falcons our first. even though the bucs -- the buccaneers beat the birds in the first they have lost since then. kickoff happens at a dead 25. you can watch that game right here on news channel 8. due to the game your favorite nbc catch those tonight. chicago med will air at 9 pm. blacklist at 10:00, superstore at 11 and a good place at 11:30 . >> i will be at the buccaneers game.go buccaneers. we need that win . the 7th game of the world series is really dominating conversations tonight but there
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music awards. plus netflix is fanning the flames of a fan series of 2 of tvs most popular shows. can you tell what they are? we will have that coming up. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was
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you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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it was a big night for country music. the country music association celebrated their 50th awards ceremony. brad underwood opened the evening with political jokes. >> will you accept tonight results -- tonight's results? >> yes, if i went . >> you are not even nominated. >> then, no. you are nasty woman. it was a night to remember. the biggest award of the night, entertainer of the year went to
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stapleton; female vocalists: carrie underwood; lifetime achievement award: dolly parton. >> for more on the winners in a recap go to neck flicks -- netflix have revived 2 popular tv series. the video theorizes that walter right's blue sky and breaking in the walking dead in notes a distinctive red and black car and 2 characters that may have existed on both shows. admittedly it is far-fetched but still fun. >> i have not watched the zombie want. >> i have now watched either of them. the heart walk is in full force. thousands will be out a week from this saturday. everyday we are getting closer to our goal of raising $100,000
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make more miracles come true. you meet this little guy where heart condition nearly cost him his life. stories coming up. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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about 25 million americans have already voted in this year's election. with only 5 days until election day you are running out of time and the subconscious of the undecided voter. you heard about england's self the european union. this morning it suffered a major setback when the high court ruled just hours ago. and there they are, the world series champions, the chicago cubs back in the windy city. ahead we're hearing from
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ben, plus you will take a look at how social media blowup because of there win . >> good morning. >> the game started yesterday but they wanted earlier this morning. >> it was at. the check on the weather before we get more on that. it was so exciting. i can say after watching a walking up a little early and see the end of it. freedom plata -- freedom plaza have the fa up out of their he's. we have passing clouds. at this point we have not seen any rain. we did notice a couple of showers that may sneak their way into our area. these temperatures are running above average. 75 clearwater. 80 sarasota. 80 degrees right around
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don't see a lot of rain drops that is why there is just that 10 percent chance. at 4 pm it will be 84 degrees. we mayci mcleod or 2 right through the evening. by 9 pm we're down to 76 degrees and we will be out watching the buccaneers game. 84 today which is above the average of 81. tomorrow is 82. the cold front will come through tomorrow getting us back to average. new this morning, 2 us service members died in a in the stands during an assault. the raid by us and afghan forces killed the 5 taliban fighters including 2 commanders for the insurgency. both nato and the pentagon are being tightlipped about the operation and those civilian casualties. across america this morning, opening arguments are underway for the murder trial of a former police officer in south carolina. he was an officer in north charles last year when he shot and killed 15-year-old walter
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after a traffic stop. the police dashcam and cell phone video caught it on camera . his attorneys argue there is more to this incident than what is shown in the self home video and have filed a motion to ask the judge to block the video from being introduced as evidence. he faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted. new information to us in last 20 minutes about the ambush of 2 i will police officers. search dogs found the gun in a wooded area near where the shooting happened. officer justin martin was found shot to death in his squad car. 20 minutes later sergeant tony mineo was found shot to death in his car to miles away. authorities have arrested scott michael green but no word on a motive. he did have her recent run-in with police at a high school football game where he held the confederate flag in the
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transit agency remains on strike . 4700 workers walked off the job when negotiations broke down over new contracts. there is a concern the strike the impact voters come election day . around the world this morning a major blow for a brilliant's government. the high court said the prime minister connections and sign for the exit from cannot trigger the exit of the briton's union without a vote. the prime minister has said she will launch negotiations by march 31. there likely to appeal to date's ruling --
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we found out about stated the art research technique that takes you into the mine of the undecided. for a lot of people it is difficult to decide who to wilfork for this election season but in the world of politics research is showing there is a lot going on in the sub conscious minds of the undecided. they are out there, undecided voters that up until the last minute don't know how th reason they hold off until the final moments. >> we spoke to people in tampa florida specifically, and in columbus ohio because those are 2 major swing cities and swing state. i would say the most interest in being we found out about the tampa voters, i think you're going to like this, is that a were very reluctant to make a decision before fully seeing how the entire election would play out.
11:37 am
a decision now. >> i spoke to leslie out of new york via skype was chaired trying to share these images of her research that mapped the minds of undecided voters. the research actually taps into the subconscious. >> we delved into their minds going back many years. these are all there accumulated >> from shows like the apprentice to images of books by hillary clinton, undecided voters were exposed to all sorts of memories that trigger strong emotions. this means a candidate can change the mine of an undecided voter at the last minute. >> the brain is always changing. it is possible, but you would need to work hard to eliminate
11:38 am
substitute them with positive associations. because both candidates know negative emotions can sway voters, you can count on a flood of last- minute campaign ads trying to tap into the undecided mine. for more than 2 decades same production research has been used by now the statof the state of politics. if you want to learn more does head over to go cubs go, that is a war crime of the cub nation and it is very loud this morning. they are the champions for one -- they are the world champions after 108 years . joe maddon led them to that championship
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>> it was a heavyweight fight. loafer blow everyone playing their heart out. the indians never gave up. i can't believe we are finally standing after 108 years finally able to hoist a trophy. >> he really did have a stellar world series with a base percentage, 3 extra-base hits. he scored 5 runs and 2 rbis. we live in a social media world when twitter and facebook exploded overnight with congratulations for the cub. we have bits and pieces from that. there is so much chatter on social media but we
11:40 am
the win with what else, they have to find a big w. have been shrouded with superstition for decades. check out the oldest clubs player now retired. that was his last name. this is what he did before the game, channeling that good vibe. could that be the reason they broke the billy goat curse. the owner took ago -- a goal back to dan said they would never win again after he was kicked out. did they go right there ringing the bell, the curses no more. bill murray, major cubs fan, superthin first appellation -- super fan first nation and
11:41 am
president invited the cubs to the white house before he is out of office. back in 2015 they said they would sweep and 5 and it didn't happen they win it after 7. that prediction was made but you have to head over to my facebook page to see who made that prediction we just got this beautiful picture of the sun. we love to see your pictures on social media. i will let you know when he gets a little bit
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welcome back. this definitely shows how contentious these elections are . if you have not voted and you are waiting for election day, the weather channel is hoping to make things a little easier. >> i put this out on social media because you can cast your vote then turn on the weather channel for a reaction but we're not talking political reaction. the network plans to air 9 hours of streaming videos and smooth jazz next tuesday. >> lots of people need that. >> it is th will provide the call me election day viewing option. it is the option -- it is the alternate option to the typical election shows airing. >> the press release they sent out was just a reminder that the world is beautiful we will show you the most picturesque places all over the world to consider back and enjoy it and remember how nice the places are . >> that are you could just
11:46 am
i have my own picture. it is a lie one coming at you from the hula bay restaurant in tampa. we do have patchy clouds out there at 80 degrees. north wind at 4 miles-per-hour. we are looking at the st. pete beach. there it is beautiful where it is 82 degrees already. we have high thin clouds streaming across the area. we also have the showers developing along i 95 what may push into our area today. most of you will be dry and above average but not uncomfortable. we're more humid than we expect, but again we are not going back to july and august humidity levels just more of what we expect, 80 degrees at 7 pm. right now it is 81 in venice. 81 plant city. 77 clearwater
11:47 am
degrees cooler than this time yesterday anywhere from about 2 to 4 degrees cooler. in the afternoon we will be a little cooler. yesterdays high was 88 degrees. we have a mix of sun and clouds with a 10 percent rain chance. we're using this long-range forecast for a. tomorrow late in the day is when this cold front finally comes through. winds will pick up so that on saturday morning it will be cooler. it is going to be cooler just not quite as chilly. all we can long slightly less humid, comfortable air. today before the front we are at 84, 82 tomorrow. notice we didn't bring our highs down into the 70s but 80 and breezy on saturday. will certainly feel more falling
11:48 am
get your extra hour of sleep. the heart walk is coming up in the little boy one with the one in 1 million heart condition . his parents scared to death, his story one you won't forget. it is a perfect example of how money donated to the american heart association is making a difference and saving lives. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: cme is a very typical 4-year-old with tons of energy. >>-- sammy year-old with tons of energy. >> he is not a quiet child. he is very much a 4-year-old. he has a personality on him. is hysterical and so loving. >> but has he come a long way -- but boy has he come a long way. when she was pregnant she learned he would be born with a heart defect. >> i was terrified and did know what to think. >> they learned he had many problems. his heart was
11:49 am
our heart only has -- where our heart has 2 expect if it were my generation and i was born with this there would have been no chance. >> reporter: at 8 weeks each -- he made a turn for the worse . his stick close and he coded for 25 minutes and was put on life support. he had emergency open-heart surgery the next day. >> he stopped the surgery about 2 hours in the next day to talk to us which obviously isn't a good sign at all. >> when i sat down and talked with the family i said we're not sure he is going to live through the operation. he had a very complex anatomy within his heart that made the reconstruction very difficult. >> we just prayed and knew we were in the right place. we pray god would give us another
11:50 am
surviving and thriving. >> reporter: you sure did. sammy is a 4-year-old now who will melt your heart. >> was this?-- who is this ? >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: dock they are jacobs is their hero. >> we are very close. the first day i met him was when he saved my s was the one who fixed his heart . rose knows how close they came to losing him. >> no parent should lose a child. i thought he was dead for 10 hours. >>[ video playback ] >> sammy is very special. i have been doing surgery at john hopkins for 18 years. i have operated on 3000 baby
11:51 am
challenging days we had. to see him do wonderful is fantastic. >> sweep away. the doctor -- suite boy. >> the doctor said this is why we do what we do. >> i lit up when you heard him say you fix my heart. imagine how the doctor feels when he hears that from a youn that we like to share with you and the heart walk is 9 days away. news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 because of kids like sammy. we need your help. fucchilo kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar you donate counts for 2. the walk is a week from saturday. to sign up to donate go to walk. we are back after a short
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together.
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we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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we want to give a shout out to the deputies, and doctors and the citrus county sheriffs office. >> deputy covert with the citrus county sheriffs office cam across an elderly woman broken down in the middle of the road who broke out of -- who ran out of gas. she didn't have a gas can herself so she called deputy doctor and told him what had happened. >> he filled it up. you drove to the scene and filled that woman's take. he used his own money -- tank . he used his own money and didn't want her to pay him back. >> after halloween you have since dinky riding pumpkins -- stinky rotting pumpkins but why throw them out. students
11:56 am
stories. i'm not sure if there's a story but it looks like fun. >> we do not condone you climbing on your roof or dropping objects or dipping things in liquid nitrogen. >> don't try this at home. we are warming up. nothing is frozen. we will see an afternoon high of 84 degrees. it is still relatively mild and muggy tomorrow before the cold front comes through tomorrow evening. if you're going out tomorrow for the arriving so it won't feel that chilly during the football game. when you wake up saturday morning in the mid-50s -- mid- 60s you will notice the change in humidity. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> i will see you back here on news channel 8 hurst at 4 and then back again at 6. >> go cubs.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday. the day after an exhausting but exciting historic night in chicago. >> was that frank sinatra? ? i love it ? >> isn't he the same guy who sings "new york new york"? >> yes. oh, well. listen, we want to say great


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