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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 3, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00. >> good evening.
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the first, a mother arrested here in the bay area 5 years after her daughter disappeared in west virginia. aliayah lunsford disappeared from her home in vest virginia in 2011. lena lunsford has been living in pinellas county. tonight polk county -- sheriff grady judd provided details on the and the arrest. melissa marino has the latest. >> reporter: we've learned that a tip came into crimestoppers about a blue pick up truck. you see all the damage on the front end. all these white stickers are evidence markers. this spot down here tested positive for human blood. we have learned the suspect is 71 year old charles charlie
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road. this is just east of where the hit-and-run happened. lewis admitted to the hit-and- run and said he was drinking that night. >> he also admitted later that he knew he hit something, but he never saw any people. he's painted himself in the right light in his opinion. in the proper light, in his opinion, but he did admit that he did exactly what we suspected him of. >> reporter: lewis will be booked in the polk overnight and is expected to have first appears tomorrow. in lake wales, melissa marino, news channel 8. pasco county animal control officers are investigating a hoarding case in spring hill. they ceased more than two dozen cats and dogs. these animals are actually up for adoption now; right? >> reporter: you're absolutely right. this wasn't a case where these
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it was simply a case where the woman who was caring for them just got over her head. >> well, i figure that they said i had too many. so i had to give them up, so i figure -- they said they'll find them a home. i just thought it would be better for them. >> reporter: it was never julia's intention to harm the animals. >> they wasn't hungry. i fed them good. they got sick. >> there was one back in the back with no shelter. >> reporter: but ronna expresses a different story. >> it was a bad situation. no animal needs to go through that. no animal. i wouldn't want to be in a cage so small that i couldn't move around, never come out, live nothing my feces.
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math is feels giving the animals up was the right thing to do. and she was fined for not having all of her animals up to date on vaccinations. the ones that were brought here were treated and are now healthy again. animal services hope this sends a message to pet lovers and those who rescue pets. if you end up with animals, call for help. too often this year, the sewer system in saint petersburg has been overwhelmed. quick fixes include lining the pipes and fixing the man hole covers. officials also discussed expanding capacity at two water retention facilities and possibly reopening the water treatment plant. the mayor hopes to have these improvements in place in the
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improved. we're going to address our capacity problem. we're also going to address the infiltration and intrusion, the leaky sewer pipes. this is as you know is going to take a significant investment. >> the improvements will cost more than $300 million. the wife of american sniper chris kyle paid a visit to tampa today. she's expressing her thanks for helping her cope with of her husband. she's dedicated her life to being an advocate for military families who have lost loved ones but admits she struggled to cope herself. now a support dog has helped her deal with anxiety. >> i'm putting on such a good show but these dogs know you're not fine and what you're broken and you need comfort. >> kyle says the movie american
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about struggles. bucs fans are getting ready for a very big night. the game gets under way in less than an hour right here on news channel 8. hey, guys, looking good. >> reporter: good evening, jen. i think we'd be looking a little better if we went with the color rush routine. do you own a red suit? >> reporter: no, i don't. >> reporter: thursday you remember these last year in st. louis. >> they're back. >> reporter: mustard, ketchup. >> ketchup versus mustard. this year, it's ketchup versus mayonnaise. i couldn't think of a better group to talk about these uniforms than the bucs's offensive line. >> which o line guy looks the bet in the all-red get up you're going to wear thursday.
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no? >> i think i'll look the best out there in all red. >> i think in any uniform, it would be don van smith. >> you're the first guy that didn't say me. >> i gotta get to my man donovan. >> reporter: is it a flattering look, this color rush stuff? the fans are like ketchup. weok >> is he laughing at us? >> that ketchup and mustard thing was kind of -- >> reporter: ketchup and mayo this year. >> nice. >> the game of condiments. >> comparing what's better, mayo or mustard. >> mayo. >> see, i say mustard. >> they're kind of cool unless we're not the mayo. the red definitely works.
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but it's pretty cool. >> i think it's a lot of fun. some of the colors i've been seeing are pretty bad. >> how do we know who is better? >> we make them compete. >> reporter: if you take score -- by the way, donovan smith wins. but they did not play well in the red last year on thursday night in st. louis. they've gotta get it together. they've lost three thursday night games. >> you know who really wins? [ indiscernible ] because they weren't in that package. the atlanta uniforms, they look normal. >> really creative. >> reporter: we'll be talking more about the game and less about the colors coming up later. >> it won't be all about the fashion, we promise. you'll be able to watch the bucs game here on news channel
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other shows, you'll see them on the great 38. superstore is at 11:00. and the good place at 11:30. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you see which channel based on your cable provider. >> great 38. they're all different; right? >> yes. it's not actually on 38, per se. >> we're going to be on at 7:30 too. >> i'd just recommend keeping it here. >> just leave it on channel 8. the old turns of the knobs -- >> back when i was the remote control and my dad would say go change the channel. the forecast for tonight's game looks pretty good. 76 degrees. it was a bit warm out there this afternoon. but now that the sun has departed, we're looking at comfortable weather conditions. if you're headed out to the stadium, fantastic. getting pretty dark up here. a little bit of color left in
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weekend with the clocks going back. 86 degrees our recorded high at tampa international airport. the record, 88 sit in 2015. so it was warm last year too. 75 plan city. bradenton, currently 80 degrees. mostly 70s and comfortable. a cold front headed our way for the weekend. from that front coming up. still ahead -- >> the chicago cubs win the world series for the first time since 1908, but around here, they're talking about the rays connection. i'll tell you all about that coming up. >> the sierra club and a resident who lives near the mosaic sinkhole is saying water test suggest not enough and some residents may not be aware that water testing is
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i spent 22 years in the air force, and i was a republican for every one of them.
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the cubs win over the indians last night was a big deal and a bittersweet moment for rays fans. on one hand, you're happy for joe maddon. >> macon gmory closing sports animal, the talk was all about wins and losses. >> the cubs win the world series! >> reporter: of course the win, the cubs sealing the world series victory. first time they've done it since 1908. and the loss? >> i think this entire playoff shines a very bright light on just how far the rays have
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>> reporter: some wrote into the show saying congrats to all former rays last night. >> tell them about the text. >> well, it's -- the cubs won the world series at 12:47, we get a text at 12:51 with a disparaging remark about joe maddon. he gave e bring them back. >> rod carter, news channel 8. 8 on your side was the first to expose a massive sinkhole that swallowed up radio active water. we hear from people still worried about the water they're pulling from the ground. >> and remember this year's heart walk just a few days away. now you can join stacy's team.
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mosaic plant in august. one woman is very worried about her home's drinking water. >> reporter: opened in august. but the company didn't notify the public about the problem for weeks. luella lives nearby and is worried her family has been exposed to dangerous chemicals. >> one week my water spinks and >> reporter: she's still worried her family has been exposed to problems. >> it doesn't mean three weeks before they announced the sinkhole when they daughter took a bath in brown water -- >> reporter: citing the problems with this sinkhole and another one from 1994, the sierra club is calling for a halt in new phosphate mining permits until the army corps of
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stacks in the state, each one an environmental disaster waiting to .a. >> reporter: she believes some of her neighbors still aren't wear they can have their water tested for free. >> it's not anything somebody should have to deal with. >> reporter: mosaic contends so far testing has shown no groundwater contamination. ws football here tonight on thursday night football, bucs and the falcons. one of the best bucs ever, john lynch, the safety inducted into the team's ring of honor. it's going to be quite a sight. >> reporter: half-time may be the main course. the buccaneer, that iconic 47 looking down at raymond james
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everyone remembers. if you're a football fan, you're a fan of john lynch. that includes gerald mccoy and mike smith. >> when you came in his area, you knew you were going to get hit and it was going to be a physical clean hit. that's one of the things about watching john play and having coached against him. >> when i had the opportunity to meet him, i was like this is why he hit like this. 's >> reporter: you see the small tarp concealing number 47, lynch. they're going to unveil that at half-time. we're going to speak to john lynch. >> they put the two bruisers next to each other in the ring of honor. we're back with much more coming up. all right. thanks. looking forward to that game
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sunet in lakeland. beautiful night around many parts of the bay area. a few clouds in the sky here as we head throughout the evening hours. at 8:00 a.m., 67 degrees. in the overnight, partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. at 5:00 p.m., 82 degrees. a cold front coming through later in the day. that will bring a slight chance for rain later on saturday. 77 the dewpoint, 67 degrees. the front's not through yet. the winds will switch eventually to the north and eventually northeast once that front pushes through later tomorrow. satellite showing nothing. high pressure is our big feature dominating. you see the wind streams here continuing to move the flow that way and a few clouds developing. friday morning, stays mild with passing clouds. friday afternoon, that cold front will approach.
7:22 pm
the boundary itself. as i mentioned, we're not bringing the moisture levels up too much. we're not expecting much in shower storm activity. gusty winds at times, pleasant. long term also the moisture impact, the drier air. the bulk of it stays to the north. but a hint of lower humidity for us. any of it is welcome. the humidi this is a nice time of year. temperatures, 82, 80, 81 degrees. rain chances are low. dry season in play here. overnight low temperatures, low to mid-60s and eventually next week too. had to put water in the pool today. a lot of evaporation going on here. >> that, my friend, is a first world problem. >> it is.
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>> i do too. >> you're thinking a big olympic swimming pool? the ferry has arrived but could it actually save you time on your commute? i'm hitting the water and the streets to find out. >> plus weather and traffic on
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the cubs won the world series in game 7 in extra innings and no one could have guessed it would happen that way. except one guy. twitter user -- predicting in 2016 it would be the cubs and the indians in the world series, that it would go to
7:27 pm
the world. so a swing and a miss on that one. you can bet@raisefangeo is getting new followers. >> it sort of -- sort of an apocalypse in the baseball world. >> saw another kid that predict today in his high school year book in 1996. normally we newscast here. tonight we're going to give you even more 8 at 7:00. dan lucas and -- >> reporter: i wish we could have predictions like that for the game tonight. people are all over the place. the bucs could win big or lose
7:30 pm
welcome back. it's a big night for the bucs. let's head back to paul lucas and dan ryan. >> reporter: fans are coming in here. we should expect a pretty good crowd on a thursday night. binf to this team. so they're really going to have to focus on get back to .500. >> thursday night football hasn't been kind to anybody. >> the viewers. >> reporter: hopefully we don't get the stinker tonight. the falcons are currently at 5 to 3. the bucs can get within half a game if they win tonight. >> both top of our division.
7:31 pm
thursday night is tough. >> the energy comes from the fact that it's the next game and we just lost at home. we haven't won at home yet. it's where the energy comes from. it's added incentive that it's atlanta. >> we're playing for first place. that's a big deal. it's a championship game mentality. that's how we're going into it. >> reporter: we'r roy cummings. >> beginning with the quarterback, this projection for winston tonight, i saw 2 touchdowns -- an interception, i would have to imagine a costly one. how big is this night for him? it was not a good performance for him sunday numbers-wise or passes too high, passes way on
7:32 pm
the receiver. >> we're accustomed to him having slow starts. you're not accustomed to him having bad finishes. here's a guy who has come along in terms of how he reads defenses now. his ability to work outside the pocket is his -- get him on a run, get him into a rhythm. if they can get him into a rhythm early, they can knock some of with peyton barber and smith as your running backs -- >> you're a natural with this tv thing, man. >> reporter: that defense was on the field for 90 plays against the raiders. the bucs never got that run game going. now with doug martin out issue who's running the football tonight?
7:33 pm
combination of an ton smith and barber. i think the job goes to peyton barber tonight. he's a short yardage back but he's got power. he's a little like doug martin. we know those are the kind of guys that get yards for this football team. the line men, they love to block for those guys. top passer right now in the nfl. the bucs got to him three times in atlanta on opening day. >> there's no question about it. you said top passer in the lead. he's top passer as well in terms of a pocket, a clean pocket. 128 passer rating for matt ryan with a clean pocket. that tells you it's disaster if
7:34 pm
noah response is starting to work things out. he's starting to figure out some of the techniques he's got. mccoy is healthy again. this team believes it can get to the passer tonight. they're going to have to blitz to do it, but if they can get to him, they're going to cause problems for matt ryan. >> you know what might slow matt ryan down, if john lynch was patrolling. john lynch, big tonight's game, being inducted into the bucs ring of honor. i had a chance to catch up with the former buccaneer's safety earlier in the year. >> reporter: john lynch, 9th inductee to the ring of honor. what are you feeling right now? >> it's awesome. just incredibly proud. and, you know, completely understanding that with the honor for me, there's so many people that were responsible.
7:35 pm
people that drafted me here, sam and rich and jerry and those guys. and on to the good years with tony dungy and that coaching staff. john gruden. ultimately we won the things. the brad johnsons -- all those guys. i think right now i just got a lot of those emotions and -- when you play, you don't have a lot of time to you've done. now you can sit back and say you know what, i was all right. and this is pretty cool it will be up there forever. >> reporter: you said at the podium, the super bowl championship your best memory. what was that like? >> you didn't want to let it go because you knew how very hard it was to attain it and never got another one. >> reporter: we have old video of you and your son jake who was three at the time
7:36 pm
how time flies? >> he's grown up a lot. when you come back here, that's what you think of too. the times i remember are those times when he was 3 or 4. and my daughter -- two of them being born here. a lot of special memories. not only of football, but the community, my family. tampa will always hold a special place in our heart. >> reporter: you mentioned the ring was stolen. what happened? >> long story, but left it alone with my back pack in my car and came back and it wasn't there. >> reporter: i'll keep my eyes on ebay for you. barry sanders has the quote that says you didn't just play a position, you occupied a spot in his mind. do you have one particular hit where you say i got that guy
7:37 pm
got on barry. he never got hit hard. believe me, the feelings were mutual. he always occupied a spot in my mind. that's probably my favorite of all time. >> reporter: you may have sent him to an early retirement. thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> reporter: john lynch, one of those guys it seems like everyone in the league has respect for. mike just stopped >> warren sapp. jimmy giles. 75 former players here tonight. jen, let's send it back to you. love it. love john lynch. we have more news coming up in just a moment.
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bob buesing... on the record. h courthouse. buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors. his law firm is accused of running up costs on a school district at the expense of our kids. trailing in the polls, buesing attacks dana young. for things she never did. so we ask... mr. buesing, will you do anything to win?
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l the bucs face off with the falcons in just a couple of minutes. hey guys. >> reporter: one of the keys for tonight with the bucs is to get a pass rush. rookie defensive end -- >> reporter: every level of football he's played, that's how it's gone.
7:41 pm
dominates. i had a chance to chat with noah. >> reporter: you're in a race among rookies for sacks there. i think the leads 4. you have three. this is a good group of rookies here. >> i mean, we're trying. it's a blessing even to be in the race. just trying to get better every week. i'm not too worried about winning that, but it's enough to keep going, keep grinding. >> reporter: every single level of football you've played has been kind of an introduction a little bit. do you feel like you're going through that now? in high school and college you went crazy after you picked it up. >> it's always been like that for me. it takes me a little bit to learn, get down the system and get to know, like, the way of the game and like -- i don't know, just one day it clicks. i'm hoping it gets to that soon in the nfl. >> reporter: i read an article when you were in high school, i
7:42 pm
play -- >> i played a lot of positions in high school. >> linebacker, tight end, d -- i fell in love with defensive end in high school. >> reporter: you weren't just having an impact in games. you were controlling games. was it 22 sacks or something as i senior? >> that was my junior year i had 23. my senior but, yeah, 23 my junior year. >> reporter: you're now a few months into your professional career. what is it like to be around these teammates in this system? how have you learned to be a professional? >> they're helping me every day on and off the field. different dudes like gerald teaching me the way of the league and how to be just a grown man. because this is our jobs now.
7:43 pm
fanfare for noah spence. joey bosa got attention. he has 4 sacks. >> reporter: jenkins not on this team anymore. cameron and his group have had to -- i had a chance to chat with cam earlier this week. >> reporter: short week to get ready for this thursday night preparation? >> it makes it really hard both on the coaches and players. we have to go back, see what we did wrong in the oakland game. really just get in the play book, go over the game plan. we're not going to get as many reps during practice. just gotta be squared away mentally. recover physically. it makes it hard on the players. >> reporter: did halloween help
7:44 pm
it really had no effect on our preparation. >> reporter: you didn't dress up at all? >> no, i didn't make it out. i was feeling pretty tired after the game. i didn't make it out. >> reporter: looking ahead to the falcons, this is a totally different team than you beat in week 1. how does this change the way you attack this team? >> it's really about us, we think, just kind mental mistakes, eliminating turn overs, penalties. we didn't play the way we wanted to on sunday. just being consistent with what we do will be huge for us. >> reporter: how huge would it be to win at raymond james stadium? what is it, 3 for the last 19? >> yeah, it seems like we can't finish one up at home. it amplifies it even more
7:45 pm
>> reporter: level with me real quick. color rush uniforms, how do you feel about it? >> i like them, i was hoping we would change from last year, you know, do something new this year. >> reporter: not the ketchup look. >> i was thinking a white one or pewter one. but they're pretty cool. we get cool stuff for them. >> reporter: like swag? >> new gear, new hats, new shoes. it's not all bad. >> we want swag. >> ketchup at least. >> reporter: it wasn't too long ago that thursday night football wasn't a thing. it's a bonaified thing. a chance to talk to collins worth the other day. i had to ask him right away about winston. >> reporter: this is your first look at winston.
7:46 pm
season that he's having his ups and downs? >> i saw plenty of them at florida state over the years. i've seen a lot of it. i'm a little surprised how well he's done kind of out of the pocket. i didn't see that as much coming out of college. i think he's going to develop into a real nice player, but it's taken a little while here and we're hoping that this is a first step, the out of the pocket stuff, an stuff a little better. you know, he's got all the tools. >> reporter: did it stun you to see the buccaneer's defense to -- against oakland, we're talking about one of the emerging passing attacks. this is a defense the previous weeks that was just lights out. >> it did surprise me. especially that they had 200- yards of penalties in the game.
7:47 pm
plays. they blew a coverage and gave up a long pass over a safety. there were a lot of reasons they could have won the game and it just got away from them. but good teams have days like this. hopefully that's the one is the learning curve, that they end up figuring out, okay, you can't have this and that and expect to get away with one. >> reporter: this season, you've seen where is this team in your eyes as you get ready for this game? >> i think they're right in the middle, which most of the teams in this league are right in the middle. they need for their own sake to prove in a big game like this one that they are in that upper echelon. that they can compete for
7:48 pm
but he needs some of those moments where it's fallen back on him. the running back situation obviously a mess right now. more than ever it's going to be on winston. i really like the coaching staff here. these guys are putting it together the right way. there's a lot of good pieces to tampa bay. and this is their stage. this is their moment to come in this huge division game and come out i think we're going get a huge show out of him. >> reporter: that's going to be one of his talking points during the game right now. the bucs are right there. now they have to get over the hump. >> reporter: we're going to have more as we approach kickoff here. for now, let's send it back to jen. steve jerve joins us for
7:49 pm
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it's that time of year again, time to set those clocks back one hour before you go to bed saturday night. fall back. weekend looks pretty good. 80 degrees on saturday. 81 on sunday. bucs and falcons, you heard a little about this stadium. also the taurid meteor shower. 10 meteors per hour max. away from city light the best chance to see these. this picture in from becky jane. what a gorgeous shot out tonight. at 9:00 p.m., 74 degrees. 67 degrees at 7:00 a.m.
7:53 pm
we had a warm high of 86 degrees today. 78 mcdill. 72 crystal river. 80 in sarasota. bartow 76 degrees. partly cloudy skies, high pressure dominates the area. cold front headed our way later tomorrow. only a slight chance of rain. we'll still be warm tomorrow and then slight temperature adjustment -- it will be a little lower humidity and morning. you can see the temperatures in the low 80s throughout this period. temps in the mid-60s. a nice range of temps through this period. i keep saying this is like hawaii. this is about what the folks in hawaii .v. >> i don't feel like i'm on vacation though. >> you don't? you can play music and wear a floral lei.
7:54 pm
bowl? are we in hawaii? >> not quite. i didn't bring any lua us. star studded cast here tonight broadcast thanksgiving game for nbc. that includes former bucs coach tony dungy. newly christened hall of famer. he had a bulls shirt on. >> from your colleague talking about the buccaneers being a middle of the pack team. where you do see the buccaneers headed? >> i think they're on the upswing because they have a franchise quarterback. that's what half the teams in the league are looking for. they've drafted around the offense. unfortunately right now, running back situation is not great with the injuries. but that will come back. then they have to build the defense. that will take some time.
7:55 pm
i like the plan and i think they're in good shape. they're right in about 80% of the league right now. >> reporter: when they let lovey smith go and brought in cutter, a lot of changes coming in. what do you think about cutter and smith? >> it's different and it's going to take time and they're growing and that's the unfortunate thing. you built for lovey's defense for a year and a half and now you have to tear that down it will come. just have to stick with the program. mike smith is a very good defensive coach. he'll get it going. >> reporter: the buccaneers haven't done that -- 3 in 16 of their last 19 home games. what do you have to do to win a home game? >> it's hard to believe. this is such a good place to play. part of it is a function of the team. defense usually wins here. so you gotta get that going.
7:56 pm
but when you really want to get a crowd going, it's on the defensive side of the ball. >> reporter: the crowd's definitely going to be excited to see john lynch hung up there in the ring of fire. >> i'm happy for john because he had brought so much not only on this field for so many years, but in the community and being part of the tampa area. to me, that's what says ring of honor and special person. john is just what person and as a player. i'm very excited for him tonight. >> reporter: do you think he's a hall of famer? >> john should be a hall of famer. and unfortunately the safety position doesn't get that kind of respect. have you shell who had 50 interceptions and played in 4 super bowls, winning teams. those guys aren't in. john will get there, it's just going to take time. >> reporter: i think the coach
7:57 pm
>> reporter: i'm not a tailor, but you can fit about 5 tony's into one of lynch's jackets. >> paul, good stuff tonight. chris collinsworth like thanksgiving bucs team. can they do it on the field? >> reporter: all we have to do thank you for joining us for this extended version of 8 at 7:00. you can see our regular programming on the great 38. and the good place at 11:30. you can catch more news on great 38 in about two minutes. we will be back here after the game. we're going to call that north of 11:30. >> can you write all that down for me?
8:00 pm
responsibility. he's doing great. >> the bucs have had their share of success against him. and he will look to keep it going against the bucs on "thursday night football." tonight, two teams with much to prove. the falcons are out to forget last season'sco games, the falcons have fallen. >> and build on sunday's late-game comeback. >> touchdown, atlanta. >> the buccaneers are loaded with young talent. they seek consistency. >> five turnovers in the desert. >> and tonight, have a chance to show they could be contenders. >> remember one thing, to win. >> it's an nfc south match-up on "thursday night football."


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