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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  November 3, 2016 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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mazda postgame show, heather will be on the field. he have interview julio jones. a there are the big numbers put up tonight by the big three, for the falcons. second down and six. and the first incomplete pass,
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>> cris: neal said, i just saved you. he turned around and said, i just saved you. this ball is going to be tipped. and he's going to come flying up there. and he just backed off of it. and he turned around and said, you're welcome. >> al: third and six at the 30 yard line. throws and will move again. complete, to the 17 yard line. >> cris: there's a guy that keeps an eye on. he had a sprained ankle. he missed a bunch of weeks. he is a pure cover guy, when healthy. and i just think that he -- that speed along with deion jones, will do some things in man coverage, they haven't been able
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inside linebackers have been completely healthy. >> al: taking down the receiver after a short gain. and 90 seconds to play. barber, is stopped at the 2. it will be first down and goal. >> cris: this is when the defensive coordinators go crazy. they hate giving up the late points and statistics. >> al: yep. and garbage time, they give up a touchdown. that's cameron brate, who has
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touchdown of the game. winston had three. the cannons fire away. and they will go for two. >> cris: cameron brate does a nice job catching the ball. he doesn't let many escape him that are close. a guy that somebody can build around a bit, has become the number one option, as a pass receiving tight end. >> al: he's going to get that to brandon myers. we start by telling you the average score of an atlanta game this season, was atlanta 33, and the opposition, 29. 62 points per game.
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>> cris: there we go. coming across the field here. big collision. a little mushy. found his way over there for two. >> al: george hill, you know anybody that went under tonight? can't do that, right? 43-28. 71 total points in the game. atlanta has ten possessions in the game. five t.d.s, three field goals. they have ored on eight. and they only had a punt one time tonight. dirk koetter will have his team lick its wounds after playing over 13 minutes of overtime, giving up a zillion yards to oakland. and going to go to 0-4, in this ballpark. >> cris: just think the reality set in tonight, don't you? and that several of those guys playing 100 plays, turn around four days later, in the middle
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>> al: it was a leaky defense to begin with. that will be collected at the 44 yard line, by hooper. one thing about this division, look at that. points per game this season. the falcons one, saints two, panthers fourth. and the bucs below the norm. and in point ace lowed -- all >> cris: like the chicken or the egg, right? great offense or not so great defense. >> al: yep. >> cris: but it's a fun division to watch. >> al: the bottom feeders right there. and atlanta, with matt schaub, finishing up the game. here's tonight's -- another trivia thing for you. if you wear a single digit for atlanta, there's four guys active tonight. what's your first name? >> cris: matt. >> al: and somebody told me on
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son, who is named matt, sims. >> cris: right. >> al: he has number 2 or something. and now, you have five guys. >> cris: and phil simms' firth day today. first night off on thursday night, perfectly timed. happy birthday, phil. >> al: at the age of? >> cris: 87. >> al: that's going to wrap it up here in tampa, fla. as the falcons trailed early, but not often. the final score, is 43-28. and tampa was up 14-13. but the atlanta falcons are on a roll. third time, 40 or more in a game. coming up, "the mazda postgame show." . wrapping up and watching
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welcome to "the mazda postgame show." >> julio jones, 8 catches, 111 yards and a score. part of the festival of atlanta falcons points, as they avoid the season sweep, at the hands of the tampa bay buccaneers. and they can do no half in front of the rest of the nfc south. matt ryan will join us live on our postgame show set here at raymond james stadium. i'm rich eisen, thanking you for sticking with us, by joining us on our postgame show set. matt ryan had an excellent night tonight, as he was picking on
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>> they must have been licking their chops, when they saw that derek carr and the raiders threw for 113 yards. hargreaves is a good rookie. but he's 5'10". we have receivers that are 6'3". they use their body well. and you can put that guy out there on an island, against these tall receivers. and they felt they had a match-up that you wanted with the tall receivers. and matt ryan is playing as highest point against the 5'1 5'10" -- we love to see that, right, michael irvin? >> man against child. >> candy out of a baby. give me this candy. >> a few nights after halloween. 344 yards for matt ryan. he is going to make his way to our set shortly. moments ago, heather cox with the aforementioned jones.
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earlier, we talked about how much you had seen double-teams throughout this season. tonight, what did the defense show you? >> a little early on. but they singled me up. they were able to make plays coming out of halftime. we came out. and we made some adjustments at halftime. obviously, they did. okay, he was quiet in the first half. let's single him up. >> we the third quarter. how did getting that tempo going in the offense help you guys? >> we always had it. you know? and q. did a great job. you know? dan quinn, our head coach, if nobody knows q. he allowed us to go fast because he took care of us throughout the week. we got in the swing of things. i started seeing those guys get
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turbo is turbo. >> in your mind, what was the biggest difference tonight? >> we came out here and had fun. we played for each other. it wasn't about any revenge or anything like that. the divisional game. >> congrats on winning. thanks for the nickname for coach. >> thank you. >> so, here in raymond james stadium tonight, in the home of the tampa bay bu up with matt ryan, who found sanu, for 74 yards. gabriel, for 52 yards. devonta freeman had 77 rushing yards. and it was a hootenanny of falcons points after the bucs started off well with 13 plays, 75 yards.
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winston was going to have to do. could he do enough. and matt ryan came out and did it in the first half. he is in it. 11 targets, 8 receptions, 111 yards. he imposed his will on the young secondary. and matt ryan, they came out of halftime. they went to him four or five times in a row, to make sure they got him involved. if they were going to separate themselves fm buccaneers, julio jones was going to have the type of night he had tonight. >> we made halftime adjustments. let me break that down for you. as julio jones, i went in the locker room and said, you find a way to get me this football. we talked about why this atlanta team is different in teams of the past.
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just julio jones. you have guys making plays. sanu making plays. gabriel making plays. you focus on one guy, you have to focus on julio jones, such a phenomenal beast. matt ryan is finding other guys that are roles. they are not julio jones. but they will get much from having a julio jones their passing. they got some running backs out there. they rushed for 136 yards again tonight. that balance will be very important going forward, to keep people off base. >> when you play a better team. but atlanta beat tampa tonight, like the good teams are supposed to beat the teams that are not that good. that says a lot. first game, caught offgourd.
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>> the falcons were 6-3, going into the buy. finished 8-8. they're 6-3, and a minibye, and then an actual buy. they have one game in 22 days. they will be rested for a stretch run, i do believe -- you have a different sense. we're not just saying this because matt ryan is coming to the set. it's a different sense they're not going to finish 8-8. they're not going to december and november to dismember, as opposed to last year. >> looks like matt ryan is being asked of him, to carry the lead, until the defense sort of catches up. tonight, early in this game, jameis winstoned a his way. but my question for this team is, if the passing game isn't going, can the running game sustain -- can this offensive line hold up?
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first half? and a good second half and win games like they did against green bay? >> and getting him back will help with some of the questions. for atlanta. get other things that will go to the outside of that great passing game. >> tough schedule going forward now. irdon't see a collapse. i see wins and losses. they have so many running backs. they have with ke tevin coleman, this is a better team, second year for the coaching staff, too. >> kyle shanahan, 34 rush attempts. 34 pass attempts. >> that's balance. >> that's balance at its best. >> at the eagles. and they have a buy week. and the next games are at home. you will spend time with georgia in november. home for the cardinals. home for the chiefs. at the rams. home for the niners.
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there's some winnable games as you mentioned in there. >> a couple of division games at the end. >> and some at home that might be of concern. matt ryan is walking to the set. let's make some room for matt ryan for him to join us. stop with the pleasantries, matt. come on. let's have a chat. and then, after we're done with our postgame show, "a football life" you do not want to miss. the football life of mike vick. had him on my radio show difficult to share during this football life he is proud to share. that's coming up after we're done. >> the "thursday night postgame
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this sunday, get your gameday started with "nfl gameday first," and "nfl gameday morning." we go one-on-one to talk fame and fashion with the rising start. and it's an nfc east showdown between the eagles and giants.
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rookie carson wentz. >> jameis winston went into atlanta's house. and won week one by three throwing touchdown passes to all different receivers. and tonight, matt ryan returned the favor. four touchdowns all to different receivers. earning matt ryan a spot right here. the man in the good to see you, matt ryan. >> it's good to be on, guys. >> 23 touchdowns for interceptions. why do you think the this is your best year yet? >> i don't know. it's tough to put a finger on it. i think it's because of the guys around me. i think we've got a deep offense. a lot of different guys who have gotten touches all year in the pass game. two good running backs. in free and tevin coleman on the sideline for a couple weeks. i think we're deep.
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>> how about the health of your offensive line, finally? you want to talk about something. you've been playing behind banged-up offensive line. and you can pass the ball if you want to, as times. >> it's huge. those guys, i can't say enough about what they've tone all year. it was huge for us. and really, the combination of the guards and tackles on the left, and the guard and tackle >> we had a lot of conversations, is this year different? you started out well. didn't end up so well. what makes this different than years' past? >> we're a lot tougher football team. honestly. i think we're a lot more resilient. a lot tighter group. you can feel that. the way that we're practicing,
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week. the way that young guys are getting better week in and week out. it feels different than last year. we learn these experiences at the end of the year. a lot of the young guys learn that. and we benefit it. >> one last thing. what does it feel like to hear these people say, pmvp. mvp. every time you walk out on this field. let's keep it real, buddy. what does that feel like? >> feels pretty good, man. feels pretty good. these guys are awesome to hang around tonight. and stick around. i appreciate their sport. >> they're here for you. you are having an mvp year, matt. you know, you had to be licking your chops after you saw the tampa defense give up 500 yards passing to derek carr last week, right? tooked to me like you were attacking the rookie. against your tall receivers
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in the saeecond half. >> we felt good coming into it. from that standpoint, it always feels good. in the first half, we had opportunities to make more plays than we did. and we missed on a few things. but i felt like we were rolling. and in the second half, we got julio involved big-time on the first drive. that was the momentum change in the game. >> i don't know if you're aware, but with the 25pl most completions by a quarterback in the history of the national football league in the first nine seasons. more than marino. more than peyton manning. what do you think when you hear that, matt? >> we threw it a lot a couple of those years. that helped. it's nice to be mentioned in the same light as those guys. >> before you arrived, michael said the halftime adjustment, in the locker room, was number 11,
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is that an accurate assessment? >> we didn't need the wipe board with the plays on it. throw to 11. that's a good idea. you know, last week, we played green bay. and julio got the double every snap of the game. they did what they did. and it opened up single opportunities in coverage. and you put one-on-one, it's going to be a >> you've been blessed. i talked to him last year. how hard it was for him, transitioning. now, you bring in mohamed sanu. this team seems like they're in a better place. that makes it easier on your quarterback. talk about that for me a little. >> you know, i think we've done a great job. and dan has done a great job of
12:01 am
no detail or job is too small or unimportant. when you get your big-time guys to buy into that, like julio jones, to be one of your hardest workers, one of the best guys in the building, that trickles down. and guys see how he run blocks and how he competes. >> i know rich wants to know, okay? what what do you prefer? is it matty ice or the matural. >> rich has been trying to get this going for a long time. it has to be six, five, six? >> you were born the matural, matt. there's no comparison. irv calls you a blessed individual. for somebody to have two
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>> he didn't answer the question, yet, rich. >> i like it when rich talks about it. it's fun for us to banter. the one that stuck a little more is matty ice. that stuck better. >> how good is it getting the win and having the days off? talk about the advantage of playing on a thursday night. >> playing on thursday, it's tough on the front end. it takes a lot of effort. takes a lot of guys being locked in mentally, for the first couple of when you win, it's nice to have the minibye. that's huge this time of the year. >> one more thing before we let you go. we talked about it. outside of two decisions, and coach, making it a better call and not working out. you guys, man, will be sitting, and saying you're one of the best teams in the nfc. how do you push past that point
12:03 am
>> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter that we didn't get a call or make a play at the end of the games. what matters is what we did tonight. and what matters next week is what we do in philadelphia. that's the cool part about our team. you know what? did we get the call? who cares, right? move on, let's go to the next one and guys that bought into that. >> thanks for taking the time. your family's over there. the whole ryan family. there they are.
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bob buesing... on the record. he sues tax payers to cover the outrageous cost of a lavish courthouse. buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors. his law firm is accused of running up costs on a school district at the expense of our kids. trailing in the polls, buesing attacks dana young. for things she never did. so we ask... mr. buesing, will you do anything to win? right now on news channel 8 at 11:00. >> a tough long night for bucs fans. we're live at raymond james stadium to break down what went wrong against the falcons.
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pinellas county, a mother accused of killing her own child who has been missing for five years. >> and a pasco county woman gets scammed. >> i was so scared i didn't know what to do. >> how she says she was victimized and then revictimmized by a big box retailer. good evening. i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us this evening. new tonight in polk county a 71-year-old man is mom and deputy in lake wales leaving themfor dead. the mother did not survive and the deputy is recovering. tonight a tipster is getting credit for bringing closure to a couple families. jenn holloway is live and it only took a few days to find this guy >> reporter: it sure did and right now charlie lewis is inside a holding cell in the building behind me. deputies tell us he did admit


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