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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ey. it's time for new leadership. 4 days to the presidential election and florida is more important than ever. the state may be leaning in a new direction. >> and deputies say he struck and killed a local mom and badly hurt the deputy trying to help her, new information this morning about an accused hit and run driver charged with leaving his victims to die. >> plus a rough night, tampa bay bucs slammed by the atlanta falcons we'll tell you what went wrong on the field. >> good morning.
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friday morning. we've got your friday forecast. it is a mild one out there. temperatures are running maybe a degree or cooler than yesterday but still comfortable. 61 in lakeland, 68 in sarasota. during the afternoon i expect it to be above average, 83 for the afternoon high, the average for today just dropped to 80 and still mild overnight with a low of 66, but the winds will start to increase because of cold fron day temperature trend to see what the cold front does for us. we're kicking off pretty nicely this morning for friday. let's cross our fingers that this continues. a good drive on state route 54. and the same goes for u.s. 19 and palm harbor not seeing any significant slow downs, northbound i-75 by sun city center, we do have an accident, it was off to the side
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word the road is now clear. all right. on the campaign trail hillary clinton, donald trump and their supporters have raised back and forth all across our state this week fighting for our vote. >> and now a new poll shows that campaigning may be having an impact for hillary clinton. we have the very latest numbers. . >> as we've been telling you hillary clinton and donald trump have been running monkey poll out last night shows florida may be moving back into clinton's column. the survey was taken between october 27th and november 2nd. the results show clinton has retaken the lead, but with only a 2 point edge over donald trump. and florida still a tough call. now, the i-4 corridor is the state's center of political gravity.
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on registered voters younger than 50. usf political science professor mcmannis says with so many colleges and universities along the i-4 corridor targeting that demo could be a game changer for either candidate. >> it's the most competitive part of florida. . >> both parties return to the tomorrow breaking overnight the trump campaign announced that donald trump will hold a rally at the florida state fair grounds saturday at 10 app. hillary clinton's running mate will be joined by rocker jon bon jovi for a get out the vote rally. that starts at 6 p.m. bottom line neither is ready top on florida or take it for granted.
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another twist that comes the next day. former texas governor perry will campaign in tampa today for donald trump. he will visit 2 offices in tampa. you'll remember he was a republican presidential candidate early in the 2016 election cycle but later dropped out and endorsed trump. and this is the last weekend to vote early and avoid those big crowds on election day. 330,000 people have already voted. nearly 120,000 people in pasco county have voted early or mailed in their ballots. early voting runs through sunday and if you miss that deadline you will have to cast your ballot on election day. this sunday morning we're getting prepared for election day with a special hour of programming. we'll have coverage on all the big races impacting us here in the bay
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episode of your vote counts 2016 airs this sunday at 9 a.m. a man accused of hitting and killing a mother and injuring a sheriffs deputy will be in court in several hours. lewis is in jail right now and will go before a judge this afternoon. we're live the polk county sheriffs office. . >> reporter: good morning. a person called the sheriffs ofn polk the suspect and the blue pickup truck he was allegedly driving during the incident. let's go to some video right now. charles lewis is accused of driving drunk after a party saturday morning and hitting and killing otero. deputy pinell was also hit along state road 60 but survived. investigators explained lewis confessed and claimed he knew he hit something but did not stop.
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the crime stoppers tip line and told them where to find lewis and his truck. . >> our homicide team from traffic investigations turneds looking for the house, they didn't have a house number. they were preparing to go door to door when who's driving down the road in a blue pickup truck but or suspect charlie lewis. . >> reporter: lewis traffic crash causing serious bodily injury and leaving the scene of a traffic crash causing death. he's set to appear at 1:00 this afternoon. count on 8 on your side to be there and have the very latest throughout the day. >> all right. thanks for that update. nearly 2-dozen animals taken from a pasco county home in a hoarding case will be up for adoption soon. animal services removed 17 cats and 4 dogs from
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were in good shape but officials say the woman who owned them was just overwhelmed she turned the cats and dogs over to animal services and was find for not having their shots up to date. to adopt the animals county pasco county animal services. st. petersburg is moving forward on fixing its sewage system. the mayor presented his plan for improvements that includes lining pipes officials discussed expanding capacity at 2 water retention facilities. the plan comes after millions of gallons of sewage was dumped into the bay when the city's sewage system was overwhelm by the water. 4:37 on this friday morning. >> well, we have made it, right. it's time to check the hour by hour forecast starting here at just about 4:38 and going forward in time. remember the
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about 7:45 and once it does we get out of the 60, 80 by 1 and an afternoon high of 83 only a 10% rain chance appeared should actually be pretty comfortable for the friday night football games. 78 degrees at kick off, a cold front comes through basically during or toward the end of the game. 74 degrees and comfortable at half time. there's about a 10% rain chance but you'll notice the winds getting stronger through the evening. today's high is 83, now, that's above 80, tomorrow behind the front we do go back to 80 but it will be lower humidity, you'll notice the change. very comfortable all of next week temperatures staying in the low 80s so #w50e check in with traffic on the 8 to see how things are rolling because it is friday. it is friday. unfortunately our buccaneers not so good. we've got a pretty good drive that we're kicking off to right
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here's a shot of 275 ride as your getting onto that howard frankland bridge a wonderful drive, and here's another view. now, in pasco county we do have a collision here located on state road 52 at u.s. 41. i want you to keep that in mind. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. bucs fans waking up disappointed this morning after the falcons walked bucs at raymond james stadium. >> 42-28. we take a look at what went wrong. >> divisional games are generally regarded as so important that many players will tell you they count twice. if that's the case the bucs lost twice thursday night. after trading blows the bucs let the game get away from them in the third.
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went down with injury, including 2 key players in the offense evans and winston with a knee injury. . >> i feel great my coach took me out. . >> and now at 3 and 5 the bucs head back to the drawing board. >> we need to reload. we've just got to -- something o give. . >> the buccaneers will be off to work preparing for another home game against the chicago bears next sunday. and they were number 1 in the ivy league. >> but now this top ranked soccer team is benched thanks to some rude remarks. coming up the comments that have harvard talking. >> plus an old scam with a new twist, a local woman is out 600 bucks and it could happen to you as well. we'll show you what to
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. a warning about an old scam still making the rounds. it
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a person pay back taxes with gift cards. this happened to a woman from pasco county. she purchased $3,500 of gift cards from target after she received a threatening call. . >> and i knew, i knew in the back of my head it was all wrong, but i did it any way because i was terrified. >> as she was giving the scammer the gift card access numbers she realized it was a scam and she called the pasco county sheriffs office. deputies told her to not before the crooks used $600 from the cards. now, she wants the remaining 2,900 target sent her new gift cards but she wants a refund so she can pay bills. a target spokesperson told 8 on your side she needs to call the company directly. she claims she has. . and taking a look across america a protest over that controversial oil pipeline shut down the state capital.
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standing rock marched around the capital demanding a meeting while others held a sit-in. the protest set off a lock down of the capital building. 14 protesters were arrested inside the capital building. those outside though were not arrested. a 7th stay of execution for an alabama inmate convicted of murder for hire. the supreme court issued the order one hour before the death warrant expired. the justices need some more time to consider whether or not issue is the sedative used in alabama's lethal injection. thousands of people were forced to evacuate after a power outage at the paris hotel casino on the las vegas strip. officials say it happened yesterday morning when a worker cut into the main power line which also killed the back up generators. no injuries were reported. it's still unknown when full power will be restored.
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for the rest of the season officer sexual comments made about women's team. the university's president says an investigation into the team from 2012 found that there are quote appalleding comments were not isolated. they were eventually continued through the current season. and check this out, caught on camera an officers rescues a woman having a heart attack right on the side of the road. you can see here the ce running to that truck there. the officer helps the woman's husband pull the woman out of the truck and then quickly starts cpr. shortly after that woman starts breathing and is quickly rushed to the hospital. . >> that's the first time it's ever been truly saved somebody's life. >> she woke up days after the nearly fatal attack. doctors
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survive it. they add she would not have survived if the officer hadn't performed cpr as quickly as he did. some plans underway, carnival announced it will move its ship miracle to port of tampa bay. it will take passengers on 7-day cruises. . the ship holds about 2,000 passengers. the new cruises will set sail of 2018. well, from the broadway hit show wicked to a throw down in downtown tampa is the place to be this weekend for live in the park. the free event is drawing in some of the best show performers and r and b powerhouse and nbc the voice super star fearing. she's performing life. >> i've been here since i was 14 years old so it's kind of
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do this is just amazing. >> florida native and season 10 stand out told me she will never forget how the conservatory launched her into a successful career. >> i was like mom i want to do -- i want to dance, i want to sing and act at the same time. she was like let's go to the conservatory and it was right here, and i'm like mom that's amazing. kids can come in wherever they are and just input their nt >> and by the way she just signed her first production deal. >> nice. . >> so you can catch her sunday. again it's a free event. i put all the information on >> that's great. what i love is she hit the big time making it on the voice but now she's back home performing for us. >> yes. . let's get a check on the weather. 4:48.
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all morning long. through the rest of the day not many clouds at 8 a.m. 68 degrees warming up to 78 at noon and 823 at 4 p.m. partly cloudy just that ten % rain chance. temperatures running a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. lakeland 61. currently 60 at north port as well. so through the day today it doesn't really get close to us. partly cloudy and ma tonight is when the cold front actually comes through after midnight. keeping it a 10% rain chance but the winds will start to pick up. so after the front tomorrow breezier, a little bit cooler so not necessarily a huge drop in the temperatures but all next week pretty much staying comfortable mostly dry, low 80s, slightly above average but still very nice. . we've got a couple problems out there one of them happens to
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state route 52 u.s. 41. this is off to the side of the roadway, it's not tying up any lanes. we've got great drives across the bay area bridges heading down in south sarasota county northbound i-75 overnight construction tying up the right lane. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. injuring yourself through the simple act of opening a door. >> yeah, it's people across america, the recall alert for faulty door knobs you need to hear. and check out my facebook page i always love to upload funny
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. piermp the company says they can shatter when you use them. they were sold in 7 colors and 3 different collections, you see them here. head on over to our website for more specifics on these recalled products. and many use apple's peach emoji to refer to theirs or someone he is he is rear ends.
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like a big behind and more like a peach as you see here. the change is disappointing fans of the original design. many taking to social media demanding the return of that so-called peach butt because how he is will you refer to your or somebody else's own butt. >> it's heart shaped. well, it could become one of the hottest toys this who had day season. the hatchable. the egg to get it to hatch and they can teach to to walk appeared talk. they run about 50 bucks but they're so popular that some people online are already selling them for $100 to a thousand dollars. there's no way i'd pay a grand for some walking, talking egg that's the last thing i need. >> yeah, how much cooler is that than just a little toy car.
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it's hatching, walking, talking. well, no one likes traffic when it's on your way to work. >> a potential solution coming up what's quicker traveling by land or water. we grabbed a stopwatch and counted the miles. we'll show you the myself next. that's how she gets here. >> classy. first a live look outside weather and traffic on the 8s coming up in just 3 minutes. when l'oreal asked me what i wanted my skin to be... i said bright, smooth, you know, with a little glow. new bright reveal from l'oreal. with glycolic acid... reveals brighter skin and visibly reduces wrinkles in just 1 week. new bright reveal from l'oreal paris. stubborn frizz needs smoothing care. garnier whole blends smoothing oil. infused with coconut oil & cocoa butter extracts.
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. so we'll have an afternoon high of 83 degrees, partly cloudy very little rainfall for today. a cold front comes through tonight and a low tonight of 66 degrees. for saturday a bit breezy around 80 degrees and don't forget saturday night you fall back. actually we get an extra hour of sleep, 82 degrees on sundays should be quite pleasant. how about traffic?
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problems on our surface roads nothing is going to slow you down. state road 52 and u.s. 41, and a little bit of construction on i-75. he rise. ober is not just ineffective, he decd to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, andrew warren for state attorney.
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i don't' an arrest in a deadly hit and run crash that killed a woman and injured a polk county deputy, how deputies say they tracked down the suspect and the surprising confession he made when they found him. >> also donald trump's wife pledge to fight cyber bullying. her rare appearance on the campaign trail. . >> and the cross bay ferry starts operating today. it offers you a new way to travel between tampa and st. petersburg but is it better than using the bridge? we put it to the test, the results straight ahead.


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