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tv   News CH 8 at Noon  NBC  November 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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three people killed in a fiery crash on interstate. the very latest on the investigation. and the secret service rushed donald trump off the stage during a campaign in nevada. good afternoon. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8. our top story in a moment but the forecast first with ed bloodsworth. >> yeah, lots of sunshine. more sun than we had this morning. we had clouds, even a few sprinkles but right now, a mixed bag of sunshine and cloud cover. nice looking view over downtown tampa where we made up to 81
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for inverness, brooksville, weeki wachee, zephyrhills. and 75 in st. pete. but a nice 28 for plant city and apollo beach. and the humidity still relatively low out there. and with that breeze, making it feel pleasant. right now, we have showers on the east coast of florida near the space coast. they're trying to push inland. but there's going to be drier air that starts to roll in and redevelop over our area. and we will call for a slight chance of a shower inland day but we will have scattered cloudiness through the day with the general breeze out of the north and east here. temperatures warm up. a few more degrees. and we will take you through the next eight day comes up in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. three people were killed in a fiery crash on interstate 75 earlier this morning. another person was transported to the hospital in critical condition. news channel 8 is live on the scene with the latest.
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will never be the same after three out of four family members in the car died this morning in a crash. around 2:30 a.m. this morning, state troopers say he lost control of this 2005 car as he traveled north on i-75. witnesses told state troopers the driver was going very fast. he lost control, hit a guardrail, and then hit a concrete wall. from there, the car overturned off the side of the interstate and the car landed area. one passenger was -- on woodberry road in the brandon area. one passenger was ejected and then the car caught fire. >> we do this a lot but every scene is hard on the state trooper, the first responders. it's never a good situation when you have children involved. >> reporter: the driver ronald green the second died in the crash along with his 5-year-old son ronald green the third and his 9-year-old daughter.
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she is in critical condition. >> sometimes you have an incident like that where it's horrific but somebody survives for some reason or another. not anything that we can pin point. >> reporter: state troopers want drivers to take this tragedy and use it as a lesson. >> slow down. watch what you're doing. there's no reason to do high speed on the interstate. there's too much traffic here. >> reporter: i did and state troopers if alcohol was a factor and they said given the time around 2:30 a.m. and the high rate of speed, they said it's something they're going to look into and right now, this investigation is still pending. reporting in hillsborough county, news channel 8. >> thank you very much. on the campaign trail, a mad dash to the finish line. we are down to two days until election day. the clinton campaign has events in seven battleground states
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governor mike pence will rally in panama city today while president barack obama campaigns for clinton in kissimmee. and donald trump will return to the bay area tomorrow for a rally at the sarasota fairgrounds. last night, tense moments in nevada. take a look at secret service as they rushed trump off the stage in the middle of the speech. we're told a man shouted whisked him away. moments later, trump returned to the stage. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. i want to thank the secret service. these guys are fantastic. [ applause ] >> they don't get enough credit. >> a man identified as austin crites was detained by police officers and secret service. this is video of officials holding him down. no charges were filed and he has been released.
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trump and was assaulted by a group around him. >> there were people on my neck, basically trying to choke me. and growing up as a wrestler, i'm used to giving myself air. so i wasn't going to allow them to complete choke me out. but had i not had the training, it's possible i wouldn't be here talking to you. >> again, officials report that they did not find a weapon in the venue and he is not facing charges. it happened hours after a trump rally at the florida state donald trump told florida supporters, he draws crowds the old fashioned way, with his message. >> he wants to take tax down 10 to 15%. which means all the businesses will move back to america. this gets rid of the inner city problems right away. >> trump will be back in the bay area tomorrow. he is holding a rally in the sarasota fairgrounds. the rally is scheduled to start
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? it's all right ? ? it's all right ? ? it's all right ? on the democratic side, jon bon jovi rocked out in st. petersburg for hillary clinton. he was joined by tim kaine. the musical rally today begins at 5:00 at albert park with jimmy buffet. while most in the crowd voted have voted to knock on doors and urge family members and friends to exercise their right. he emphasized how important florida is this year. >> florida's really important. and here's the thank you, you guys have already, more than 5 million of you, have already voted in early voting. [ applause ] >> that's astounding. >> bon jovi closed out the show with a rendition of "give love
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and tim kaine is rallying today in wisconsin. today hillary clinton will head to cleveland to rally with lebron james and will campaign in new hampshire. last night the presidential nominee was with another star, singer katy perry in pennsylvania. earlier in the day, she battled the elements in south florida. take a look. it's no wonder the candidates are spending time in florid pivotal role in this election. recent nbc wall street journal poll numbers show how tight the race is here in florida. clinton has 45% and trump at 44% among likely voters state- wide. and if you have not voted yet, you have one more day to vote early. they are open until 7:00 this evening. the state of florida has seen record early voter turn-out. here in hillsborough, they have seen more early voters than in the last presidential election.
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and 176,000 ballots by mail have been returned. that's almost 400,000 in hillsborough county. and pinellas just under 300,000 votes cast. and in pasco, 142,000 people have taken advantage of early voting and voting by mail. preparations are underway in hillsborough county for election day. saturday clerks picked up paper works, cellphones and supplies needed to return the ballots on election night as they prepare for tuesday. county so the clerks come by to get the final paper work that they need and things to conduct business in the polling site on election day. >> a big reminder, today is the last day for early voting locations. if you have until 7:00 this evening. and news channel 8, we are your election headquarters for political coverage on election day. we will be with you all day as
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and you can check or our app for latest information. much more right after the
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the pinellas county sheriff released details of last night's deputy-involved shooting where one man was killed.
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north. when deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call. a 49-year-old was found ramming his home and his wife's car with his pickup truck. he was shot and killed after they say he charged at them with a knife. >> we are fortunate the deputies are safe and that they were able to do what they did to protect themselves because he was clearly coming at them. a good portion is captured on video. >> and deputies report that he said, quote, you're going to have to kill me when they told him to drop his weapon. and we're told he had a history of mental health issues and had been drinking the night of the shooting after a year of sobriety. the investigation is still ongoing and of course, we will keep you updated. and another officer- involved shooting in plant city. one man is in the hospital. police say the officer was responding to a theft call. when the officer got to the scene, the suspect tried to run and a fight started.
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shot the man in self defense. a local businessman heard the gunshots. >> it's unfortunate, here we are in the small town of plant city, and the historic district, and something like this should happen on a beautiful saturday afternoon. >> well, of course, we will keep you updated on that case. ever heard of that good stomach bacteria? from mood to memory, there's a new supplement on shelves. why people are taking pills filled with live bacteria up next. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery.
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some intriguing health news. it's well known that so-called good bacteria in the stomach can promote overall health. and now there's a growing belief that it may be good for the brain. it's led to explosive sales of new supplements. but do they really work? we take a look. >> reporter: kim carlisle's kitchen looks like a high school chemistry lab. >> this is like a giant dose of gut health. >> reporter: she's making a homemade version of a capsule stuffed with live bacteria that she grew in the kitchen. >> bottom's up. >> bottoms up. >> reporter: the virginia mother says before she started taking it, major stress almost left her incapacitated. >> i wasn't in control.
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own struggle with mental health issues and caring for three special needs children. her psychiatrist added it along with her medication. >> i pretty much recommend them to every single one of my patients. >> reporter: studies show adding good bacteria, the kind found in yogurt and supplements improves moods and can lessen anxiety. but most of the research has been in animals until now. this doctor discovered the first human evidence. >> this particular scan, we're seeing with the gut, what it does to affect the brain. >> reporter: these are brain scans of women after they ate yogurt twice a day for a month. their brains actually changed, showing the women responding more calmly to stress.
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changes that you found on the scans? >> yogurt made this happen. >> reporter: but she says it's unclear if that's enough to support the growing industry. overall sales are predicted to grow to $2.1 billion by next year, promising everything from less bloating and gas to managing your mood. >> no one has rigorously tested this. you got to be careful of anything you're take off the shelf. >> reporter: but kim carlisle doesn't mind if the science isn't there yet. >> i'm happier. and everything else feels better too. for kim that there's truth to listening to your gut. nbc news, virginia. well, a bit of a cloudy start this morning but since then, we have been seeing plenty of sunshine, breaks in the clouds, just fair weather cumulus clouds right now. winds out of the northeast throughout the morning.
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winds out of the east right now but notice the speed. it's less than what we were seeing this time yesterday. and great afternoon to get out on the golf course at palm harbor where it is 78 degrees. so for the rest of the sunday, pleasantly warm, not as gusty as 24 hours ago. but the pattern looks to stay dry through the afternoon and likely over the next couple days as well. it's not until we get to midweek next week. that's when we will be looking at subtle changes with fronts could bring us showers. for today, we are expecting plenty of sunshine, passing cloud, 82 at 1:00. and 84 will be the high today. just a light breeze expected into the evening. beautiful start to the day. there that's looking from lake placid from barbara coleman and another nice start in lakeland. so right now, 81 there for plant city and tampa. 77 for self iser hills.
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reallies. a cup -- for zephyrhills. visible satellite imagery. you can see the two flows going on. we have clouds rolling in from the east coast. and also you get clouds rolling in off the golf. low level flow from the east. upper-level flow from the west. we had a little bit of higher moisture with that upper-level westerly flow and that's why we had clouds and that's where we see better moisture in the mid- and upper levels here. we are expecting main as drier works back in. and notice in a couple sprinkles trying to develop and a few of these may briefly roll into polk county. but as they try to move to the west, they'll likely continue to fall apart. again, upper-levels, expected to remainely dry over the next couple days as the it will keep us dry. and moisture starts to gather -- expected to keep us mainly
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tuesday being election day, we are expecting, again, the graphic is not wanting to cooperate but we're expecting nice conditions at the polling place. 82 degrees for tuesday. and then start to bring back the rain chances, very slim, 10 to 20%. and it's really the dry season. so typically we don't see much more than that for the rain chances. >> all right, so the weather is not the excuse to not to vote. from amalie arena stands were packed last night. coming up, a recap from last night's events next.
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if the early bird gets the worm, the tampa bay lightning are decidedly anti.. this bolts have surrendered the first in seven of 11. that was the case in both previous meetings with the new jersey devils. round three last night at amalie arena. and true to form, the lightning fall into an early hole. he pounces on the loose puck. 1-0 devils after one. but the bolts stir from the slumber in the 2nd. he's not going to miss from there. a little later, right off the draw, to the victor go the spoils. he rips his third of the year
12:25 pm
after another offensive face- off. he fires and gets the twig on it. first nhl point for him. and an insurance tally to seal the deal. the lightning beat the devils 4- 1. on the gridiron, 11th ranked florida visiting unranked arkansas. he has seen better days. the quarterback intercepted twice by the razorbacks. that one a pick-six. florida down 14-0. offense. if you're not using that, i'll take it. gators get within seven but that's as close as they get. arkansas wins 31-10, beating florida for the first time since 1982. however, the gators still control their own destiny in the sec east. 22nd ranked florida state had its hands full at north carolina state. the wolfpack take a 10-point second half lead courtesy of that touchdown run but the seminoles rally.
12:26 pm
he cut the deficit to 20-17. fast forward, final minute, fsu knocking on the door. intercepted or not! the safety drops the gift wrapped pick. and on the next play, he makes them pay, going right back and beat by rudolph for a touchdown. florida state survives nc state 24-20. elsewhere in the acc, miami snapped the four-game skid by pounding pitrg he had himself a turn-over-free day. first time he could say that since october 1st. he tossed four touchdown passes, two a piece. the hurricanes win it 51-28. central florida, the green wave, 37-6. the knights forced
12:27 pm
conference usa, florida international blown out by western kentucky. and who's who of who who, that's the sound an owl makes, florida atlantic rules the roost over rice. thanks to 252 yards and three touchdowns from the running back. that's it for sports. i'm paul ryan. >> thank you. just two days left in the race for the white house. coming up, the latest on the last weekend in
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good. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us this sunday. the three people were killed in the early morning crash. children were killed in the early morning crash. news channel 8 has the latest on the investigation in just minutes. nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. >> trump vowing to never be stopped after a campaign scare in nevada. this moments after secret service rushed him off in the stage -- rushed him off the
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threat. one man was shot and killed by deputies responding to a disturbance call last night in st. petersburg. the sheriff says a 29-year-old was ramming his truck into his home. deputies shot and killed him when they say he got out of the truck and charged at them with a knife. the investigation is still ongoing. let's start by checking on the forecast with ed. >> and so far, it's a nice afternoon for us. if you're heading out, maybe headed to the beach or whatever you're doing, you will have and now we are getting blue sky out there. just 78, that's looking from veterans ford in tampa. again, traffic looking light on the veterans expressway. 80 for riverview. and 23479 palm harbor. and warming up to 86 in bartow. that appears to be the warm spot. but still hanging on to 7s including st. pete, clearwater, brooksville. for the rest of the afternoon,
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paints out the chance of a couple of quick showers. but the showers will be difficult to come by this afternoon. if you get wet, it's not going to last long. partly cloudy and 84 this afternoon with clouds and sunshine. and temperatures slowly but surely start to head down, closer to average into the next five days. we will talk about the temperatures and when you can expect the next rain chance in a -- rain chance in a t. three people are dead. the highway patrol says ronald green the second was traveling north on i-75 near brandon when he lost control of his car. he hit the guardrail and then a concrete wall and the car overturned and went off the side of the interstate and resting on the road near brandon underneath. one passenger was ejected and the car caught on fire. green's two children who were in the back of the car died onscene.
12:33 pm
and she is still in critical condition. >> sometimes you have an incident like that where it's just horrific but somebody survives for some reason or another. it's not anything that we could pin point. >> state troopers are using this as a reminder to drivers saying don't speed, put down your phone and watch the road. > about 36 hours until polls open on election day. last night, dramatic moments where the secret had to rush donald trump off the stage. and hillary clinton continues to rely on star power. here's the latest from a busy day on the trail. >> reporter: tense moments on the campaign trail saturday night. secret service rushing donald trump off the stage after a disturbance at the rally in reno, nevada. police were seen removing one
12:34 pm
be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. >> reporter: it capped a frenzied final saturday on the trail with saturation facing off against star power. hillary clinton pulling out all the celebrity stops she can in a bid to get millennials and minorities to the polls. music you're going to hear me roar ? >> reporter: saturday with pop star katy perry in firewall which could block trump from getting 270 votes with one key win. >> all the campaigning in the world doesn't mean anything if people don't vote. >> reporter: trump is trying to the expand the map visiting across the country. four on saturday where he made the most ominous attacks yet. >> we need a government that can work and work well from day one for the american people. that will be impossible with hillary clinton.
12:35 pm
far-reaching criminal investigation. >> reporter: trump has five stops planned for sunday including one in minnesota which hasn't gone to a republican since 1972. still, he remains confident. >> based on turn-out, i think we're going to win florida. >> reporter: yet to be seen, how much difference this past weekend push will make. 40 million early votes have already been cast. nbc news, new york. today the hillary clinton states while the donald trump campaign holds rally in eight. and the fight for florida's 29 votes is evident in both camps. mike pence will be in panama city today and president barack obama campaigns for clinton in kissimmee. donald trump will return to the bay area tomorrow for a rally at the sarasota fairgrounds. it is not an accident these candidates are spending a lot of time here in florida. recent poll numbers show how tight the race is.
12:36 pm
a 45% to trump's 44% lead along likely voters statewide. there's an endless number of issues driving voters to the polls. >> reporter: taxes, security, women's right, this election year, there are countless issues that are driving voters to the polls. but we wanted to find out what are the top four issues so we new york times, a third of those survey say it's the economy that will be the biggest factor in choosing the candidate but who will it benefit most? trump sales his business record almost daily. and clinton is counting on memories of the economic boom of the 1990s during her husband's term as proof she would help america prosper. one difference from the '90s90s? how much voters care about terrorism and security. in the same poll, 29% of voters
12:37 pm
safety. isis-inspire add tacks in the u.s. and abroad have kept the issue front and centered in the 2016 race. and americans remain focused on health care. president barack obama's legacy policy obamacare isn't doing much to help democrats this time around. news of premiums rising could signal why 16% of voters are most concerned about their medical insurance. and last but not least, immigration -- >> we are going to create the border. we are going to stop the drugs. >> donald trump's signature policy. the effort to build a wall between mexico and the u.s. will not soon be forgotten but will it drive republicans to the polls? maybe not. only 8% of those surveyed say immigration is what matters most to them. on tuesday, voters will have a serious choice to make but we won't find out until tuesday night, if not later, why they decided to choose an individual candidate. we will have a better idea of
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>> you can check out or the app for the very latest information. authorities in south carolina have identified a body found on the same property where a woman was discover add live chained to a container. they say the body was charlie carver, the boyfriend of kayla brown who was found chained up on the property thursday. the county sheriff says there are possibly two more bodies on the property. >> we haven't found the other two. we have been shown where they are possibly located on the property, but we haven't confirmed that yet. >> and the sheriff says there could be up to seven bodies on the property. he is currently charged with kidnapping but there's probably
12:39 pm
three people are dead after a stabbingen side a of a newark home. he is potentially armed and dangerous. there's a warrant out for his arrest on unrelated charges. the motive for the stabbing remains unclear. a massive five-alarm fire ripped through a chicago warehouse. nearly 200 firefighters battled the fire on the southwest side of the fire chigger says it may have been started by homeless -- the fire commissioner says it may have been started by homeless people trying to stay warm. there were no injuries. >> yeah, they mentioned that, even towards chicago, it's been warm for them but the nights get cold this time of year. >> absolutely. i was looking at people on meet the press press, they had on coats. >> yeah, we won't know what that feels like for a longtime. take a look at some of the beautiful photos submitted last night of the sunset.
12:40 pm
and that led to a nice start to the day. that was the sunrise this morning at st. pete. thank you lauren clark for that picture. more on the forecast coming up. it's a social media sensation, women blasting their fat away. >> then i'm on facebook and looking on instagram and i need to get it as well. >> i talk to an expert to the find out how it works. plus, weather and traffic on the 8s on news channel 8
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a mother in washington state is grieving the loss of her young son and she is hoping to ease her pain by hearing her son's heart beat once more. she is hoping to find and meet the family who received her late son's heart less than three months ago. here's her story. >> day by day. doing what i can. >> reporter: her son's life cut short, it's hard to describe. the pain she feels living day >> how do you move forward from something like this? >> that's a question i'm still trying to find the answer to. >> reporter: but pushing toward a positive light as much as she can, her new mission is to hear his beating heart one more time. she donated the heart after he passed away in the hospital. >> that's my only child's heart. and it would bring me a little comfort to know that a piece of
12:44 pm
their baby home. >> reporter: so that's why she's taken to her facebook page. it's almost reached 5,000 members. the actual post has been shared hundreds of times. it's even reached people in australia. >> have to turn my phone off just to the even sleep for five minutes. it's been blowing up. but it's a good thing. >> reporter: all she knows from this single letter is her son's heart went to a little girl, similar to a 17-month-old on the west coast. >> i want nothing more than to hear his heart. and i'll drop everything and do anything to do it. even if it's just for 30 seconds. >> reporter: until she finds the family that she hopes to meet, she's clinging on to the beautiful memories she has -- >> little footprints. >> reporter: of a little boy who filled her life and family with joy. >> her son passed away from a brain injury in late august.
12:45 pm
well, no doubt, it has been dry as of late. in fact, for the month of november, so far, we are running a rainfall deficit, about .25. we typically don't see that much in november. it is the dry season. but the last time we had any kind of recorded rain in tampa, you got to go back to october 15 october 15th. several weeks ago here. so it's really not when we bring back slim rain chances but until then, it's dry for us. there's the view from veterans in order tampa. partly cloudy skies right now, 78. and lakeland auto mall seeing scattered clouds. and old glory flying now. the breeze is out of the east averaging around 5 to 10 miles per hour. and overall, the winds lighter for today. as we go to the rest of the
12:46 pm
and topping off at 84 by 4:00 p.m., again we will have the scattered clouds through time. and as we go into the evening, remember that sun setting earlier before 6:00 p.m. this evening at 7:00. we're at 76 degrees with partly cloudy skies. 82 right now in fish hawk. it is 79, clearwater. not too bad along the beaches or out over tampa bay at this time. it's 82 back inland in sebring and auburndale. and the flow is out of the northeast and even a couple isolated embedded showers within the batch of cloudiness and a couple are maintaining themselves as they work into polk county. so our inland most location, not out of the question that you could get a quick shower but they'll likely diminish as they try to work westbound. the reason is, more of the dry air in the mid- and upper- levels. that's going to push in. so we will call for more sunshine. and that's going to stick around for the next couple
12:47 pm
but likely through tuesday. and into wednesday. and then we start to get a change. we will get upper-level moisture and that's going to gather in advance of the next cold front. and that's when we start to bring back small rain chances. east, northeast winds this afternoon. the low 80s expected. above average for this time of year. and into monday, good news, the monday morning commute is looking quiet for us here. and then tuesday, of course, being election day, yo good if you're headed to the polling place. cool during the morning and by the afternoon, we are expecting decent warming as we get back to 82 degrees. and then a general slow but steady cooling trend. near 80 by friday. and again, the rain chances come back, slim, 10 to 20% in advance of the next cold front. >> all good news. thank you. >> oh, yeah. that's all i have. >> very nice. thank you. many of us take a simple
12:48 pm
some, it's quite a luxury. coming up, how one man is bring this simply luxury to those who
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. self-esteem can be increased in many ways. there's a man in new york who knows it can come from a hair cut and shaving. he calls his effort shaving lives. what he does and why he does
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makes a living, working wonders with the clippers. but on wednesdays, he makes a life. that's when he packs his tools of the trade to walk the city streets, looking for men that most of us pretend not to see, the homeless. >> a hair cut, i think it's extremely powerful. just in general, we want to look good and feel good. >> reporter: anywhere he finds a fellow who's down and out, hair cut and shave wrapped in tender respect. >> it's my way of showing that i care about you, the person, i appreciate you and you're important. >> reporter: and he brings the shop on the go the to homeless shelters. he spent time on the streets when he was 16 and unruly as he describes it. it opened his eyes to the world. he reconnected with his parents whose love never waivered during his rough patch.
12:52 pm
to be married. the hair cut is just an opening. to let these men know someone's on their side. >> anybody come back to you after and say, man, you know, you did that for me and that was the turning point for for me. >> oh, yeah, definitely. it's happened. >> reporter: and now he falls into a comfortable pattern with the men. >> where you from? >> i've been here since 1961. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: they share their drink. >> how long you been drinking? >> since i was 16 years old. >> mohamed ali had a quote, service to others here is rent for here on earth. >> this is my rent for earth. >> reporter: their hearts are eased and the men are reminded, their lives matter. >> oh, my god, you made me a new man.
12:53 pm
it was the toughest because he wasn't sure how to offer it and he wasn't sure how it would be received. but it went well and he says that's still someone that he sees. as the presidential election comes to an end, "saturday night live" has its last campaign laugh. there were a lot of kissing and funny attacks on the candidates. the serious reason that both actors broke character next on news channel 8. mz zy6z
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12:56 pm
action election, "saturday night live" skwered both candidates. the opening sketch compares some of the allegations against donald trump to those against clinton, specifically her emails. >> joining me from florida is secretary of state hillary clinton and from florida, donald trump. [ applause ] >> now it's highly unusual for the to like this so close to the election. >> oh, yeah, you think? i mean, am i crazy or does it sort of seem like the fbi is trying to get donald trump elected president? >> no, no. that is crazy. the fbi is not trying to help me. the fbi doesn't like me. i mean, what even is the fbi? >> i'm going to grab some coffee. you want something? >> no, i'm good. thanks sweety.
12:57 pm
>> yeah, this was hilarious. last night, they ended this on a really, really good note. >> yeah. >> eventually, i bet they'll have one more skit. >> yeah. >> they have to keep alek baldwin. >> the candidates that keep giving. >> and a big special tomorrow night, the night before the election. i think they'll go over all the skits. >> let it take the edge off. you need laughter. >> absolutely. and a final look at the forecast. it's beautiful. lookt at lakewood ranch. just puffy clouds out there. and that's really all we will see for the day. 82 degrees at the top of the hour. by 4:00 p.m., the high, 84. very comfortable, still above average here. falling down to 76 by 7:00 p.m. tonight. and we will stay with temperatures in the 80s over the next few days through election day. small rain chances re-enter the forecast. and cooler by next sunday as we
12:58 pm
us. check out the next newscast tonight at 6:00. have a great sunday. z25eiz z16fz
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney.
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