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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bind the wounds of division. >> and with 99% of the vote send tonight, it appears clinton narrowly won the popular vote but lost the electoral college. the former secretary of state delivered her concession speech late this morning. she said we owe trump an open mind and the chance to lead.>> we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but and i always well. and if you do, then we must accept this result and then what to the future. >> this afternoon, president barack obama acknowledged that he and donald trump have significant differences but says his administration is working to make a smooth transition for the president- elect. we have team coverage beginning with candace mccowan live in our tampa new center.
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house here. republicans won in many races, maintain control of the house, and the senate, which was a bit more of a challenge. >> reporter: republicans had a good night but make no mistake, this was a contentious election season and there are still some bruises left behind in the party. it's back to washington for marco rubio, going back on his promise of becoming a private citizen.>> i want to thank the people of this extraorry opportunity to serve them in the united states senate. >> reporter: and at least 50 other republican senators are headed to the capital with him. rubio like most candidates are calling for a unified front. >> we cannot move forward as a nation if we cannot have enlightened debates about tough issues. you can disagree with someone without hating them and you can disagree with them without delegitimizing their point of view. >> reporter: after a contentious primary, that unity
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rubio is one of many who voiced concerns about donald trump. gop chair nick to segue tells me some -- desglie says some have a harder time than others. >> they have a relationship to mend. >> i'm not sure how that will play out. >> reporter: republicans trying to find h >> i think we're going to be very surprised. i think donald trump, being the successful businessman that he is, he has had to bring people together, work with other people. >> reporter: in the this morning, marco rubio commended trump on his speech this morning saying he struck the right tone saying we can only be successful by helping him succeed.>> rubio actually outran trump in florida last night. >> correct. senator rubio received a 216,000 more votes than trump.
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his favor. >> candace mccowan in the tampa news center. a lot of people are asking questions about presidential polling. what went wrong? most of the major polls we followed predicted hillary clinton was going to win. rod carter is live in tampa with this story. eyesight couple pulls that predicted a trump victory but they are not the biggies. what went wrong?>> reporter: you're right. predicted hillary clinton would lose. there was a you sela times prediction that -- usc l.a. times prediction that had trump at the top but a political analyst says maybe the polls weren't exactly wrong. hillary clinton's surrogate made his foray into politics a couple of years ago. >> we would go home and discuss the politics of the day.
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florida. >> next to financing, candidates are looking at polls constantly. >> reporter: but this year he ran for the state senate and lost by a handful of votes. throughout the process, he relied on polls, a sampling of likely voters to make his decisions. >> it helped determine a lot of strategy in terms of the things you're going to do next. it helps from a messaging standpoint. >> reporter: but during this election, every poll got it wrong. people even believed in data for 30 years in politics and data died tonight. i could not have been more wrong about this election." many people know contribute that to the shy trump effect, people who supported trump privately but not publicly. >> the people that sort of came out of the woodwork to vote for trump. >> reporter: but this political analyst says that's only one part of it.
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the margin of error. >> it's a scientific fact that you run the risk of having those kinds of errors. it means you could be over by 3% or over by 3%. >> reporter: right or wrong, he says candidates need them.>> but i don't think candidates will ever get rid of looking at that sheet saying this is where you are. >> reporter: and of course, we all know this was a very unusual presidential election and there could be any number of factors that played a part in why those polls were so awful. -- were the pull it 11-ish the fbi investigation announce all -- announcement 11 days before the election may have also played a role. there was a lot of under pulling as well. white college students were under polled and then there was the overestimation of other groups, certain demographic groups they just assumed would be in the hillary clinton column
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tonight. to find a complete wrapup and breakdown of the election results, head to new tonight, a memorial is growing for a crossing guard hit and killed yesterday afternoon in st. petersburg. 72-year-old david roundtree was preparing for full -- for school dismissal when charles walton hit him in a school zone. tonight, we are hearing from people who say roundtree was a kind man who lo family says he died doing what he loved. >> reporter: good evening. you know within the last five minutes we have seen more and more people coming up to this growing memorial, leaving balloons, flowers, cards. again, this has grown since yesterday. those people who knew mr. rowntree, they just can't believe that he is gone. heartbroken, mabel williams roundtree can't believe her
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dead. >> he was a good man, a devoted man, he was devoted to his church. he was devoted to the kids. >> reporter: david roundtree was a crossing guard on the corner of ninth avenue north just steps from his house. he was hit and killed yesterday afternoon while putting cones in the street. >> i seem three police walking up in the yard and i said oh, what happened? driving erratically when he slammed into a truck and then roundtree. police say walton was impaired. friends and parents who trusted their children's lives to rowntree came to respect their respects -- came to show their respects at a memorial. >> he shouldn't have died like that but i guess god wanted him home. >> reporter: extra officers were in place to stop violators. >> i think we have done enough of educating people.
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write tickets with huge fines so they know they should be riding through these school zones. >> he was a good man. i had him for 23 years.>> reporter: and chief holloway is placing extra officers at school zones throughout the city to pretty much do details. one person we know of on afternoon detail was cited a little bit later on, earlier today i as for walton, he went before a judge today and he remains behind bars. stacy?>> jim day -- jamel lanee thank you. still to come tonight, accused of praying on a woman working in an outlet store. >> we're going to show you why this man is facing voyeurism charges and how it is not his first run-in with the law. plus, she paid for insurance coverage for her son
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claim was denied. she is finally getting results with the help of 8 on your side . a lack of sunshine in most locations around tampa bay giving us a high of 81 degrees. the next couple of days, temperatures will change because of a cold front and we will get the son back. we will talk about all of that
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investigators are working to find what caused a deadly fire in tampa. 44-year-old rafael soto gonzales was found dead inside the home. it took 15 minutes to get that fire under control and they are still investigating how gonzales died. and a dade city man is accused of using a cell phone to record video of a woman's dress at tampa premium outlets. investigators say marcus grant snuck up behind an employee when she says -- when she told authorities she felt something touch her and caught ran recording her. grant has 12 other charges including indecent exposure around children and domestic battery. lakeland police are searching for a serial robber. here is surveillance video of the guy holding up a subway restaurant. he is also suspected in at
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there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. she was required to buy extra insurance for her son to play sports.>> but when he got hurt, she had to pay out of her own pocket. how 8 on your side got some answers and results for this single mom and her son. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works.
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money well spent? some taxpayers don't think so. 8 on your side has their backs. mark is on it because you paid for it.
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school sports concerns, you pay for it but it doesn't always pay you back. that was the case with a mother in hillsborough county, whose son suffered an injury in an off-season football practice at king high school. we put mark on it to set things right. but mark, it took some doing but it looks like this finally paid off with persistence. >> reporter: i wish ey choice when she forked out money to buy school sports and surrounds -- sports insurance is that it didn't count when she needed it most. kenny johnson suffered a concussion during off-season put all practice at king high school a year and a half ago. >> did you see stars? >> yes sir.>> reporter: he recovered but insurance bills plagued his mom ever since.
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that. >> still paying, yes. >> reporter: the school insurance monica johnson and other football parents are forced to pay for, doesn't apply in the policy -- in the postseason and the hillsboro school district can't find the policy the coach was supposed to buy to cover spring park this. >> we had an outside insurance adjuster and they were not able to find that policy. >> reporter: we figured if monica johnson paid for school insurance in good faith, insurance should pay kenny's hospital bill. two months later, school district finally came through. >> they honored it and took care of it. >> reporter: just like magic, or $3000 hospital bill disappeared. >> what a relief. >> thank god. now i can get this hospital bill behind me and just go forward from there. >> reporter: you won't have to pay for it either because the school district found another insurance policy that did. >> so that's where the money will be coming from in this situation. >> thank you for being on my side. >> we are happy to be there. >> reporter: tonya tells me the
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to help monica johnson and wishes she had approached them sooner about her insurance problems. >> what is the lesson here for parents of other injured student athletes? >> you pay for this insurance so you have to make sure it pays you back. you have to be assertive and aggressive and she wasn't assertive because she wanted to pay it on her own but if you have trouble, go to the school athletic director and be persistent. don't just let it go. if you paid the insurance, you deserve to have them pay it. >> i'm glad this had a happy ending. i've been telling you for some time, the heart walk is coming up on saturday and it's a cool start to the day. 58 degrees. it usually is this time of year, i think we're not going to have a problem with rain. beautiful weather in the afternoon. temperatures warm up this afternoon. lakewood ranch 73 degrees with a south wind at 6 miles per hour. it is dark but -- what a
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we are well after sunset. a little bit of light on the horizon it looks like. a nice shot from debbie. this is overly dear. you can see some clouds at sunrise out and polk county. jacob pierce got a nice shot and clear skies at this location. there are clear patches but lots of clouds as well. 64 degrees at 7 am, 81 degrees at 4 pm. temperatures are a little bit cooler and we will likely see more sunshine tomorrow afternoon. that will lead to slightly cooler temperatures with clear skies and a wind shift behind that cold front causing the clouds we're seeing now. 73 degrees for mcgill, apollo beach. 69 degrees in brooksville, 74 degrees in venice. out in sebring at the moment, a pretty good trail of clouds back to the west. a few light showers and moisture is deeper but the upper-level flow is near that cold front to the north.
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in the gulf of mexico and a few drops of precipitation falling around northern portions of the area. not a big deal but it's mostly about the clouds. just in case you do see a light shower, it should pass by briefly. just to the north of us, all of this associated with the cold front. the deeper moisture trapped further down to the south. is a good throughout the day on thursday and friday, we stay with very dry air aloft giving us bright blue skies and in florida that means bright here comes a cold front, waking up with a few clouds early in the day from north to south. the clearing will take place in the same manner. temps near the average levels of looks like and in the afternoon, clear skies and pleasant temperatures. you don't to the computer pick up a lot of clouds in this stable atmosphere dominated by high pressure. rieti morning, clear skies, light winds. nothing but sunshine this weekend. we have a chillier start for the heart hawks saturday.
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that's our eating temperature. maybe a sprinkler two around. 64 degrees to start the day. a mild one with a few clouds around. thursday and friday, low 80s and upper 70s. getting more sunshine compared to today's cloudy skies we have seen across the area. veterans day on friday, i'll be out at the florida national cemetery in bushnell for the veterans day ceremony, the 11th hour of the 11th and next week looks good. a great stretch of weather. >> that's a good one. and the tampa bay heart walk is three days away. steve will be joining me on stage again this year. we are making our final push to raise money for the american heart association. tomorrow we're holding our final phone bank from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm with great incentives to get you excited about donating to this cause
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matching the first $50,000 we raise and it's not too late to join our team. just go to walk. the walk is this saturday at raymond james stadium. the festivities begin at 8:00 and the walk begins at 9:00. of next in sports, a hard- hit more than a week ago. and guess who was on the field at practice today bucs fans? dan lucas tells us if kam martin might have a shot to
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honda dealers . wide receiver mike evans was a forgo it practice today. remember he suffered a concussion last thursday night but will undergo a test tomorrow but could clear him from the concussion protocol and then he would be cleared to play on sunday against the bears. his return has always sounded imminent. however, another player took the field today and it seemed to change everything. running back doug martin going through running back drills. thought of having martin available for sunday's game against the bears is great news for a position group that has endured one injury after the next. martin has not played since injuring his hamstring in week two against the cardinals. >> it's great to have him. anytime we get our guys back, it's awesome. all of our guys that are able to work out better injured are working out at all hours out on
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through whether it be machines and then gradually progressing up to the run on the field and changing direction. >> john cooper gave his team a pass after losing to the panthers in a hard-fought game on monday but tomorrow night against the islanders, cooper's says points are mandatory. there was an islanders player that check out jonathan doran just eight days ago. a massive hit. there was no is slow and deliberate. cooper said there is no timetable for his return. despite missing 48 straight games with a broken wrist, kevin kiermaier won his second straight american league gold glove at centerfield tuesday. but only were his catches fun to watch, his presence on the field mattered. without him patrolling centerfield, raise opponents enjoyed a 50 point higher batting average and when he
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special to me. the first one, that was unbelievable and something i never thought would happen but now you know when he hit after so much lost time means a lot to me. i can't think the managers enough for giving me that final nod. >> kevin kiermaier, once you win one gold glove you are in. you're in the club. >> i didn't think he had a chance. >> not with missing a most 50 games. that's impressive. >> and well deserved. >> the guy is amazing up there. >> a final check of the weather? >> cloudy skies with a slight chance of a sprinkle but sunnier tomorrow. nightly news is coming up next followed by news channel 8 at 7:00. >> and news at 8:00 on great
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tonight, shock waves across america and around the world as donald trump defies the polls and the pend its again. the dramatic triumph as the brash elected the 45th president of the united states. >> i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> for hillary clinton, one of the most stunning defeats in american political history. >> last night i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. >> the candidate and her campaign, so confident victory was in their grasp. what happened? we have exclusive


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