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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM Saturday  NBC  November 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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carl! hey man, you want a wing? (sloshing) (twist cap sound) unleash a refreshing citrus kick.
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>> rick: football night in america. 7:00 and 8:30. sunday night football, seahawks and patriots. on behalf of the battle that we saw today on the racetrack, it will be a great football game. see the steam coming out the base of the windshield. that 22, that's from the burnouts that have been done by joey logano. he has been celebrating since the checkered flag. time for the coca-cola winning moment he gets the lead when the battle for position between the 88 and the 22 take place. and that final restart. logano shoots out from that outside line and never looks
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>> advance to the championship four. that is genuine emotion. they told me earlier today, i love this kind of pressure. are you kidding me? i was made for moments like this, but i want to know the emotions going through your head before that final restart, joey. th for kyle busch. you had the tie breaker. what was going through your head and how much math were you doing? >> a lot. man, this feels so good. i never felt this good about a win before. so much on the line. everyone brings their a game when it comes to winning championships and this team did it. man, it's -- feels so good. i had a good restart. holding off kyle to try to get this thing into miami. we're racing for a championship now. we did exactly what we had to
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do the same thingment couldn't be more proud of this team, roush yates engines. ford. auto zone, trader, coca-cola, wheels up. everybody who helps us out. auto zone and auto trader. man, i am speechless right now. i feel like i just won the daytona 500 again. >> you heard him say i've never felt more emotional about a win in my entire life. todd gordon. huge win. they'll race for a championship in miami, sn, nascar america post race show. celebration for joey logano. he will be able to enjoy this moment for a little less than a week. he has won his way into the championship four. the champion will be determined in miami next weekend. stick around for the nascar post
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parts. take a look at the standings. at the end of the round of eight, logano, johnson and edwards all with wins advancing into the championship four. kyle busch does it on points. two joe gibbs racing cars fighting for a win, jimmie johnson looking for his seventh championship trying to tie the king and the intimidator. joey logano looking for his first ever championship. as is carl edwards. >> steve: we menti of eight. three winning drivers move on. proves that fact, jeff. >> jeff: no question. several drivers looking for that first championship. be interesting to see them taking on a six-time champion trying to get the seventh. >> rick: what an incredible race we have seen today. again, make sure to tune in to nbc sn for "nascar america" post race presented by advance auto parts. we knew that restarts were going to be very key in determining who would win this race.
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would advance into the championship four. it looked as though the 20 of matt kenseth had a shot at running for the title. the team on the restart taken out. now it is championship four including race winner joey logano. z25eiz z16fz
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y25ehy y16fy . right now on news channel 8 at 6:00. >>a deadly day out diving, a husband and wife find themselves stranded in the gulf. tonight a sad update to the story. good evening, everyone, i'm rod >>tonight we have an update to an apparent diving accident. 37-year-old blaze gamba has died from her injuries. >>it happened off the coast of madeira beach last night. chip has an update on the details. >> reporter: very sad story, rod and mel. investigators telling us the couple got into trouble about five miles off the coast
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boater who brought them in to shore. facebook pictures show the happy couple, william and blaze gamba. investigators tell us how the other boater piloted their craft into shore william was busy performing cpr on his wife. by the time they reached shore william passed out. we learned she died from her injuries this morning and he was updated to stable condition. at this point we don't know whatsoever an accident only told us both were wearing wet suits when they were discovered and there was dive gear in the back of the boat. mark and debra brady lived across the street from the gambas and are devastated. >>they are the most amazing couple, just full of life, full of energy, just loved everybody. i was here by myself when the first flood came through, and he came and helped me lift everything up so that the water didn't destroy anything.
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just, just an amazing couple. >>he's an amazing man. she's amazing. they were great neighbors. you couldn't ask for better people. they were always outside and always available. >> reporter: neighbors tell us blaze was an attorney. her husband is a nurse. the bradies just learned about what happened late this afternoon. they tell us that they plan to go to the hospital to visit wi him with whatever he needs. rod. >>all right, chip reporting live for us live. thank you. a polk county father injured in an atv accident is recovering tonight and officials are investigating the death of his child. joshua herd was riding in a strawberry field. the father made a turn and the vehicle flipped. 5-year-old eli was wearing a helmet but it did not save his life.
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a major announcement today from the flu president-elect. donald trump has selected his chief of staff and his chief strategist. we're also getting more insight into his next move as he transitions to the white house. he told 60 minutes that he credits some of his victory to his social media account. he explained to reporters that he will not give up social media completely when he takes office. >>i'm going to be very i mind it tremendous, a modern form of communication. it's where it's at. >>other cabinet picks include newt beginning rich or john bolton for secretary of state and senator jeff sessions and ruddy giuliani. -- ruddy giuliani.
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resting from portland oregon to washington, d.c. people are rising up against trump's victory. donald trump has made many campaign promises and as he enters office, candace mccal en talks to a -- mccalen talks with us about the changes. >>real change begins immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. >> reporter: our president- elect wasn't shy about his intentions while running for presiden part of the affordable care act, the question is how does he get it done. >>congress is going to have to pave the way for him in order to repeal or amendment obamacare as he's now saying. >> reporter: when it comes to immigrants he promised to deport millions, a promise he might have a hard time fulfilling on his own. >>he got shot down saying you can't do it by presidential action. >> reporter: what about the
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congress, very difficult. he got a lot of push-back during the campaign. i don't see that really happening. >> reporter: political expert felix vega thinks voters shouldn't just look to the supreme court but the federal circuit courts of appeal. candace mccowen news channel 8. this weekend the community is coming together to pay their respects five months after the pulse the event had to be postponed because of hurricane matthew. before the parade the city's first open lay gay elected official held a prayer circle. loved ones of victims came out to honor them. >>they were young and innocent. they died for having love, and love should not be killed for. >>we're going to show that america is, one, and that we are strong just like orlando is strong. >>the event ended with a moment
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and a fireworks display. there was a problem during the fireworks display. a wooden barge caught fire. take a look at that flames engulfing the boat. the fireworks were shooting out fast. no one on board was injured at the time. officials are trying to figure out exactly what caused the fire. a magnitude 7.8 earthquake jolted new zealand just after midnight killing at least two people and generating jolts felt more than 120 niles away in the capital of wellington. christ church is still recovering from the 2011 quake that killed 185 people and destroyed much of the city. this video shows what it was like to be in an apartment in the capital city when the quake it had. you can see the place shaking. authorities are not yet declaring a national emergency saying the regions are
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new zealand lies along the ring of fire, an area that is frequent with quakes. the united states government is now sending new troops to texas. >>the new report forcing boarder protection to amp up security. an olympic skier is out of commission again. lindsey vaughn's new injury that's preventing her from breaking a
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. united states customs and border protection is sending 150 new agents to south texas. now this move is being made after a spike in the number of people trying to enter the country illegally from mexico. according to a 2015 border security report, more than 331,000 people were detained while crossing the southwest
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i've seen it many, many times. >>we don't need people to cover borders. >>the agents being deployed to south texas will mostly come from arizona. smoke continues to cover areas in the southeast. 29 fires have been put out since last week. the report of the low humidity and the gusting winds is maki in tennessee more than 50 wildfires have burned more than 12,000 acres. authorities believe the majority of these fires in the southeast are arson related. no arrests have been made yet. she's had a very long history of injuries and now olympic skier lindsey vaughn is hurt yet again. she broke her arm after after a cash while training in colorado. she is hoping to get back to the slopes as soon as she can. it is unclear still
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she is 11 wins away from breaking the all-time word record. we'll take a quick
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plenty of sunshine with temperatures ck started off with a good deal of fog across the tampa bay area much this is the time lapse. you see all that fog but once it lifted we were left with sunshine and we enjoyed it for the better part of the day. you might have noticed it was more muggy. the dew point values up into the 60s after they were in the 30s and 40s yesterday. this is some extra moisture pooling in front of a weak front we have heading our way tomorrow. just a few clouds
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we'll see some extra clouds during the overnight hours, maybe a few sprinkles or light showers to take us through our monday. good deal of cloud cover you see there, not a lot of rainfall with the front. we could really use t it's been a dry november so far. we've recorded rainfall at tampa international once in the last month and it was that 100th of an inch we received last week. lingering clouds tuesday morning and the sunshine breaks out for the afternoon. c tomorrow is about it, that 20% chance with a front moving through. the 10% is a sprinkle for early tuesday and that'll do it. 73 right now in tampa. 68 in clearwater. 75 heading down towards sarasota. high temperatures trending below average the next few days as cooler air filters in behind the front. something we're watching in the tropics, southwestern part of the caribbean this
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hurricane center giving it a 60% chance of developing. we'll continue to track that at the end of the week. overnight tonight increasing cloudiness. low temperatures milder, around 63 degrees. tomorrow afternoon more clouds and sun, a small shower chance with a high around 77 degrees. once we get clear of tomorrow's front the rest of the week looks fantastic. a lot of sunshine, some overnight lows in the middle of the week in the mid 50s, very showers out of the front. >>that's spectacular. >>hoping for the best. >>monday's okay for showers. >>we'll be right back. sports
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well, bucs head coach showed up at the post game press conference today with a band- aid on his head from a collision with chris conte many of many -- one of many hits delivered today. bucs taking on the bears today. how about that, the return of doug martin finally, ran for 33 yards today. the next pass thrown quarter after the 4th turnover of the half by the bears. finds cameron brady who had a great day, 14-3. final play of the half, cutler hail mary off the hands of conte so it's 17-10 and then this happens in the 3rd quarter, winston in big trouble, nearly sacked. now he's in his own end zone, nearly sacked
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finds mike evans past midfield. this is just an amazing little 39-yard play. the next play is a winston pass to mar teen owe, his -- martino, that ends it 24-10. the final 36-10. the bucs finally get a win at home. >>the defense played outstanding. they played amazing and that's what they're capable of. >>i feel great, everybody feels we need to keep this feeling alive. >>it was a blessing to come out here and work like that. we just felt like we were just almost unstoppable today. and we've got to keep it up. >>thank our fans. there are a lot less bear fans than there were last time. hats off to the fans. great job. let's do it again in a couple of weeks. >>i knew he was going to say something about the fans at this game. an outstanding day for
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south lost except for the bucs today. they helped themselves. >>good day, bucs fans.
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, . finally tonight an ahca pella group -- accapella group providing a veteran a joyful veterans day. the provide comfort during life's most difficult time. on veterans day they sang to a vet who spent 30 years in the military. >>we have touched something inside. it sent a shiver up my spine and i said i want to do this. >>the choir's services range from singing to the terminally ill to people recovering from surgery or just people who are going through a difficult time. what a great story. and they found amaze nothing they do.
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they sound amazing. >>they do. just a 20% chance for some light showers. >>thank you and thank you for joining us tonight. >>nbc nightly news is next. we'll see you at 8 on gray 38 on this sunday night, breaking news, president elect trump's first major appointments of his and continued protests. >> new zealand is rocked by a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the full extent of the earthquake is still not known and an inside look of how this country's largest police force had officers over seas. fighting pain for ten of millions trying to find relieves. a new study of some of


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