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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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. a suspicious house fire in hillsborough county, why investigators are looking at the house next relate to protests against president elect trump. >> bucs wide receiver mike evans creating a lot of controversy this morning for his decision to sit during the national anthem during sunday's game. how fans are reacting this morning just ahead. >> also cell phone addiction many people can't seem to put their phones down. some say they simply can't live without. 8 is on your side this morning with expert advice on how to overcome cell phone addiction. well, good morning and
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let's get you started with a check on weather with leigh. >> well, good morning. it is certainly a much warmer start to the day. we had some cool mornings both saturday and sunday. 63 in inverness and brooksville. right now 63 also in lakeland, 64 in bartow, 68 in sarasota, and we -- just look what a difference. you're 7 degrees warmer in plant city and in lakeland 8 degrees warmer than yesterday in bradenton, and that's all clouds streaming across the area. at night clouds trap the heat so you don't cool down as much and getting a little bit of drizzle out ahead of this cold front. so i left in just this 10% rain chance this morning as the front gets in here the rain chance goes up to 20% through the afternoon, but again even if you see this -- the showers it's going to be very light and i'm keeping the extra clouds around as well. so at 5:08 i take you hour by hour through your
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a little issue down in sarasota but traffic is still light overall. south gate circle where the roundabout is we do have a collision tying up part of that roundabout and injuries are involved in that crash. some activity out there in sarasota for you. 275 looks fantastic, folks, both directions coming in and out of tampa and the bay area. bridges look great too. and breaking news this morning a vacant home was spray painted with anti-donald trump right next door was set on fire. >> this latest post election violence has neighbors alarmed. ryan hughes is live. what's the latest on the investigation? . >> well, good morning to you both. once again i talked to the fire marshal who was on scene for around an hour and said the investigation continues. this is the home where the anti-trump message was it indicates burn everything with an arrow pointing to that home and that's the home that
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area. let's go to some video right now. it shows the message denouns president elect donald trump along with the words i mentioned and says burn everything with that arrow pointing to the vacant mobile home next door. that as well was set on fire. crews got the call around 1:20 this morning. they managed to put it out quickly. neighbors woke up to fire trucks and that message, one woman is quite rattled by all this. listen here. like timber wood and it could have easily went up in smoke and really really really scary to think that, you know, you might wake up every night to that. . >> and behind me you can also see the letters blm which likely indicate black lives matter. this investigation though still underway at this hour. . >> okay. thank you. and despite efforts from
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in cities all across america. more than a thousand protesters took to the streets of new york, philadelphia, san francisco and los angeles all heavily democratic cities. in portland more than 70 people were arrested this weekend many for failing to obey orders to vacate streets. it's another day of transition talks for president elect donald trump as he makes his first presidential picks. he has named 2 key staff members to his white house leadership team, we're in the news center with a look at who he's chosen. >> president elect trump has picked 2 top advisers for key jobs. his chief of staff will be republican party chairman priebus. he's popular among different factions of the party and worked to unite the gop. also trump has named steve
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he served as trump's campaign ceo. priebus and bannon will work as partners. trump's senior advisor says trump's administration will run very differently than typical washington. >> finally the voters got what they wanted what they've been begging for for 30 years, give us the opportunity, a person who actually represents the outsider, non-washington business experience type of . >> so we're going to hear from priebus today, he will appear on the today show this morning live to talk about his newly appointed role in the trump administration. >> a lot going on a lot of work still needs to be done. president elect trump may be softening on some of his campaign positions in his first time time interview since the election he endorsed some
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coverage of people with preexisting medical conditions. on immigration he said the border wall may end up being a fence in some places, but will still -- he will deport millions of immigrants with criminal records on the issue of same sex marriage the president elect said he was quote fine with that, he even said he would consider calling president clinton for advise. >> well, he's a very tall leapted guy both of them this certainly think about that. >> hillary called you, tell us about that phone call. >> trump is also keeping his promise to name a supreme court justice who opposes abortion rights, and would help overturn the decision. now, one thing not changing is the president elect's battle with the new york times. over the weekend trump tweeted that the new york times was losing subscribers because of the quote poor and highly inaccurate
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lost since election day. well, hillary clinton is blaming the fbi for her defeat in the presidential race. in a conference call with campaign donors saturday the former secretary of state said her campaign wag winning against donald trump until fbi director letter to congress. she also urged supporters to move forward. well some new information on a tampa police tell us a man shot at officers who were patrolling the neighborhood in plain clothes in an unmarked car. officers arrested that man. he's now facing several charges including 2 counts of aggravated assault and no one was injured. the florida highway patrol is still trying to determine the cause of a fatal crash on interstate 275 over the weekend. the car hit a barrier wall in the southbound lanes, then fell 70 feet from an overpassion.
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hospital with serious injuries. take a look at this picture of a crash in sarasota. the driver of that suv got several citations after crashing into the front of a cafe and breaking a gasoline. you can see the damage to the business there. parts of washington boulevard and main street were closed while the gasoline was repaired. the cause of the crash is still unknown. and this morning a madeira beach man is recovering following an apparent divin old who was also hurt died from her injuries sunday. the 2 were diving off madeira beach when the woman went unresponsive after getting help, william also lost consciousness. deputies believe the couple's injuries are related to diving. let's get a check of weather and traffic on the 8s. >> we're getting a lot of pictures in from the super moon. we had people who were very
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clouds broke. here's one from susan, look at that beautiful super moon. we'll still have clouds around tonight. basically the hour by hour forecast keeps it cloudy. 75 at noon, clouds also keeping temperatures down a bit, 77 at 3 p.m. and there's about a 20% chance of a quick light shower as the code front comes through. behind it will be cooler. mid to upper 70s in the afternoon and mostly dry after today, sunny days for the rest of the week. he hurricane season and there's actually a little area here that we're watching about a 60% chance the next 5 days it could develop. not a big issue letting you know we're still tracking. i know you're tracking a few things. >> track can some good traffic. we've got a pretty good drive. a good drive here on 275 from st. pete all the to downtown tampa between the downtowns you're looking at about 21 minutes on the interstate itself, it's a nice drive there.
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still have this injury crash south gate circle right in the roundabout. it is tying up lanes there. a quick live look a little bit of patchy fog, this is i-4 that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s, back in august 8th on your side help residents reunite with $1.3 million. well tonight our shannon behnken is helping residents find cash. a phone bank starts at 5 p.m. many residents have unclaimed money or property and not know about it. there are millions of dollars out there. the bank runs through or 11 p.m. newscast. call in and find out. so are you addicted to your cell phone? >> well, many people can't but it down. coming up 8 is on your side with suggestions on how to overcome this addiction. >> first bucs wide receiver mike
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protest, why he did it and how
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. before sunday's game not one member had taken a knee or a seat during the playing of the national anthem. well, wide receiver mike evans became the first to do so this weekend. we're joined now live from raymond james stadium. why did he decide to take a knee? >> he tells us that he did so to protest the election of donald trump to the presidency and said that this was not a one time thing. he plans on doing this and continuing to do this. now, evans explains that his controversial stand after the game saying that it was different from that of san francisco 49ers quarterback not standing. when the president elect employed a campaign filled with a tone of racism and sexism the bucs leading receiver was shocked. . >> when he ran i thought it was a joke, and you know, it's -- the joke continues. . >> reporter: now, evans's action did come under a lot of fire on social media. one user
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definition of democracy and remember pic while kneeling. now, late last night the bucs did release us a statement and say they encourage all of their players to stand and respect the flag during the national anthem but they said that they also need to respect their players's own right to exercise their first amend rights. >> and lots of people chiming in on social media. thank you. well despite the it was a great day for the bucs, winston through for 3 touchdowns. they got their first home win of 2016. they're now 4-5 and second in the nfc south. we play the chiefs next sunday. the first woman to serve as attorney general of the u.s. is being remembered in miami. a public memorial will be held for
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disease. she was 78 years old. 5 months after the pulse nightclub shooting the orlando community came together for the come out with pride parade. the event had been postponed because of hurricane matthew. this morning 8 is on your side with a rising problem about cell phones. it seems like they've taken over society and the way we live. anywhere you turn and there they are, glued to each andry ryan hughes talks to a local psychologist about cell phone addiction. . >> ring tones and vibrations are part of the fabric of society, our country is teeming with cell phones. >> scott anderson helps people overcome all sort of addictions one that's on the rise has to do
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of us keeps close, a cell phone. >> it's right in your hand, immediate convenient. >> he tells 8 on your side 18 to 35-year olds are most consumed by cell phones some are obsessed as hooked on checking their phone as some are on alcohol or drugs. he explains that social media sites easily accessibleable by the swipe of a finger help people feel better about themselves. >> it really fulfills voids needs of people these days. >> according to a study 67% of cell phone users admitted to looking at their phones when it didn't even ring or vibrate. the average cell phone user checks the phone 35 times a day, 61% of cell phone user admit they sleep with their cell phones under their pillow or next to their bed. 51% explain they check their phones during vacations. >> it's the world we live in now. we have every kind of information in our hands so very
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habit it's an addiction just like any other. >> i go to restaurants and see people on their phone. >> of course not everyone who checks their phone at dinner is addicted but he still sees it as a serious problem. they're keeping spouses, family members and friends from talking to one another and experiencing life. >> i believe it is unraffling the social fabric of our society. . >> so what can you do if someone you know is hooked on their cell phone? scott anderson tells us that cell phone addiction can be treat through therapy sessions that determine the underlying cautions and attempt to modify that behavior but like any addiction the first step is be willing resides that you do have a problem. maybe there's an app for therapy. we did get a lot of cell phone pictures and pictures of the super moon.
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just gorgeous out there. the super moon is the big story. officially the moon is full this morning. so last night and tonight you'll be able to see the moon which will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter, the last time the super moon was this big was back in 1948 and it won't happen again until 2034. so hopefully we'll be able to get some of these clouds out of here tonight. 67 degrees with the clouds not as cool this morning, 75 as a front arrives chance today but certainly warmer. we have some clouds, we have some low clouds low to mid-60s right now. i checked in with bob in venice, my weather watcher there says 66 degrees. you can see the clouds hanging around through the day and just a few of these light showers. tomorrow morning we could even some some lingering clouds but by tomorrow afternoon the cooler drier less humid air arrives and temperature will be a bit below
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let's check on traffic. >> of course it's a little bit foggy in certain areas i-4, just be a little cautious as you're travel through on i-4, a little bit of fog in different spots. all right sun coast parkway looks fantastic. not seeing any delays once you get onto the veterans expressway still up to speed out in sarasota a roundabout still blocked here at south gate circle, and that is all due to a collision with injuries. that's a look at if you're a parent you know it's hard or toddlers to keep still but can they hold a pose for the mannequin challenge. >> i don't know there's some cute video that you don't want to miss. plus a somber opening for saturday night live, the post election show and its message to hillary clinton supporters just ahead. it's 5:20, you're watching news
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s brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. . definitely a somber and very different opening to saturday night live this weekend. you're looking there as hillary clinton in a white pant suit while singing taking a
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results of this election, the song ended with saying quote i'm not giving up and neither should you. well as you are putting together a list of gifts to buy for your loved ones you might want to include a rare diamond, if of course, you're a multi millionaire. >> if of course, you're on my list of people that i need to buy gifts for. take a look at this diamond it's going up for auction this wednesday, is sky blue diamond. very difficult to find, it's one of the largest for it's kind. it's expected to fetch up to $25 million. >> mere chump change for you. you have to take a look at the latest group to take the challenge. look at them trying their best to stay frozen. adorable despite a few wiggles,
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i'm impressed. >> mannequin. >> make like a mannequin. >> until the last bell of the day. >> they need to play the song with it. all right. president elect donald trump is changing his mind on key issues he used in his campaign. >> and a look at the changing perspective he outlined during a sit-down interview on his plans when he takes office. >> first let's take you live outside, a little bit cloudy this morning which is not great news because we all want to take a look at that super moon happening right now. weather appear and traffic on the 8s is
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. some clouds around even spotty areas like in plant city and along i-4, the bus stop this morning with the clouds it is going to be warmer, 67 degrees,
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and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. . breaking news this morning, a house fire in hillsborough county with some suspicious graffiti found neighbors react. . >> and president elect donald trump in his first sit-down interview since winning the election what he said that could signal a change on some key issues like health care and immigration. >> and bucs superstar receiver mike evans refusing to stand during the national anthem. the message he was trying to send about the election and the backlash on social media this


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