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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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seated during the national anthem. controversial picks for trumps white house team. why many are angry about his choices. hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in state coffers and some of it could be yours. our phone lines are open to show you how to claim the money. the number is running at the bottom of your screen. i >> tonight, the protests heard around the country. mike evans being called a fumble for refusing veterans day weekend. melanie michael is following this breaking story for us live. >> reporter: good evening to you. talked about a firestorm. in the last 24 hours, this story has exploded online. mike evans sitting down during the national anthem did not sit well with fans. the head coach spoke to us about his reaction, how he felt about this, calling this uncharted territory and how he
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>> i am disappointed for that but again i also respect mike's freedom of speech and freedom of expression. >> reporter: the coach expressed his support for the military. but also the support of the team and for freedom of expression. he wasn't the only one talking today. the fans lit up the phone lines on sports radio. this is mo look closely at wide receiver mike evans as he sits on the sidelines during the national anthem on sunday when tampa bay took on chicago. evans claims he was protesting the election of donald trump. >> a reality star can be the president? that's not good for america i don't think. i'm not going to stand for that. >> reporter: the second the story broke, the internet lit up. football fans across the
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were on fire. >> this kid doesn't have a brain. what's wrong with him? >> reporter: on the ronnie crash show, the opinions were as polarizing as the election itself. >> i would get all the veterans groups and protest the next home game. allowed, protest against the sky and tampa bay buccaneers. >> reporter: no middle ground here. fans were split 50-50. >> he has every by welcome his right to protest. that is perfectly fine. i am not condemning him or saying that he can't or shouldn't do that. >> i don't think he realized what kind of firestorm it would create not only for him but the teammates in the organization moving forward.>> reporter: by the way, 8 on your side did some digging and found out that evans is but -- is registered in galveston, texas but did not vote. >> let's go back to the coach's
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standing behind evans whichever choice he makes whether to sit or stand. >> reporter: the coach pointed out he didn't know this was coming and he didn't know about the timing of it he did say he has spoken with mike evans through text after the game and is also planning to talk with him on wednesday. the team is off today so the coach is to suppressing disappointment at the action but also -- behind mike evans saying it's his right to express his opinion about the state of affairs in american politics even though it didn't sit well with fans. some for him, and some against his decision to do just that yesterday. >> melanie michael at one book place. investigations underway in a possibly politically motivated arson. these slogan burn it all was painted on the home and a may
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president-elect trump has 60 days to select his senior white house staff. two pics were announced this weekend and they are already getting backlash. let's go to a dc bureau national correspondent, mike meredith. he joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. as you are saying, 67 days to go between now and inauguration. we are getting a much better idea less than a week after the electiho it is estimated the trump administration has to fill 4000 jobs but there are two spots that are getting a lot of attention. with a big job, which comes with a big staff. president-elect trump says he is ready to pick his west wing team. >> i will connect myself in a very good manner. >> reporter: in an interview with 60 minutes, mr. trump "the enormous responsibility in
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44-year-old chairman of the republican party. he is credited with leading the gop to a remarkable victory despite a brutal primary and general election. tonight, it's trump's pics stephen bannon for senior counselor causing an uproar. the 62-year-old served as ceo of the trump campaign but before the campaign, served as chief editor of the right wing news website breitbart. it's a site -- it's a job that led them into release in some. "the racist, fascist, extreme right is represented footsteps from the oval office. be very vigilant america" says john weaver. it's trump's choice but when it comes to a transition, staff is everything. today, president obama once again urging unity over politics. >> it would not be appropriate for me to comment on every appointment that the president-
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the notion that we are going to try to facilitate a smooth transition. >> reporter: it's not just the republicans that are hiring tonight. democrats are still trying to figure out who their party chairperson is going to be. it's been a tough year for democrats even before the election. you look back to the wiki leak scandal and some of the party infighting during the convention in philadelphia. we are still looking to see who is it going to be? the favorite seems to be a congressman out of minnesot any point. >> president obama weighed in on the reaction to the election and he is scheduled to head out of the country. do we know if he is expected to say anything to lead -- two leaders about what they are currently seeing in washington? >> reporter: i think it will be the big x factor. each different country will be concerned about a certain aspect of a possible trump administration whether it be
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it's going to be different trade agreements, environmental agreements. resident obama is saying he is able to speak to domestic policy and it is tradition that the new administration follows some of the same key protocols and agreements with international groups and international countries. at this point, resident obama is going to put his best foot forward saying he is putting faith in the president-elect. >> he has his work cut out for him for sure. we appreciate it. new tonight, veteran joli gwen ifill has died after a battle with cancer. she was a former newspaper reporter who switched to tb working for both nbc news and pbs. she moderated two vice presidential debate and last february's presidential democratic primary debate. she was 61 years old. a georgia father was found guilty of the murder of his son
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justin ross harris was found guilty on all counts after four days of deliberation. prosecutors argued that harris killed his child on purpose while the defense contended it was an accident. some good samaritans stage a -- staged a rescue on sunday. the engine compartment caught fire on the boat while four people were on board. the smoke and came over. they quickly rescued the family and pulled them away before the boat was consumed by the flames and it serves as a reminder that voters should always have a life jacket and an emergency plan in place. there could be thousands of dollars with your name on it just sitting in a state account. >> better call behnken is here to help you claim your cash. our phone bank is open now through 11:30 pm tonight.
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next, live. ahead, a dolphin cruelly hurt by a boat propeller makes an amazing recovery. what's next for babyface coming
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if you've been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side. tt >> right now, the state of florida has hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed money just sitting there and some of it could be yours. >> in august, our better call behnken film baek -- bank help reunite hundreds of owners with their money. >> we are so excited to do this phone bank again.
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reunite with $1.3 million and we hope to top that tonight. i have brought all of these people here to answer their phones from the state cfo jeff atwater's office. this is joel brown joining me now. it looks like you have even more money to reunite our voters with. >> 1.5 million just in the bay area alone. trip where does this money come from? people say they cannot believe there is this kind of money t all different places. dormant bank accounts, dividends, unpaid stocks, refunds, safety deposit box many that has been turned over from a bank. utility deposits. it comes from all different locations. >> reporter: some people have small amounts and others have really large amounts. tell me about larger ones. >> there are accounts well in excess of $1 million. it just depends on how well the
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whose it was. but we treat everyone the same. whether it's a dollar or $100.>> reporter: what can you expect if you call? how long does it take to get your money? >> that varies by account type and value. would do our best to be expeditious but it can take about 90 days from the time you initiate the claim to the time we are able to pay out the money but it depends on the amount of documentation. sometimes it's a driver's license, sometimes it requires a death or marriage certificate or other >> okay but you heard it here. all you have to do is call to see if you qualify. it could be your money. back to you guys. >> some good advice. we will check back with you in a few minutes.>> our unclaimed money phone bank lasts until 1130 tonight. the number is 1-800-528-0808. it's also running at the bottom of your screen.
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northernmost kamrath, the plantation crystal river is 64 degrees with a north wind fairly light. we are looking at the northern part of the state because that is were clearing is taking place. you can see the skies are mostly cloudy at this location. same story in lakeland. 68 degrees with a west wind at three meet me. not much in the way of precipitation but we could see a light shower this evening. and pinellis county, and here at who will be and tampa, overcast to 69 degrees. the temperatures are cool, feeling and looking like the chillier time of the year as we head into winter. long-term, you will see in a day forecast much cooler temperatures. this historic lunar event, the super moon still in place. actually peaked about 6:21 am but still about 14% larger and 30% brighter. the largest super moon since
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we are dealing with clouds so we may have difficulty seeing the historic event. the eight-day temperature trained takes a dip by the end of the week but look at that big crop. by monday and tuesday, highs potentially in the 60s with a real cold front pushing through the area. temperatures are closer to seasonal averages. that's our normal low. 76 at 4 pm tomorrow. we do expect more sunshine tomorrow. degrees, st. pete 69 degrees, 65 degrees clearwater, 70 degrees lakeland, 72 degrees in tallahassee. the air is a little cooler and the skies are a little clearer as they stream across the central portion of the state. you can see clear skies from panama city to jacksonville. that is not the case for the bay area across south florida and light showers continue to move along the flow. you might pick up a low shower here. most of you are probably hoping
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that is all associated with the cold front pushing through. in the tropics, the surf temperatures pretty warm. the next five days, a 60% chance of developing in the caribbean. probably the computer models suggest not much in terms of movement with the system. the sea surface temperatures are near 85 degrees. still very warm to generate tropical weather which is why this runs until the end of the november. the model continues to clear from north to south as we head throughout the morning hours but there is still a chance of a light shower as we go throughout the day tuesday. still some leftover clouds early in the day but through the afternoon, from north to south, we see clearing. expect some sunshine across the region for northern areas starting first. rain chances are low. rain chances at 0% basically but we still have a chance throughout the evening. there is some light stuff falling at the moment.
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thanksgiving right before thanksgiving. 67 degrees and then he had to mature of 73 degrees for tuesday. lows possibly in the 40s, low 40s. chilly stuff. >> festive for thanksgiving. thank you. a recovery story that will put a smile on your face. you may remember this severely injured dolphin hit by a boat propeller. babyface is her name. jeff patterson joins us now amazing update. jeff?>> reporter: i first saw babyface not long after that really ugly injury. to be honest, i thought there is no way this dolphin will live but within a year later, babyface is alive and doing well. doctor ann weaver is on the water virtually every day looking for dolphins. she began her work in 2004 and
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dolphin that she named babyface. >> babyface was the only calf born that year that survived.>> reporter: last year, she was one of the first to be notified when babyface showed up with a horrific injury. her tail, cut deeply by a boat propeller. we found babyface a few days later and got video of her severely injured but still swimming in the wild. doctor we were kept a close eye on the injuries. >> they have gone through the typihe wounds turn white before completely killing over. this photo was taken yesterday. >> she is back to normal behavior. truck today, we went out with doctor weaver and her husband and saw a lot of dolphins. two males hunting and playing together, a mother and baby swimming right next to and even under our boat. we found more than 10 dolphins, which is a pretty typical day for doctor weaver.
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reporter: the marriage -- monitor the dolphins with a permit from noaa. thankfully, injuries like this happen rare. >> that says to me that the boaters are pretty good around here. >> reporter: we saw a lot of dolphins today, more than i have ever seen in the wild at one time on one day but we did not see babyface. it turns out, it's really difficult to schedule an interview time of a dolphin swim in. >> she's got other priorities at this point but i'm curious when we see these pictures of her and she is obviously making huge improvements, it she receive any special treatment to get over the injury? >> reporter: the thought about capturing her and giving her treatment. they actually thought about euthanizing her because the injuries were so severe the doctor weaver announced -- observed that the dolphin was doing well on its own so they never did give her special
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>> so incredible. jeff patterson live in st. petersburg. thank you for that great update. we're feeling fulfilled after a hugely successful heart walk. look at the crowd of 35,000 people who swarmed around raymond james stadium raising money and awareness for the american heart association. our heart walk partner from kia joined us to present the directive -- director of the heart walk for with his check for $50,00 will be spent. >> heart disease and stroke survivors, we invest in their research and treatment so they can be in the community for long quality of life. it was very special at the heart walk. there was a moment when we had three survivors on stage so checks like this allow us to make more lifestyles and save more lives like those three. >> with that $50,000 match and your generous donation --
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$117,000 this year. the heart walk raised $3.6 million total making it the second largest heart walk in the nation. >> we have an awesome community. a new smart watch uses a different kind of power source. >> and you never have to recharge it. we will explain coming up after the break. after fires, a controversial and dangerous toy is back on shelves this shopping season.
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hoverboards would hit the shelves once again this holiday season. this may be surprising when you remember that millions of them are recalled -- were recalled because the caught fire. they were even banned from
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target are including hoverboards in their thanksgiving night door buster black friday deals this year. a new smart watch is completely powered by your body heat. this is a new power watch from matrix industries. it uses thermoelectric switch converts temperature differences into electricity. who would have thought? matrix is launching its first watch line for men first starting today for 99 -- $99.99. women in the future. oreo is venturing into the candy aisle with a collaboration with a european chocolate company. the oreo chocolate candy bar and the milka oreo candy bar. the big crunch bar will start appearing in stores today and the chocolate candy bar will hit stores starting in january. >> that looks amazing. as players. >> we're going to have to do a
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when it was swallowed by this giant hole. ahead, we explain what caused the ground to open up. some quick thinking good samaritans come to a family's rescue after their boat burst into flames. the actions that saved lives
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 pm: >> a whole so large it swallowed a car. news channel 8 caught up with the driver. here how he escaped as water came pouring in. i'm jennifer leigh and i'm josh benson. a citrus county man barely escaped after his car sank into a massive hole treated by a broken water line. jamel lanee that water line remains shut


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