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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00: >> tonight, football fans are reacting to mike evans refusing to stand during the national anthem during yesterday's game. jana jones heard from coach dirk koetter this afternoon and joins us live from one but place. this is getting national attention. >> reporter: good evening. it certainly is. most fans mike evans chose to do this on military appreciation sunday. coach dirk koetter said he would not speak for evans but says he is disappointed. mike evans, sitting during the national anthem, sitting because donald trump is the president-elect. >> when he ran, i thought it was a joke. the joke continues. >> reporter: nfl fans don't find the stunt evans pulled, funny.
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>> reporter: coach dirk koetter wouldn't say anything negative about evans. >> i'm disappointed for that it again, i respect mike's freedom of speech and freedom of expression. >> reporter: evan's protest comes after colin kaepernick yelled earlier in the season. evans says his reason is totally different. >> i'm doing it for a different reason, for how a reality store -- star can be the president of america. that's not a good look. >> reporter: but so recognizing the real heroes is not a good look for evans. if evans sticks to what he says, tampa may feel some embarrassment for a long time. >> when ashton kutcher comes out and says we have been punk, i will stand again.>> reporter: there were comments online as to if he voted this year or not. he is a registered voter but i look into that and he did not vote in this year's election. live tonight in tampa, jana
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a polk county school employee accused of a cover-up following the death of a student. kalen kirk was hit and killed while trying to cross clubhouse road. melissa marino confronted the employee who may be fired over the incident. >> reporter: 8 on your side went to brenda young's house to get answers.>> brenda? wondering if you wanted to talk to news channel 8 about what happened.>> reporter: she didn't open the door but talk t according to school records, the day of the accident, young, the transportation manager, told her supervisors that kirk was not recovered -- required to cross clubhouse road to get to his bust up. later that day, his bus assignment was changed in the computer system. young was the only one who could have done this. >> this was all you're doing?>> no comment. i will comment after the hearing.
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decision tomorrow during that meeting. melissa marino, news channel 8 . a group of good samaritans help save a family trapped on a burning boat yesterday afternoon off cooking a beach in manatee county. the engine compartment on the book caught fire while a family was on board. thankfully, heather whitner spotted them and quick me as quickly came by. heather and her family got the people out re >> it's kind of a water courtesy. when you see someone needs help, you help them because one day, you might need their help. >> officials say this is a reminder that boaters should always have emergency plans in place and a life jacket. a citrus county man barely escaped his car after it fell into a broken water main hole. jamel lanee who survived this close call. >> reporter: matt jakes takes truman boulevard every day to
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>> there was a pickup truck right in front of me and he drove through. the road just looked sandy at the time. >> reporter: hard to see in the dark, he kept driving until his front two tires became stuck. a water main break caused a massive hole to open up. >> it happened pretty quick. i was only a couple minutes and then the water st minutes and then the water started coming up. >> reporter: jakes escaped just- in-time. >> the water started coming up on the bottom of my car so i just jumped out the side and pretty much that was it. >> reporter: utility crews worked to repair the line all day monday. jakes hopes there is some help in it for him.>> hopefully the state on account your somebody will help me out. i don't know. i'm without a ride and that's no good. >> reporter: jamel lanee channel 8 . a tampa man was sentenced to life behind bars is a free man.
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face. is victim is now one of his biggest cheerleaders. >> reporter: looking at ian manual and debbie bakery standing together, it's hard to believe that ian shot debbie in 1990 when he was 13. >> he came through this and he came through it as like a nice guy. you know, not hardened. >> reporter: to the surprise of many, it's debbie who didn't let the shooting hard in her. years after the shooting, she says she fo bond was formed. >> i was ready for him to be released years ago. >> reporter: last week, a judge decided he had served enough time. blocks away from where he shot her, debbie reunited with en for his first meal as a free man. ian is now in alabama in a reentry program. i talked to him by phone. >> for her just to be continuously there for me for 26 years, three months, and 10
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be there. >> reporter: i asked debbie about her involvement with en and she says she hopes they stay in touch. you know what? it's never too soon to look forward to the strawberry festival. tonight, we know the big-name acts that will be performing next march. the lineup includes willie nelson, three doors down, the big town, jennifer nettles, and scotty mccreery, l keying, am i saying that right? >> i >> patty labelle and rascal flatts. find the concert dates and ticket information on >> i think l king, that's how it would be said. >> i don't know. apologies to anyone who is a giant fan. >> i'm sure she is very talented. >> somebody will write to me or
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>> absolutely. >> i am a traditionalist. >> we're talking about strawberry shortcake. >> i will get a tweet about that. can you just do the weather so i can go check those? this is a look at the superman. it peaked this morning at 6:21 am. we also have clouds to deal with. you can check this out, 14% larger is how it appears and 30% brighter. this is actually a little bit closer to us obviously and it's a goef trying to see it now, 2034 is a next time you will be able to see it. our temperatures rise. by friday, 82 degrees. temps remain nice with more sunshine tomorrow and especially wednesday. by the end of the week, long- term we have cooler air that we will talk about later. that's why the superman doesn't look so hot at the moment. quite a bit of cloud cover and showers as well. they are breezing ahead of a
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in at the moment. these are temperatures currently. 56 degrees largo, same view in riverview and apollo beach. these temperatures are the same within two degrees in pinellis and hillsborough county. a little warmer and sebring and a little cooler further to the north. we will talk more about the long-term chilly air around thanksgiving, coming up. still ahead: >> our better call behnken phone bank is in full swing. a tell your friends and family to call to see if there is money
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could you use some extra
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the state of florida may owe you money and you don't even know it. we are taking calls from people like you to see if the forgotten money is out there. shannon behnken is managing the phones and you and your volunteers have been very busy tonight. >> reporter: very busy. the phones have been ringing off the hook, so much so that folks can't get through. if you're trying to call into can't get through, keep calling. that is why we are going to continue doing this through our 11 pm newscast. a lot of people are having a lot joel, how is everyone doing? >> we just broke the 500 mark with 509 people claiming their accounts. that brings us to just over $112,000 but we have quite a few more hours to go. >> reporter: there has been some big ones. didn't you say one about $20,000? >> $20,000 in polk county and some other accounts over a couple thousand dollars. we are waiting to see if anyone else it's really big. >> reporter: if you find out
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>> it depends on the paperwork. sometimes it will require legal documents, legal death certificates and things like that but 90 days total to completely pay out a claim. it could be done sooner depending on circumstances. >> reporter: again, over $300 million in tampa bay. there is a lot of money still up for grabs. make sure you call. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. the number one a time 1-800-528- 0808. you can call anytime throughout the evening tonight. they are manning the phones until 11:30 pm. a quiet car should be a good thing but coming up, we explain the government's plan to make them noisier. get ready for a sugar rush. they have figured out a way to
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on wall street, the dow gained 21 points for another record high close. s&p dropped a fraction of the point and the nasdaq is down 15. samsung has struggled with exploding products but spending $1 billion to buy harman
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safety and security systems for cars, so the purchase could help samson grow in the smart car business. if you are driving a rusty old toyota, the automaker may owe you money. toyota is spending up to $3.4 billion to settle a class- action lawsuit claiming its trucks and suvs lacked adequate rest prevention. tacoma, and sequoia models are -- may be eligible for frame replacement which is a job worth up to $15,000. the feds want quiet, electric cars, to make some noise. a new law requires electric cars to make a sound when traveling in reverse or forward at up to 19 miles per hour. regulars blamed 2400 pedestrian injuries every day -- every year on quiet cars that can't be easily detected by people who are blind or have low vision. the new rules take effect in 2019. if you want to listen to driving music, workout route -- workout music or rainy day
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right to not the right time by tracking you. google play announced it is using machine learning to figure out what music you like and part of that is based on where you are at, which means google is using your location to figure out their activities and even comparing that data to the weather. you will need to opt into the new feature. stay tuned for a chance to buy snapchat spectacles embedded with a tiny camera. snapchat started smelling -- selling them bright yellow vending machine in los angeles and big serve. the spectacle website is promising to reveal a new location tomorrow morning at 8 am but they happen quickly selling out. you might want to make a special trip down the candy aisle. all the magical goodness of an oreo cookie is now a candy bar. today, oreo is releasing two kinds of bars, a chocolate candy bar and a big crunch bar.
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company now owned by the oreo parent company. the candy bar comes in three sizes starting at $.99 while the 10 ounce big crunch sells for five dollars. they will start appearing in stores today and should be everywhere by january. last year, we told you about a dolphin with severe injuries caused by a boat propeller and we have an amazing update. jeff patterson tells us about the dolphin known as baby faced -- babyface. >> reporter: doctor ann we looking for dolphins. she began her work in 2004 and in 2006, noted the birth of a dolphin that she named babyface. >> babyface was the only calf one that year that survived. >> reporter: last year, she was one of the first to be notified when babyface showed up with a horrific injury. her tail, cut deeply by a boat propeller. we found babyface a few days later and got video of her severely injured but still
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doctor weaver kept a close eye on the injuries. >> they have gone through the typical healing process. >> reporter: the wounds turn white before completely healing over. this photo was taken yesterday. >> she is back to normal behavior. >> reporter: today, we went out with doctor weaver and her husband and saw a lot of dolphins. two males hunting and playing together, a mother and baby swim under our boat. we found more than 10 dolphins, which is a pretty typical day for doctor weaver. >> some days will see two, some days we will see 35. >> reporter: they monitor the dolphins with a permit from noaa. thankfully, injuries like this happen rare. >> that says to me that the boaters are pretty good around here. >> reporter: doctor weaver says if you see a dolphin close to your boat, but your boat in
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the dolphin b. jeff patterson, news channel 8. tony sent a nice picture from clearwater and you can see nice colors to the sky. also this is from this weekend from scott and this is the superman. i guess the light on top of the boat here. the superman was at least visible this weekend but maybe not so much or probably early on late sunday early monday morning. not so we have quite a few clouds and we do expect clouds for the area as we head throughout the evening hours. 8 am, 60 degrees. clearing from north to south but there could be remaining clouds for the early part of the day as this cloud impact is felt from north to south with drier air moving and. 76 degrees at 5 pm, 67 degrees tampa international. our dew point is 60 degrees, 63 degrees in st. petersburg, 60 degrees dew point there.
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and pushing further south. temps are lagging. 61 degrees crystal river but obviously cooler to the north and skies are clearing across the northern part of the state. 54 degrees right now and jacksonville but still warm down in marathon at 79 degrees. dry air high above, clear skies. that little strip break there, that is drier air on the water vapor imagery and you can see on the satellite imagery, the clouds continue to move across the area with that cold front and the possibility of light rain showers if you we might see a few drops on the windshield. cold front continue to push down to the south. you can see lingering clouds behind the front as we go throughout the early morning hours. clouds are still left around the area. as we go throughout the morning hours, clearing northern spots, cooler temperatures near 60 degrees by the afternoon. we could see remaining clouds around the region blowing in from the west passing across the peninsula but by wednesday that is all out of here and
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should set up a mostly sunny wednesday with pleasant weather conditions overall. rain chances are low. we have been quite dry lately and that sort of mode. i think we need to stay there because it looks like the rain chances will disappoint if you are looking for substantial rain. you might see light showers tonight but nothing will substantial. temps remain warmer and then cooler long-term. monday and tuesday, highs in the 60s. lows in the 40s. >> perfect, just in time for turkey day. me 89 degrees or anything. >> right on thanksgiving. >> don't be mean. we will be right back. stay with us. >> here is what you will see tomorrow at 6 am. >> i am gene ramirez. the home of the bucs is home of the college football championships in less than two months. the impact expected here in the bay area and how you can cash in. >> and weather, traffic on the
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more?
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now is a good time to call our phone bank to see of florida has any unclaimed money for you. a team assembled by shannon behnken is standing by. they will be there throughout the evening. if i may call it 1-800-528-0808 the cavaliers game last night was actually what happened when the team played hungry hungry hippos. they dressed up in hippo costumes and tried to grab as many balls as they could. the pink hippo gathered 15 balls and a crisp new $100 bill. >> that took quite an
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>> we need some board games and here. >> see you at 11:00. on ." ? extra, extra ? ." ? extra, extra ? oprah's apology. >> you all heard about my tweet problems. >> the post that triggered a social media backlash. then,al "60 minutes" hot seat. >> i'll say it right to the cameras, stop it. >> from "snl" to alec baldwin, new star reaction to trump's presidency. plus, megyn kelly on dr. phil. the very secret she unearthed about donald and ivana. >> started screaming at me, hung up the phone. kourtney kardashian and scott disick back on, new photos from their secret trip to cabo.
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the question that triggered this. >> things are not going to go awry, mario. new a-list interview with the rock on turning singer in "moana" and life at home with an 11-month-old. >> that's my thing, diapers. then blake lively, taylor swift, kendall jenner, how you can rock their big bucks designer dresses for as low as 30 bucks. plus "trolls" star anna tend rick is here, does she really new book? >> i stand by it. now on "extra," from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra," i'm maur you lopez. coming up, brad pitt's new interview in china, how he's distracting himself from the divorce drama. also coming up, mario, breaking baby news. the pop star who just revealed she's pregnant with number two.
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trump on "60 minutes," today we have the new trump headlines starting with oprah's public apology. here's jerry. >> the headlines, backlash, the queen of all media now setting the record straight for the very first time. >> you all heard about my tweet problem. >> oprah winfrey with 13th director on facebook live breaking her silence about this social media post, a picture of the obama/trump meeting and words to her 35 million followers, everybody take a deep breath, >> i couldn't breathe after the election. so when i saw them sitting together, i actually took a picture of the screen that said president-elect trump, honored to meet obama. and president obama was being so gracious and i heard donald trump say, he's a -- >> very good man. >> i literally went, i can breathe now. what i should have said was, i just took a breath.


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